UNION DALE CEMETERY, UNIONDALE CEMETERY (Division Two), Brighton Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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Cemetery Inscriptions from
(Division Two)

(formerly Mount Union & Hilldale Cemeteries)
2200 Brighton Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(Allegheny County)
Incorporated 1846

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Unless otherwise noted, Recorded & Copyrighted by
Charmaine, Edward, & Jacqueline S. Turk and Janice Cooper, [email protected], 2000-2012

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Union Dale Cemetery, the final resting place of many former residents of Allegheny City (now the North Side), is located along Brighton Road in the North Side of the City of Pittsburgh.

*Originally known as Mount Union Cemetery (Division One), which was founded by members of the First Associate Reformed Church, this cemetery was opened to all denominations. Nine years later another cemetery was opened across the road by the name of Hilldale Cemetery (Division Two). In 1867, the trustees of Mount Union bought the Hilldale grounds, consolidated the two cemeteries into one, and re-named it Union Dale Cemetery, preserving some of the original names. A few years later, additional property (Division Three) was purchased.
*Source: Union Dale Brochure

NOTE: Each "Division" has it's own set of Sections. Each Section has been alphabetized.

There is a published reading (several volumns) of this cemetery available in the Pennsylvania Room, at Carnegie Library in Oakland. Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to re-produce the printed version of that reading here, BUT, through the help of volunteers we can compile OUR OWN reading and post it here for everyone.

Janice Cooper and her grandchildren, Charmaine, Edward & Jacqueline S. Turk, have taken the initiative and started collecting Inscriptions. We need YOUR help to work on this project.

If you desire official information about this cemetery, or care to make donations for cemetery maintenance, 
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Union Dale Cemetery
2200 Brighton Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 321-0774.

Click here to read a Pittsburgh Post-Gazeete

article, written by Jonathan D. Silver, about Civil War Veterans markers in this cemetery.

Last Update:  May 7, 2015

DIVISION TWO unknown SECTION (formerly Hilldale Cemetery)  
Tombstone inscriptions by Janice Cooper, [email protected]
(unless Source noted differently)

Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ACKERMAN, Johann J., 22 Mar 18_ _ to Oct 1883(?), very worn stone
ADAMS, Mary G., died Oct. 26, 1868, "Wife of Robert ADAMS"
ADDY, Louisa, 1854-1922, "Wife of Daniel JENNY"
ADDY, Samuel J., died Feb. 14, 1854, aged 48 yrs.
AEBERLI, Ferdinand, 1841-1881
ALBRECHT, Baby, 1897
ALLERS, Margaret C. [see McAFEE]
ALTER, Margaret, 1841-1888, Mother
AMMOND, George, 1815-1897
ANDERSON, John, (unreadable, located next to Amos CARPENTER stone)
ANDREWS, Jane, d. Jun 5, 1876, Wife of Robert WILSON
ANDREWS, Mary, d. Nov 19, 1865, Aunt [next to Jane]
ANESTIS, Constantine D., 30 Jan 1945 - 06 Mar 2009, same stone as Carole D.
ANESTIS, Carole D., no dates, same stone as Constantine D.
ANGLIN, Joseph, 1848-1906
AUBEL(?), unreadable first name, died Feb 7, 1904 [unreadable veteran's grave next to Conrad & Savilla AUBEL]
AUBEL, Conrad, d. Apr 13, 1898, aged 76
AUBEL, Savilla, d. Jul 18, 1890, aged 72
BARKLEY, Eliza, Father, Mother, no dates, [located next to L. OTTERSON, lying on the ground]
BARTINS, Eugene, 22 May 1920-07 Jul 2007, Father
BASSETT, Mary Emma, Oct. 4, 1874-Mar. 29, 1931, "Wife of John McM. PORTER" (same plot as John M. PORTER & Fannie L. WILSON)
BAXTER, Sarah J., May 15, 1831-Aug 11, 1887, aged 58 years, 2 mos., & 26 days, next to MAXWELL graves
BECK, Geo. W., Aug. 26, 1877-Jul. 12, 1880 (same stone as Jessie H.)
BECK, Jessie H., Aug. 5, 1896-Nov. 21, 1901 (same stone as Geo. W.)
BECQUET, Jane, nee BEYNON, 1845-1920, Mother
BEHM, Pearl M., no dates, same stone as Wm. E.
BEHM, William E., 1911 - 1989, same stone as Pearl M.
BELL, Alice [see HAWK]
BELL, Anetta May, 1866-1906, Wife of M.B. SLATER [ in MAY plot]
BELL, Ann, d. Nov 1873(?), aged 34 (or 39?) years, Sister of John BELL,very worn
BELL, John F., [all worn & unreadable]
BENKART, Pola M., 1937-1993
BENKART, Sarah M., no dates
BENTEL, Estella, Dec 18, 1882-Mar 12, 1913, same stone as Nancy A.
BENTEL, Jacob, Jul 6, 1827-Feb 21, 1882, Father
BENTEL, Nancy A., Jul 6, 1831-Feb 8, 1884, Mother, same stone as Estella
BERGMAN, Louise M., 1896-1897, same stone as Ruth
BERGMAN, Ruth, d. 1897, same stone as Louise M.
BERKSHIRE, Robert L., 1889-1948, Father & veteran
BERNOT, (mostly unreadable, 18?? - 18??)
BERNOT, Wilhelm E., 1877-18?? (worn)
BERON, Christina, 1847-1914, Mother
BERON, George, 1846-1901, Father
BLACK, Ida May and Nathan(?), [ see GLACK]
BLANDFORD, James, 1846-1881
BOGGS, Ada H. [see NEWELL]
BOLLMAN, Charles, unreadable, next to Harvey F. BOLLMAN
BOLLMAN, Harvey F., Nov. 1, 1807-Oct. 19, 1890 (2 unreadable next to it)
BONSHIRE, Florinda, 1847-1883, Mother
BRATT, Berton, 1872-1928, same stone as Jennie P.
BRATT, Charles B., D.D.S., 1859-1922
BRATT, Harold Whitty, d. Jan 1, 1893, aged 5 yrs.
BRATT, Jennie Pauline, 1881-19__, unfinished dd, same stone as Berton BRATT
BRATT, Mark Edwin, d. May 4, 1892, age 2 yr., 4 mo.
BRAUTIGAM, Janet S., 1869-1968, Mother, same stone as Paul E.
BRAUTIGAM, Paul E., 1867-1938, Father, same stone as Janet S.
BRETHAUER, J. Fred, 1849-1925, same stone as Bertha, nee KRUSI
BREITWIESER, Bernhardt, 1842-1888, Father
BREITWIESER, Friedericka, 1841-1917, Mother
BRITTON, Thomas, died July 26, 1824, Ged. 52 years
BROKAW, Nathan C., 1869-1885, next to Jane & Wm. JUTTE
BULLOCK, William, 1813-1867, inventor of the rotary web press, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
BUTT, Elizabeth, Nov. 8, 1873-Nov. 23, 1895
BUTZLER, Charles, 1829-1867, Father (same stone as Mary)[worn stone next to BUTZLER reads "died Sept. 6, 1866"]
BUTZLER, Mary, 1828-1893, Mother (same stone as Charles)
Cable, Arthur, DOD 11/27/1894, Residence 3013 Spring Alley, Pittsburgh; Age 15 days, (ABM)
Cable, Asa, Residence Allegheny; Age 8-1/2 months; DOD 5/15/1873, (ABM)
Cable, Ella M., DOD 11/12/1896, Born Allegheny; Residence 196 rear of South St.; Age 6 years, 6 months, 12 days, (ABM)
Cable, George, DOD 7/8/1880, Residence, Allegheny; Age 18 months, (ABM)
Cable, Samuel, DOD 11/11/1875, Residence Allegheny; Age 20 months, (ABM)
CALDWELL, Anne, d. May 30, 1878(?), age 73, next to Joseph
CALDWELL, James, Apr 22, 1823-Oct 18, 1886, with Sarah & John WILSON & one unreadable stone
CALDWELL, Joseph, d. Aug 5, 1858, age 81(?)
CALDWELL, Margaret S., 1838-1906
CALDWELL, Maria, d. Jan 28, 1876(?), Wife of S.(?) CALDWELL [next to Samuel]
CALDWELL, Samuel, d. Mar 20, 1893, age 64, Co. G, 123rd P.V.
CALLAN, Emma Mahler, no dates, "Infant Daut." Of Emma J. MAHLER & Frank J. CALLAN, same stone as Emma J. MAHLER
CARNAHAN, Mrs. Ann, Jun 6, 1840-Oct 4, 1866, in GREER plot
CARPENTER, Amos K., Jun. 4, 1852-Jan. 16, 1865
CARPENTER, Caroline M., 1866-1963
CARPENTER, Stanley Diem, 1897-1918, US Marines 5th Regt.
CARSON, Robert, d:1895, grocer, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
CARSPECKEN, Sophie, 1851-1938, Daughter of Frederick & Elizabeth
CARTER, Nellie [see TYLER]
CASPAR, Noel, Dec 23, 1871-Jul 10, 1903
CHAMBERLAIN, Alfred, Feb. 18, 1884-May 29, 1896, Son
CHEESMAN, Harry, 1842-1890
CHEESMAN, Mary E., 1845-1926 [with HERSPERGER]
CHESS, Ann, unreadable, age 88 years
CHESS, David, d. Jun 20, 1845, age 67
CHESS, Ellen, d. Mar 26, 1877, age 78(?)
CHESS, Mary, d. Oct 22, 1880, age 79, Widow of James O'NEILL
CLARK, Robert, d. Dec 25, 1886, aged 65 years
CLARK, Sophia, dd unreadable, but appears to be Feb 12, unreadable year [next to Robert]
CLARKE, Alvin D., 01 Jun 1931 -11 Jul 1931, Son, same stone as Calvin & Daisey E.
CLARKE, Calvin, 1 Jan 1931 - 04 Sep 2009, Son, same stone as Daisey & Alvin D.
CLARKE, Daisey Elizabeth, 27 Jun 1905 - 06 Oct 2007, Mother, same stone as Alvin D. & Calvin
CLEMENS, Charley H., Harry H., John R. & Nellie, "Children of J.H. & Sue B. CLEMENS", on one stone
CLEMENS, Mary A., 1865-1931, Wife of J. Drummond MORGAN
COBBETT, John E., 1870-1916, Husband
COBBETT, Lydia, nee LUDWIG, 1875-1962, Wife
COCHRAN, Elma, Oct 15, _ _ _ _ - May 6, 1877
COCHRAN, James, 1839-1914 [next to Elma & Margaretha]
COCHRAN, Margaretha, b. Jan 6, 18_ _, d. Jan 21, 188_
COCHRANE Family, builders and R/E investors, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
COOPER, Amelia , nee HAYES, Aug 11, 1817-Jun 9, 1894, Wife of Marshall COOPER
COOPER, Ann Amelia, Feb 12, 1856-Oct 29, 1862, Daughter of Marshall & Amelia COOPER, same stone as Marshall, Amelia COOPER & Emma DUNN PINKERTON
COOPER, Dorothy M., 1888-1964, Mother
COOPER, Euphemia D., died Dec. 20, 1899
COOPER, James, died Apr. 9, 1918
COOPER, John F., M.D., 1822-1899 (same stone as Sarah & Minerva, Lot 17)
COOPER, John, M.D., 1855-1936
COOPER, Margaret E., 1845-1858, (same stone as John F., Sarah & Minerva)
COOPER, Marshall, May 3, 1822-Jan 14, 1893, same stone as Ann Amelia, Amelia HAYES & Emma DUNN PINKERTON
COOPER, Minerva J., 1856-1896, "Wife of John F. COOPER, M.D."
COOPER, Nancy S., died Mar. 15, 1916
COOPER, Philip, 1847-1934, (same stone as John F., Sarah & Minerva)
COOPER, Rebekah, died Dec. 20, 1887
COOPER, Samuel, died Jun. 26, 1875
COOPER, Sarah, 1824-1897, "Wife of John F. COOPER, M.D."
COOPER, Sydney, 1860-1929, (same stone as John F., Sarah & Minerva)
COOPER, William D., died Dec. 28, 1893
COOPER, William, 1859-1918, (same stone as John F., Sarah & Minerva)
COQUET, Fred., 1915-1996, same stone as Rose M.
COQUET, Rose M., 1914-2004, same stone as Fred.
CORKAN, Martha [see JONES]
CORNWELL(?), Hattie E., unreadable dates, appears to be a child's grave, and one unreadable stone next to Hattie
COWLEY, Mary Junkin Buchanan, 1848-1937, educator/early kindergarten advocate, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
COYENDALL, Frank, 1869-1940, Husband
COYENDALL, Jessie P., nee LUDWIG, 1877-19(unfinished date), Wife
CRONE, Lena, b. Dec 11, 1845, no death dates, Wife of Henry CRONE [on MUELLER monument with MUELLER & HARTMAN]
CRUICKSHANK Family, mfrs. of jellies and preserves, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
CUTLER, Fred M., Dec 24, 1854-Apr 8(?), 1891, with John & Marion
CUTLER, John, unreadable, very old
CUTLER, Marion, 1860-1919
CUTLER, William F., Apr. 20, 1811-Jul.26, 1874
DANIELS, David, 1847-1902
DANIELS, Ellen R., 1847-1915, Mother
DANIELS, Mrs. Mary, d. Oct 20, 1878, aged 65
DANIELS, William, 1840-1922, Father
DAVIS, Bertha, with Mary & Mabel, all unreadable
DAVIS, James J., 1873-1947, Sec. of Labor under Pres. Warren G. Harding, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
DAVIS, Mabel, unreadable
DAVIS, Mary, Wife of William, all unreadable
DAVIS, T.D., unreadable, with Mary, Bertha & Mabel
DAVISON, Angus, 1838-1894, Father & Veteran
DEGELMAN, C.F., d. Aug 12, 1878, age 42, Engineer, US Navy, Ft. Donelson, Vicksburg
DEGELMAN, Harriet, d. Oct 13, 1891, age 60, Wife of C.F. DEGELMAN
DEGELMAN, Jennie, nee CREIGHTON, Mar 2, 1845-Mar 16, 1900, Wife of John DEGELMAN
DEGELMAN, John, Oct 4, 1841-Mar 28, 1902
DENNY, Emily, (no dates), "N.S.W., Australia"
DICKEY, Isabella, d. Dec 23, 1869, aged 51 years, 2 mos. & 15 days, Wife of R.M. DICKEY
DICKEY, Rebecca KITHCART, 1831-1923
DICKEY, Robert Maxwell, 1821-1890
DICKEY, William, b. Nov 23, 1845, d. Jun 15(?), 1847, stone is partially buried
DICKSON, Abraham, 1819-1886
DICKSON, Elizabeth, 1824-1897, Wife of Abraham
DICKSON, Margaret, 1823-1865, Sister of A. DICKSON
DICKSON, Martha, 1852-1860, Child of A. & E. DICKSON, same stone as Silas
DICKSON, Silas, 1850-1865, Child of A. & E. DICKSON, same stone as Martha
DIEFFENBACH, Anne R., died 31 Oct 197, Wife
DIEFFENBACH, F. Emil, 1878-1971, Husband
DIEFFENBACH, Mary R., 1913 - 2008, Daughter, with Anne R. & Emil
DIEM, Andrew, 1836-1916, Father
DIEM, Caroline W., 1847-1930, Mother
