Chapter 15 - Mtg. Feb. 15, 1997

POINTers In Person
Chapter 15
Northern New Jersey

P.O. Box 636
Totowa, New Jersey

Pursuing Our Italian Names Together

February 15, 1997

Annita Zalenski (#39)
The second meeting of The Northern New Jersey Chapter of POINTers In Person was held on February 15, 1997 in Garfield, NJ. Sixteen people attended. Bob Scussel (#2434) hosted the meeting. Bob shared a video of his recent trip to Italy and provided photocopies of articles he gleaned from the internet. Peter Barrale (#104), a resident of California, sent his congratulations and best wishes to the group. Peter was born in Garfield and he was pleased to learn that a Chapter of POINTers was meeting in his hometown. Peter's brother, Anthony Barrale, attended the meeting.

Lillian Papas (#2727), volunteered to serve as Treasurer, Michele Marotta offered to take notes at the next meeting and Harriet Hollema volunteered to serve as Hospitality Chairman.

A survey was taken as to what types of trips might interest the group. Three sites were discussed: Ellis Island, The National Archives in New York City, and the New York Public Library. There was varied interest in all three places. Members will be contacted when arrangements are finalized concerning date, time and cost.

Everyone spoke of their successes and failures in obtaining information from Italy. Many tips and suggestions were offered. Some attendess brought books and articles to share with others. a book belonging to Maryjane Proctor was especially interesting. This was an Italian-American Who's Who printed in the 1940's.

Lillian Pappas (#2717) told of her success in obtaining free detailed maps from the Library of Congress. The highlight of the meeting was when Vivian Papay a guest, asked if anyone had ever heard of San Fele, Potenza. To her surprise and delight, Florence Ventro (#2029) was able to provice her with much information as this is one of Florence's ancestral towns.

Plans were made to meet again on May 3, at the Garfield, NJ Housing Authority Community Room. If you are not on our chapter's mailing list and wish to attend, please contact Annita Zalenski (#39) -


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