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Randolph Patriots
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From a History of Randolph Township we find a listing of Soldiers in the War for Independence who lived or owned land in Randolph Township. [I have added the additional information that is found below each name from various sources readily found in the libraries of Morris County. Any discrepancies that I found in the records are noted by braces [  ]. ]

Source: A history of Randolph Township : Morris County's first bicentennial community / edited by Richard T. Irwin. 1st ed. Ironia, N.J. : American Revolution Bicentennial Observance Randolph : printed by Exposition Press, 1976, pp49-57.

ABER, Abisha
  b. 1755; son of John & Mary (Hulbard) Aber, Mt. Freedom; m. Abigail ___

ABER, Abner
  his brother, Morris, substituted for him.
  b. 1759; son of Israel sr. & Dorothea (Leonard);  d. 1804 Mendham
  m. 28 Mar 1782 Charity Loree, dau. of Job

ABER, Israel, jr.
  b. 16 Sep 1756 Mendham Twp.; son of Israel & Dorothea (Leonard);
  d. 25 Jul 1811 Minisink, Orange Co., NY
  m. 28 Mar 1782 Phebe Freeman

ABER, Morris
  b. 2 May 1758 Mendham Twp.; son of Israel & Dorothea (Leonard);
  m. Phebe Tingley

ALLEN, Samuel
  b. 27 Nov 1751 Madison; d. 15 Dec 1828 Springfield NJ
  m. (1) _____ Smith;
  m. (2) 4 Jul 1779 Hannah Beach b. 29 Oct 1761 d. 25 Mar 1851 Springfield

AYRES, Silas
  b. 29 Dec 1749; d. 29 Dec 1826; bur. 1st Pres. Church burial ground, Morristown
  m. Mary Byram

BEACH, Elias
  b. 5 Nov 1745 Mendham; d. 1806 Newark, NJ
  m. Joanna Camp

BONNELL, Nathaniel
  b. 19 Dec 1731; d. 23 July 1809; bur. Hillside Cem., Madison
  m. (1) Elizabeth Allen
  m. (2) Mary Simpson

  b. 1761; d. 1820, age 68
  m. (1) Nancy Guiering
  m. (2) Bethia Pierson

  son of Francis

  b. 1761; son of Abraham Canfield; bur. Presbyterian Churchyard, Morristown

  m. Rachel Hulbard [Hubbard] of Mendham
  deserted 31 May 1779 [there is discrepancies here, some sources state he d. 1778]

[The above is from the book Randolph Patriots and it is wrong.  I descend from this John Chambers and I have researched him and the man (Chalmers or ??) who did marry Rachel Hubbard.   He did die in 1778 in a British prison in New York.   John Chambers served under Col. Malcom and Spencer and was at Valley Forge in the winter of 1778.   Eventually he was part of Sullivan's army (Oliver Spencer) and was "assigned" to cut a road for the army to follow from Easton, PA to Wilkes Barre.  He deserted at Pocono Pines May, 1779.   In 1793 he was in Bath, New York, 1800 in Ontario County, New York. 

I am submitting this because in spite of many queries and posts I can find no one who seems to have any interest in the Chambers of Morris County.   I am hoping that if you can find a way to post this correction to this reference book, someone might be found who should be researching the Chambers rather than Rachel Hubbard and her husband. 
Carol Church - [cchurch @ voyager.net]]

  b. 13 July 1759; d. 22 Apr 1814; bur. Presby. Churchyard, Succasunna
  m. 10 Apr 1788 Rebekah Byram

CLARK, Henry, 2nd
  b. 3 June 1731; d. 1797; bur. Mt. Freedom Baptist Cemetery
  m. (1) Massa Ferguson
  m. (2) Sibelia (Newton) Loree
  note: deeded land to son John 1755 & son-in-law Samuel Cozad,jr. 1768.

