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South River Historical & Preservation Society, Inc.

South River, New Jersey

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The South River Historical & Preservation Society is dedicated to sharing and preserving
the proud history of South River for future generations.


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General Meetings of the Society are held five times a year at the
South River Museum--Old School Baptist Church
64-66 Main Street, South River.

The meetings, which are open to the public, begin at 7:00 p.m. and include a program and refreshments.


Next Meeting - November 20, 2019
The HMT Rohna attack - It's time to tell the truth
Filmmaker and South River resident Jack Ballo will talk about his upcoming documentary, Rohna: Classified, and the connection it has to a South River WWII soldier. Sgt. Joseph Pisinski was killed in the first radio-guided missile attack ever launched against the United States. The high tech missile sank the HMT Rohna, killing 1,015 U.S. soldiers and became the largest loss of life at sea by enemy action in the history of U.S. war. The War Department classified the Rohna attack indefinitely ordering all survivors to remain silent in a cover-up scandal that left the Pisinski family, along with one thousand other Gold Star families, in the dark.


2019 Meeting Dates


February 27: The Hall-Mills Murder Case

April 24: How New Jersey Photographers Captured Life Through Portraiture

June 26: The History of Prohibition in New Jersey and South River's Role During Those Years

September 25: History of the Raritan Arsenal and Camp Kilmer

November 20 (Annual Meeting) The U.S. Government Cover-up of the Death of Sgt. Joseph Pisinski



We're adding content to our web site and to our collections to help South River history come alive for you.
If you have stories or pictures to share, or South River items that you'd like to donate, we'd love to hear from you!


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