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Militiamen of 1778
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Morris County Militiamen of 1778

The following list was found in The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, XXXIX:3 Whole Number 153, Sept 1964, pp107-110 by Harold I. Meyer.

It is the minutes (May-June 1778) of the commissioners for classifying the privates in the Eastern Battalion of Morris County militia, together with their rosters of the classified militiamen.

The commissioners were appointed in consequence of a New Jersey act of April 3, 1778, "for the . . . recruiting of four New-Jersey Regiments." Essentially it provided a selective-service machinery through which the needed Continental Line soldiers were secured, either as volunteers or by draft, from among the men already enrolled in the various militia companies. The commissioners designed for each area drew up lists of the militiamen in 18-man groups or classes, each of which was required to produce one recruit for Continental service.

The militia lists prepared by the Eastern Morris County commissioners include names which are not found in W. S. Stryker's Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War (1872). The original manuscript is at the National Archives with a photostatic copy in the Rutgers University Library. In certain cases where a similar name (but differently spelled) appears in Stryker, Dr. Meyer has inserted the variant in parentheses.

NameMilitia Company
Acorn, JohnBates
Airs, Phenihas (Ayres, Phineas)Keen
Allen, Prudden (Alling, Prudden)Kitchell
Ammerman, DerrickCarter
Anderson, Cornelassubstitute
Anderson, CorneliasHail
Anderson, WalterBaley
Armstrong, Nath'lBaley
Baird, JonathanLaton
Ball, EphriemHenman
Bayles, WilliamLindly
Beach, AbnerHenman
Beach, Abra'mBates
Beadell, WilliamLaton
Bears, JosephBeach
Bebout, Will'mLaton
Beedle, ReubenLaton
Billings, Will'mHenman
Billings, Jno.substitute
Bradey, DannelBeach
Brewen, JosephCarter
Broadwell, Ezra (Brawdwell, Ezra)Kitchell
Broadwell, Nath'l (Brawdwell, Nath'l) Arnol
Broadwell, Semion (Brawdwell, Simion) Lindly
Bullman, Joseph Laton
Bunn, James Laton
Bunnell, Gilbert (Bonnell, Gilbert) Laton
Bunnell, Henry (Bonnell, Henry) Ward
Bunnell, Nath'l (Bonnell, Nath'l) Laton
Bunnell, Nath'l, Jun. (Bonnell, Nath'l, Jun.) Laton
Burnett, Lindly Bates
Carrel, Abra'm Hall
Carter, Calep Carter
Carter, Jacob Carter
Carter, Nicholes Baley
Carter, Ruben Ward
Castemore, Ephrime Keen
Chappel, Richard Crane
Clark, Josiah Henman
Cobb, Edward Crane
Comson, Thomas Crane
Conger, Benj'n Carter
Conger, Benj'n substitute
Conklin, Stephen, Jun. Lindly
Conner, Andrew (Connard, Andrew) Henman
Cooper, Ebenezer Kitchell
Cooper, Gorge Laton
Copertwate, John Bates
Cortland, Stephen Crane
Cory, Benj'n (Corey, Benjamin) Laton
Cory, David, Jun. (Corey, David) Crane
Cory, Isaac (Corey, Isaac) Kitchell
Cory, Jacob (Corey, Jacob) Kitchell
Cranmore, John (Cranmer, John) Carter
Cranmore, Noadiah Carter
Crowel, Enos Carter