CLARK, Henry, 3rd
  b. 26 Jan 1760, son of Henry Clark 2nd; d. 5 Feb 1849;
  bur. Mt. Freedom Baptist Cemetery
  m. 15 Feb 1781 Mary Smith

  d. 14 Sep 1824; bur. Mt. Freedom Baptist Cemetery
  m. Abigail Johnson
also have:
  d. 14 Sep 1824 Rockaway Township
  m. Abigail Harriman

COE, Benjamin, jr.
  b. 6 Nov 1748 son of Benjamin Coe of Newark;  d. 15 Mar 1833 Alleghaney Co PA
  m. Margaret Beigle
New Jersey in the Revolution Newspaper Extracts-353 1777
  Benjamin Coe [sr.] came from Long Island with is widowed mother prior to 1782 and died December 21st 1788, aged 86 years. He left children: 1. Benjamin; 2. Mary, wife of Moses Roberts; 3. Sarah, wife of David Tuttle; 4. Eunice, wife of Joseph Baldwin; and 5. Abigail, wife of Daniel Tichenor. His first wife, Abigail, died December 4 1761, aged 59 years; his second wife, Rachel, died August 12 1779, aged 70 years. Being too old for active service himself, Benjamin Coe furnished a substitute, in the person of an able-bodied negro slave, Cudjo, who was rewarded by his master with the gift of his freedom and an acre of land. Mr. Coe's house was at the southwest corner of Washington and Court Streets.

COE, Ebenezer
  b. 19 July 1755 Middletown CT; d. 28 Jan 1839 Morris Twp.
  m. Cleopatra Conklin

COE, Enos
  b. 1746; bap. 17 Nov 1746; son of Thomas Coe

COE, Peter
  b. 1753; son of Benjamin Coe

COMBS, Moses Newell
  b. 2 Jan 1754; d. 12 Apr 1834, age 81 Randolph Twp.

COOK, Daniel
  b. 10 Dec 1739, son of Ellis Cook; d. 17 Sep 1791
  m. 8 Apr 1768 Rebekah Cook

COOK, James
  b. 25 Mar 1760, son of Ellis Cook; d. 26 Mar 1836
  m. (1) 1781 Elizabeth Phoebe Condict, dau of Silas Condict
  m. (2) Ruth Woodbridge Pierson
  m. (3) Susan _____

COZAD, Samuel
  b. 1723; d. 1811
  m. (1) Anna Clark
  m. (2) Persilla Burt Fairchild, widow

DRAKE, Elisha
  b. 1716; d. 19 Oct 1793 western N.Y.

  bap. 8 Dec 1756, son of Gilman Freeman; d. 16 Sep 1833
  bur. Presbyterian Churchyard, Morristown
  sister Phebe married Israel Aber, Jr.

HEDDEN, Joseph
  b. 1742; d. 1833; m. Martha Oliver

HICKS, Samuel
  b. 9 Dec 1759; d. 12 Nov 1835 [another rec. states d. 7 Sep 1833, near Dover, ae 74]
  m. Catherine Johnson

  b. 2 Sep 1750 [22 Aug 1750] Chester; d. 10 Mar 1843 Randolph Twp.
  m. Olive Skellinger

  bap. 21 Feb 1760, son of John & Elizabeth Huntington; d. 1794
  had brothers Abraham, Samuel & Simon

  bap 29 July 1759, son of John & Elizabeth Huntington
  had brothers, Gilbert, Abraham & Samuel

  father of Gilbert & Simon

HURD, David
  b. 1755; was age 80 in 1835; m. 1784 Abigail Fairchild, dau. of Phineas

KING, Alexander
  d. 1814; son of James

KING, Andrew
  d. 1847; son of James

KING, James
  d. 1817; m. Elizabeth _____

LAMSON, Thomas
  b. 1754; d. 27 Jan 1838; m. Caroline _____

LAMSON, Benjamin
  b. 17 Mar 1761; d. 16 Feb 1824
  m. Thankful Hathaway
  brother to Thomas

