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Abstracts - Poor Records 1769-1779
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Taken from Pequanock Town Book I. [I have left the spelling as I found them.~BKB]


6 April Nathan Howel to take Abraham Mee quen till he is of age�1.6.0
 Isaac van duyn to keep Samuel Jon Son till near Townd Meeting�7.10.0
28 AprPaid to Humphre Engrim for keeping Abraham Mequeen14s
20 May John Dreemus to keep Frederik Mowers till next Town meeting Day�4.6.8
23 OctPaid to Doctor Campfield for doctoring Joshua Lewis in full to Adam Miller overseer of the poor�2.6.8
28 NovPaid to Doctor Campfield for doctoring Joshua Lewis in full to Adam Miller overseer of the poor�2.6.8
30 DecPaid to George Bowlbay Jr. for tak an of Aaron Stiles�2
 Paid to John Dreemus for keeping of Fradrik Mowers�4 York

6 JanPaid to the widow Demout for money hiered [for the poor]�19.0.10
York �22.4.4
11 JanPaid to John Solter for keeping Mary WesselYork �31.3.2
22 Feb Justice Gould to keep Joshua Lewis2/11 per week
 Paid to Nathan Howel for taken Abraham Mequen in full6s.6d
 Likewise paid to said Howel by Hendrik Mandervil to Abraham Ogden for the poor19s.6d
12 MarPaid Adam Miller for Keeping Joshua Lewis�1.16.11
13 MarPeter Young to keep Fradrik Mowers till next Town meeting�7.0.0
11 AprPaid Corline Dreemus for Isaac van Duyn for keeping Saml Jonson�6.5.10
18 AprAbraham Mowers to keep his brother Fradrick till next Town Meeting�9.15.0
19 AprTunis Peer to keep Fradrick Mowers till next Town Meeting�8.0.0
28 AprPaid to John Dreemus for keeping Fradrick Mowers�1.1.8
 Paid Clas Freland for gooing to move Saml Jonson to his house8s.8d
7 May Seth Mehurin to keep his sister Betty the ensuing year�10
 Paid Seth Mehurin for keeping his sister Betty in full for the year 1769�6.8.5
9 MayLeft money in Justice Gould hand for Adam MillerYork �1.12.3
14 MayPaid Justice Gould by the hand of Adam Miller for Saml Jonson�2.1.4
9 JulPaid Abraham Gould for moving Anne Swaney�1.12.6
4 SepPaid to Richard & Perkin for 1/2 gallon Molasses for Wessel1s.6d
20 OctPaid to Justice Gould in part of the account of Wessel7s
22 DecPaid to Jeames Jenens for making a Coffin for Wessel and Sundries17s.1d
 To John Gould for sundries don for Wessel�1.3.4
 To Jacob Gould for Wessel�1.5.2
 To Abraham Gould for Wessel�1.4.9
 To Justice Gould17s.1d
25 DecTo Nicholas Hiler for 1 shirt and Sheet and 1 pound of Candles for Wessel8s.8d
 To John Hiler for 1 Bushel of Ry for Wessel4s