DIEM, Charles A. & George W., "Children of Wm. E. and E.W. DIEM"
DIEM, Elizabeth M., 1839-1922, Mother
DIEM, Frank E., 1874-1955, Son
DIEM, John H., 1869-1936, Son
DIEM, Katherine E., 1861-1915, Daughter
DIEM, William E., 1871-1930, Son
DIEM, William R., 1843-1895, Father, US Cavalry 6th Regt., Veteran
DILLARD, Lawrence H., no dates, same stone as Roberta A., "Loved by Their Children"
DILLARD, Roberta A., Dec 9, 1940-Jun 11, 2004, same stone as Lawrence H., "Loved by Their Children"
DOCHART(?) (could be BOCHARD), Martin, March 18?? To Jan. 4, 1888 (worn)
DOCHART, Anna Barbara, 1842-1904, Mother
DONNELLY, Alice, d. Feb 4, 1884, aged 64 years, 6 mos., & 11 days, Mother
DUNCAN Family, oil speculaton, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
DUNN, Archibald, d. Sep 29, 1874, age 57
DUNN, Isabella, 1850-1899, Wife of Robert BROWN
DYER, Annie B., Jul. 12, 1857-Dec. 4, 1908
DYER, Elizabeth, May 10, 1829-Dec. 25, 1904
DYER, John Jay, Oct. 7, 1881-Dec. 9, 1929
DYER, Samuel, Jan. 3, 1824-May 29, 1892
EARLY, Wm., died 1887 (?) (almost unreadable)
ECKERT, Barbara, Jan 1824(?) - Jun 2, 1870(?), Wife of Jacob(?), worn & hard to read
ECKERT, Carl(?) or Charles(?), unreadable
ECKERT, Georg Peter, May 22, 1883, age 60 yrs. & 111 days
ECKERT, Jacob H., Mar 1825-1878(?), very worn & hard to read
ECKERT, Julius Theodore, unreadable, next to Georg Peter ECKERT
ECKERT, Margaretha, Aug 10, 1822(?)-1870 [next to Georg, Julius, Carl, Jacob, Barbara]
EICHELMAN, John R., Aug 31, 1895-Mar 14, 1948, Pvt. Co. K 112th Inf., enlisted Feb 26, 1918, discharged May 6, 1919
ELKINS, David, d. Sep 25, 1862, Father, age 53
ELKINS, William, Jun 28, 1846(?)-Jun 30, 1861
EMLOTH, Wilhelmina, 1824-1887
ENGLISH, Helen D., 1906-1957, head of PA Div. of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
ESTHER, 1905-1906 [no other stones around it]
EVANS(?), C. Winifred(?) or Freda(?), b. Sep 19, 1868(?), died Nov 23(?), 1868(?), same stone as Stephanie & Margaret, very worn stone
EVANS(?), Margaret, b. Apr 15, 1881(?), died Nov 3(?), unreadable year, same stone as Winifred & Stephanie, very worn stone [this stone matches the Katie May EVANS stone]
EVANS(?), Stephanie(?), Jul 25, 1871(?)-Nov 1, 1871, same stone as Winifred & Margaret, very worn stone
EVANS, John, Apr 10, 1794(?) - July 1860(?), next to Mary B.
EVANS, Katie May, Jun 19, 1878-Nov 6, 1883, Daughter of Arch(?) and Mary [one missing of its base next to her]
EVANS, Mary B., Jan 1816-Mar 1882(?), next to John
FACKINER, John D., 1827-1870, Father, same stone as Margaret
FACKINER, Margaret, 1828-1911, Mother, same stone as John D.
FASHIAN, Eleanor L., May 5, 1928-Jul 1, 1999, same stone as Paul A.
FASHIAN, Paul A., Oct 29, 1924-Dec 20, 1998, same stone as Eleanor L.
FIFE, Mary R., 1829-1862, Mother
FISHERING, George W., Nov 3, 1859-Jul 26, 1892 [ an unreadable stone next to him says "Mother"]
FITZGERALD, Mary J., 1908 - 1993
FOWLER, Jennie, d. Mar 3, 1919
FOWLER, William, 1835-1903, Co H. 101 Reg. PA. Vol. Vet. Inft.
FOX, Grace Ann, 1920 - 1982, Wife
FOX, William Joseph, 1922 - 1986, Husband
FRASER, Alexander, no dates
FRASER, Ronald Watson, d. Dec 9, 1913, Infant son of A.N. & Jessie G. FRASER
FRITCH, Joseph A., Jan 4, 1904-Jul 9, 1904
FRITCH, Marcella, Mar 2, 1890-Jun 29, 1890
FULLER, Kathryn V., 01 Apr 1920 - 17 Jun 2004, Sister
FULTON, Raymond M.(?), dates buried under ground, PA. Corp. 320 Inf. 80 Div., a veteran. [An in ground vault next to him, could be for ashes.]
GACHES, George M., no dates, same stone as J.C. GACHES
GACHES, J.C., Sep 16, 1888-Mar 20, 1891, Little Daughter of Joseph L. & Mary J. GACHES, same stone as George M. GACHES
GACHES, Joseph E., Jan 15, 1877-Jun 6, 1878, same stone as Joseph L.
GACHES, Joseph L., 1799-1885, Father, same stone as Maria B.
GACHES, Joseph L., Aug 4, 1841-May 17, 1888, same stone as Joseph E.
GACHES, Maria B., 1801-1870, Mother, same stone as Joseph L.
GACHES, Mary J., May 21, 1849-May 28, 1929
GALBRAITH, Matilda M., 1845-1903, Wife of Wm. FOWLER
GARDY, Joseph, 03 Jun 1919 - 06 Apr 2004
GEYER, Charles, 1849-1916, mayor of Allegheny, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
GLACK (or BLACK?), Ida May, Apr 30, 1868-Oct 29, 1870, Daughter of _. B. and Susan GLACK(?), very worn
GLACK (or BLACK?), Nathan(?) (or Mathos?), d. April 26, 1889(?), In the 80th Year of His Age, very worn, next to Ida May, also an unreadable stone with dd of Dec 1879
GLOVER, Stephen M., Jan. 11, 1866-Sep. 27, 1874, "Son of James & Lucinda GLOVER"
GORDON, Nettie, d:1934, queen of the North Side underworld, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
GOSSETT, Annie M., 1868-1890
GOSSETT, Chas., 1854-1920, same stone as John P.
GOSSETT, George, no dates, Infant, same stone as Ruth Ann & William
GOSSETT, John P., 1856-1899, same stone as Chas.
GOSSETT, Maggie V., 1861-1890
GOSSETT, Nathan, 1830-1897, Co. G. 52nd Ohio Vol. Inf., Father & veteran
GOSSETT, Ruth Ann, 1832-1880, Mother, same stone as George & William, Infants
GOSSETT, William, no dates, Infant, same stone as Ruth Ann & George
GRAHAM, James, 1825-1898, owner of a saltworks, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
GRAY, Alexander, d. Sep 7, 1881, aged 54, Husband of Ann
GRAY, Annie(?) Mary, May 3, 1860-Jan 21(?), 1878, aged 17 years, 8 months & 18 days, Child of Alexander & Ann GRAY
GRAY, Henry, Aug 2, 1864-Feb 24, 1890
GRAY, James, Apr 29, 1886(?)-Dec 15, 1888(?), Child of Alexander & Ann GRAY
GRAY, Jane B. (or Cane?) , b. Nov 3, 185_ , unreadable dd, aged 6 years, Child of Alex. & Ann GRAY
GRAY, John G., March 18, 1886, Co. B (Veteran, stone worn)
GRAY, John, Jul 2, 1859-Aug 3, , Child of Alex. & Ann GRAY, same stone as James, Jane, Mary, Annie
GRAY, Mary S., 1827-1904 [with Wm. K.]
GRAY, Mary, Jun 6, 1858-Dec 2, 1858, aged 6 months & 2 days, Child of Alex. & Ann GRAY
GRAY, Wm. K., 1827-1906
GREEN, Caroline [see RUSSELL]
GREER, Mrs. Ann, born 1811, died Apr 19, 1868, next to Samuel
GREER, Robert Thompson, Aug 24, 1848-Oct 6, 1866
GREER, Samuel, born 1801, died Apr 29, 1860, next to Robert T., Mrs. Ann & William Philpot GREER
GREER, William Philpot, Oct 16, 1845-May 7, 1910
GRIMMEL, Ruth, Apr 15, 1905-Apr 20, 1905
GRUBBS, Elizabeth, unreadable, next to Isaac & Lizzie
GRUBBS, Isaac, Apr 15, 1802-Dec 22, 1879
GRUBBS, Lizzie, d. Feb 21, 1870, Age 27, Our Sister
GRUBBS, Mary Ann, d. March 1866, In her 27th year, Daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth GRUBBS
GRUBBS, Susan, d. Dec 16, 1865, In her 31st year, Daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth GRUBBS, Henry, d. May 16, 18_5, Son of Isaac & Elizabeth GRUBBS
GULLETT, Isaac, Apr. 11, 1817-Apr. 17, 1899, Father
GULLETT, Nancy Lee, Apr. 26, 1822-Oct. 3, 1898, Mother
HAGUE, David(?), d. Jun 5, 1877, aged 22 years
HAGUE, Reuben, Anna and David, Children of John & Mary HAGUE, [ no visable dates, very worn, 3 small stones on one base]
HAINES, Samuel W., Mar. 28, 1851-Jan. 22, 1889
HALL, John, d. Jun 4, 1882(?), age 54 [& a small stone is missing next to him]
HALL, Rachel, 1838-1907
HALL, Thomas W., 1879-1929, next to Rachel & John
HAMILTON, Margaret WYNNE, 1864-1904 (same stone as Silas W. HAMILTON)
HAMILTON, Silas Warren, 1859-1899 (same stone as Mgt. WYNNE)
HAMLEY, Fred. C., d. Dec 4, 1887, aged 14 years, 7 mos. & 10 days, "Freddie"
HARBAUGH, Angie E., d. Jul 6, 1871, Aged 29, Wife of Lewis D.
HARPER, Elizabeth J., 1835-1875, Mother, same stone as John C.
HARPER, John C., 1829-1876, Father, same stone as Elizabeth J.
HARRIS, Jane E., 1870-1962, Wife
HARRIS, William G., 1864-1925, Husband
HARTMAN, C., Jr., Jul 21, 1857-Aug 20, 1893
HARTMAN, Caroline, Jan 31, 1852-Dec 24, 1909
HARTMAN, Catherine, 1825-1900 [with Frederick & Frank]
HARTMAN, Eliza, Dec 9, 1828-Oct 18, 1899
HARTMAN, Frank, 1859-1886
HARTMAN, Frederick, 1828-1885
HARTMAN, Maria, Mar 5, 1795-Jun 23, 1854 [on MUELLER monument with Lena CRONE, John G. MUELLER and Mary HARTMAN MUELLER]
HARTMAN, Maria, no dates, Wife of Henry HARTMAN
HARTMAN, William, Dec 22, 1844-Aug 9, 1927
HARTZELL, James L., Oct 10, 1908-Jan 18, 1916, Son
HAWK, Alice BELL, no dates, Wife, Aged 22 years
HAWK, Emma J., no dates, Infant Child of J.A. & C.E. HAWK, same stone as Ulysses G.(infant)
HAWK, Ulysses G., no dates, Infant Child of J.A. & C.E. HAWK, same stone as Emma J. (infant)
HAY, Beulah S., 1888-1890
HAY, Mildred V., 1898-1899
HAYES, Amelia [see COOPER]
HAYS, Emma, 1884-1885, same stone as James & Mary BOTHWELL HAYS & Robert Henry HAYS
HAYS, James, Jr., 1873-1885
HAYS, James, Sr., 1837-1923, same stone as Mary BOTHWELL, James Jr., Emma & Robert Henry HAYS
HAYS, Mary BOTHWELL, 1845-1885, same stone as James Jr. & Sr., Emma & Robert Henry HAYS
HAYS, Robert Henry, 1870-1917
HAZLETT, Margret J. and Margret, no dates
HAZLETT, Sarah J., nee LOVE,, d. Apr 12, 1919, Wife of William HAZLETT, Married April 4, 1864
HECKERT, Katherine K., 1861-1938 [same plot as Kate SAINTS, KREBS & PHILLIPS]
HECKERT, William R., 1851-1914 [same plot as SAINTS, KREBS & PHILLIPS]
HEILMAN, Linda D., Jun 29, 1949-Oct 3, 2002, Beloved Mother
HEIN, Eugene, 1906-1906, "Our Baby", in David DANIELS' plot [Note: Is HEIN the surname or the middle name of Eugene?]
HENRY, Nannie KERSHAW, 1847-1919, Mother, same stone as William HENRY
Henry, Pearl & Rachel, d: Feb. 12, 1890, 2yos., Div. 2, Sec. B, Lot 46, Rg20, (McGregor plot), unmarked, (RTM)
HENRY, William, 1845-1931, Father, same stone as Nannie KERSHAW HENRY
HILL, Irene L., 1875-1881, "Daughter of Basil HILL"
HILL, John Degelman, Mar 4, 1906-May 25, 1907 [with DEGELMAN graves]
HOBSON, John, d. Apr 30, 1865, aged 48
