1860 Census - Poor House

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1860 Census - Poor House
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The following information was taken from the 1860 census, Hanover Township, Boonton Post Office, Boonton Poor House, pages 533 to 536. They have been listed in the order that they were found on the census record. Today the Boonton Poor House is located beneath the Jersey City Reservoir.

I have listed the column number on the table. The headings would be:

3Name9Personal Estate Value
4Age10Place of Birth
5Sex12Attended School within year
6Race13Over 20 & cannot read/write
7Occupation14Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict
8Real Estate Value

Do         Do               or just Do by itself indicated Ditto

Schedule 1. - Free Inhabitants in The Township of Hanover in the County of Morris, State of New Jersey enumerated by me, on the 6th day of Aug. 1860, Wm. McCarly, Asst Marshall. Post Office Boonton.

Dwelling-house number 239.   Families numbered in the order of visitation 246.

Seely LISH48M Overseer Poor1500200Sussex Co. NJ   
Caroline44F    Morris Co. NJ   
Margaret J.14F    Do         Do   
James H.13M    Do         Do   
Henry C.8M    Do         Do   
Augustus C.2M    Do         Do   
Sarah Hopler24F Domestic  Do         Do   
George W.25M Farm Laborer  Do         Do   
Mariah Chamberlin35F   700New Jersey  Pauper & Insane
John Alpaugh65M    Morris Co. NJ XPauper
Hercules Abens75M    Do         Do  Pauper
Richard Atnon50M    Sussex Co. NJ  Pauper & Blind
Hyram Bowers70M    Morris Co. NJ XPauper
Ephram Burwell30M    Do         Do X   Do
Mary Burwell60F    Do         Do X   Do
Daniel Brewster65M    New Jersey     Do
Emaline Bates30F    Morris Co. NJ  Idiot & Pauper
Margret Blair31F    Ireland  Pauper
Catharine2F    Morris Co. NJ     Do
Egbart Bush70M    Do         Do     Do
George Cable5M    Morris Co. NJX Pauper
Sarah Doughty70F    Do         Do     Do
Marten Doyle70M    Do         Do     Do
James Doughty50M    Do         Do     Do
Mary Dennis35F    Do         Do  Insane & Pauper
Ellen Doremus55F    Do         Do     Do
Mary E. Elston25F    Do         Do XInsane & Pauper
George Freeman25M    Do         Do XIdiot & Pauper
John Glass77M    Ireland X   Do
Mary Gould78F    Morris Co. NJ  Pauper
Emaly Gould27F    Do         Do  Idiot & Pauper
Margaret Green32F    Ireland XPauper
Laurence2M    Morris Co. NJ     Do
Jas. Hester55M    Germany X   Do
Stephen Horton75M    Morris Co. NJ     Do
Mahitable Hoppock50F    Do         Do XInsane & Pauper
Elizabeth Hasting60F    New York XIdiot & Pauper
Margaret Hoover30F    New Jersey     Do
Julia2F    Morris Co. NJ  Pauper
Grace Hoover70F    Germany X   Do
Eugene Heden8/12M    Morris Co. NJ     Do
Catharin Jacobus65F    Do         Do  Blind & Pauper
Will R. Jones30M    Do         Do  Idiot & Pauper
George Kitchell70M    Do         Do  Pauper
Cornelia King28F    Do         Do X   Do
Oliver Lere (?)69M    Conn     Do
Sylvester Lambert48M    Morris Co. NJ     Do
Francis Marzon (?)75M    Ireland X   Do
John Massz (?)6M    Morris Co. NJX Idiot & Pauper
Isaac Matonia60M    Do         Do XPauper
Thomas Madin61M    Ireland X   Do
John McKinnen70M School Teacher  Scotland     Do
Julia Mockseys30F    Morris Co. NJ XInsane & Pauper
Margaret A. Mills1F    Do         Do  Pauper
Rachel Mills6F    ConnX    Do
Nathaniel3M    Morris Co. NJ     Do
Joseph7M    ConnX    Do
Michael Mahen40M    Ireland XBlind & Pauper
Will Nester9M    Morris Co. NJX Pauper
John Octsal65M    Morris Co. NJ  Pauper
May Ozlia30F    Germany X   Do
Fritie Ozlia4M    Morris Co. NJX    Do
Elizabeth2F    Do         Do     Do
Mary Ogden75F    Do         Do     Do
David Pound40M    Do         Do XIdiot & Pauper
John Perry70M    Do         Do XPauper
Ephram Paine45M    Do         Do     Do
Zenus Paine50M    Do         Do     Do
Elizabeth55F    Do         Do XBlind & Pauper
John Reed35M    Scotland  Insane & Pauper
Sarah Shipman60F    Morris Co. NJ XPauper
John H. Speer22M    Essex Co. NJ XIdiot & Pauper
Ann Steel50F    Ireland XInsane & Pauper
David Tompking75M    Morris Co. NJ  Pauper
Hannah Towling50F    Do         Do X   Do
Catharine Towgin25F    Ireland XInsane & Pauper
Harriet Talmage50F    Morris Co. NJ  Insane & Pauper
James Van Orden6M    Do         DoX Pauper
John Vanduyne7M    Do         DoX    Do
James Wright28M    Do         Do  Idiot & Pauper
John Whitisead55M    Do         Do  Pauper
Chielon Candfield8MB   Do         DoX    Do
Nancy Meaker27F    Do         Do     Do
Margaret4F    Do         Do     Do
Conrad Fredrick65M    Do         Do X   Do
Ann Culiver53F    Do         Do X   Do
Phebe McNear35F    Sussex Co. NJ     Do
Mary C. McNear7F    Morris Co. NJ  Deaf & Dumb Pauper
Jas. C. McNear5M    Do         DoX Pauper
David H. Long (?)1M    Do         Do     Do
John Osborn35M    Do         Do XIdiot & Pauper
Sylus Allen45M    Do         Do  Pauper
Edward Mavyen60M    Germany X   Do
Elize Starr50F    Morris Co. NJ X   Do
Sarah Orsborn30F    Do         Do     Do
Louisa9/12F    Do         Do     Do
Margret Moore28F    Ireland X   Do
William5M    Morris Co. NJX    Do
David Moore2M    Morris Co. NJ  Pauper
William Smith60M    on the Ocean     Do
Frances Huges30M    Ireland     Do
John McMahen55M       Do     Do
Violet Cephs55FB   Morris Co. NJ X   Do
Uriah Freman18MB   Do         Do     Do
John Freeman60MB   Do         Do X   Do
Julia Wright20FB   Do         Do X   Do
John Hicks62MB   Do         Do     Do
Emma L. King10FB   Do         DoX    Do
Andrew Oliver12MB   Do         DoX    Do
Mariah Oliver4FB   Do         DoX    Do
Phebe Halliway65FB   Do         Do X   Do
George Todd10MB   Do         DoX    Do
Lucy Vreeland25FB   Do         Do X   Do
Eunice Vreeland3FB   Do         Do     Do
Isabella Wright5FB   Do         DoX    Do

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