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Cemetery Inscriptions from
(Unknown Division)

(formerly Mount Union & Hilldale Cemeteries)
2200 Brighton Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(Allegheny County)
Incorporated 1846

Website:  http://www.uniondalecemetery.org/

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Union Dale Cemetery, the final resting place of many former residents of Allegheny City (now the North Side), is located along Brighton Road in the North Side of the City of Pittsburgh.

*Originally known as Mount Union Cemetery (Division One), which was founded by members of the First Associate Reformed Church, this cemetery was opened to all denominations. Nine years later another cemetery was opened across the road by the name of Hilldale Cemetery (Division Two). In 1867, the trustees of Mount Union bought the Hilldale grounds, consolidated the two cemeteries into one, and re-named it Union Dale Cemetery, preserving some of the original names. A few years later, additional property (Division Three) was purchased.
*Source: Union Dale Brochure

NOTE: Each "Division" has it's own set of Sections. Each Section has been alphabetized.

There is a published reading (several volumns) of this cemetery available in the Pennsylvania Room, at Carnegie Library in Oakland. Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to re-produce the printed version of that reading here, BUT, through the help of volunteers we can compile OUR OWN reading and post it here for everyone.

If you desire official information about this cemetery, or care to make
donations for cemetery maintenance, please contact:

Union Dale Cemetery
2200 Brighton Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 321-0774.

Click here to read a Pittsburgh Post-Gazeete

article, written by Jonathan D. Silver, about Civil War Veterans markers in this cemetery.

