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Vanderhoof - Decker Misc Information
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The following information pertaining to the Vanderhoff and Decker families was contributed by [email protected]


24 December, 1798 Peter Delany m. Hannah Vanderhoof, both Hanover by John Salter, JP
17(?) Jan, 1799 Silas Cook m. Elizabeth Salter, Peq., by John Salter, JP
9 June, 1799 Abraham Devonport m. Caty Vanderhoof, both of Peq twp. by John Salter, JP
9 Dec, 1798 John Nixon m. Johanna Little, both Windham, twp, Morris by Isaac Price, minister of Gospel
John Vanderhoof m. Elizabeth Roberts, Peq. 19 Oct, 1799 by Benj Beach, JP
Peter Vanderhoof m. Jane Hazelton, both of Peq. 19 October 1799 by Benj Beach, JP
Peter Vanderhoof m. Elizabeth Wood 23 June last.  recorded 18 July 1804 by Jno DeCamp, JP
William Miremer m. Miss Maugnal Miller 2 Oct 1803 by David Weish sic) JP 
Garret V Hoof m. Eliza Crane, both of Peq.  m. 26 February(crossed out ) December, AS 1805, Silas Cook JP
Cornelius VHoof m. Cathrine VHoof, both Peq.  M. 10 May, 1806 by John MCarter
Isaac Vanderhoof, m. Phebe Hanick , both of Hanover.  m. 20 October, 1809 by Saml M Phelps (sic), minister of gospel
Thomas Youngs to Susanna Berry 22 Sept 1806, both Peq.  David Peer, JP
Michael VHoof m. Rachel Corter 18 Oct 1806 by Silas Cook, JP
Daniel Lain to Hannah Reding/meading 14 Nov 1796 by C. N/Rupell, Clk

"I certify that I married Job Decker of the County of Sussex unto the widow Rachel Willis of the same place at my house in Morris town on the evening of the twenty-sixth day of January late- Given under my hand this seventh day of February 1797.  Jos Lewis, Justice of Pease Recorded Feb 7.10 1797

Samuel Lain to Mary Decker, both of Hanover m Dec 25, 1797 by James Richard, Minister of the Gospels

Abraham Hathaway to Hannah Kirkpatrick, both of Morristown m. Jan 11th 1796.  James Richards, Minister of Gospel in Morristown
Cyrus Conduit to Phebe Peirson, both of Mindom? , Morris m. Feb 22, 1796
Feb 12, 1796 m. John McCloud to Patience Decker by James Richard Pastor of Church of Christ in Morristown

Cor__(cut off) Decker to Elizabeth H. Saunders of Peq. m. 10 Aug last by Ebenezer Jaynn(sic), Paster, Church of Newfoundland (year must be 1806- other recorded marriages were that year.

Vanderhoof - Morris Co deeds, 1809 -1815

21 Oct 1809
Peter Nim/NIx(sic), Peq. Peter Vanderhoof, Peq.   $200.00 land in Peq. being part of tract of 1250 acres returned to Gov William Penn May 12, 17-5, recorded Burlington book B folio 39.  Beg. at a large heap of stones where a white oak (the 3rd corner of the whole tract) formerly stood by the side of a great rock a corner of a tract granted by Lemuel Cobb to Jacob Demouth MARCH 1, 179_(8?) ...along Demouth line to his corner stake ...containing 76 38/100 acre.  
wit: Silas Cook James A.V Duyne

28 Oct 1811
Jacob Vanderhoof and wife Ann, Peq. Joanna Beeman    $500.00 part of tract which said Jacob Vanderhoef purchaed from Benjamin Stockman Jr by deed dated 4th of July, 1809.  Beg at the beginning corner thereof being a maple tree standing on the bank of Rockaway River being a corner of William Algar's land said corner standing at a place on back of said River called and known by the inhabitants of Rockaway Valley being adjacent.. the Deep hole....thence running with said Algar's the road leading from William Algar's toward John H/Ginchman's (sic). ..30 a.
wit: Samual Ross(?)   Benj Smith

