Hay Family


First Generation

1. Henry1 Hay

Henry Hay had the following child:

2 i. Alfred Hay2 was born June, 1850.



Second Generation

2. Alfred2 Hay (Henry1__) was born in England June, 1850. He married Margaret Fleming in Wellington county, Ontario, Canada, November 4,1873. Margaret was born in Scotland February, 1850. She was the daughter of Alexander Fleming and Grace Campbell.

Alfred Hay and Margaret Fleming had the following children:


i. Grace C.Hay3 was born in Bruce county, Ontario, Canada February 18, 1877. She married John V. Baird. (See John V. Baird for the continuation of this line.)

ii. Alice M.Hay was born in Canada December, 1879.

iii. Alfred A.Hay was born in Bruce county, Ontario, Canada December 10, 1881.

iv. Mary E.Hay was born in Canada January, 1885.

v. Milton Hay was born in California 1894.


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