1914 Lewis Biographies

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1914 Lewis Biographies
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Vol. II Biographies

The following is an brief index to Volume II of "A History of Morris County New Jersey-Embracing Upwards of Two Centuries 1713-1913" published by Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, 1914.

This index contains 507 names in alphabetical order. In some instances, the biography contains a considerable amount of genealogical information, and in others, almost none.   Because of the size of the index I have broken it down into separate pages.

Certain names contain links that will take you to the full text (and photo, if available, as time and space permit) that is found in the History for that name. As of May 4, 2001 all biographies have been placed on-line. Photo's will continue to be linked as time and space permits.

A very special thanks to all those whose transcription efforts made these pages possible.


Complete Index of biographies with page numbers.


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