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Succasunna Presbyterian
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The following information on the Succasunna Presbyterian Churchyard was contributed by Letha. This is a work in progress. Currently there are approximately 900+ records listed. I have divided the file alphabetically to make it easier to view. Even with the division each file is still rather large.

Because of the size of the files, additional transcriptions are listed separately.










From Munsell's History of Morris County we find:

Succasunna Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest in the county. A deed executed in 1756 by James Parker, one of the West Jersey proprietors, for the sum of five shillings conveys one acre for a church and burial ground to Levi Lewis, Daniel Cary and others resident here. ...

The first church building and its burial ground have a share in the history of the Revolution. October 13th 1777 General Burgoyne and his army were captured near Saratoga, N.Y. His part of artillery was brought to this place, and the soldiers having it in charge used this church for barrack and hospital purposes. ...

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