31 Dec 1812
George Stickle, Peq. to Jacob Vanderhoof, Peq.,  $134.24. land in Peq. Situated small distance from Cranbery Pond beg. at SE corner of tract lately sold by John Lyon to James Farris(?) a line of Benjamin Beach's a line of said James Farris line.....25 4/100 acre.
wit:  Thomas VanWinkler and Jas. P(?) Stickle

27 Oct 1814
Calvin Cook, Hanover; Isaac Vanderhoof, Hanover  $650.00 Peq.  Beginning on road from Troy to Peq on corner of Isaac Vanderhoo's land the corner of Thomas E. Bowlsby... containing 14 acres but after deducting lot of 70/100 acre conveyed by William Cook and Rachel his wife, deed 22 May, 1804, remains 13 acres 30/100...
wit:  Benj Smith, John Mitchel

7 Jan 1815
Peter and Abraham Kanouse, admin. for John Kanouss, late of Peq. to Peter Vanderhoof, highest bidder  $60.00 Orphan's Court 10 July 1814 ordered sale of Peq. land to pay debts of John Kanouss, decd. ... Public sale 28 Dec 1814.  ...parcel of land Thomas Knight and George Steel conveyed to said John Kanouss by deed 25 Mar 1803 ...beg S corner of 50 acre tract conveyed by Silas Cook and Richard Duryea to Thomas Knight and George Steed 1 Jan. 1800 being a corner of John Van Riper's a corner of Richard Duryea's John Van Riper's line...20 acrea.
wit:  John Scott, David Peer

7 Jan 1815
Sarah Kanouss, wid. of John Kanouse, late of Peq. to Peter Vanderhoof, Peq.$25.00 20 acres more or less conveyed by Peter Kanouss & Abrm. Kanouss, adm of John Kanouss, dec to said Peter Vanderhoof....
Wit: John Scott David Peer

11 April, 1815
Abraham I Vanderhoof and caty, Caldwell, Essex Co Peter Vanderhoff, Peq.  $1,000. Peq, lot 2 containing 86 57/100 which Abrah. I Vanderhoof bought of John Nix 31 Dec 1814, situate both sides of John Parliaman's Saw Mill Brook...begin at heap of stones being John Parliaman's corner in the outside line of Penn's tract ...from a large heap of stones, N corner of Demouth's purchase from Penn'[s agent abt a a small hickory sapling a small spanich oak by the road....
wit:  David Harrison-Peter Jacobus

14 June 1815
John Cook, Jr and Jane, wife, Peq. Jacob Vanderhoof Peq.  $76.00 Peq, part of 30 acre tract Lemuel Cobb conveyed to John Cook 15 July, 1793.  Beg at 2nd corner of whole corner of Peter Kanouses land formerly part of said whole tract...10 acres.  
wit: Joseph Jackson

Vanderhoof - Morris Co deeds 1815-1822

29 Jan 1816
Peter Kanouse & Mary, wife, Rockaway Valley, Peq.
Jacob Vanderhoof, Rockaway Valley, $20.00
Peq. conveyed to Peter Kanouse by John Peer deed 1 May, 1810, ...lying on both sides of middle brook abt 2 miles above Frederic Millers Sawmill.  Beg at a heap of stones...from a crotched white oak beg corner of tract deeded to John Cook 15 July 1793...10 acres.
wit:  David Peer, Silas Cook

3 June 1816
David Occaback(sic) & Lizabeth, wife, late Elizabeth Hopler and William VanWinkle and wife Sarah, late Sarah Hopler to Henry Tuttle (sic), Jacob Vanderhoof, Morris, James Shaw, James Lyon  $1.00
Peq, ...part of land Conrad Hopler, late of Peq, by will 10 May, 1815 bequeathed to his daughters then living...Beg in a line of land of Richard B (?) Faesch/Laesch (?) called the Boonetown tract...
wit:  Silas Cook, Jacob Demouth

8 June 1816
Henry Mourison and Charlotte wife, late Charlotte Hopler of Sussex Co, Isaac Tuttle in behalf of Catherine, wife, late decd.; James Shaw and Margaret, wife, late Margaret Hopler; James Lyon and Susanna, wife, late Susanna Hopler, Peq. to Jacob Vanderhoof, Peq  $500.00
Peq. ...being 4/7 equal parts of real estate Conrad Hopler, late of Peq, decd. bequeathed by will to his daughters.  Beg at hickory tree...surveyed 28 March, 1750, said tree stands...on NW side of road leading from where Conrad Ganouss (Kanouss?) now lives to John T(?)uckers a small hickory corner of said Tuckers another of Tucher's Jacob Kannouss line and corner of William VanWinkles...47 5/100 acres.
wit  (unreadable) and Silas Cook

