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Charts and forms are a staple for anyone doing research into their family. The best part of the various charts and forms is that you can always make your own. It's not required that you go out and spend a lot of money purchasing these items. (I known some supply stores that aren't going to be happy with me!)

The following table contains some forms that I have found to be helpful. Most of these files are ASCII text files and can be opened up in just about any word processor. As I find more and different and/or better forms I'll add them to the list.

Just click on the chart or form that you want to download or save them - depending on how your browser is set up. I highly recommend that you download the files and then do a virus scan before opening any file that you have downloaded from the Internet. I'm paranoid, what can I say?

Web Sites with Charts & Forms for your use
PEDIGREE CHART Pedigree Chart - Very useful for keeping track of any individuals ancestors.
This is an ASCII text file. The font used to create it was Courier New at 8 points. You may want to play with the margins to make sure that it all fits on one page.

The Family Group Sheet is indispensable in keeping track of members of a family. I've seen some really great Family Group Sheets, but there was always some piece of information that I wished that it had a place for. The result of this wishful thinking was this Family Group Sheet. Feel free to make modifications to suit your needs. Once again, this is an ASCII text file. The font used to create it was Courier New at 10 points. The margins that I used were:
                      Top/Bottom 1 inch and Left/Right at 1 inch.

FAMILY GROUP SHEETAnother Family Group Sheet as a web page

* The Research Log comes in handy when you have numerous sources that you're going to be checking. Keeping a research log can save you from doing a lot of double work. "Hey, I remember this. I looked in it last month!" just as the librarian tells you they're closing in 15 minutes.
* The Correspondence Log helps you keep track of letters that you've written. The is especially handy if you know the response time for the requested information is rather lengthy.
* The Phone List allows you to keep all of those research phone numbers in one handy place - or you could buy a phone book just for those numbers.
Another ASCII text file. This file contains all three log sheets. The font used to create it was Courier New at 10 points. The margins were set at Top/Bottom 1 inch and Left/Right at 1 inch.

Obituary LogObituary Log - Very useful for keeping track of individuals that you want to obtain obituaries for.
This is an RTF file. RTF (rich text format) files can be easily opened by most word processing packages.

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