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Ocean County Civil War Pensioners
The following is a complete and correct list of all persons resident in this county drawing pensions in 1863 from the United States Government, with the causes for which such pension is allowed [not in all cases], and the amount paid them monthly, as compiled from the records of the Pension Department.

Source: A HISTORY OF MONMOUTH AND OCEAN COUNTIES, by Edwin Salter, copyright 1890, published by E. Gardner & Son, Bayonne, N.J. Contributed by  Joan Brown on the Ocean County Mailing List.

George W. Worth, gunshot wound right arm, $10.

Phebe Ludlow, widow, $8; Sarah Edwards, widow (Navy), $25; Tunis Bodine, survivor of 1812, $8.

Jane C. Van Doren, widow, $8; Margaret King, widow, $8; Ann Voorhees, widow $10.

Charles T. Mathews, disease of lungs, $10; Joseph I. Voorhees, amputation right arm, $24; Thomas Clayton, gunshot wound right arm, $10; John B Hyers, diseased lungs and eyes, $12; Wm. H. Conover, injury of back, $4; John H. Mathews, disease of lungs, $8; John G. Voorhees, gunshot wound left shoulder, $10.

Mary Estell, widow 1812, $8; Daniel D. Williams, disease of the lungs, $4; Lavinia M. Carter, mother, $8;

Ellison Jamison, gunshot wound to the head, $2; John F. Brown, gunshot wound in neck, etc., $10; Susan Hagaman, widow, $16; Lydia A. Brown, mother $8.

Lewis Southard, injury right side, $6.

Samuel R. Penn, typhoid fever, etc., $6; Ann Britton, mother, $8; Ezekiel Lewis, survivor 1812, $8.

Charles H. Hankins, wound right hand, $4; John Errickson, wound right forearm, $6, Isaac Vanhise, disease of the heart, $8; Daniel H. Hopkins, $4; Deborah Hopkins, widow, $8; Mary Likes, mother, $8; Zachariah Hawkins, wound in left side, $4; Wm. A. Parker, wound left shoulder and jaw, $8; Margaret Curtis, widow, $8; Henry H. Hawkins, gunshot wound right foot and right knee, $6.

John J. O'Hara, gunshot wound left shoulder, $6.

Thomas L. Reynolds, chronic diarrhoea, $8; Charles H. Rose, gunshot wound right forearm, $4; Rebecca Burke, widow, $8; Sarah M. Cook, $8; Caleb Bennett, minor children, Samuel Leming, guardian, $12; Jas. H. Hendrickson, injury left side, etc., $2.

David Brower, gunshot wound right arm, left thigh, and sunstroke, $12; Thomas Fisher, gunshot wound left shoulder, $4; Holmes Johnson, disease lungs, $18; Peter Reynolds, $15; John B. Estrelle, measles, typhoid fever, etc., $2; Charles M. Dix, sunstroke, $4; David Matthews, $18; John W. White, gunshot wound left leg, $8; Mary Norcross, widow, $8; Mary Megill, widow, 1812, $8; James White, gunshot wound right leg, $8; Eliza Sterne,mother, $8; Emeline Holt, widow, $8; Hester Hagaman, widow, $8; Eunice A. Gordon, widow, $21, Henry Burd, gunshot wound left forearm, $2; Sophia D. Adams, widow, 1812, $8; James W. Grove, chronic diarrhoea, $4.

Mary Gettier, widow 1812, $8; Catharine S. Carman, widow, $8; Benj. T. Phillips, chronic rheumatism, $24; Nimrod Nichols, gunshot wound right leg, $1; David Noyes, gunshot wound in head, $6.

Joseph Cranmer, gunshot wound forehead, $12; Samuel Curtis, Navy, $20, Thomas C. Samson, injury to right knee, $4; Henry Allison, frosted feet, $12; Joseph Bishop, injury to abdomen, $2.

Abraham W. Osborn, injury to abdomen, $4; John Johnson, $18; James G. Truax, disease stonach, $4; Wm. H. Hall, $4; James M Petit, chills and fever and rheumatism, $4.

