POINT Chapter 15 Meeting - February 2, 2002

POINTers In Person
Chapter 15
Northern New Jersey

P.O. Box 636
Totowa, New Jersey

Pursuing Our Italian Names Together

 February 2, 2002

Albert Marotta (#1018)
The Northern New Jersey chapter of POINTers In Person met at the Elmwood Park Municipal Building on February 2, 2002.  Thirty-two people attended.

Annita Zalenski (#39) opened the session by informing members about the results of an officersí meeting, a week before.  Suggestions from that meeting, which were approved by members, included preparing award certificates of achievement for members who successfully researched five generations of ancestors and beginning each meeting with an informal exchange of information.  Members did not want to change our location.  Also, members approved Maria Carparelliís (#2100) idea to begin a quarterly newsletter for our group.  Maria will be the newsletter editor of La Notizia Italiana.  She distributed the first issue.  Its regular features will be News You Can Use, Computer Corner, La Cucina, La Vista Italiana and a calendar of events.  Contributers may e-mail: LaNotizia1@aol.com.  Our group will have a display set up at the Mahwah Family History Center Fair on April 13.

Members decided to reschedule the next meeting to May 18, since many of them plan to attend the Italian Genealogical Groupís Sixth Annual Seminar Searching For Your Italian Ancestors on May 4.  Also, members might revise the bylaws in order to reflect the actual time we elect officers.

Maryanne Graham (#3654) gave the Treasurerís Report.  We have 62 members; fifty of them have kept their dues current.

Lucille Kent (#3038) told about her success using the Internet message board.  She found Internet translation services and contacted relatives.  One cousin had already researched the family back to 1833.  Sue Laurita (#4405) spoke about an e-mail she received from John Rendfrey (#1070).
He told her that the civil registration records for Caposele from 1809-1865 are at the Salerno Archives, because at that time, Caposele was part of the Province of Salerno, not Avellino.

Phil Oddo (#774) gave a short presentation about his fascinating genealogical journey.  Slides and music complemented his talk.  Phil detailed how he overcame a difficult genealogical problem.  He was searching for his paternal grandmother, who died years before he was born.  He combined the little his father remembered with the insights he gained from the NJ Historical Society (the American consulate had to send to the U.S. the record of death of any American who died abroad), The National Archives, the New York Public Library and numerous places in Italy.

Phil wanted to know where his paternal grandmother was born and her maiden name.  He knew that she was married in New York City (but the certificate showed no place of birth) and died in Italy.  A letter from the American Consulate in Naples to the Secretary of State in Washington was found which described Philís grandmotherís death.  Death records of Americans abroad can be located at the National Archives in Record Group 59 which includes a set of bound volumes 1857-1922, containing death notices sent by the Department of State to newspapers.   He then wrote to the church in Italy and saw that some of the information was incorrect.  The Civil Record noted a different maiden name than that shown in the Church Record.  He needed to obtain the complete birth and death records to see what was written in the margins.  It was necessary to pay the procura della repubblica of the province for authorization to view the original records.  For various reasons, his grandmother requested a name change (civil) but forgot to change her name with the Church.  Also her birth record indicated that her father was unknown.  However, after much investigation, Phil realized that her father was known, but not married.  However, his name appeared officially on later documents, because he adopted his daughter when she was 47 years of age.

 Future meetings will be held on:
                                              May 18, 2002
                                              August 3, 2002
                                              November 2, 2002
                                              February 1, 2003

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