HOOD, John, 1828-1896 (also see Mary C. TODD)
HOOPER, T. Charles, 1825-1868 (one unreadable stone next to it with Odd Fellows symbol)
HORN, Margaret J., nee WELDON, 1857-1937, Mother
HOSICK, Alcina M., 1846-1884
HOSICK, E.T., 1831-1899
HOSICK, Mary, 1799-1872
HOSICK, Michael, 1829-1918, Co. A, 26 Regt. MO. Inft. (Veteran)
HOSICK, unreadable veteran's stone, March 2 (?)
HUBER, Clara Rawski, no dates, same stone as John K.
HUBER, John K., May 18, 1928-Nov 27, 2003, same stone as Clara R.
HUGHES, Elizabeth DRUITT, May 16, 1847 - Feb 28, 1900, Wife of Wm. HUGHES
HUNTSMAN, Ada R., Mar 3, 1840-Jan 20, 1887
HUTCHINSON, Mollie A., d. Dec 10, 1877, aged 3 years & 22 days, very worn stone
IRWIN, D.T., 1830-1894 (same stone as Nancy C.)
IRWIN, Nancy C., 1834-1894 (same stone as D.T. IRWIN)
JACKSON, Charles R., 1887-1908
JACKSON, David, died May 27, 1889, Father (same stone as Rosie)
JACKSON, John, Apr 22, 1855-Mar 15, 1902 [next to Charles R. & Mary C.]
JACKSON, Mary C., Sep 18, 1855-Oct 23, 1893, Mother
JACKSON, Rosie, died Oct. 26, 1897, Mother (same stone as David)
JANDA, Alois, (dates unreadable, located next to MONATH stone)
JENKINS, Mary E., 1857-Jan 21, 1868, Daughter
JENKINS, Rebecca, 1853-1927, on a stone that reads JONES - EPPELSHEIMER
JENKINS, unreadable first name, died 18 _ _, in the 38th(?) year of his age, very worn
JENKINS, unreadable first name, July 3, 1833(?) - Mar 25, 1890, Wife [with Mary E.]
JENKS, George A., 1885-1928, Husband [with Clara SCHOMAKER]
JENNY, (all other information worn off) (could possibly be Daniel JENNY, husband of Louisa ADDY)
JOHN, Sarah [see McCLURE]
JOHNS, Margaret [see McKELVY]
JOHNSON, Emily, Oct 1837-Dec 7, 1896, Wife
JOHNSON, Frank, Feb 9, 1843-Mar 7, 1914, Husband, next to Emily
JOHNSTON, John, 1834-1901
JOHNSTON, Susan, Jul. 14, 1808-Mar. 28, 1882, Mother
JONES - EPPELSHEIMER, a stone bearing the name Rebecca JENKINS, 1853-1927
JONES, David, Sr., Dec 18, 1798-Sep 25, 1880, "A Native of Brecon, So. Wales"
JONES, Elizabeth C., Apr 26, 1821-Mar 22, 1911 [next to Isaac R.]
JONES, Esther, June 16, 1804-July 28, 1879(?), Wife of David, "Born Brecknockshire, So. Wales"
JONES, Isaac R., Apr 25, 1824-Jan 8, 1912 [next to Elizabeth C.]
JONES, J. Milton, A. Gertrude, & David, Jr., no dates, "Infants of Sarah WYNNE & David H. JONES"
JONES, Martha, nee CORKAN, d. Jun 1, 1925, Wife of Wm. JONES
JONES, William G., 1858-1916, Husband of Martha CORKAN
JUKES, Elias, 1835-1870
JUKES, Frances, 1864-1881
JUTTE, Jane C. Brokaw, 1861-1943
JUTTE, William C., 1859-1905
KELLY, Minnie F.C., 1873-1918, Wife
KELLY, Rose, 1846-1915, Mother
KELLY, William T., 1844-1877, Father & Veteran, Co. F, PA. Vol.
KELLY, William, 1875-1962, Husband
KENNEDY, James, no dates, aged 82 yrs.
KERSHAW, Nannie [see HENRY]
KILMER, Rosina, Jul. 23, 1850-Jul. 15, 1889, Mother (in same plot as TURNBLACER/TURNBLAZER)
KING, "Baby", no dates [beside Mary, Wm., James & George KING]
KING, George, 1879-1935
KING, James, 1877-1909
KING, Mary CRANSTON, 1857-1931, Mother
KING, William, 1881-1913
KINKEAD, James H., 1873-1914, Husband
KINKEAD, Margaret E., 1869-1941, Wife
KIRK, William N., 1825-1914 [by itself]
KNODERER, John F., Apr 12, 1826-Feb 11, 1900 [beside RIPPLE]
KNODERER, Margaret, Aug 27, 1835-Mar 13, 1908
KNODERER, ???, unreadable first name, died June 1824(?) or 1924(7), aged 28 years, very worn, could possibly be with HUGHES or MORRIS graves, which were also close by.
KNORR, Lydia McKUNE, 1834-1887, Mother
KREBS, Harry, date is buried in ground, next to Jean KREBS
KREBS, Jean, 1867-1890, next to Harry, [same plot as SAINTS, PHILLIPS & HECKERT]
KREBS, Loraine S., May 4, 1834-Mar 6, 1904, Mother, same stone as William
KREBS, William, Apr 19, 1824-Aug 30, 1878, Father, same stone as Loraine S. [same plot as PHILLIPS, SAINTS & HECKERT]
KRUSI, Bertha, 1850-1934, Wife of J. Fred BRETHAUER
LAW, Wm. J. [ a monument ]
LIDDELL, Robert G., 02 Dec 1899 - 07 Jul 1955 (next to Stella, Edwin & J. Wilke LIDDELL) MARKEL, Carl H., 14 Jan 1893 - 22 Aug 1959, Father, s/s Dorothy W.
LILL, Elizabeth E., 1871-1926, same stone as Louis A.
LILL, Louis A., 1868-1911, same stone as Elizabeth E.
LINGENFELTER, Annie, 1838-1910
LINGENFELTER, Edward H., 1876-1931
LINGENFELTER, Frederick W., 1870-1929
LINGENFELTER, Ida, 1875-Nov. 9, 1904
LINGENFELTER, John W., 1866-May 15, 1891
LINGENFELTER, Katherine, 1851-1916
LINTER, Christine, nee SCHOMAKER, 1907-1942, Wife
LOGAN, Edwin, 1855-1938
LOGAN, Eric Bryant, Jun 12, 1891-Mar 31, 1977, US Army WW I veteran
LOGAN, Jennie May, nee MILLER, 1855-1911, next to Edwin
LONG, Isaac, d. Sep 16(?), 1875, a veteran
LONG, Mary A., d. Aug(?) 14, 1873(?), aged 54 years, [another beside it, unreadable, all 3 lying down]
LOVE, Sarah J. [see HAZLETT]
LUDWIG, Alberta, 1879-1895, Sister
LUDWIG, Ella, nee SNAMAN, 1869-1958, same stone as Joseph
LUDWIG, Joseph, 1866-1935, same stone as Ella SNAMAN
LUDWIG, Mary M., 1848-1899, Mother
LUDWIG, V., [an inground marker]
LUDWIG, Valentine, 1847-1884, Father
LUZELL, Mary J., died March 22, 1891, "aged 59 years, Mother & Grandfather" (could be two buried in this grave)
MACDONALD, Hannah Brown, no dates, on J. MACDONALD monument [her surname could possibly be BROWN]
MACDONALD, John Brown, no dates, next to Hannah Brown, Robert & Eva Wallace & Joseph MACDONALD [John's surname could possibly be BROWN]
MACDONALD, Joseph, 1890-1892, on MACDONALD monument
MAHLER, Emma J., 1863-1894, Wife of Frank J. CALLAN, "And Infant Daut., Emma Mahler CALLAN"
MAHLER, Harry C., May 12, 1869-Oct 5, 1953
MAHLER, Jennie M., Feb 16, 1875-Oct 17, 1959
MAHLER, Mary Elizabeth, Feb 8, 1860-May 6, 1932
MAHLER, Wm., 1826-1902, Father
MANIFOLD, Blanche, 1857-1940
MANIFOLD, Charles Walker, 1857-1883(?), same monument as Latshaw McGUIRE family
MANIFOLD, Linda R. [see McGUIRE]
MARKEL, Dorothy W., 26 Sep 1895 - 30 Oct 1957, Mother, s/s Carl H. MARKEL, Margaret L "Peggy", 21 Jul 1921 - 25 Mar 2008, with Carl & Dorothy
MARSHALL, Cedric(?), born Jan 23(?), 1844, died Dec 21, 1862, "Private Co. A 102 Reg. Penna. Vol., Fought in the Battle of Williamsburgh Seven Days Fight and (unreadable)"
MARSHALL, Paul E.L., Jan. 15, 1895-Oct. 21, 1897
MATCHETT, Sarah A., 1841-1916
MAWHINNEY, Jas. T., 1886-1925
MAWHINNEY, Rose A., 1851-1928
MAWHINNEY, Wm. J., 1844-1905
Maxwell, Alexander b. 1817, d. 2 Dec. 1868 - illegible headstone, (LT)
MAXWELL, Ann B., 1826-1883, same stone as Henry, James C., Charles F. & Robert B.
MAXWELL, Charles F., 1864-1887, same stone as Henry, Ann, James & Robert
MAXWELL, Henry, 1826-1865, same stone as Ann B., James C., Charles F. & Robert B.
MAXWELL, Henry, b. 1826, veteran, unreadable
MAXWELL, James C., 1856-1886, same stone as Henry, Ann, Charles & Robert
Maxwell, Mary Ann b. 1818, d. 13 Dec. 1899 - no marker, (LT)
Maxwell, Maggie b. 1858, d. Jul 23, 1861 illegible headstone, (LT)
MAXWELL, Robert B., 1852-1888, same stone as Henry, Ann, James & Charles F.
Maxwell, Samuel Hiram, b. abt 1844, d. 2 Sep 1909, (LT)
MAY, Anna E., 1839-1927, Wife, same stone as Robert S.
MAY, Kate C., 1864
MAY, Robert S., 1834-1920, same stone as Anna E.
MAY, Robert S., Jr., 1869-1914
MAY, William T., 1870
MAYS, Frederick "Zeke", 09 Sep 1912 - 06 Oct 1981, Husband & Father
MAYS, Lillian M., 23 Feb 1915 - 12 Feb 1999, Wife, Mother & Grandmother, next to Frederick
McADAMS, Robert, Co. E PA. Inf., (Veteran, dates not readable)
McAFEE, Margaret C. ALLERS, May 1, 1845-Nov 18, 1895, Mother, & Wife of William McAFEE
McAFEE, William "Sir Knight", died Aug 1, 1889, age 54, of Alleg. Com. No. 35 I.O.O.F. No. 415, Father
McAULEY, Elizabeth, Jun 11, 1800-Sep 25, 1891 [with John]
McAULEY, John, 1795-1825 [with Elizabeth, Elmer, Harry S.]
McCANDLESS, Adella P., 1875-1968, Mother
McCANDLESS, Charles W., 1872-1955, Father
McCANDLESS, Charles(?), a veteran, next to Clara E., no dates
McCANDLESS, Clara E., 1903-1995, Daughter
McCAUSLAND, Anna, 1858-1871 (same stone as Sarah)
McCAUSLAND, Sarah, 1822-1900 (same stone as Anna)
McCLURE, Sarah, nee JOHN, 1840-1878, Wife of Samuel McCLURE
McCLURKAN, Harriet E., d. Sep 19, 1881, In her 65th year, Wife of Samuel
McCLURKAN, Hugh, born 18_ _, died Jan(?) 26, 186_
McCLURKAN, Martha, died 18_ _, Wife of Samuel, [also an unreadable daughter's name on the stone], very worn, unreadable dates
McCLURKAN, Samuel, d. Feb 25, 1878, in his 75th year, next to Harriet E., Hugh and Martha
McCONNELL, Eliza Jane, all unreadable
McCONNELL, John, June 1882(?) - Nov 188_
McCONNELL, Mary(?), May 3, 1851-Jul 27, 18_ _ [next to Eliza Jane & John]
McDONALD, William, died May 13, 1890, "aged 58 yrs., 3 mos. & 3 days, Husband of Susan McDONALD"
McGINNIS, Wm., d. Dec 24, 1862, Brother, age 57
McGRALL, Margaret A., 1908 - 1998, same stone as Patrick E.
McGRALL, Patrick E., no dates, same stone as Margaret A.
McGregor, Charles H., d: Aug. 23, 1891, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (RTM)
McGregor, Clifford W., d: Dec. 22, 1906, 1mo,, bur. by Frank, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (RTM)
McGregor, Frank, d: May 16, 1913, 69yo, bur. by J.M. Henry, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (RTM)
McGregor, Horace, b: 12/30/1856, d: Feb. 25, 1904, 47yr 1mo 25days, bur. by Frank, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (RTM)
McGREGOR, Jane W., 1833-1915, Mother, same stone as Wm. J.
McGregor, Lizzie, d: Oct. 15, 1873, 9mos., unmarked, Div. 1, Gr. 31-8-East-2, (RTM)
McGregor, Mary Ellen, d: July 20, 1864, Div.1, unmarked, (RTM)
McGregor, Matthew, d: April 2, 1876, 58yo, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (may have been moved from Div. 1), (RTM)