Last Update: December 13, 2012


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Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
BEAM, Charles A., son of M.H. & S.E., (no dates), (TK)
BELL, James A., 1824-1880, (TK)
BELL, Maria E., 1832-1918, (TK)
BENNETT, Emma, 10-31-1851 / 8-18-1855, (TK)
BENNETT, John B., 9-20-1810 / 9-24-1891, (TK)
BENNETT, John, 5-13-1849 / 5-19-1849, (TK)
BENNETT, Julia Annie, 2-12-1857 / 9-16-1878, (TK)
BENNETT, Lucy, 11-26-1845 / 3-9-1891, (TK)
BENNETT, Richard, 4-4-1847 / 3-9-1848, (TK)
BENNETT, Sarah, w/o John B., 6-29-1872 in 56th yr., (TK)
BILLETER, Margaret Dean (no dates), (TK)
BILLETER, William G., 1899-1979, (TK)
BIRCH, Joseph T., son of William & Margaret J., (no dates), (TK)
BIRCH, Margaret J.,  7-31-1827 / ???? (buried), (TK)
BIRCH, Martha J., dau of William & Margaret J., (no dates), (TK)
BIRCH, Samuel O., son of William & Margaret J., (no dates), (TK)
BIRCH, William, 12-10-1824 / 11-28-1892, (TK)
BOORY, Alice M., 1915-1969, (TK)
BOORY, George T., 1902-1958, (TK)
BROGAN, Anna d. 6-7-1914, (TK)
BROGAN, Edward T., 1888-1932, (TK)
CARSON, Rita D., 1901, (TK)
CARSON, Rothwell E., 1903-1968, (TK)
COLBOURN, William R., 1894-1911, (TK)
DAVIS, Caroline E., w/o George H., 1875-1962, (TK)
DAVIS, George H. 1873-1966, (TK)
DEAN, George, 1902-1964, (TK)
DEAN, Margaret, 1870-1929, (TK)
DEAN, Mary A., 1898-1968, w/o George, (TK)
DEAN, William, 1868-1928, (TK)
DEAN, William, Jr., 1891-1937, (TK)
DIPPOLD, Ella May Forsythe, 1884-1927, (TK)
ECKE, August, (no dates--Sgt., Co. A. 5th P.V. I.), (TK)
EDGIN, Anna E., 1874-1942, (TK)
EDGIN, Anna M., 5-17-1827 / 5-11-1911, (TK)
EDGIN, Elizabeth J., 1852-1928, (TK)
EDGIN, Emma M., 1882-1928, (TK)
EDGIN, Frank J., 1850-1911, (TK)
EDGIN, Frank J., 1880-1953, (TK)
EDGIN, James, 7-18-1828 / 12-7-1898, (TK)
EDGIN, Margaret M., 1885-1957, (TK)
FALCK, Katie Morgan, 5-16-1868 / 10-27-1891, w/o of Edward W., (TK)
FORSYTHE, Margaret J., 1835-1908, (TK)
FRITZ, Martha (nee Williams), 19 Sep 1816, England / 14 Sep 1884, Allegheny City, bur: 15 Sep 1884, w/o Jesse H. FRITZ, d/o Francis Williams, (BM)
GEYER, Elmer W., 1886-1891, (TK)
GEYER, Sarah Falck, w/o William, 1861-1926, (TK)
GEYER, Thelma S., 1903-1905, (TK)
GEYER, William W., 1891-1912, (TK)
GEYER, William, 1850-1928, (TK)
Graham, John A. Graham, d: June 18, 1864, Sgt Company H, Division 1? Grave is unmarked, and would be hard to find, (RMc)
GREEN, Carl J., 1880-1953, (TK)
GREENWALT, Harry, 1872-1936, (TK)
GREER, James Taylor, 13 Feb 1849 / m: Abt. 1873 / 13 Jun 1933 / Bur: 15 Jun 1933, (I)
GROSSMAN, Margaret 1847-1918, (TK)
GROSSMAN, William, 6-27-1843 / 7-4-1929 (Co. B., 123d P.V.I.), (TK)
HERMAN, Carrie E., 7-28-1868 / 4-21-1929, (TK)
HERMAN, Robert Ellis, 7-18-1896 / 3-13-1926, (TK)
HERMAN, Xavier H., 2-23-1867 / 4-21-1920, (TK)
HUNT, Emma B., 1872-1906, (TK)
ITTEL, Elizabeth, 1849-1906, (TK)
ITTEL, Henry W., 1878-1919, (TK)
ITTEL, William 1849-1897, (TK)
KINSER, Anna T., 1881-1937, (TK)
KINSER, Burnett P., 1904-1928, (TK)
KINSER, Mary C., 1870-1918, (TK)
KINSER, Paul, 4-1-1880 / 8-25-1959, Co. I, 17th Inf. Sp. Am., (TK)
LAMBERT, George Edward, 4-11-1888 / 3-11-1946, (TK)
LAMBERT, Mary H., 4-7-1892 / 12-13-1960, (TK)
LOGAN, Christina Ittel 1879-1946, (TK)
MAGDEFRAU, Clara S., d. 1957, (TK)
MAGDEFRAU, William F., d 1948, (TK)
Megraw, David W., Colonel, d: April 2, 1888 Division 1?, Grave is unmarked, and would be hard to find, (RMc)
NORRIS, Ruth Ann, 25 May 1851 in OH / 21 Dec 1921 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA Bur: 24 Dec 1921, (I)
PARKER, Richard, d. 9-9-1871 in 60th yr., (TK)
PIXLEY, Howard E., 1856-1909, (TK)
PIXLEY, Mary J., 1832-1914, (TK)
RAMAGE, John F., 6-25-1850 / 5-27-1902, (TK)
RAMAGE, John, 8-1-1814 / 5-19-1896, (TK)
RAMAGE, Margaret K., 1861-1940, (TK)
RAMAGE, Rebecca H., 1-21-1822 / 12-9-1899, (TK)
RAMAGE, Rebecca J., 1843-1906, (TK)
RAMAGE, Susan S., 1847-1909, (TK)
SAMS, Irby J., d: June 26, 1934, h/o Viola, (Sun-Tele, 1934)
SCHLAGEL, Margaret, (no dates), (TK)
SCHMIDT, Margaret D. Ruege, 1838-1928, (TK)
SCHMIDT, Phillip C., 1868-1885, (TK)
SCHMIDT, Phillip, 1838-1873, (TK)
THOMPSON, Eliza A., 2-12-1828 / 3-9-1900, (TK)
THOMPSON, Margaret A., 1900-1948, (TK)
THOMPSON, Robert, 3-24-1820 / 7-14-1873, (TK)
THOMPSON, Walter H., 1898-1963, (TK)
WHITED, Bess  (Elizabeth), d: 11-29-1884, (JNW)
WHITED, Catherine E., d: 11-09-1981, (JNW)
WHITED, Charles, d: 5-5-1894, (JNW)
WHITED, Charles E., d: 11-28-1934, (JNW)
WHITED, Elizabeth  (Lizzie), d: 3-27-1893, (JNW)
WHITED, Ira  G., d: 2-20-1915, (JNW)
WHITED, Mary A., d: 8-27-1893, (JNW)
WHITED, Mary E., d: 4-15-1922, (JNW)
WHITED, Robert Clarence, d: 8-10-1873, (JNW)
WHITED, Walter Horton Jr., d: 8-29-1904, (JNW)
WHITED, William H., d: 4-11-1913, (JNW)
WHITED, Wilson, d: 2-6-1911, (JNW)
YOUNG, Grace McM., 1870-1880, (TK)
YOUNG, Jesse W., 1807-1854, (TK)
YOUNG, Jesse W., 1842-1927, Co. K, 102nd P.V.I., (TK)
YOUNG, Sarah A., 1811-1878, (TK)
YOUNG, Sarah Ann, 1849-1930, (TK)

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