Crowel, Enos substitute
Crowle, Benj'n Carter
Crowle, Seath Carter
Curtis, Jeptha Hall
Dalglish, Joseph Kitchell
Dalglish, Nath'l Kitchell
Darling, Sam'l (Durling, Samuel) substitute
Darling, Will'm Carter
Day, Jeduthen Baley
Day, Nath'l Ward
Day, Robert Baley
Day, Semeion Carter
Day, Will'm (Dey, William) substitute
Debo, David Carter
Deboe, David Keen
Decamp, Joseph Keen
Dill, Thomas Hall
Dixerson, Jesse Beach
Doty, Joshua Laton
Dyken, Geradis Lindly
Easton, John Carter
Ennis, James (Innes, James) Laton
Fairchild, Calep Keen
Fairchild, David Beach
Fairchild, Isaac Bates
Fairchild, Lent W. Kitchell
Fairchild, Phenihas Beach
Fairchild, Sherred Lindly
Fairchild, Sollomon Kitchell
Fanning, Ebenezer Henman
Fanning, Sam'l Henman
Foredice, Abra'm Keen
Forse, Squier (Force, Squire) Kitchell
Forster, Filetas (Foster, Philetis) Ward
Forster, Ransler Ward
Foster, Ellehanson Ward
Frasey, Josiah substitute
Frazee, Jacob Lindly
Freeman, Dannel Baley
Frost, Ezekel Carter
Frost, Jedediah Carter
Gabett, Robert Carter
Gardner, Christopher Carter
Gardner, Jacob Kitchell
Garner, Janiah Carter
Garrel, Fits (?) Carter
Gavit, Robart substitute
Gelleson, Robert Laton
Genung, Benj'm Ward
Genung, Jeremiah Ward
Gifford, _____ substitute
Gildersleves, Silas Baley
Grommon, Aaron Lindly
Guard, Garshem Keen
Guard, Moses Keen
Gurin, Eppenethes Baley
Gurnyo, Charles Laton
Hall, Joseph Keen
Halsey, Calep Lindly
Hambelton, Will'm (Hamilton, William) Arnol
Hambleton, Benj'n (Hamilton, Benjamin) substitute
Hambleton, Will'm (Hamilton, William) substitute
Hans, Fradrick Crane
Harty, Dennis Hall
Hatheway, Abra'm Beach
Hatheway, Benj'n Bates
Hatheway, Clemon Beach
Hatheway, Job Beach
Hatheway, Zophe Beach
Haydon, Jeremiah Lindly
Hayton, Zakeriah Hall
Heath, Nevil Kitchell
Hedges, Gideon, Jun. Ward
Hedges, Jonathen Ward
Hedly, Isaac Hall
Henman, Azel (Hinman, Asabel) Lindly
Hill, David Crane
Hinds, Sam'l Carter
Hollenshead, Gorge Crane
Hollet, Jonathen Lindly
Holleway, Joseph Carter
Hoof, Benjamin (Huff, Benjamin) Bates
Horten, Foster Carter
Howel, Nathen Baley
Humberfield, Timothy (Humphrevil, Timothy) Baley
Hunt, Abija substitute
Huntington, Gilbert (Hunterdon, Gilbert) Hall
Husk, Nicholes Hall
Hutcherson, James Henman
Hutson, Will'm substitute
Johnson, Charles Fredrick Laton
Joline, Antheny Crane
Jones, Phenihas Kitchell
Keepers, Will'm Crane
Kent, John Keen
Kilpatrick, John Beach
Kinnan, Thomes Laton
Lambert, Joshua Beach
Larence, David Ward
Laton, Andrew Baley
Leaington, Thomas (Lennington, Thomas) Laton
Lee, Peter Keen
Lindly, Aaron Hall
Lindly, Elihu substitute
Looper, Lyon Ward
Losey, Stephen Keen
Lutman, Edward Beach
McGee, Joseph (Magee, Joseph) Ward
McMinds, Will'm Laton
Mascoe, John Laton
Mash, Aaron Hall
Meeker, Gaberal Baley
Meeks, John Bates
Miller, Ebenezer Lindly
Miller, Hesekiah substitute
Mills, Gorge Beach
Minnit, Sam'l Hall
Minthorn, Jacob Ward
Minton, Gorge Carter
Minton, Lemmul (Minthorne, Lemuel) Crane
Minton, Peter Crane
Minton, Sam'l Beach
Mirrick, Sam'l Crane
