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Revolutionary Patriots of Pequannock Township

The following is an excerpt from The History of Morris County 1739~1882 published by W.W. Munsell, pp274-275.

Popular Sentiment in 1776

The beginning of the American Revolution found the people of this county divided in sentiment. It not infrequently happened that such division was found not only in the same neighborhood, but among the members of the same family, which tended to estrangement and to create a general sense of insecurity, that rendered great caution and watchfulness necessary for public safety. Consequently we find the people in Pequannock township, fearing such dangers, at an early period in 1776 prepared to protect themselves by organizing committees of safety, vigilance committees and minute men, as they were styled. As to this we have not only the authority of tradition, but unquestioned documentary evidence. Although there doubtless were in this township some who openly favored the cause of the king, and many who, dreading the great power of England, and the possible confiscation of property, feared to openly declare their position, yet there is evidence that a majority of the leading citizens of the township, early in 1776, took a most decided stand in support of the measures of the Continental Congress. The township record shows that public action was taken at a town meeting on the 12th of March 1776, and

Joseph Hoff
Joseph Conger
William Ross
Stephen Jackson
Job Allen
Anthony Mandeville
Phineas Farrand
Hendrick Doremus
Robert Gould, jr
John Parlaman

were appointed to be a committee of observation. They were selected from the western, eastern and middle parts of the township, for the purpose of watching closely those who were active in favoring the cause of the king. Subsequently a committee of safety was formed, composed of

Robert Gaston
Moses Tuttle
Stephen Jackson
Abraham Kitchel
Job Allen.

An article of agreement was also drawn up and numerously signed, which was in the keeping of Stephen Jackson, a member of that committee. From him that paper came down to Colonel Joseph Jackson, his son, late of Rockaway, and a copy of it was taken by Rev. Joseph F. Tuttle. The terms of the agreement are not only of interest, but the names of the subscribers. The paper is as follows:

We, the subscribers, freeholders and inhabitants of the township of Pequannock, in the county of Morris and province of New Jersey, having long viewed with concern the avowed design of the ministry of Great Britain to raise a revenue in America, being deeply affected with the cruel hostilities already commenced in Massachusetts Bay for carrying that arbitrary design into execution, convinced that the preservation of the rights and privileges of America depends, under God, on the firm union of its inhabitants, do, with hearts abhorring slavery, and ardently wishing for a reconciliation with our parent state on constitutional principles, solemnly associate and resolve under the sacred ties of virtue, honor and love of our contry, that we will personally, and so far as our influence extends, endeavor to support and carry into execution whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental and Provincial Congresses for defending our constitution and preserving the same inviolate, according to the resolutions of the aforesaid Continental and Provincial Congresses, firmly determined by all means in our power to guard against the disorders and confusions to which the peculiar curcumstances of the times may expose us.

We do also further associate and agree, as far as shall be consistent with the measures adopted for the preservation of American freedom, to support the magistrates and other civil officers in the execution of their duty agreeable to the laws of the colony, and to observe the directions of our community acting.

Robert GASTON, John MUNSON, Moses TUTTLE, John GOULD, Joseph CONGER, Edward JACKSON, Elijah LEONARD, Benajah DANELS, Samuel MARTIN, Joseph HOFF, Garrett HOFF, John HOFF, Charles HOFF jr, Robert WILSON, Samuel BLAIR, Alexander BATES, John REYNOLDS, Benjamin FAIRCHILD, James COULTER, Jonathan JOHNSON, John CARDY, Charles CRAWLEY, John ROBESON sen., John ROBESON jr., David VANDERPOOL, Peter JOHNSON, Eliphalet LYON, William COUGH, Gershom WIGGINS, James NOX, John DeBOW, John WHITE, William UPHAM, John WILSON, John GALLOWAY, Richard VAN COCK, James CARDIFF, Joseph HOLMES, Gillis McPHERSON, James RONAL, Thomas PRICE, George G. BARR, John MAGIE, James NORTON, William EDWARDS, John BROWNE, John WILSON, Isaac MILLER, Peter LITTLE, Edward McRANK, Jonathan SALSBURY, Hugh QUIGG, Charles STUART, John LEE, Samuel HARRIS, Christian HOFFMAN, John BIARD, John DAVIS, Ada SHOWEN, J. JACKSON, William ROSE, Louis Demorest DUNZOY, James McURDY, James MITCHEL, James DAILY, Henry STOCK, Hugh DAVIS, John RICHARDSON, Henry LINK, Jan BIGELOW, James THARP, Daniel TALMAGE, Jonathan CARRINGTON, John WILSON, Joshua MOORE, Mark WALTON, William ROSS, David BEMAN, Isaac VANDUYNE, Joseph HARRIMAN, Richard HARRIMAN, Josias GOLDSMITH, William DRUMMON, John KING, Samuel LINDLEY, Joseph PORTER, Aaron WILLIS, Job ALLEN, Stephen JACKSON, Israel YOUNGS, Ebenezer TUTTLE, Jabez BIGLOW, David ALLEN, Henry BERRY jr., Joseph ROGERS, Seth MAHURIN, Silas HATHAWAY, Joseph HULL, Aaron BIGLOW, John HARRIMAN, Aaron HEDDEN, Joseph BEDFORD, Isaac ROSS, John PIERSON, Daniel JACKSON, William FISHER, Josiah BIGLOW, John MILLER, Michael MONTGOMERY, John McCONNEL, Peter HYLER, Josiah BEMAN, William PRICE, Daniel BIGLOW, Josiah BEMAN, Isaac KELLY, William HOWARD, Helmer KENT, Hiram HOWARD, James HINDES, Arthur YOUNG, Jacob LYON, John PEER, Luman ROBEARDS, Benjamin WANKLE, John MARINUS, Daniel HAYWARD, Moses STILES, Phineas FARRAND, Philip PRICE jr., Peter FRANCISCO, Philip DORMAN, John DOREMUS, Philip HILER, Samuel FARRAND, Jake HARRISON, Henry YOUNG, Samuel PRICE, Humphrey DAVENPORT, Thomas WELSHEAR, Martin FREDERICK, Abraham LOUGHENNER, John ESSELER, Mouris MOURISON, Peter HILER jr., Brank JACOBUS, Philip HOLENKOUS, Abraham JACOBUS, Cornelius A. JACOBUS, Henry HENNION, John CONE, Martin FREDERICK sen., Hinery MOURISSON, James JACOBUS, Nathan CONE, Coon VREELAND, Henry VAN HOUTEN, John PEAR, John PARLAMAN, Abraham PEER, Nicholas HILER, Edmund KINGSLAND, John HILER, Henry LOWERUS, Cornelius JACOBUS, James JENNINGS, Peter TICE, John NIX, Conrod ESLER, Martin YOUNG, Jacob VANDUYNE, Jacob HOPPON, James SHANE, Garret FARRALL, Peter ROBURDS, Jacob HILER, John MILLER jr. of jrs.

[Alphabetical listing of the above listed names.]

Mr. Tuttle says that the paper is signed by one hundred and seventy-seven names, that some of these names are splendid specimens of penmanship, but others are scarcely legible; that eighteen signers made their mark. Doubtless, as Mr. Tuttle remarked, "many of these signers knew better how to hold a musket than a pen." ...

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