Members of Mt. Olive Presbyterian

Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church

The following are persons were admitted as members of the Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church.

1839 - Salmon R. Dorland CASKEY, Huldah CASKEY, Charity LANDING, Mrs. Catherine & Miss Dorothy IRETON of New York

1841 - Mr. Josiah MEMSON & Miriam, his wife, from New York, presenting certificates from the church at Woleat.

1842 - Peter HAUBIEL, Mary SALMON, Elizabeth BUDD & Julia BUDD

1843 - Sarah SALMON

1844 - David REGER, Mary ALLEN, Almira WOLF, Mary RIEKMIRE & Elizabeth SALMON; William THARP, Percilla SALMON & Melinda WOLF

1845 - Ann SALMON & Elenor KINNEY

1849 - [?] I'McCONNELL,  Mrs. McCONNELL by certificate of Quincy, Illinois; Whitfield BUDD

1851 - Mr. Henry VAN DYKE & Emily Eliza, his wife, by certificate from Reformed Dutch Church of Bedminster

1852 - Mrs. Phebe NIXON & Mrs. VALENTINE

1853 - Nelson SALMON & Geo. WOLFE; Amzi STEPHENS & John S. WOLFE

July 15 1854 - Rev. David M. JAMES installed as pastor, witnessed by: William STEPHENS, Archer STEPHENS, Augustus WOLFE, Robert CASKEy, Joshua SALMON, Nelson CASKEY, A.W. SALMON, Amzi STEPHENS, John DRAKE, Gideon SALMON, Jacob SKINNER, Richard STEPHENS, Wm. LANDON, Wm. B. STEPHENS, Jacob YAGER, Wm. THARP & R.D. CASKEY

1855 - Mr. John LINABERRY & Barbara Ann, his wife, from Hackettstown; Margaret BUDD, wife of Ab. D. BUDD

1856 - Mrs. Caroline P. JAMES, wife of the pastor, from 1st Pres. Church of Morristown, N.J.

1857 - Miss Rachel STARR of Mendham, N.J. & Mrs. Elizabeth LANDON of N.Y. city; Mr. John N. SHARP & Mrs. Christianna McDOUGAL of Hackettstown

1858 - John M. STARK and wife, Keturah HOWELL, John DRAKE and wife, Mary Ann KINNEY, Jacob YAGER, Samuel Eri STEPHENS, Jacob Wack LINABERRY, Ann Maria STEPHENS, Nelson CASKEY, Mary Jane HOLBERT, & Wm. KINNEY; Richard STEPHENS and wife, Dorothy SALMON, Wm. SALMON and wife, Eliza Ellen STEPHENS, Ira B. STEPHENS and wife, Clarinda SALMON, Clarissa LANDON, Margaret Elizabeth STEPHENS, Maria SALMON, Juli WILEY, Almira Jane SALMON, Phebe Elizabeth BUDD, Christeen McDOUGALL, Hetty LANDON, Eliza COLEMAN, Martha Jane COLEMAN, Margaret Ann CASKEY, Joshua SALMON, Charlotte CASE, Henry SALMON, Sylvanus Drake BUDD, William LANDON, Wm. K. SKINNER, Aaron Linden SAT?NGN?, Hiram Howard JAMES, Wm. COLEMAN, & Gideon SALMON; Mrs. Clarissa McKAIN & daughter, Sarah E. from Newton Methodist church, and Sarah A. SKINNER. [Cox note: Sarah E. married a Skellinger]

1860 - Mrs. Rebecca HODGSON from Princeton, ILL;

1862 - Mrs. Caskey from Stanhope & Mrs. Caroline H. SALMON of Chester

1863 - Miss Emma Jane MITCHELL from Hackettstown

1864 - Geo. W. STEPHENS and two daughters, Sarah Elizabeth & Julia A.; Abraham D. BUDD, Jr.; Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Peter STEPHENS; Alma Ann B. SALMON; Doratha S. BARTLEY; Hannah STEPHENS, John W. YOUNG; Sarah Melinda, daughter of Richard STEPHENS and Jerusha STEPHENS

1865 - Miss Harriet STEPHENS from Martinsville, Indiana; she had been baptized formerly in Mt. Olive Church

1866 - Mr. W.H. BUDD and wife Emma J. BUDD & Miss Emily BUDD from Hackettstown; Miss Margaret M. DRAKE, now Mrs. BUDD from Hackettstown; Mr. Daniel B. WAGNER and Mrs. Mary K. WAGNER, his wife, and Mrs. Leonora M. BOP (formerly WAGNER); Mr. Robert P. STEPHENS and his wife Mrs. Charlotte STEPHENS of Kansas

1867 - Elnathan THOMAS & Joshua SALMON

1869 - Mrs. Elizabeth B. LEE, Wm. Augustus LEE, Joseph H. VAN DORAN and Ralph Hunt SALMON; Mrs. E.C. VAN DORAN of Succasunna & Mr. Aaron DRAKE of Sparta; Mrs. Sarah GIDDIS, John C. LEE, John H. McCRACKEN, William BLAIN & Elnathan STEPHENS

1870 - Miss Sarah E. MITCHELL & her sister Maria Louisa; Margaret VAN DYKE; Stuart S. DRAKE, Cynis A. WOLFE, Mary Marilda BIRD, Nicholas Byram DRAKE, Angeline Henrietta STEPHENS, Mary Steele VAN DYKE, Rachel Anna THOMPSON, Henrietta Cooper SCUDDER, James Mulford STEPHENS; Theodore N. BOSS, Mrs. Hester A. COLE, Mattie R. WAGNER, Mary Ella SHARP, Jacob WILLHELM, Theodore Nelson BOSS jr., George White BOSS, Lewis Cook YOUNG, Harriet Anna YOUNG, Phelena Ford YOUND, Martha Ann MILLER, Lydia Ann RINEHART, Josephine WILLHELM, Thomas Eugene THARP, Charles Landon YAGER, Mahlon Kinnan THARP, Thomas Clancy VAN DYKE; Mrs. Lydia Brotherton YOUNG

