New Mexico Historic Tombstones

  This section is reserved for photographs of historic tombstones
such as former governors, outlaws and politicians.

hsgrjohnbullard.jpg (75519 bytes) John M. Bullard
Founder of Silver City Killed by Indians
by Janet Wasson
hs3,jpg.jpg (72996 bytes) Samuel Bean 
Dona Ana Sheriff 1854-1855
Died October 29, 1903
by Marcena Thompson
hsgrbenlilly.jpg (43948 bytes) Ben Lilly 
Legendary mountain man and hunter 
b-Dec.31,1853 d-Dec.17,1936 
Memory Lane Cemetery, Silver City
by Janet Wasson

licv10.jpg (138884 bytes)

William C. McDonald
First Statehood Governor of NM, Cedarvale cemetery
by H. D. McDaniel

licv17.jpg (23407 bytes)

Susan MacSween Barber
Cedarvale Cemetery, White Oaks
by H. D. McDaniel

licv26.jpg (74791 bytes)

James W. Bell
Cedarvale Cemetery
murdered by William Bonnie
by H. D. McDaniel

lia46.jpg (112846 bytes)  

John F. Greer
Killed in gun battle
Cemetery: secret
Last Horseback outlaw in New Mexico
by H. D. McDaniel

lia47.jpg (38239 bytes)

Maggie May (Corn) Greer Thompson
Wife of J. F. Greer, outlaw
Cemetery: secret
by Janet Wasson

grfay2.jpg (23361 bytes)

Faywood Cemetery-Grant County
Juan Chacon Nov.8,1919-Feb.2,1985
by Janet Wasson
Played male lead in the film "Salt of the Earth", which depicted the zinc miner's strike in Grant County in the early 50's. The film, blacklisted in the 50's & 60's, was recently designated "one of the 100 most important films ever made" by the Library of Congress.

grmas53.jpg (25558 bytes) Whitehill, Harvey H.
(Former Sheriff of Grant County)
Whitehill, Harriet M.
Masonic Cemetery Grant County
his4.jpg (27121 bytes) Memory Lane Cemetery Silver City 
Katherine Antrim1829-1874
Mother of Billy the Kid

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