POINT Chapter 15 Meeting - August 3, 2002

POINTers In Person
Chapter 15
Northern New Jersey

P.O. Box 636
Totowa, New Jersey

Pursuing Our Italian Names Together

 August 3, 2002

Albert Marotta (#1018)

The Northern New Jersey chapter of POINTers In Person met on August 3, 2002 at the Elmwood Park Municipal Building.  Twenty-four people attended.

Annita Zalenski (# 39) opened the meeting by reminding members about the POINT National Conference in October and she learned that only five of us have already been to Salt Lake City.  Due to unforseen circumstances, members voted to cancel its annual  picnic and perhaps might meet in February at a restaurant.  Annita also mentioned that her grandmother's cousin, Amabile Visintainer (Madre Paulina del Coure Agonizzante di Ges ), was recently canonized.  She also discovered that Martha Stewart has interesting ways to present family trees.

Maria Carparelli (# 2100) alerted members that the chapter's database of names being researched might be issued in the Fall.  She has compiled and edited the information and will publish it.

Maryanne Graham (# 3654) presented the treasurer's report.  The chapter presently has 74 members; 65 of them have kept their dues current.

William Ware gave an informative and enthusiastic presentation entitled "Using the Resources at the LDS Library".  He was past president of the Genealogy Club of the New Jersey Historical Society and has taught genealogy courses.  Also, he was Director of over four LDS Family History Centers and currently staffs one.

Bill made members realize that many people who research at the LDS Family History Libraries only scratch the surface.  There is so much more and its contents are expanding frequently.  It is recommended that new visitors view the short video, "Using a Family History Center" at the library before beginning research.  He began by giving members an overview of the Family History Library and Family History Centers.  Local LDS Family History Libraries can obtain items from the central library in Salt Lake City for researchers.  Then he showed us examples of the publications the Family History Library creates, including Forms, Guides, References, Research Outlines and Language Helps/Letter Writing Guides.

The major resources available from the Family History Library are essential for serious researchers.  Among its resources are the Family History Library Catalog, Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, the International Genealogical Index, Social Security Index, Vital Records Index and Family History Websites.  The Family History Library Catalog lists and describes the collection of records at the library in Salt Lake City and includes census records, birth records, family histories, church registers, etc.  Most church and civil records are on microfilm.  The book collection includes published family histories, local histories, indexes, periodicals, etc.  If the book was microfilmed, the microfilm copy may be circulated.  The catalog aides researchers by providing the book, microfilm and microfiche numbers needed to obtain records, which are then ordered.  The International Genealogical Index is an index of over 760 million names of deceased persons worldwide, complete with variant spellings.  One million names are added each month.  It consists of a microfiche index and one on CDs.  The Ancestral File has genealogies donated by independent researchers and thus the information is not verified.  The Military Index lists individuals in the U.S. military who died in Korea or Vietnam (1950-1975).

The Personal Ancestral File is a computer program that helps you create a personal database of genealogical infomation.  The centers make it available for your use.

FamilySearch is a computerized system of genealogical information.  Some public libraries have it in their collections. Call 801-240-2584 to find the one near you.  FamilySeasrch includes Ancestral File, Family History Library Catalog, the International Genealogical Index, U.S. Social Security Index, U.S. Military, Personal Ancestral File, etc.  Recently, the Pedigree Resource File of 35 million names and the 1880 U.S.  Census and National Index on CD have been added and can be purchased online.

The indexes to many of these sources can be found at www.familysearch.org.  FamilySearch and the LDS Family History Library Software are also very useful.  Bill Ware gave many tips such as, when you get a microfilm, look through the entire roll for similar items.  Also, when using the Card Catalog, you can do a subject search using the microfiche index, but not the CD (which uses surname and location).  Researchers can get online computer consultation with LDS Family History staff by contacting FHL@BYU.EDU.

     Future meetings will be held on:
                              November 2, 2002
                              February 1, 2003
                              May 3, 2003
                              August 2, 2003

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