McGregor, Michael, 1790 Ireland, March 8, 1861, Gr. 401, Div. 2, unmarked, (RTM)
McGregor, Rachel W., d: Nov. 27, 1901, 76yr 8mos 27days, bur. by Frank, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (RTM)
McGregor, Roy, d: June 28, 1906, 10yo, bur. by Frank, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (RTM)
McGregor, Selma, d: Nov. 3, 1899, 3yr 14mos, bur. by Frank, Div. 2, Sec. B, unmarked, (RTM)
McGREGOR, William J., 1825-1866, Father, same stone as Jane W.
McGUIRE, Latshaw, Feb 9, 1926-Jan 2, 1907 "Of the Pittsburgh Conference Methodist Episcopal Church", same monument as infant Latshaw & Linda R. MANIFOLD McGUIRE
McGUIRE, Latshaw, Infant Son of Linda R. MANIFOLD & Latshaw McGUIRE, same monument as McGUIRE & MANIFOLD
McGUIRE, Linda R., nee MANIFOLD, Apr 9, 1827-Jan 18, 1899, Wife, same monument as Latshaw McGUIRE and Charles W. & Blanche MANIFOLD
McINTOSH, Lauchlan, 1811-1891, same stone as Margaret B.
McINTOSH, Margaret B., 1804-1898, same stone as Lauchlan
McINTYRE, Hugh, 1831 - 1894, Pvt. Co. H 101 PA. INF.
McKELVY, John P., 1834-1903
McKELVY, Margaret, nee JOHNS, 1835-1900, Wife of John P. McKELVY
McKNIGHT Family, hardware merchants, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
McKUNE, Jennie, Jun 17, 1855-Aug 29, 1882
McKUNE, Lydia {see KNORR]
McKUNE, Robert, 1821-1861, Father
McMASTER, Mary C., 1870-1960
McMASTER, Samuel C., 1835-1908
McMASTER, Sarah J., 1838-1909
McMASTER, William A., 1875-1913
McNAUGHT, George Francis, 1860(?)-1928(?)
McNAUGHT, Ida WELSH, 1865(?)-1949
MEHIN, James, Died Apr 14, 1815, aged 44 years, Father [with WALKER]
MEHIN, Mary, died March 19, 1865, Aged 90 years, Wife of James, & Mother [with WALKER]
MENDEL, Augusta V., nee ROCKERSHOUSEN, 1850-1925, Mother
MENDEL, Conrad H., 1827-1894, Father, same stone as Henrietta H.
MENDEL, Edith F., 1891-1949
MENDEL, Henrietta H., 1832-1905, Mother, same stone as Conrad H.
MENDEL, Henry C., 1850-1917, Father
MENDEL, John Howard, Nov 25, 1884-Jan 13, 1888
MENDEL, Louis C., 1867-1943
MENDEL, Louise L., 1860-1922, Sister
MENDEL, Willie F., Nov 30, 1869-Mar 4, 1891
MILLER, Jennie May, [see LOGAN]
MOLITOR, Magdalena, May 12, 1823-Apr. 13, 1869
MOLLTOE(?), Elisabethe, Aug. ???? (stone is half buried & worn)
MONATH, Maud, 1878-1887, Daughter
MOODY, Mary A., 1854-1883
MOON, Charlotte, Oct 3, 1799-Jan 19, 1868, Wife of John, same stone as John
MOON, John, Oct 22, 1806-Jul 24, 1867, same stone as Charlotte
MOORE, Rebecca, 1835-1862, Mother, & Wife of Hill MAGEE
MORGAN, John Clemens, 1886-1919 [next to Mary A. CLEMENS]
MORRIS, Joseph G., Nov 21, 1850-Feb 8, 1923, a veteran
MORRIS, Joseph, Dec 8, 1837-Dec 21, 1889
MORRIS, Mary R. PEARSON, Sep 19, 1855-Nov 1, 1920
MUELLER, John G., 1818-1908
MUELLER, John George, Feb 15, 1818-Apr 22, 1903 [on MUELLER monument with Lena CRONE, Maria HARTMAN & Mary HARTMAN MUELLER]
MUELLER, Mary, nee HARTMAN, Aug 23, 1818-Feb 2, 1896, Wife of J.G. MUELLER [on MUELLER monument with Maria HARTMAN, Lena CRONE, & John Geo. MUELLER]
MUELLER, Mary, no dates, Wife of John G. MUELLER
MUNDEN, Bessie, "Wife of..." (the remainder of stone is underground)
MURPHY, John R., 1850-1917, mayor of Allegheny, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
MUTH, Anna Elizebeth, 1819-1900 (same stone as Henry & Fredrick)
MUTH, Fredrick, 1853-1874 (same stone as Anna & Henry)
MUTH, Henry, Sr., 1830-1893 (same stone as Anna E. & Fredrick)
NABORS, Bella E., 1867-1921
NEWELL, Ada H. BOGGS, 1860-1936
NEWELL, Edward W., 1856-1925
NEWTON, Narby, born Oct. 186?, died May ?? (very worn, unreadable)
OSBORN, Arthur Whitney, Feb 29, 1860-Jan 6, 1904, same stone as Mary WHITNEY, Blanche M. & Benj. H. OSBORN
OSBORN, Benj. H., Jun 26, 1824-Jan 22, 1886, same stone as Mary WHITNEY, Arthur W. & Blanche M. OSBORN
OSBORN, Blanche M., Aug 26, 1868-May 6, 1888, same stone as Mary WHITNEY, Arthur W. & Benj. H. OSBORN
OSBORN, Mary WHITNEY, Aug 18, 1825-Jan 28, 1916, same stone as Arthur W., Blanche M. & Benj. H.
OTTERSON, Alexander, 1833-1889, same stone as Louisa J. [next to Eliza BARKLEY]
OTTERSON, Louisa J., 1846-1911, same stone as Alexander
PALMER, Mary Jane, died 1896, Mother (same stone as William W.)
PALMER, Mrs. Tillie, July 1883(?)
PALMER, William W., died 1909, Father (same stone as Mary Jane)
PATAK, Dolores M., 26 Sep 1932 - 28 Nov 2007, Mom, same stone as Michael B., Jr.
PATAK, Michael B., Jr., no dates, Dad, same stone as Dolores M.
PATTERSON, Carrie MENDEL, 1855-1943 [with John, Catherine, Edith, Louis & Carrie LANG MENDEL]
PATTERSON, Eliza, 1811-1886, same stone as Wm.
PATTERSON, Elizabeth, 1830-1900, Mother
PATTERSON, Marion, 1854-1890, Brother
PATTERSON, William Lindsay, 1848-1920
PATTERSON, Wm., 1790-1866, same stone as Eliza
PEARSON, Jas. R., Mar 12, 1843-Oct 5, 1896
PERKINS, Jason, 01 Apr 1975 - 31 May 2006, "Daddy, Son, Brother & Friend"
PETTIGREW, Rev. Joseph, d. Apr 17, 1892, age 67 [& one unreadable stone next to him]
PHILLIPS, John S., D.D.S., 1898-1950 [same plot as SAINTS, HECKERT & KREBS]
PHILLIPS, Richard, d. Dec 29, 1866, aged 52 years
PHILPOT, William, born 1806, died Apr 11, 1848, in GREER plot
PINKERTON, Emma DUNN, Jun 25, 1845-Oct 31, 1873, same stone as Marshall, Ann Amelia & Amelia HAYES COOPER
POGUE, John, 1813-1893
POPE, T.J., (no dates) "aged 11 years"
PORE, Lawrence A.M., 1898-1944, Husband
PORTER, John McM., 1865-1939 (same plot as Mary E. BASSETT & Fannie L. WILSON)
POTZER, A.J., 1847-1914, on monument
POTZER, D.J., 1818-1887, same monument as Susannah, H.A., A.J. and Mary C. Freund POTZER
POTZER, D.J., Jun 12, 1818-Nov 12, 1887
POTZER, H.A., 1852-1876, on monument
POTZER, Horatio A., d. May 26, 1876, aged 23 years, 9 mos. & 19 days
POTZER, Mary C. Freund, 1844-1887, on POTZER monument
POTZER, Mary C. Freund, Daughter of D.J. & S. POTZER, no dates, "At Rest"
POTZER, Susannah, 1818-1895, same monument as D.J., H.A. & A. J.
POWELL, ????? died Mar. 5, 1892, "aged 73 years, Our Mother"
POWELL, ?????, died Dec. 26, 1862, "aged 61 years, Our Father"
POWELL, Ann, no dates, same stone as John T.
POWELL, John T., no dates, same stone as Ann
POWELL, Sarah A., no dates, next to John T. & Ann POWELL
RAGAN, Anna J., 1871-1890
RAGAN, Avarinah, 1846-1897, Wife of John RAGAN
RAGAN, John, 1843-1918, Father, Co. F. 46th Regt. PA. Vol. U.V.L. No. 1
RAMAGE, Benjamin, Jun. 17, 1782-Aug. 15, 1858, a native of Bally Delly, County of Derry, Ireland
RAMAGE, Ira W., Jan. 18, 1891-Dec. 19, 1894
RAMAGE, Letitia, 1806-1891
RAMAGE, Rebecca Jane YOUNG, May 19, 1786-Jan. 20, 1875, Wife of Benjamin RAMAGE
RAMSAY, George(?), Mary and Frederick, Children of J. and A. RAMSAY, [ 1800's, on one stone, stone is very worn and partially buried ]
RAMSEY, Ronald W., 15 Nov 1944 - 14 Jul 2004, SN US Navy, Vietnam, same plot as Wm. & Julia
RANKIN, H.P., 1846-1885, inventor/patented meat chopper, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
REED, Olive [see WALKER]
REES, Ann, died May 30, 1883, aged 73 yrs. (same stone as John, Jennie, Thomas, Wm. & David)
REES, David, died Feb. 1, 1883, aged 29 yrs. (same stone as John, Jennie, Thomas, Wm. & Ann)
REES, Jennie, died Aug. 2, 1890, aged 42 yrs. (same stone as John, Thomas, Wm., David & Ann)
REES, John died Dec. 18, 1905, aged 62 yrs. (same stone as Jennie, Thomas, Wm., David & Ann)
REES, Thomas, died Jan. 1, 1887, aged 51 yrs. (same stone as John, Jennie, Thomas, Wm., David & Ann)
REES, William, died Jul. 18, 1878, aged 47 yrs. (same stone as John, Jennie, Thomas, David & Ann)
REILLY, Myrtle, 1893-1904, Daughter
REILLY, Wm. J., 1866-1917, Husband
RICE, A. Adaline, 1853-1929, Wife
RICE, Martin V., 1845-1927, Husband
RICHARD, Daniel, d. Mar 1889, in his 75th year, Father
RICHARD, Mary Lee, Sep 12, 1819-Aug 13, 1893, Mother
RIEFER, Mary, 1862-1951, Mother
RIEFER, Paul W., Feb 5, 1923-Nov 26, 1924, Son of Harry & Laurette RIEFER
RIEFER, Wilbert C., 1897-1978, Son, Cpl. U.S. Army veteran
RIEFER, William, 1861-1932, Father
RIPPL, Minnie E., died June 11, 1884, "aged 28 years, Wife of John RIPPL"
RISHER, Lottie [see TYLER]
ROE, L.W., 1863-1940
ROE, W.S., 1861-1919
ROSS, Margaret J., Nov 19, 1839-Mar 11, 1863(?)
ROSSITER, John S., d. Mar 21, 1871, age 79
ROSSITER, Margaret E., 1826-1900
ROSSITER, Sarah A., 1856-1885
ROSSITER, Sarah, d. Dec 30, 1880, age 65, Wife of John
ROSSITER, William, 1822-1874
RUSH, Hiram M., Jul 10, 1842-Jan 1885
RUSH, Levi W., Aug 1839-May 1876
RUSH, Marcie (or Margie?), d. May 1874 [with Hiram & Levi RUSH]
RUSSELL, Caroline, nee GREEN, d. Jan 16, 1884, Wife of James RUSSELL
RUSSELL, James, d. Mar 10, 1894, Father
SAINTS, Kate, 1835-1919 [same plot as HECKERT, KREBS & PHILLIPS]
SCANLON, Norman A., 26 Jan 1924 - 09 May 2001, Husband & Father
SCHEEL, Wilhelm, Oct. 6, 1861-Jul. 2, 1901
SCHMIDT, Maria, 1850-1870, Mother
SCHNEIDER, John L, 25 Apr 1931 - 29 Jun 1983, US Army, Korea, same stone as Romayne
SCHNEIDER, Romayne "Roe", 29 May 1934 - 08 Mar 2006, same stone as John L.
SCHOMAKER, Allen T., 1877-1943, Father
SCHOMAKER, Anna Christina, 1854-1923, Mother, Wife of Fred. W.
SCHOMAKER, Blanche Gladys, no dates, Daughter
SCHOMAKER, Christine [see LINTER]
SCHOMAKER, Clara M., 1887-1972, Wife, same stone as George, Jr.[JENKS?]
SCHOMAKER, Frederick W., 1853-1928, Father
SCHOMAKER, Ida WITTMER, 1880-1954, Mother
SCHOMAKER, Sadie A., 1881-1968, Mother
SCHOMAKER, William Frederick, 1915-1973, Son
SCHOMAKER, Winfield Scott, 1879-1943, Father
SCHREINER, John, 1836-1916, contractor for Western Penitentiary, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
SCHRIVER, Henry, Oct. 5, 1885 (Veteran)
SCHWAN, Martin, Dec. 19, 1863-Jan. 21, 1895