5 Oct 1816
Isaac Ball and wife Sarah, Hanover to Isaac Vanderhoof, Hanover  $1,450. a corner of Thomas Donaldsons land on N bank of Whippany River along said Donaldson's line...hence along a line of Theophilas Hathaways the middle of the Newark and _____   _____ turnpike road that leads through Whippany...east of Isaac Balls dwelling a corner of Stephen (?) Kitchels (?) Abraham Balls Henry Halsey's corner...along Shipman's line
wit: __________ and Ebenezer L/S (?) Smith

25 Oct 1816
Isaac Vanderhoof and wife Phebe, Hanover to Daniel Farrand, Hanover $1,500. Hanover Beg at corner of Thomas Donalson's land on Nbank of Whippany River...along Donalson a butternut tree...along Donaldson line to Joseph Forces corner a white oak tree...along a line of Theophilas Hathaways the middle of the Neward and Mount Pleasant turnpike road...east of Isaac Vanderhoof dwelling house corner of Stephen Ritchels (?) Henry Halseys corner...45 acres.  
wit:  Samuel Farrand Richard Sharp

27 Nov 1816
Samuel and (wife) Christian Beaman; Peq. Richard Vanderhoof, Peq.   $77.50 Peq, Beg at rock abt 5 ft long and 18 inches wide...SW of wagon path from main road near James (?) Cummings to Samuel Beeman's dwelling the middle of the road leading from William Algars toward Rockaway meeting house...300 50/100 acre.  
wit:  Thomas Van Winkle James Lowsaw (?-Lawson)

13 Dec 1817
Rinehart Grin and Caty, wife, Jefferson twp, Morris, Garret Vanderhoof, Peq  $30.00 Peq. Part of tract of 10 acres which Joseph Scott conveyed to said Rinehart Grim deet 4 Feb 1712 or 1812 situated abt 1 mile from where Aaron Miller now lives...side of road leading from ? Millers to Split Rock Forge.  Beg at 3rd corner of whole tract in a line of Aaron Millers a corner of another part of a whole tract now in possission of Thomas Stagg... 5 acres.
wit:  James H (?) Burnet, Joseph Jackson

18 Dec 1817
Richard B. Faesch , Morris and William Robinson and Eliza. M, wife, nee Faesch NY Peter Vanderhoof, son of Jacob Vanderhoof, Morris
Whereas Samuel Ogden and Euphemia his wife by deed 8 Oct, 1805 recorded Morris Register Liber K folio 430 sold to John Jacob Faesch and the said Richard B Faesch as tenants in common...among other tracts, a tract of 2,501 54/100 in Hanover and Peq twps commonly called Boonetown tract.  John Jacob Faesch died on 3 Nov, 1809 without a will or issue so his land descends to his brother Richard B. Faesch and sisters Eliza M. Robinson and Catharine _ Faesch
And by deed 20 Sept, 1813 said William _ Robinson, Eliz M. his wife, late Eliza M. Faesch and Catherine E. Faesch sold right to said Richard B. Faesch...on 8, Oct, 1805 said Samuel Ogden and Euphemia, wife, conveyed the abo e premises to said John Jacob Faesch and Richard B. Faesch...Morris Co Reg of Mortgages Liber F p 232...Beg at an old hickory tree marked by W side of road leading from Jacob Kanouss to John Tuckers...being 6th corner of 90 94/100 acre tract returned to Joseph Hopler 28 March, 1750 recorded Perth Amboy S-3-21...
wit:  Catharine E. Faesch  Alfred Robinson

