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1870 Census - Poor House
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The following information was taken from the 1870 census, Hanover Township, Parsippany Post Office, Morris County Poor House, pages 123 to 124. They have been listed in the order that they were found on the census record. In the 1860 census the Poorhouse was known as the Boonton Poor House.

I have listed the column number on the table. The headings would be:

8Real Estate Value 
9Personal Estate Value 
10Place of Birth 
11Father of Foreign BirthThese 2 columns have been combined
12Mother of Foreign Birth
13If born within the year, state month 
14If married within the year, state monthNo entries for Poorhouse
15Attend school within the year 
16Cannot readThese 2 columns have been combined.
17Cannot write
18Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict 
19Male Citizen of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwardThese 2 columns have been combined
20Male Citizen of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards, whose right to vote is denied or abridged on other grounds than rebellion or other crime


"Do" indicates Ditto

Schedule 1. - Inhabitants in The Township of Hanover in the County of Morris, State of New Jersey enumerated by me, on the 18th day of July 1870, S. B. Harmon, Asst Marshall. Post Office Boonton.

Dwelling-house number 132.   Families numbered in the order of visitation 135 and 136.

34567891011/1213 1516/171819/20
Jackson Norris34MWFarmer 300NJ  Y/_
Harriet34FWKeeps House800 do   
Mary Howell16FW   do Y  
Louisa Norris06FW   do   
Caroline Jennings20FWDomestic Servant  ENGY/Y_/Y 
Rich Atno62MW   NJ  Y/Y
Abm. Fairchild40MW   do   
John Moore65MW   IREY/Y  
James McDivit71MW   doY/Y  
Peter Bassitt85MW   CANY/Y  
Mathew Doyle82MW   PA   
Wm Deboe66MW   NJ  Y/Y
Peter Cole75MW   do  Y/Y
John McJoters63MW   IREY/Y  
John Ohul77MW   NJ  Y/Y
John Martin23MW   DENY/Y  
Carngan50MW   IREY/Y  
John Bud41MW   SCOY/Y  
Chas Winters67MW   NJ  Y/Y
John Vucwer65MW   PRUY/Y  
Joseph Hessel71MW   BADY/Y  
John McKinnon86MW   SCOY/Y  
Wm Highland23MW   IREY/Y  
Thos Cources22MW   doY/Y  
John McGuinness46MW   doY/Y  
Elias Terry16MW   NJ Y/YIdiotic 
Wm Applegate12MW   do   
Abert Dworce13MW   do   
John Osborn50MW   do  Y/Y
Geo Truman35MW   do  Y/Y
Wm McCinon30MW   do  Y/Y
David Trimmer70MW   do  Y/Y
John Morse16MW   do Y/YIdiotic 
John Speer30MW   do Y/YdoY/Y
Isaac Demott25MB   do  Y/Y
Thos Rex32MW   ENGY/Y  
John Pierson69MW   NJ  Y/Y
Mat Scudder76MW   do  Y/Y
James Madder68MW   IREY/Y  
James Coughlan25MW   ENGY/Y  
Frank Dougherty55MW   IREY/Y  
Augustus Halmen32MW   HAMY/Y  
Jacob Stickle78MW   NJ   
Pat Peffer52MW   IREY/Y  
David Pound60MW   NJ Y/YIdioticY/Y
Michl Mehan50MW   IREY/Y  
Betsey Hathaway65FW   NY   
Hannah Toulan54FW   NJ   
Elisie Mills03FW   do   
Marria Totten72FW   do   
Christenia Crib38FW   PRUY/Y  
Hattie Hopper68FW   NJ  Insane 
Mary Lister20FW   do   
Cornelia King40FW   NJ   
Elizabeth Hoover09FW   do   
Caty Fee10FW   doY/Y  
Mary Good40FW   do   
Peter Y Good07MW   do   
Amy Berry23FW   do   
Annie Cox13FW   NY   
Mary A Shadwell16FW   NJ   
Emaline Bates35FW   do   
Henryett Lyon08FW   do   
Susan Mascen16FW   do   
Joseph Applegate05MW   do   
Mary Lewarn33FW   ENGY/Y  
Cathn Hoffman30FW   NJ   
Annie Timly09FW   do   
Lucy Demott25FB   do   
Ecldir Demott03MB   do   
Mary Demott01FB   do   
Margit Demott15FB   do   
Allice40FW   IREY/Y Insane 
Harriet Talmadge43FW   NJ  do 
____ Reinhart65FW   IREY/Y do 
Peggy70FB   NJ  do 
Susan Bunch82FW   do   
Ephriam Bunch48MW   do  Y/Y
Wm Grady22MW   ENGY/Y  
Charlotte Talman35FW   NJ  do 
Harriet Stickels30FW   do  do 
Charlaina Muth80FW   SCOY/Y  
Nelly McKenna25FW   NJ   
George McKenna6/12MW   do Dec  
Caroline McKenna05FW   do   
Mary Elson20FW   do Y/YIdiotic 
Eliza Searing16FW   do Y/Ydo 
Sarah Eaton94FW   doY/Y  
Wm Gavott86MW   MA D Y/Y
Caroline Jennings6/12FW   do Dec  
____ Kearney60FW   IREY/Y  
Mary Connely18FW   doY/YY/Ydo 
Henry85MB   NJ  Y/Y

NJ - New Jersey
NY - New York
MA - Massachusetts
ENG - England
IRE - Ireland
CAN - Canada
PA - Pennsylvania
DEN - Denmark
SCO - Scotland
PRU - Prussia
BAD - Baden
HAM - Hamburgh


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