SCHWERD, A.F., 1842-1926, wood mfg., (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
SCOLES, William J., 1871-1938, Father
SCOTT, Andrew, 1881-1914, Husband
SCOTT, born ??? 25, 1857, died March 22, 186? (worn, hard to read)
SCOTT, David, 1828-1901, Father
SCOTT, James M., 1855-1903, Son
SCOTT, John A., Aug 1819-Mar 21, 1822(?) or 1879(?) [hard to read]
SCOTT, John H., 1861-1917, next to John A.
SCOTT, Margaret, 1826(?)-1921, Mother
SEARIGHT, Will H., died Jan. 11, 1892, aged 25 years
SEARL, Ebenezer, 1827-1876 (same stone as Rebecca J.)
SEARL, Rebecca J., 1830-1907, "His Wife" (same stone as Ebenezer)
SEIBERT, Christian M., 1807-1879, same stone as John & Emma M.
SEIBERT, Emma M., 1834-1913, same stone as John & Christian M.
SEIBERT, John, 1806-1854, same stone as Christian M. & Emma M.
SEIBERT, Mary E., 1876-1971
SEIBERT, Mary, 1845-1929
SEIBERT, William C., 1873-1916
SEIBERT, William P., 1850-1921
SEITZ, Leonard, 1824-1866
SEITZ, Rosina, 1829-1893
SEMPLE, William, 1829-1889, department store owner, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
SEVIS, Gertrude, Feb. 22, 1849-Jun. 27, 1896, Mother
SHEAFF, John M., 1885-1961
SHEAFF, Lillian T., 1885-1956
SHINKLE, Anna, Apr 22, 1821-Jun 14, 1904, same stone as Charles
SHINKLE, Charles, Feb 14, 1820-Jun 24, 1893
SHORT(?), Clementine B., Wife of James AMOSTRONIC(?) (worn & hard to read)
SHORT(?), Clementine, Our Sister (worn, in SHORT plot)
SHORT(?), Emma, unreadable (in SHORT plot)
SHORT, Alexander, Our Father (worn)
SHORT, Delia, born Sep. 30, Wife of John H. SHORT (the rest is underground)
SHORT, George A., 1886-1889
SHORT, Ida B.K., 1882-1958
SHORT, John H., 1846-1901
SHORT, Joseph B., 1879-1936 (same stone as Richard B.)
SHORT, Margaret M., 1848-1923
SHORT, Richard B., Aug. 8, 1914-Sep. 28, 1914 (same stone as Joseph B.)
SHOTT, John, Jan 6, 1923(?), G.A.R.
SIMPSON, Hugh, 1885-1895
SLEETH, Alexander, died Dec. 29, 1886, "aged 18 years, son of Leonard W. & Sarah J. SLEETH"
SMITH, Arlene M., 1910 - 1999, next to Jacob F.
SMITH, Frances, nee THIES, 1864-1935, Mother, next to James L. SMITH
SMITH, George Ellsworth, 1862-1905, horseplayer known as "Philadelphia Phil", (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
SMITH, Jacob F., 1904 - 1981, next to Arlene M.
SMITH, James L., 1862-1944, Father, next to Frances THIES
SMITH, James, d. Jun 12, 1880, aged 29 years, 8 mos. & 12 days, very worn stone
SMITH, Nancy J., died jan. 30, 1879, "aged 28 years, Wife of Daniel SMITH"
SODDEY, Rosie , (no dates)
STAFF, Lavina B., Sep 4, 1854-May 11, 1912, Wife of Martin STAFF
STALEY(?), Harvey, b. Oct 186_, died Jan 2, 187_, Son of W. & Martha STALEY, [very worn & lying down next to Clara F. McCONNELL]
STARK, Charles, 1845-1895, Father & Veteran, Sgt. Co. D 5th W. VA Cav.
STETSON, Robert Pope, no dates, aged 17 months, Son of O.P. and B.B. STETSON
STEVENS, Mary J., d: Mar. 28, 1871, "Wife of Sturley C. STEVENS, aged 31 years"
STEVENSON, Maggie E., d. Jan 9, 1912, aged 68, same stone as Susan, James D., & Margaret R.
STEVENSON, Margaret R.
STEVENSON, Susan, d. Feb 16, 1821, aged 76, same stone as James D., Margaret R. & Maggie E.
STEWART, Clara D., d. Nov 23, 1886, age 23 years
STEWART, Enola, 1863-1907, Mother
STOBO, William, Jul 1851-May 1895, Husband
STOCKDALE, Jackman T., no dates
STOCKDALE, Katie, d. Jul 5, 1897
STOCKDALE, Mary J., no dates
SWOPE, Henry W., 1880-1883, same stone as Michael
SWOPE, Louis E., d. Apr 22, 1922, a veteran
SWOPE, Maggie E., 1854-1924
SWOPE, Michael, 1851-1928, same stone as Henry W.
SWOPE, Nettie M., 1886-1923
SYLVESTER, Sarah, nee GARDNER, Oct 9, 1832-Dec 15, 1886, Mother
TATE, Gertrude, 22 Apr 1915 - 20 Feb 2001
TAUSKEY, William A., 03 Mar 1949 - 21 Jan 2009
TAYLOR, George Lamb, Jan 1833-May 24, 1872(?), very worn
TEETS, unreadable first name, died Mar 29, 1875, in her 3rd year, Daughter of Ford and A.M. TEETS
TESH, Wm. Fulton, 1890-1915, Coxswain, Gun Capt. USS Texas
THIEL, Louis A., 1811-1870, founder of Thiel College, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
THIES, Frances [see SMITH]
THOMAS, Ben. F., 1867-1890 (same stone as Bessie May)
THOMAS, Bessie May, 1878-1896 (same stone as Ben. F.)
THOMAS, Clara E., 1856-1907, Mother, same stone as Lynford
THOMAS, Elizabeth, d. May 11, 1907, aged 76, Wife of Thomas G. THOMAS
THOMAS, Frank G., 1862-1870, Child of T.G. & E. THOMAS [same stone as Wm. G.]
THOMAS, Lynford, 1836-1908, Father, same stone as Clara E.
THOMAS, Maud J., Sep. 22, 1871-Oct. 5, 1897
THOMAS, Thomas G., d. Jun 25, 1905, aged 75
THOMAS, Thomas R., Aug 8, 1848-Sep 17, 1910
THOMAS, William G., 1866-1885, Child of T.G. & E. THOMAS [same stone as Frank G.]
THOMSON, Wm. M., died Nov. 12, 1882, aged 37 yrs., "A Native of Dunfermline Scotland" (same stone as Wm. M., Jr., Masonic symbol on stone)
THOMSON, Wm. M., Jr., died Jan. 31, 1882, aged 13 days (same stone as Wm. W., Sr.)
THORSELL, Aimee Ross, 1860-1924
THORSELL, Jean A., 1854-1910
THORSELL, Mary, nee CREA, 1854-1892
TODD, Mary C., Sep. 25, 1843-Jan. 19, 1886, "Wife of John HOOD"
TOMLINSON, Jeremiah B., Sep 17, 1844-Sep 29, 1871
TOMLINSON, John G., Mr 11, 1809-Jul 1859
TOMLINSON, Mary Ann, Apr 20, 1819(?)-Feb 20, 1860
TOONN, Charles J., Co. C 102nd Pa. Inf., (Veteran)
TUCKER, Hattie H., 1871-1948
TUESCHER, Catherine, 1852-1927, Mother
TUESCHER, Edwin W., 1886-1918, Son
TUESCHER, Helen L., May 16, 1899 - May 1954, Wife
TUESCHER, William S., 1850-1931, Father
TUESCHER, William S., Jan 29, 1884 - Jan 4, 1965, Husband
TURNBLACER, Maria M., 1825-1907 (in same plot as TURNBLAZER & KILMER)
TURNBLAZER, Christ, died Mar. 12, 1882, Father (stone broken in half, same plot as TURNBLACER & KILMER)
TYLER, ?????, an unreadable veteran's stone, next to Lottie RISHER TYLER
TYLER, Daisy Marie, 1869-1943
TYLER, Lottie RISHER, 1872-1953
TYLER, Maria W., 1842-1926, Mother
TYLER, Nellie CARTER, 1866-1943
VETTER, Jacob, unreadable & lying down
VOHASEK, Vojtech, "Narozen, Roku 1854, Zemrel, Roku 1875"
VOLKWEIN, Charmain R., 1895-1970
VOLKWEIN, Harry H., 1890-1950
VOLKWEIN, Philomena BRANDAU, 1870-1929
VOLKWEIN, Reinhard, 1868-1937
VOLKWEIN, Roy Reinhard, 1924-1930
VOLKWEIN, Ruth Hilda, 1918-1931
WADSWORTH, Matilda M. RUSSELL, 7-31-1831 to 11-20-1869, "Wife of Walter"
WALKER, Olive REED, 1865-1897 [by YOUNG graves]
WALLACE, Eva S., 1864-1940, with Robert W. WALLACE on Joseph MACDONALD monument
WALLACE, Robert W., 1864-1915, on Joseph MACDONALD monument
WATSON, John P., unreadable
WATSON, Margaret, Nov 26(?), 1872, unreadable, 4 in a row unreadable
WATSON, William, 1860-1880, with Margaret & John
WELDON, Elizabeth, 1831-1885, Mother
WELDON, Joseph R., 1887-1889, Son
WELDON, Margaret J. [see HORN]
WELDON, S. Elizabeth, 1868-1915, Daughter
WELSH, George, 1870-1912
WELSH, T.W., 1832-1899
WELSHONS, John B., 1880-1943, Son
WELSHONS, Mary E., 1855-1937, Mother
WELSHONS, Wm. E., 1857-1905, Father
WENTZ, Catherine, 1821-1885 [by itself]
WHISTON, Mary A., 1850-1929
WHISTON, Nathaniel R., 1849-1906
WHITE, unreadable first name CLARK, Sep 4, 1851-Jun 18, 1877, Daughter of Robert & Sophia CLARK, "Until the Day Dawns"
WHITTY, Henry, 1828-1903
WHITTY, Susan, 1838-1917 [with BRATT]
WILLIAMS, Ellis, no dates, a flat marker
WILLIAMS, John, 1828-1894
WILLIAMS, Mary Ann, d. Sep 15, 1891, aged 66 years, Wife of John R. WILLIAMS [buried same plot as Richard PHILLIPS, her maiden name could possibly be PHILLIPS]
WILLIAMSON, Margaraet K., 1848-1918, same stone as Theodore A.
WILLIAMSON, Theodore A., 1848-1926, same stone as Margaret K.
WILSON, Annie M., 1869-1943 [next to Joseph]
WILSON, Charles H., 1902-1987
WILSON, Fannie Luella, Jul. 6, 1865-Nov. 22, 1892, "Wife of John McM. PORTER" (same plot as John M. PORTER & Mary E. BASSETT)
WILSON, Grace, d. Aug 1, 1869, age 68, Wife of Samuel, same stone as Samuel, age 21
WILSON, John, Jan 16, 1798-Jun 15, 1885, "Uncle", same stone as Sarah
WILSON, Joseph, 1867-1941 [next to Annie M.]
WILSON, Samuel, d. Nov 24, 1871, age 32
WILSON, Samuel, d. Sep 22, 1870, aged 21, same stone as Grace
WILSON, Sarah, May 8, 1810-Jul 22, 1874, "Aunt", same stone as John
WILSON, unreadable first name, d. Mar 30, 1866, aged 94, Wife of Joseph WILSON [& one unreadable stone next to her]
WILSON, [partially buried, unreadable small stone next to John & Sarah WILSON]
WOLF, Anna Catherina, Jun 7, 1882-Aug 29, 1883, Daughter of Wilhelm & Anna M. WOLF
WOLF, Martha, 1854-1893, Mother, [with Anna Catherina & Wilhelm WOLF]
WOLF, Wilhelm, Dec 23, 1850-Dec 24, 1888, Father
WOOSTER, Charles, 1844-1872 (same stone as Dorathy Ide)
WOOSTER, Dorathy Ide, 1844-1909 (same stone as Charles)
WYMAN, James G., 1851-1910, four-time mayor of Allegheny, (Source: Union Dale Brochure)
WYNNE, no name or dates
YOUNG, Hugh R., Jr., 1887-1895, Son
YOUNG, Hugh, 1856-1938, Father, same stone as Jennie W.
YOUNG, Hugh, 1856-1938, next to Jennie
YOUNG, Jennie W., 1860-1948, Mother, same stone as Hugh [her maiden name could possibly be WALKER]
YOUNG, Jennie, 1860-1948, next to Hugh
YOUNG, Mary, 1859-1937, Mother [next to Robert R. JEFFREY]
ZAK, Leopold, Nov. 15, 1850-Feb. 2, 1903, Father
ZEBER, Carie, Oct 26, 1860-Mar 28, 1896, Daughter
ZEBER, Caroline, nee WEIDMAN, 1834-1903, Mother
ZEBER, Elizabeth G., Sep 19, 1859-Feb 13, 1901, Wife of Richard KEMP, Daughter
ZEBER, Jacob, Aug 18, 1870-Sep 21, 1876
ZEBER, N., Mar 10, 1833-Jan 2, 1898, Father
ZITZMAN, Andrew, 1833-1899, Father
ZITZMAN, Andrew, 1874-1912, Husband
ZITZMAN, Edith M., Aug 5, 1876-May 24, 1953
ZITZMAN, George(?), Jan 19, 1873-Mar 1, 1873, also another unreadable name on this stone, born 1861, unreadable death date
ZITZMAN, Mary, 1838-1915, Mother