LOREE, Job, jr.
  b. 16 Nov 1759 Mendham Twp.; d. 25 Feb 1843; bur. Mt. Freedom Presby. Cem.
  m. 12 Dec 1782 Elizabeth Hull

LOSEY, James P. [Puff]
  b. 1718, son of John Losey, Sr. & Jane Young of Mendham; d. 20 Jan 1809
  m. Hannah Burwell [Burnwell]

LOSEY, Timothy
  m. 15 Jun 1767 Hannah Moore

  b. 1759, son of Capt. Joseph Meeker; d. Apr 1817; m. Susan Skinner


  b. 12 Mar 1735 Smithtown, Long Island; d. 25 Dec 1813
  m. (1) Anna _____
  m. (2) 1776 Phebe (Ford) Arnold, dau of Jacob Ford

  b. 5 Nov 1759; d. 8 Sep 1843
  m. (1) Mary Dalrymple
  m. (2) Elizabeth Price
  m. (3) Margaret (Clark) Youngs

POOL, Jeremiah
  b. 8 Jun 1750; d. 19 Oct 1818; bur. Union Cemetery, Hackettstown
  m. Joanna _____

PRICE, Isaac
  b. 5 Sep 1760, age 74 in 1833; moved to Scott Co. KY
  son of Philip & Sarah Price

  b. 15 Oct 1749; d. 1817; son of Hartshorn Fitz Randolph

  b. 19 Aug 1755, Newark, son of Daniel Roberts; d. 12 May 1815
  m. Elizabeth Hedden

REED, John

  b. 1760, Morristown; d. Dec 1839 Nelson Co. KY;
  bur. 1st Presby. Church Cem. Morristown
  m. Elizabeth Kitchell

TILL, Peter
  b. 1742
  m. Ruth _____
  had grandson William Cummins

  b. 1751; d. 1824; bur. Mt. Freedom Presbyterian Churchyard

TUTTLE, Daniel
  b. 15 July 1760 Morris Co.; d. 30 Aug 1841 Washington PA
  son of Isaac & Mary Lindsley Tuttle
  m. Phebe Case

TUTTLE, Phineas
  b. 1757; son of John
  m. (1) Phebe Briant
  m. (2) 7 Mar 1790 Mary Riggs, widow

  b. 1760; d. 25 Nov 1841; bur. 27 Nov 1841 Mt. Freedom Presby. Church Cemetery
  m. 11 Nov 1791 Hannah _____

  d. 1816

WINDS, William
  b. 1727/8 Southold, Long Island; d. 12 Oct 1789; bur. Rockaway Presby. Cemetery
  m. Ruhamah _____

  b. 6 July 1754; d. 17 Apr 1824
  m. Eunice Pierson

WOODRUFF, Nathaniel

YOUNG, Daniel
b. 20 Feb 1759

YOUNG, Gilbert

YOUNG, James
  b. 22 Jan 1753, son of Rev. David Young; d. 18 Sep 1783
  bur. 1st Presbyterian Church yard, Morristown
  m. (1) 1 Feb 1773 Elizabeth Lowrain of Somerset
  m. (2) Ruth Halsey

  b. 30 Nov 1750, son of Morgan & Elizabeth Mills Young; d. 16 Feb 1826
  m. 30 Nov 1768 Hannah Mitchell

YOUNG, Morgan, sr.
  d. 20 Nov 1782; Son of Robert Young, sr.; m. Elizabeth Mills

YOUNG, Morgan, jr.
  b. 3 Jan 1762 Mendham Twp.; d. 21 Jan 1852 La Grange, IN
  bur. Pretty Prairie Cemetery, IN
  m. Jane Losey

YOUNG, Robert
  b. 13 Feb 1756 Randolph Twp., son of Morgan; d. 29 Jan 1840 Randolph Twp.
  buried Mt. Freedom Presbyterian Churchyard
  m. Sarah Briant


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