Bill Of Mortality 1768-1806

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Bill Of Mortality 1768-1806
Morris Co. Up

Register of all the Deaths
in the Presbyterian and Baptist Congregations
of Morris-Town, New Jersey [1768-1806]

The Bill of Mortality was a register that was kept first by the Rev. Doctor Johnes for the first twenty-two years then by William Cherry, the Sexton of the Presbyterian Church at Morristown. This document was printed by Jacob Mann in 1806.  The original document was compile by date of death which made it difficult to find a person unless you knew their exact date of death. This web page is an attempt to make it a little easier to find the people that were listed in the Bill of Mortality.

The names contained in the original document have been alphabetized and placed on the appropriate page.  Individuals whose last name was not know are listed on the page UVWY with the last name of X for Unknown.

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