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Lou Costello Chapter 15

Northern New Jersey

Pursuing Our Italian Names Together

Reports of Past Meetings

Our first meeting was held on  September 28, 1996 at the historic Botto House in North Haledon, New Jersey.  Currently, meetings are held at the Elmwood Park Municipal Building, Elmwood Park, NJ.  The brief business portion of our quarterly meetings is usually followed  with a talk  about Italian genealogical research or Italian history.  Workshops are held periodically.

February 15, 1997
May 3, 1997
World War I
Draft Registration Records
Thomas Peters
August 2, 1997
National Archives Collection
John Celardo
Nov. 1, 1997
Italian Vital Civil Records
June Delalio
February 7, 1998
Organizational Mtg. - Bylaws
May 2, 1998
The Waldensians
Stephen Conte
August 1, 1998
Maps:  How to Find them and How to Use Them
William Ware
Nov. 7, 1998
A Sicilian Family: Stories and Poems
Sal A. Buttaci
February 6, 1999
Informal Workshop
May 1, 1999
Passenger Arrival   Records
Annita Zalenski
August 7, 1999
Orphaned and Abandoned Children in Italy
Sal Lagatutta
Nov. 6, 1999
Mass Migration of Italians 1877-1924 Anthony Barrale
February 5, 2000
Valente Collection:
Seton Hall Italian Library
Wm. J. Connell
May 6, 2000
Overview of NJ Church History and Archives of Seton Hall University
Alan Delozier
August 5, 2000
Naturalization Records 
Annita Zalenski
Nov. 4, 2000
February 3, 2001
Sicilian Festivals 
and Feasts
Sue Laurita
Researching in Itay
Loretta Tito
May 5, 2001
Overview of Generations Software by 
Maria Carparelli
and Family Tree Maker Software by Annita Zalenski
August 4, 2001
Preparing for the1930 Census
 John Celardo
Archivist, North East Branch of the National Archives
Nov. 3, 2001
Finding Living Relatives
(Using the Internet and Traditional Resources)
John Konvalinka
February 2, 2002
Problem Solving  Phil Oddo
May 18, 2002
Origin of Italian Surnames
Loretta Tito
August 3, 2002
Using the Resources at the LDS Library
William Ware
Nov. 2, 2002
Show and Tell
February 1, 2003
Italians in America 
Albert Zani
May 3, 2003
Immigration and Naturalization Records: 1790 to Present
Arnie Lang
August 2, 2003
Informal Workshop
Nov. 1, 2003
Italian Marriage Records
June Delalio
February 7, 2004
The Trentino: It's History, Culture and Genealogy
Albert Zani
May 1, 2004
Orphaned and Abandoned Children in Italy
Sal Lagatutta
August 7, 2004
Updates on Members' Research 
Nov. 6, 2004
Using Passenger Arrival Lists to Find Your 19th and 20th century Immigrant Ancestors
Arnold Lang 
February 5, 2005
Genealogy  Online
Maria Carparelli
May 5, 2005
The History of Sicily: An Historical Overview from Antiquity to 1860
Albert Zani
August 6, 2005
La Scrittore
an historical novel based on the true story of the author's grandmother 
Jim Lacy
November 5, 2005
Updates on Members' Research
and Information Exchange
February 4, 2006
Border Crossings and Name Changes Ken and Edna Franz
May 6, 2006
Members Information Exchange
August 5, 2006
Resources at the Family History Center
William Ware
November 4, 2006 Court House Records 
Maria Hopper
February 3, 2007
Cemetery Research
Annita Zalenski
May 5, 2007
Beginning Italian Genealogy: How to Find your Italian Roots
Maria Carparelli
August 4, 2007
Members Information Exchange
October 27, 2007
10th Anniversary Celebration
Performance by
Marylou Romano of Coro d'Italia
February 2, 2008
Members Information Exchange
May 3, 2008
Resources at the Newark Public Library
James Lewis Librarian
August 2, 2008
Buon Giorno – Italian Genealogy Research
Larry Fermi
November 1, 2008
Resources at the Jersey City Library
Cynthia Harris
February 7, 2009
Members Information Exchange
May 2, 2009
Dual Citizenship
Daniel V. Donatacci
August 1, 2009
“Immigrant Stories in Image: Family, Work, Religion” Dr. Sandra Lee


November 7, 2009
“Beyond Basic Civil and Parish Records: An Overview of Sources Additional to Vital Records”
Daniel V. Donatacci
March 20, 2010
Members Information Exchange
May 1, 2010
Italian Research
Annita Zalenski
August 6, 2010
Introduction to Italian History: Politics, Religion, and the Genealogist
Daniel V. Donatacci
November 6, 2010
“Profiles of Italian-Americans, Achieving the Dream and Giving Back"
Cosmo Ferrara
February 2011

Meeting Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather

May 7, 2011
"Navigating Key Genealogy Websites”

Tony Lauriano

August 6, 2011
"Overcomming Brick Walls"

Tony Lauriano

November 5, 2011
“Ellis Island Passage to All Things Possible”

Mark Simmons

February 4, 2012
Members Information Exchange
May 5, 2012
Shot Down over Italy: A true story of courage and survival in Nazi-occupied Italy during World War II.

John W. Lanza

August 2012
Minutes Unavailable

                                                            November 2012

Meeting Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather

February 2, 2013
The Legacy of Italian Music from Italy to the United States, Yesterday and Today

Daniel Quinn

May 4, 2013
Family Detective

Bob Stein
August 3, 2013
PBS (NJTV) documentary, “Gaetano Federici: Sculptor Laureate of Paterson”

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