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Poor House, Morris Co.
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sThis census extract was from the 1850 census for Morris County, Hanover Twp. - Morris Co. Poor House.

Dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation               127
Families  numbered in the order of visitation                          136
Municipality: Hanover Twp.
Date of Enumeration: 5 Aug 1850
Enumerator: Wm. Gavit

The following columns do not appear since no data was found in those columns.
- Value of Real Estate Owned
- Married within the year
- Persons over 20 y'rs of age who cannot read & write

Line No.The Name of every Person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1850, was in this familyAgeSexColorProfession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of agePlace of Birth. Naming the State, Territory, or CountryAttended school within the yearWhether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convictPage
36Hall, James47MWStewardNew York138A
37Hall, Elizabeth40FWMatronNew York138A
38McDurmott, Mary37FWNew York138A
39Clayton, Jacob C.50MWLaborerNew YorkIdiot Pauper138A
40Atkinson, Joseph38MWBlacksmithNew JerseyPauper138A
41Brannin, Michael71MWButcherIrelandBlind Pauper138A
42Doherty, James41MWDoctorNew JerseyPauper138A
01King, Amos17MWNew JerseyIdiot138B
02Pound, David30MWNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
03Pulsey, George8MWNew JerseyXPauper138B
04Sharp, George6MWNew JerseyXPauper138B
05Stalter, Andrew I.8MWNew JerseyXPauper138B
06Stalter, Edward S.5MWNew JerseyXPauper138B
07Bradbury, William3MWNew JerseyXPauper138B
08Jones, Charles10MWNew JerseyXIdiot Pauper138B
09Glass, John66MWMerchantIrelandPauper138B
10Turner, Sarah43FWNew JerseyPauper138B
11Smith, Nancy75FWEnglandPauper138B
12Atno, Richard42MWTannerNew JerseyPauper138B
13Gassaway, Robert20MWBlacksmithOhioPauper138B
14Knapp, Edward54MWShoemakerConnecticutPauper138B
15Paine, Zenas48MWLaborerNew JerseyPauper138B
16Bowers, Hiram53MWNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
17Ball, Isaac60MWNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
18Burrels, Ephraim22MWNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
19Cooper, James75MWNew JerseyDeaf & Dumb138B
20Cooper, Samuel50MWLaborerNew JerseyInsane Pauper138B
21Perry, Peter60MWBloomerNew JerseyPauper138B
22Perry, John55MWBloomerNew JerseyPauper138B
23Halsey, James70MWLaborerNew JerseyInsane Pauper138B
24Hercules68MWMasonNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
25Brannin, Patrick63MWLaborerIrelandPauper138B
26Pierson, Abraham69MWTannerNew JerseyPauper138B
27Wiley, William70MWLaborerNew JerseyBlind Pauper138B
28Norris, Henry80MWBloomerNew JerseyDeaf Pauper138B
29Cooper, Amzi50MWLaborerNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
30McCarry, Benjamin60MWCoalyerNew JerseyPauper138B
31Wright, James18MWNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
32Lowrie, John28MWLaborerIrelandPauper138B
33Ford, Samuel85MWWhitesmithNew JerseyPauper138B
34Kellyhans, Thomas60MWNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
35Canfield, Jacob40MWLaborerNew JerseyPauper138B
36Williams, Thomas30MWLaborerVirginiaIdiot Pauper138B
37Haunahs, Martha50FWNew JerseyPauper138B
38Grant, Martha25FWNew JerseyPauper138B
39Ogden, Mary68FWNew JerseyPauper138B
40Burt, Susan66FWNew JerseyPauper138B
41Burt, Mary20FWNew JerseyPauper138B
42Trimmer, David53MWLaborerNew JerseyIdiot Pauper138B
01Jones, Isaac48MWLaborerNew Jersey Pauper139A
02Alpough, John65MWLaborerNew Jersey Pauper139A
03Munson, Abigail85FW New Jersey Pauper139A
04Dougherty, Nancy80FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
05Dougherty, Eliza30FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
06Locke, Anna M.69FW New Jersey Pauper139A
07Stroe, Ellen40FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
08McTaunia, Mary95FW New Jersey Blind Pauper139A
09Shipman, Elizabeth70FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
10Hopkins, Nancy70FB New Jersey Blind Pauper139A
11Whitehead, Juliet112FB Africa Blind Pauper139A
12Showery, Jane5FW New Jersey Pauper139A
13Showery, Aurlia A.5FW New Jersey Pauper139A
14Houorman, Mary75FB New Jersey Pauper139A
15Johnson, Charlotte8/12FW New Jersey Pauper139A
16Dickerson, Phillis60FB New Jersey Pauper139A
17Halloway, Phebe70FB New Jersey Pauper139A
18Case, Sarah45FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
19VanBlaricum, Sarah60FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
20Hathaway, Elizabeth50FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
21Riley, Ann19FW New Jersey Pauper139A
22Riley, Harriet3FW New Jersey Pauper139A
23McLears, Bridget21FW Ireland Insane Pauper139A
24Perry, Louisa25FW New Jersey Pauper139A
25King, Cornelia28FW New Jersey Pauper139A
26Hurlbut, Sophia30FW New Jersey Pauper139A
27Hurlbut, Margaret3FW New Jersey Pauper139A
28McDermot, James9MW New Jersey Pauper139A
29Hedden, Sarah70FW New Jersey Pauper139A
30Sharp, Jemima30FW New Jersey Pauper139A
31Minohan, Catharine30FW Ireland Pauper139A
32Smith, May35FW New Jersey Pauper139A
33Smith, Sarah4FW New Jersey Pauper139A
34Eglen, John6MW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
35Sharp, Sarah E.2FW New Jersey Pauper139A
36Osborn, Rachel50FW New Jersey Idiot Pauper139A
37Tebo, George9/12MW New Jersey Pauper139A
38Brown, Louisa5/12FW New Jersey Pauper139A
39Hall, Stephen C.21MWStewards SonNew Jersey Pauper139A
40Minton, Ann E.1/12FW New Jersey Pauper139A
41Bates, Eveline30FW New Jersey Pauper139A
42Muterz, Charles35MW New Jersey Pauper139A
01Donohu, Julia35FW New Jersey Pauper139B
02Donohu, Ann6FW New Jersey Pauper139B
03Donohu, Rosela4FW New Jersey Pauper139B
04Hilton, John60MW England Pauper139B
05Hoagland, Catharine30FW New Jersey Pauper139B
06Hanison, Mahlon H.6MW New Jersey Pauper139B
07Leonard, Susan40FW New Jersey Pauper139B
08Scofield, Eliza J.8FW New Jersey Pauper139B
09Leonard, Mary E.4FW New Jersey Pauper139B
10Leonard, Sarah C.6/12FW New Jersey Pauper139B
11Cunningham, John40MW Ireland Pauper139B
12Medon, Patrick30MW Ireland Pauper139B

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