DIVISION TWO SECTION A (formerly Hilldale Cemetery)
Tombstone inscriptions by Janice Cooper, [email protected], February 2001.
(unless Source noted differently)
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
BECKERT, Catharina, 1821-1883, Wife of Michael GEYER
BECKERT, Fredericka, 1855-1941, Wife of Charles GEYER
CROMBIE, Kate R., 1873-1969
CROMBIE, William H., 1880-1954
DUNLAP, Capt. Hance M., 1817-1901 [with Sarah Ann]
DUNLAP, Kate [see VOIGT]
DUNLAP, Sadie A., d. Dec 19, 1889, Daughter [next to VOIGT graves]
DUNLAP, Sarah Ann, 1816-1904 [with Hance M.]
ELLIOTT, Charles H., 1907-1934
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth S., 1875-1959
GILLELAND, Annetta Marie, 1885-1895
GILLELAND, John A., 1841-1897
GRAHAM, Dale B., d. May 27, 1887
GRAHAM, Frances, d. Aug 13, 1869, Wife of William
GRAHAM, James L., unreadable month, 20, 1895 [on monument with William& Frances GRAHAM and Ella GRAHAM STEPHENSON & Robert S. STEPHENSON & other unreadable names]
GRAHAM, James S., 1817-1895 [next to Mgt.]
GRAHAM, Margaret, 1829-1899
GRAHAM, unreadable first name, date of June 20, unreadable year
GRAHAM, William, Jan 6, 1789-Sep 13(?), 18__(?), A Native of Ireland(?)
GRIER, Mary, 1844-1913 [with Robert J.]
GRIER, Robert J., 1840-1913
HERD, Ellen B., d. Dec 12, 1881, aged 78, Mother
HERD, Thomas R., Apr 4, 1804-Oct 15, 1874, Father
HOBSON, Mary B., 1838-1868, Mother, Wife of James A. SHOLES
HYDE, William S., d. Dec 22, 1886, [with James L. GRAHAM family graves]
MORGAN, Bright MACHESNEY, d. Oct 12, 1949, "A Loyal and Faithful Friend" [near Charles MACHESNEY]
SARVER, Eliza M., 1836-1873 [with TUSTIN graves]
SHOLES, Albert S., 1865-1865
SHOLES, Arthur H., 1856-1901
SHOLES, George S., 1859-1884
SHOLES, James A., 1826-Dec 10,1888, Father[with Mary HOBSON]
SHOLES, Lizzie M., 1861-1864
SNAMAN, Ellen J., 1844-1933, Mother
SNAMAN, George W., 1839-1922, Father
STEPHENSON, Ella GRAHAM, Jan 20, 1941 [same monument as James L. GRAHAM family]
STEPHENSON, Robert S., Jul 18, 1911,[with Ella GRAHAM]
TUSTIN, James M., 1863-1912
TUSTIN, Mary M., 1838-1925, Mother [with SARVER graves]
VOIGT, Charles Stanley, Apr 12, 1880-Aug 6, 1880, Son, same stone as Kate DUNLAP VOIGT
VOIGT, Kate, nee DUNLAP, 1859-1950, same stone as Charles Stanley VOIGT
VOIGT, William C., 1852-1907, Father
WOOD, Annie F., d. March 1870(?), Wife of Robert J. GRIER