7 JanPaid to Justice Bowers for examing John Divine and John Blomfield by order of Justice Cooper9s.4d
9 JanPaid to Seth Mehurin for keeping his sister Betty�5.12
15 JanPaid to Richard perkin for 1 yd and 3 quarters of cloth @ 10/ to Buttons and mohair 1/ for Saml Jonson 
 To 3 gallons and 3 quarts of Rum @ 3/6 and 1/2 pound of Tea @ 8/ for Wessel York 17/218s
18 JanPaid to Jacob Miller for 2 Eels of tow linen @ 2/ for Wessel 4/0 York4s
23 FebPaid to Garret Freeland for sarvis don for Wessel8s
 Paid to Lambertus & Lenore for his wifes making a vest and Trowsers for John Robbards, Jr.2s
 Paid to Robert Gould Junr for sarvis don for Wessel13s
12 MarSold Samuel Jonson to Isaac van duyn till next Town Meeting for �7.9.0
 Sold Fradrik Mowers to John Sharmerhorn till next Town Meeting for�8.0.0
 Sold Margret Polmstrom to Jacob Corrows for 2/10 per week till further orders 
 Sold the widow Crow to Jacob Gould for three weeks for her Lying in for �1.9.0 to give necessary tendance 
27 MarTo Saml Ogden 1 bottle wine 4/4, 1/2 nut milk 3d for widow Crow4s.7d
 Hat for John Robbards Jr.5s
15 AprTunes Peer for keeping Freadrik Mowers�8.6.10
19 AprMary Wessels for taken care of her husband�1.12.6
 John Dreemus for sarvis don Wessel7s
 Abraham Mowers for watching with Wessel2s.2d
22 AprJoseph Hopler for keeping Margreat Polmstrom and 1 pr. shoes 6/6 12/613s.61/2
26 AprFor sundries for widow Crow�5.12.10
22 MayDoctor Haulenbeck for doctoring Wessel Wessels�3.3.4
23 MayJacob Gould for shoes for Samuel Jonson11s.11d
 for keeping Ann Swane 2 days10/
26 JunTo Isaac Gould for 1 Shift, gooing Mr. Derbeys and keeping widow Crow14s.1
1 JulyPaid cost on Tryal with Jacob Guld about Widow Crow�1.14.10
15 JulyTo Justice Bowers for examing Margrate Polmstrom5s.5d
15 OctTo Dirk Dy and John Nephi for cloth for grate coat for Fradrik Mowers�2.2.3
17 OctTo Isaac Gould for 1 Shift, gooing Mr. Derbeys and keeping widow Crow14s.1
21 OctPaid John Hiler money hiered and intress for 17 months�3.17.0
 Paid John Gould for keeping widow Crow�3.13.3
5 NovTo Isaac Gould on acct. of doctoring Widow Crow10s.10d
7 NovTo John Devenports wife for her being Granney with the widow Crow8s.8
29 NovTo Peter Hiler, Constable, for moving Joshuaway Lewis, etc�1.0.1/2
 To Jeams Jennens for making a Coffin for the widow Crows child3s.d

No entries in Poor Accounts for 1772


9 MarChristeyen Lowieer to keep John Row till next Town Meeting�22
 Marten Fradrea to keep fradrick Mowrisson until next Town Meeting�8
 Dirick Vreland to keep Owen McQuin�7.17
 Doctor Haulenbeck to keep widow Reed 
25 Marfreadrick Mowrisson shirt and makings12s
 pair Trowsers and making7s
15 JulyFor indenter for Cloe Stiles1s.9d
 John Milledge for taking Cloe Stiles12s.5d
4 NovJohn Mitchel for care of widow Wessels19s.7d
 Payd. Christ Lowreer for keeping John Row the year before Last�6.11.4


7 FebTo John Bowers for doctoring the widow Wessels�6.6.7
10 FebTo Wm. Jennings for 1 yd coating for fread mowrisson; a pair trowsers 11/6 and making 2/13s
9 MarPayed Martin freadrik for keeping freadrick Mowrisson�8
14 MarPayd Lowreed for keeping John Row in par�11.4.2 3/4

[No entries in 1775, 1776, 1777 regarding individual poor]


11 MarDirck Vreland to keep Oen McQueen and the Widow Van Zile�57


9 MarTo Samll Fordice for keeping Henry Vanduin child�14
 To George Ferver for keeping francis Labaws child�11.5
 To Aaron Headden for taking a poor child of Rosswell Sherrards�20
 To Richd Vreeland for keeping Owen McQueen and widdow Van Zile�57
 To Joshua Winget for provisions let Adam Showers Wife a sum not ascertained 
 To the Widdow Carl for keeping Old Vanduins grand child�6

[No entries regarding individual poor until 1790]


26 AprSold Thomas Stewart to Adam Miller till next town meeting�6.2
 Abraham Mowerson* to John Francisco�7.16
 Owing Mc Queen to Hendrick Vreeland�4.19

The agreement is made that before the above Poor was sold that the Purchaser of said Poor are to provide them Lodging Vitteling washing and mending and if the said poor or any of them should Die before the Expiration of the year the above Purchasers are to be paid in Propotion for the time.

* Abraham Mowrisson Departed this Life 13 December 1793.


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