For more than a century, the members of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution have dedicated themselves to historical preservation, promotion of education, and encouragement of patriotic endeavor. These goals are as relevant in today's society as they were when the organization was founded in 1890.

Can you trace your family back to the American Revolution 1775-1783?
If so, you may be eligible for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.
What is DAR?
The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR) was founded in 1890 by women who wanted to express patriotism, and perpetuate the memory of our ancestors that fought for freedom and independence. The National Society buildings in the District of Columbia, are the most valuable and largest buildings owned and maintained by women.

The mission of NSDAR is to promote historical preservation, education, and patriotism. Understanding the sacrifice, suffering, and perseverance of our patriot ancestors in their quest to be free citizens, and not subjects to a king, makes one proud to be an American.

The founding fathers of the United States showed great wisdom and foresight in the making of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Educating youth encourages patriotism, love of country, and pride in being an American.
  Charles Dibrell Chapter
Albuquerque, New Mexico
   Deborah Robb
  Chapter Regent
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