Charlotte Appleby, mother, $8; John Vaughn, gunshot wound left hip, $6; Elizabeth Johns, mother, $8; Charles Chafey, injury left side, $2; William Berm, gunshot would left shoulder, $4; Charles H. Thompson, gunshot wound left side head, $4; Benj. P. Bussom, effects of typhoid fever, $4; George H. Horner, gunshot wound right arm, etc., $10; George W. Dunfee, injury right left and left hip, $4; Franklin S. Gaskill, gunshot wound both thighs, $6; George Yates, $18; Joseph Reynolds, necrosis right tibia, $6; Henry B. Wright, injury to abdomen, $4; Joseph N. Emley, $4, William A. Woodward, chronic diarrhoea, $12, John Reed, gunshot wound left forearm, $18; John W.
Eldridge, chronic diarrhoea, $4; Curtis Fowler, gunshot wound right leg, $8; Hugh Dyatt, gunshot wound back, $8; Caroline B. Archer, widow, $8; Edith Brown, widow, $8; John S. Mallony, neuralgia (Navy), $20; Amy Fowler, mother, $8; Harriet Loveland, widow, $8; Eliza Horner, mother, $8; Clementine T. Carter, mother, $8; Mary Hulse widow 1812, $25; Lydia Woodward, mother, $8; Mary Webb, mother, $8; Isaac Soper, minor children, $12, Naomi Gant, widow, $8; Sarah Bell, mother, $8; John McGrath, disease of lungs, $16.

Charles W. Truax, disease liver, etc., $4; John W. J. Osborn, disease lungs, $4; Mary Jones, mother, $8; Hance H. Gant, chronic rheumatism, $4.

Harriet E. Jones, $8, Aaron Irons, gunshot wound left thigh, etc., $8; Roderick A. Clarke, $18; Joseph W. Fleming, injury right ankle, $6; Joshua J. Pearce, chronic diarrhoea and rheumatism, $8; John Stout, $18; Charles Stout, gunshot wound left thigh, $2; Elizabeth Folson, widow, $8; Margaret Morris, widow, $8; Mary Jane Wilson, mother, $8; Herbert Havens, gunshot wound both thighs and left ankle, $10.

Christopher Daly, gunshot wound left forearm, $10; Lloyd Appleget, injury of right eye, $4.

John S. McKelvey, chronic diarrhoea, $6; John C. Irons, survivor, 1812, $8; Alice Bunnell, widow, $8.

Sarah J. Atterson, widow, $8; Mary Applegate, widow, $8; Thomas Johnson, injury to abdomen, $8; Ezekiel Giberson, injury to abdomen, $8; Wm. H. Hurley, gunshot wound, left shoulder, $6; Helena Grant, widow, $8; Charles T. Hudson, $4; Garrett V. Hyers, gunshot wound right shoulder, $2; Abraham J. Johnson, injury to abdomen, $8; George Walton, disease heart, $8; Thomas
W. Middleton, $10; Robert S. Witherall alias J. R. Norcross, contracted scar from abscess right shoulder, $4; Charles S. Applegate, injury to abdomen, $4, Wm. H. Dorsey, gunshot wound right shoulder, $8; Geroge G. Irons, rheumatism, etc., $17; Wallace Irons, disease lungs, $8; George H. Bryan, gunshot wound left shoulder, $10; Harriet Luker, mother, $8; Sarah McKenney, widow, $8.

NOTE: William H Dorsey should be william h doxsey

Catharing Johnson, widow, $8; John Cole, $24; Reuben Camp, chronic diarrhoea and varicose veins left leg, $8.

Samuel Ridgway, gunshot wound left thigh, $3.

James, Pharo, heart disease $4; James M. West, gunshot wound left side of chest, $6; Ensigh Miller, gunshot wound left side of head, $18.

Andrew J. Stellman, injury to abdomen, $8.

Anna Perry, widow, $8.

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