Morehouse, Jeptha Laton
Muer, John (Muire, John) Keen
Mulford, Timothy (Mullford, Timothy) Kitchell
Munson, Albra'm Carter
Munson, Calep Lindly
Munson, Ezekel (Monson, Ezekeal) Carter
Munson, Joshua Carter
Mure, David Lindly
Name, Sam'l Arnol
Narris, Garshem (Norris, Gershom) Carter
Nichols, Lewis (Nicholds, Lewis) Carter
Norris, Robert Beach
Norris, Shadrick Keen
Ogden, Charles Bates
Oharrow, James Beach
Osborn, Borzely Hall
Orsborn, Cabeb substitute
Palmer, Jacob Hall
Perry, James Beach
Person, Aaron (Pierson, Aaron) Arnol
Person, Sam'l (Pierson, Samuel) Keen
Phillips, Gorge Lindly
Pitney, John Lindly
Price, Enoch Ward
Prudden, Benj'n Carter
Ramsey, John Carter
Ramson, Henry Baley
Reves, Nathen Baley
Riggs, Aaron (Riggs, Arund) Lindly
Riggs, Josiah Lindly
Right, Daniel Lindly
Riter, Jesper Crane
Roberts, David Bates
Roff, Nath'l Laton
Rogers, Semeion Laton
Rose, Stephen Carter
Ross, Eckebud Crane
Rude, Abner Carter
Rude, Calep Carter
Schudder, Isaac Lindly
Shipman, Jabes Laton
Spinnidge, Ichobud Ward
Squier, Thomas Laton
Stagg, Henry Crane
Stoten, John (Stouten, John) Laton
Sturge, John Carter
Sturge, Jno. substitute
Talmedge, Abra'm Lindly
Tappen, Jacob Bates
Totten, Joseph Laton
Towt, Robert Beach
Trobridge, Dan Beach
Tucker, John Bates
Turner, Stephen Keen
Turnman, Aaron Lindly
Tuttel, Barnebus Bates
Van Winckel, Abra'm Hall
Varsels, Abra'm Hall
Veal, David Keen
Veal, Henry Keen
Veal, John Keen
Vradenborgh, Jacob Ward
Wade, Eli Carter
Wade, Isaac substitute
Walker, David Beach
Walker, Daniel (1 Daniel Walker listed in Stryker) Ward
Ward, Dan'l substitute
Ward, Josua Lindly
Ward, Josua Carter
Weake, Abel Bates
Whealer, John Keen
White, Edward Laton
Wiggens, Garshem Lindly
Wighthead, Nathan Baley
Wilkeson, Moses Keen
Willis, Nath'l Kitchell
Wilson, Josiah Bates
Winthrup, Peter Ward
Witeanack, Benj'n Lindly
Wood, Sam'l Carter
Woodroff, Mathias Carter
Woodroff, Simon Crane
Woodruff, Matt's substitute
Youngs, Joseph Keen
Youngs, Moses Ward


Name Militia Company Count
Broadwell, Nath'l (Brawdwell, Nath'l) Arnold 1
Hambelton, Will'm (Hamilton, William) Arnold 2
Name, Sam'l Arnold 3
Person, Aaron (Pierson, Aaron) Arnold 4
Anderson, Walter Baley1
Armstrong, Nath'l Baley2
Carter, Nicholes Baley3
Day, Jeduthen Baley4
Day, Robert Baley5
Freeman, Dannel Baley6
Gildersleves, Silas Baley7
Gurin, Eppenethes Baley8
Howel, Nathen Baley9
Humberfield, Timothy (Humphrevil, Timothy) Baley10
Laton, Andrew Baley11
Meeker, Gaberal Baley12
Ramson, Henry Baley13
Reves, Nathen Baley14
Wighthead, Nathan Baley15
Acorn, John Bates1
Beach, Abra'm Bates2
Burnett, Lindly Bates3
Copertwate, John Bates4
Fairchild, Isaac Bates5
Hatheway, Benj'n Bates6
Hoof, Benjamin (Huff, Benjamin) Bates7
Meeks, John Bates8
Ogden, Charles Bates9
Roberts, David Bates10
Tappen, Jacob Bates11
Tucker, John Bates12
Tuttel, Barnebus Bates13
Weake, Abel Bates14
Wilson, Josiah Bates15
Bears, Joseph Beach1
Bradey, Dannel Beach2
Dixerson, Jesse Beach3
Fairchild, David Beach4
Fairchild, Phenihas Beach5
Hatheway, Abra'm Beach6
