Dismissed from Mt. Olive Presbyterian

Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church

The following are persons were dismissed as members of the Mt. Olive Presbyterian Church.

1836 - Jacob GALE & Jonatha DEAN - dismissed

1860 - left - Mr. Whitfield H. BUDD left for Hackettstown & Miss Mary Jane HALBERT left for Succasunna, N.J.

1874 - S.D. BUDD & wife; Mrs. Emma J. BUDD, Mrs. Julia SHARP & Mrs. Lavinia KELLYHEN(?)

1876 - Abraham STEWART & S. DRAKE to Newark; Mahlon S. RIKER & Sarah E., his wife to Chester; John N. SHARP & Mary Ella Sharp to Hackettstown

1877 - Thomas VAN DYKE to N.Y. city; Hugh McDOUGALL & Rebecca his wife to Hackettstown; Mrs. Eliza COLEMAN to Flanders

1879 - Jacob YAWGER and Emma J., his wife to Frankford, Kansas

1880 - Samuel E. STEPHENS; Mary Steel VAN DYKE to Jersey City

1881 - Mary D. SALMON to Chester; Emma D. OSBORN to Newark; Wm. COOK and wife to Pleasant Grove; Maggie THARP to Hackettstown; Sarah E. & Elnathan STEPHENS & Jerusha S. KELLEY to Chatham

1883 - Leonora M. BASS to Sparta

1884 - Mrs. Harriet SWACKHAMMER to German Valley; Mrs. Hannah STEPHENS, wife of Robert BARTLEY to Flanders

1885 - Hattie A. HENDERSHOT to German Valley; Robert WHITELY and Mary, his wife, to Wilkesbarre, Pa.; Daniel D. DRAKE and Eliza A. his wife to Boise City, Idaho

1886 - Joseph J. JONES to Stanhope

1887 - Wm. H. DRAKE and Clara, his wife, to Newark; James M. STEPHENS to Lohrville, Iowa; Mrs. Emily ENGLE to Brooklyn, N.Y.; Hester A. COLE to Succasunna

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