1873 - Margaret THARP; Emma D. & Marg C. DRAKE, James MILLS; J. Rush SMITH & Amanda Drake his wife from Reformed Church of Peapack; Emma J. YAWGER of Hackettstown; Elizabeth CORWIN of Chester

1875 - Mrs. Emma A. WOLFE of Tobyhanna Mills

1876 - Daniel D. DRAKE, Eliza Adaline DRAKE, Isabelle ALLEN, Clarissa Stephens GEDDES, Stewart A. WALTERS, Mahlon S. RICKER, Sarah Elizabeth RIKER, Henry CASE, Samuel Whitfield SALMON, Fred. D. STEPHENS, Ida Bille STEPHENS, Mattie H. SALMON, John W. McDOUGALL, Jacob N. YAWGER, Emma COOK, Ida Gertrude STEPHENS, Hattie Alice STEPHENS, Jessie Helen STEPHENS, Anna Delphine STEPHENS, Wm. C. COOK & John James JONES; Georgiana DRAKE, Wm. H. DRAKE & Alice LEE; Mrs. Charity LEE

1877 - George MITCHELL, John SCOFIELD. George S. YOUNG, Mary E. SCOFIELD, Sophia YOUNG, Harriet M. FORCE, Aaron S. DRAKE, Ella A. DRAKE, Emma M. SAYRE, Maria VAN DYKE, John LAPING, John SAUERS, Jane A. SAUERS, Wm.H. SANDERS, Catherine H. SANDERS, Archer L. SANDERS, Emma E. THOMPSON & Chas. I. BRONSON; Mrs. Sarah A. Mitchell from Vienna, Jane CHAPEL, Wm T. SCOFIELD

1878 - Henry SAYRE

1880 - Mrs. Fannie E. STEPHENS from Johnsonburgh

1881 - Mrs. Elizabeth A. STEPHENS from Schooley's Mt.

1882 - George STEPHENS & Alice THARP

1883 - Mrs. Clara M. DRAKE from Flanders

1884 - Miss Emma Moy STEPHENS; Robert WHITE and Mary his wife from Mine Hill; Mrs. Lillie A. DRAKE, wife of John J. DRAKE of Flanders

1885 - Admitted from Easthampton, Mass.: Elizabeth H. SCOFIELD, Alfred H. SCOFIELD and Wm. H. SCOFIELD; Anna SMITH, 15 yrs. daughter of J. Rush SMITH and Mary R. SCOFIELD, aged 12 years, daughter of Rev. Jno. H. SCOFIELD; John R. CHAMBERLAIN and Mary, his wife, and Mary A., their daughter from Mendham; Benjamin CRIPIN(?) and Anna M., his wife from Minneapolis, Minn.; Philip BATSON

1886 - Theodore I. CHAMBERLAIN, Daniel W. CHAMBERLAIN, Fannie S. CHAMBERLAIN, Job J. DRAKE, Ray CRISPIN, Chas. F. DICKSON, Oscar DICKSON, Sarah DICKSON, his wife, Eliza C. DRAKE, Lillie J. DRAKE, Jacob GIDDIS, Julia McDOUGAL, Emma L. McDOUGAL, Silas A. McDOUGAL, Andrew F. STEPHENS, Maggie M. CASKEY, Clarissa E. STEPHENS, and Ella CASKEY; Henry APPLEBY and Christine, his wife

1887 - Geo. H. SAYRE, Mrs. Sarah E. CASKEY from Flanders, Georgia HOWELL, daughter of Mrs. W.B. STEPHENS

1888 - Mr. Chas. Aaron STEPHENS, son of Elder Ira B. STEPHENS, Miss Minnie Gladys STEPHENS, daughter of Philip STEPHENS

1889 - Joseph Griffin MARSHALL, Jane Elizabeth BARBIER, Frederick Eugene SAYRE, Charles Newton SAYRE, Anna Bell DRAKE, Maggie STEPHENS, Charles Skinner STEPHENS; Carrie Nesbit DRAKE, 14 years and Joh HILDEBRANT, 19 years; Miss Margaret STRATTNE(?)

1890 - Mrs. Eliza MOONEY; Mrs. Eliza MARDEN

1892 - Miss Ella JAQUETTE from White Clay Creek Pres. Church; Mrs Minnie DRAKE, wife of Job J. DRAKE from Draketown, John S. SPENCER and Rosa E., his wife, from Elizabeth, N.J.; Mrs. Amelia Dyer GOBLE of Newton

1893 - Mrs. Lucy G. STEPHENS of Watkins, N.Y.;

1894 - Bertha M. SPENCER, Luke F. SALMON; Fred W. SALMON, Daniel P. REEVES, Frances A. REEVES, his wife, Louise N. HULMES and William Nelson DRAKE; Bertha L. SAYRE, Fred. A. DRAKE, Jennie May DRAKE

1895 - Mary COLE of Lower Valley

1896 - George STRATHIE, aged 18 yrs., Elizabeth Strathie APPLEBY, 15 yrs., Christine Jane APPLEBY, 12 yrs, children of Henry and Christine APPLEBY, Catherine Harriet McDOUGAL, 18 yrs, daughter of John McDOUGALL; Alma MITCHELL

1897 - Mr. John Wilson LINDABURY and Jennie L., his wife from Flanders; Grace SALMON

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