14 Dec 1818
Richard B. Faesch, Morris and William H. Robinson, NY City to Jacob Vanderhoof, Morris
Whereas Samuel Ogden and Euphemia, wife by deed 8 October, 1805, recorded Morris Register Liber K folio to John Jacob Faesch and said Richard B. Faesch, tenants in common....tract of 2,501 54/100, twps Hanover and Peq commonly called Booneton tract....aforesaid tract made by Benj Howell, Jr by lot number 42.  Beg at 11th corner of 71 18/100 acre tract ...which said Richard B. Faesch and William H. Robinson conveyed to Peter Vanderhoof by deed 18 Dec stone heap being a corner of Daniel __Peers lands formerly Isaac a chestnut tree marked on 2 sides with a blaze and 2 notches below and one above also on 2 other sides with a blaze and 2 notches...45 5/100....
wit:  Catharine E. Faesch and Lewis King

14 June 1819
Samuel Beaman and Christian wife, Peq Jacob Vanderhoof  $5.00 Peq. Beg at a heap of stones on w. side of road leading from William Algar's to Peter Hopler's on line of Saml Beaman's Plantation beg in the middle of Rockaway River being the beg. line of Saml Beaman's a large rock on .........\W side of road beg. line of Saml Beaman's plantation....32/100.  
wit:  Jacob P Stickle, Stephen Cook

25 Jan 1821
Susannah Skidmore formerly Susan Peer, Peq. Jacob Vanderhoof, Peq. $100 Peq, Beg at corner of 10 acres sold by said Susannah Skidmore, formerly Susannah Peer and Samuel Peer to Mary Harriman and Elisabeth Harriman on bank of Rockaway River thence running along line of the 4 1/2 acre lot lately purchased of Samuel Peer, deceased....9 75/100 acres surveyed for Jacob Peer, part of homestead farm of said Samuel Peer, dec....
Walter Kirkpatrick   Lemuel Cobb

5 Jan 1825
Jacob Vanderhoof and Ann, wife, Peq Peter Vanderhoof,   $680.00 2 tracts lying (unreadable- looks like parts of real estate of Ge..d Hopler, decd) . Beg at hickory tree, 4th corner of 82 or 86  6/10 acres surveyed 28 March, 1750 ...on NW side of road leading from where Conrad (?) Kanouss now lives to John Tookers (?) Jacob Kanouss line...Second, all that tract conveyed by Richar B. Faesch and William H. Robinson (deed 14 Dec 1818) ...beg at 11 th corner of 71 18/100 tract which said Richard B. Faesch and William H. Robinson coveyed to Peter Vanderhoof (deed 18 Dec, 1817) a stone heap being corner of Daniel T/I Peers land (formerly Isaac Kingsland) a corner of lot of land known by the Lowrier Peter Vanderhoofs line....
Wit: Walter Kirkpatrick, Lemuel Cobb

24 Jan 1822
Lemuel Cobb, Hanover Peter Vanderhoof, Peq. $100.10. Peq. Beg ...from 12th corner of tract of 165 53/100 returned to Lemuel Cobb 24 June, 1805 S.15.p 41 and at beg corner of tract of 56 42/100 acre returned to Lemuel Cobb 10 Feb 1802, recorded S-15-323....and 50 5/100 surveyed to said Lemuel Cobb 1 Jan 1818 recorded S.7.433...
wit:  Walter Kirkpatrick   ___ Snedeer/Louden/???

25 Jan 1822
Richard Vanderhoof, Peq Jacob Vanderhoof, Peq  $50.00 Peq. 1st part of tract John ___ conveyed to David Gardner...Beg at beg corner of the whole tract thence...on the line of Simon Cooks heirs....along Peers line.... And also all other tract Peq. which John Peer conveyed to Peter ______ (?) ...from Kanousse to Richard Vanderhoof by deed....Beg at a split rock a corner of John Cooks land...
wit: unreadable

1 July 1822
Samuel Beaman and Christian wife, Peq. Jacob Vanderhoof, Peq  $125.50. Peq. Beg ...second corner of said Beaman's whole tract and corner of 15 acre tract formerly sold by John C/G(?) Westervelt to Peter Hyler a corner of David Peer, another corner in the road of the lands which Samuel Beaman sold to David Peer, Esq ...along road leading from David Peers to Wiulliam Algars a corner of William Strong....
wit:  Walter Kirkpatrick, Lemuel Cobb


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