Visiting emigrant homes

(Join decendants visiting ancestors homegrounds) 


During 1850-1920 many people from Norway emigrated to America, South-Africa and other distant regions around the world. 

Over the years I have been in contact with many emigrant decendants, researching their norwegian ancestors. Some have come to visit Norway, -to see and learn where their acestors came from, to stand on their exact homeplaces, looking at old buildings and photos, touching ancestor gravestones, and meet distant cousins. For many people this is obviously the highlight of ancestry research. 

To help decendants locate the homegrounds and find the homes of their ancestors, I have made webpages covering emigrants from different farms, see links below:

If you need advice finding and visiting the home of your ancestors who emigrated from central parts of Norway, please don't hesitate to send me an email to  

From Anne's visit to Melhus and Buvika 2002