Hatheway, Clemon Beach7
Hatheway, Job Beach8
Hatheway, Zophe Beach9
Kilpatrick, John Beach10
Lambert, Joshua Beach11
Lutman, Edward Beach12
Mills, Gorge Beach13
Minton, Sam'l Beach14
Norris, Robert Beach15
Oharrow, James Beach16
Perry, James Beach17
Towt, Robert Beach18
Trobridge, Dan Beach19
Walker, David Beach20
Ammerman, Derrick Carter 1
Brewen, Joseph Carter 2
Carter, Calep Carter 3
Carter, Jacob Carter 4
Conger, Benj'n Carter 5
Cranmore, John (Cranmer, John) Carter 6
Cranmore, Noadiah Carter 7
Crowel, Enos Carter 8
Crowle, Benj'n Carter 9
Crowle, Seath Carter 10
Darling, Will'm Carter 11
Day, Semeion Carter 12
Debo, David Carter 13
Easton, John Carter 14
Frost, Ezekel Carter 15
Frost, Jedediah Carter 16
Gabett, Robert Carter 17
Gardner, Christopher Carter 18
Garner, Janiah Carter 19
Garrel, Fits (?) Carter 20
Hinds, Sam'l Carter 21
Holleway, Joseph Carter 22
Horten, Foster Carter 23
Minton, Gorge Carter 24
Munson, Albra'm Carter 25
Munson, Ezekel (Monson, Ezekeal) Carter 26
Munson, Joshua Carter 27
Narris, Garshem (Norris, Gershom) Carter 28
Nichols, Lewis (Nicholds, Lewis) Carter 29
Prudden, Benj'n Carter 30
Ramsey, John Carter 31
Rose, Stephen Carter 32
Rude, Abner Carter 33
Rude, Calep Carter 34
Sturge, John Carter 35
Wade, Eli Carter 36
Ward, Josua Carter 37
Wood, Sam'l Carter 38
Woodroff, Mathias Carter 39
Chappel, Richard Crane1
Cobb, Edward Crane2
Comson, Thomas Crane3
Cortland, Stephen Crane4
Cory, David, Jun. (Corey, David) Crane5
Hans, Fradrick Crane6
Hill, David Crane7
Hollenshead, Gorge Crane8
Joline, Antheny Crane9
Keepers, Will'm Crane10
Minton, Lemmul (Minthorne, Lemuel) Crane11
Minton, Peter Crane12
Mirrick, Sam'l Crane13
Riter, Jesper Crane14
Ross, Eckebud Crane15
Stagg, Henry Crane16
Woodroff, Simon Crane17
Anderson, Cornelias Hail1
Carrel, Abra'm Hall2
Curtis, Jeptha Hall3
Dill, Thomas Hall4
Harty, Dennis Hall5
Hayton, Zakeriah Hall6
Hedly, Isaac Hall7
Huntington, Gilbert (Hunterdon, Gilbert) Hall8
Husk, Nicholes Hall9
Lindly, Aaron Hall10
Mash, Aaron Hall11
Minnit, Sam'l Hall12
Osborn, Borzely Hall13
Palmer, Jacob Hall14
Van Winckel, Abra'm Hall15
Varsels, Abra'm Hall16
Ball, Ephriem Henman 1
Beach, Abner Henman 2
Billings, Will'm Henman 3
Clark, Josiah Henman 4
Conner, Andrew (Connard, Andrew) Henman 5
Fanning, Ebenezer Henman 6
Fanning, Sam'l Henman 7
Hutcherson, James Henman 8
Airs, Phenihas (Ayres, Phineas) Keen1
Castemore, Ephrime Keen2
Deboe, David Keen3
Decamp, Joseph Keen4
Fairchild, Calep Keen5
Foredice, Abra'm Keen6
Guard, Garshem Keen7
Guard, Moses Keen8
Hall, Joseph Keen9
Kent, John Keen10
Lee, Peter Keen11
Losey, Stephen Keen12
Muer, John (Muire, John) Keen13
Norris, Shadrick Keen14
Person, Sam'l (Pierson, Samuel) Keen15
Turner, Stephen Keen16
Veal, David Keen17
Veal, Henry Keen18
Veal, John Keen19
Whealer, John Keen20
Wilkeson, Moses Keen21
Youngs, Joseph Keen22
Allen, Prudden (Alling, Prudden) Kitchell 1
Broadwell, Ezra (Brawdwell, Ezra) Kitchell 2
Cooper, Ebenezer Kitchell 3
Cory, Isaac (Corey, Isaac) Kitchell 4
