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Roll of Honor
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This page which is dedicated to all the men and women who served defending our country and its principles throughout history and in present times is currently a work in progress.

ACKERMAN, Thomas D.BoontonU.S. Navy WW 2 
ANDERSEN, Harold RichardBoontonU.S. Army Air Forces WW 2 
ANDERSEN, Robert BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
ARNOU, Jerome L.Boonton  WW 2 
AUSTIN, Ernest W. Jr.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
BABBITT, Charles L.BoontonU.S. Army Air Forces WW 2 
BABBITT, Edward Jay Jr.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
BABBITT, Gordon E.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
BARRETT, Walter J.Boonton  WW 1killed in battle in France
BEARDSLEY, Franklin H. Jr.BoontonU.S. Navy WW 2 
BEDDOW, Abraham W.Boonton  WW 1killed in battle in France
BEDNAR, Francis J.BoontonU.S. Marine CorpsPFCWW 2Killed in Action
BELL, RaymondBoonton CaptWW 1killed in a fall from a horse in Germany after the Armistice was signed
BERADINO, Joseph J.Boonton PvtWW 2died - non battle
BERNESCONI, RaymondBoonton  WW 1died of pneumonia
BOLCAR, Stephen J.BoontonU.S. Army Air Forces WW 2 
BOTT, Daniel E.Boonton PvtWW 2died of wounds
BOWDEN, Joseph P.BoontonUS Navy WW 1crewman aboard U.S.S. Covington, died when ship was torpedoed
BROWN, GeorgeBoonton  WW 1died of pneumonia
BROWN, Harold F.BoontonU.S. Navy WW 2 
BUIS, GeorgeBoonton  WW 1died of illness at training camp
BURKART, Russell ValentineBoontonU.S. Navy WW 2 
CONDON, Thomas Boonton TwpU.S. Army WW 2 
CONN, Chester C.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
COOK, Kenneth G.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
COONEY, Joseph P.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
CORIGLIANO, Carmen A.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
CUNNINGHAM, AmbroseBoonton  WW 1killed in battle in France
DAVENPORT, Arthur C.Boonton PvtWW 2died of wounds
DAVIS, Richard BoontonU.S. Navy WW 2 
DECKER, Robert J.Boonton  WW 2 
DEGRAW, William HenryBoontonU.S. Marine Corps WW 2 
DEMOUTHE, Ralf K.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
DeCAROLIS, FioreBoontonU.S. Army Air Forces WW 2Name originally listed incorrectly as DICARLO, Floride
DiCENZO, Thomas N.Boonton PFCWW 2died of wounds
DIMICK, Nelson L.BoontonU.S. Army Air Forces WW 2 
DIXON, Lawrence BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
DZIORNY, Andrew J. JrBoonton PFCWW 2Killed in Action
EMERICK, Thomas F.BoontonU.S. Army WW 2 
ENGLISH, Richard D.Boonton  WW 2 
ESTLER, Frederick B.Boonton PFCWW 2Killed in Action
FOLEY, DonaldBoonton SgtWW 2Killed in Action
GINDER, Augustine A.Boonton  WW 1died of pneumonia
HILDEBRANT, HaroldBoonton  WW 1died of pneumonia
HOPKINS, Joseph R.Boonton SgtWW 2Killed in Action
LANCIANO, Carmin J.Boonton PFCWW 2Killed in Action
MANELLA, Philip J.Boonton  WW 2 
McCAIN, Clarence H.Boonton 2 LtWW 2Killed in Action
MITCHKO, Albert H.Boonton 2 LtWW 2Killed in Action
MURIANO, ErnestBoonton  WW 2 
OPSONKA, Charles P. JrBoonton S SgtWW 2Killed in Action
PETOFF, SolBoonton PvtWW 2Killed in Action
RIEVE, Fred K.Boonton Tec5WW 2died - non battle
RIKER, HarryBoonton  WW 1killed in battle in France
RUNDQUIST, KarlBoonton  WW 1died of heart ailment while serving in France
SCERBO, Frank E.Boonton Tec5WW 2died of wounds
TAYLOR, John E.Boonton  WW 2 
TAYLOR, ThomasBoonton  WW 1killed in battle in France
VanFLEET, Robert W.Boonton T SgtWW 2finding of death
ZIBURA, Joseph J.Boonton PFCWW 2Killed in Action


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