Chapter 15 - Mtg. May 2, 1998

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Pursuing Our Italian Names Together

May 2, 1998

Seventeen people attended the May 2, 1998 meeting of POINTers In Person - Chapter 15. Vice President, Pat Locasto (#3430) conducted the meeting, and Maria Carparelli (#2100) served as secretary.

Treasurer Lillian Papas (#2727) presented a financial report, and Maria Carparelli (#2100) reported on the membership database she is compiling. Pat Locasto (#3430) informed everyone about the POINT National Convention, which will be held in Las Vegas from October 11 to 14, and announced that Capter 15 now has a home page. The URL is:

Our guest speaker was Stephen Conte, noted genealogist and producer of CTN cable television series, Family Historian. Stephen gave a very informative talk and slide presentation on the Waldensians, a religious sect based in Northern Italy.

The Waldensians (Waldenses) are the spiritual followers of Valdesius (also known as Valdes, Valdo, and later, Peter Waldo). Valdesius was a wealthy merchant who lived in Lyons, France in the 1170's. He became disenchanted with the Roman Catholic religion. After providing for his wife and family he distributed his wealth to the poor. As Valdesius preached the gospel he gathered disciples who also renounced their material goods. At first this early Protestant sect was known as The Poor of Lyons. Eventually they became known as the Waldlensians.

The movement spread and established its main base in the Cottian Alps of Piedmont. This area became known as Italy's Waldensian Valleys. Today the Waldensian Church is headquartered at Torre Pellice in the Province of Torino.

Most church records are written in either Latin or French. Early civil records are written in French, later records are written in Italian. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has microfilmed the records from all 16 Waldensian parishes. These records are available at all LDS Family History Centers.

The schedule for our future meetings is:

Saturday, August 1, 1998 - at 10 A.M.
Saturday, November 7, 1998 - at 10 A.M.
Saturday, February 6, 1999 - at 10 A.M.


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