Cory, Jacob (Corey, Jacob) Kitchell 5
Dalglish, Joseph Kitchell 6
Dalglish, Nath'l Kitchell 7
Fairchild, Lent W. Kitchell 8
Fairchild, Sollomon Kitchell 9
Forse, Squier (Force, Squire) Kitchell 10
Gardner, Jacob Kitchell 11
Heath, Nevil Kitchell 12
Jones, Phenihas Kitchell 13
Mulford, Timothy (Mullford, Timothy) Kitchell 14
Willis, Nath'l Kitchell 15
Baird, Jonathan Laton1
Beadell, William Laton2
Bebout, Will'm Laton3
Beedle, Reuben Laton4
Bullman, Joseph Laton5
Bunn, James Laton6
Bunnell, Gilbert (Bonnell, Gilbert) Laton7
Bunnell, Nath'l (Bonnell, Nath'l) Laton8
Bunnell, Nath'l, Jun. (Bonnell, Nath'l, Jun.) Laton9
Cooper, Gorge Laton10
Cory, Benj'n (Corey, Benjamin) Laton11
Doty, Joshua Laton12
Ennis, James (Innes, James) Laton13
Gelleson, Robert Laton14
Gurnyo, Charles Laton15
Johnson, Charles Fredrick Laton16
Kinnan, Thomes Laton17
Leaington, Thomas (Lennington, Thomas) Laton18
Mascoe, John Laton19
McMinds, Will'm Laton20
Morehouse, Jeptha Laton21
Roff, Nath'l Laton22
Rogers, Semeion Laton23
Shipman, Jabes Laton24
Squier, Thomas Laton25
Stoten, John (Stouten, John) Laton26
Totten, Joseph Laton27
White, Edward Laton28
Bayles, William Lindly 1
Broadwell, Semion (Brawdwell, Simion) Lindly 2
Conklin, Stephen, Jun. Lindly 3
Dyken, Geradis Lindly 4
Fairchild, Sherred Lindly 5
Frazee, Jacob Lindly 6
Grommon, Aaron Lindly 7
Halsey, Calep Lindly 8
Haydon, Jeremiah Lindly 9
Henman, Azel (Hinman, Asabel) Lindly 10
Hollet, Jonathen Lindly 11
Miller, Ebenezer Lindly 12
Munson, Calep Lindly 13
Mure, David Lindly 14
Phillips, Gorge Lindly 15
Pitney, John Lindly 16
Riggs, Aaron (Riggs, Arund) Lindly 17
Riggs, Josiah Lindly 18
Right, Daniel Lindly 19
Schudder, Isaac Lindly 20
Talmedge, Abra'm Lindly 21
Turnman, Aaron Lindly 22
Ward, Josua Lindly 23
Wiggens, Garshem Lindly 24
Witeanack, Benj'n Lindly 25
Anderson, Cornelas substitute
Billings, Jno. substitute
Conger, Benj'n substitute
Crowel, Enos substitute
Darling, Sam'l (Durling, Samuel) substitute
Day, Will'm (Dey, William) substitute
Frasey, Josiah substitute
Gavit, Robart substitute
Gifford, _____ substitute
Hambleton, Benj'n (Hamilton, Benjamin) substitute
Hambleton, Will'm (Hamilton, William) substitute
Hunt, Abija substitute
Hutson, Will'm substitute
Lindly, Elihu substitute
Miller, Hesekiah substitute
Orsborn, Cabeb substitute
Sturge, Jno. substitute
Wade, Isaac substitute
Ward, Dan'l substitute
Woodruff, Matt's substitute
Bunnell, Henry (Bonnell, Henry) Ward1
Carter, Ruben Ward2
Day, Nath'l Ward3
Forster, Filetas (Foster, Philetis) Ward4
Forster, Ransler Ward5
Foster, Ellehanson Ward6
Genung, Benj'm Ward7
Genung, Jeremiah Ward8
Hedges, Gideon, Jun. Ward9
Hedges, Jonathen Ward10
Larence, David Ward11
Looper, Lyon Ward12
McGee, Joseph (Magee, Joseph) Ward13
Minthorn, Jacob Ward14
Price, Enoch Ward15
Spinnidge, Ichobud Ward16
Vradenborgh, Jacob Ward17
Walker, Daniel (1 Daniel Walker listed in Stryker) Ward18
Winthrup, Peter Ward19
Youngs, Moses Ward20

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