(formerly Hilldale Cemetery)
Tombstone inscriptions by Janice Cooper, [email protected]
(unless Source noted differently)

Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
AMHERST(?), Martha(?), born Mar 16, 1782, died Jul 26, 1861, very worn, 2 unreadable stones next to her
ANDERSON, Jas. L., died May 30, 1868, in the 34th year of his age, My Husband
ATWELL, Martha, nee GREGG, d. Feb 19, 1927, Wife of Capt. Charles A. ATWELL
AXTON, Irene C., Sep 24, 1890-Jun 28, 1908
BAKER, Amos D., 1831-1902, same stone as Naomi
BAKER, Joseph(?), died September, year unreadable, age 93(?), same stone as Nancy BAKER
BAKER, Josiah(?), d. May 2, 1830(?) or 1890(?), in his 86th year [same stone as another unreadable BAKER]
BAKER, Nancy, d. March 1823(?), same stone as Joseph(?) BAKER
BAKER, Naomi, 1834 - [unfinished date], same stone as Amos D. BAKER
BAKER, unreadable, age 23 years, date is Feb., very worn stone, same stone as Josiah(?) BAKER
BARLOW, Agnes D., 1880-1961, Mother, same stone as Isaac
BARLOW, Isaac, 1878-1941, Father, same stone as Agnes D.
BEADLING, Earl W., 1904-1957, same stone as Elizabeth ENGLISH BEADLING
BEADLING, Elizabeth, nee ENGLISH, 1906-1969, same stone as Earl W. BEADLING
BEATTIE, William - BROTHER - died May 19 1903 (son of William & Sarah), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 East, (ML)
BECKET, Eliza [see GREEN]
BELL, William M., d. Jul 11, 1870, Age 36 years, 3 mo. & 15 days
BIGGER, Mary, nee DAVIS, Jul 25, 1844-May 4, 1935, Wife of Matthew BIGGER
BIGGER, Matthew, Sep 3, 1842-Nov 3, 1920, Co. E 36th Reg. O.V.V.I., 1861-1865
BIGGER, Nellie L., Jun 3, 1870-Jan 10, 1880, Only Child of Matthew & Mary DAVIS BIGGER
BILLS - MOOREHEAD [a monument with many names]
BILLS, Mina B., d. Nov 24, 1892 [on monument]
BILLS, Orpha F., d. Apr 14, 1890 [on monument]
BILLS, Samuel S., d. May 28, 1876 [on monument]
BILLS, Sherman, d. Apr 24, 1864 [on monument]
BILLS, William S., d. Mar 20, 1869 [on monument]
BLUEMKIN(?) or BLUEMKE(?), John B., worn & unreadable
BLYSTONE, Agnes Belle Euwer, 1860 - 9/4/1948, age 87, w/o Mark C., Lot 48, Rg. 19, (GS)
BLYSTONE, Mark C., 1860 - 1/21/1923, Age 62, Lot 48, Rg. 19, (GS)
BRELOS, Mary LINDSAY, 1865-1938, Mother, same stone as Rev. Carl G. BRELOS
BRELOS, Rev. Carl G., 1857-1933, Father, same stone as Mary LINDSAY BRELOS
BROWN, Martha A., 1840-1919, Wife of R. R. INGRAM
BROWNSON, James Marclay, Jul 1, 1888-Feb 24, 1892, Son of J.M. & M.C. BROWNSON
BROWNSON, John M., Oct 10, 1845-Dec 19, 1904
BROWNSON, Mary CONRAD, Oct 31, 1855-Aug 9, 1890, Wife of J.M. BROWNSON
BROWNSON, Merle C., Aug 5, 1881-Apr 27, 1939
BULLOCK, Ruth J. [see LOWE]
CALDWELL, Betsy, 1829-1889, same stone as John CALDWELL & WILLIAMSON & EVANS
CALDWELL, John, 1833-1874, same stone as Betsy CALDWELL, & WILLIAMSON & EVANS
CARNEY(?), Ebenezer, 1873-1873
CARNEY(?), Elizabeth, 1868-1869
CARNEY(?), Minnie Doty, 1881-1881
CARNEY(?), Reese, 1882-1882
CARNEY(?), Stephen Elmer, 1862-1864
CARNEY(?), William Albert, 1861-1862, same stone as Stephen Elmer, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Minnie Doty, Reese [this stone is located between CARNEY and AXTON stones]
CARNEY, David E., 1873-1916, Son
CARNEY, J.J., 1849-1913, Father
CARNEY, Jerre, 1870-1916, Son
CARNEY, M.J., 1851-1927, Mother
CAROTHERS, Elizabeth, d. Mar 17, 1870, aged 88 years, same stone as Robert & others
CAROTHERS, Robert, d. Apr 26, 1875, aged 92 years, same stone as Elizabeth CAROTHERS, SUSAN & Robt. GILLESPIE, Mary B. MUSSER and Eliz. PERKINS
COPPES, Edward, Nov 15, 1856-Aug 6, 1893, Husband
CUPPS(?), Mary, unreadable date, Wife of C.W.(?) TILGHMAN(?), next to William CUPPS, very worn
CUPPS, Aurora, d. Nov 1, 1887, age 69(?) years, 7 mos. & 21 days, Mother, same stone as William, [worn]
CUPPS, William, d. Sep 5(?), 1868, age 53 years, 8 mos. & 9 days, Father, same stone as Aurora
DADDS, John Hickman, 1860-1940, Husband of Roberta INGRAM
DADDS, Roberta Ingram, May 24, 1890-Jul 30, 1890, Daughter of J.H. & R.I. DADDS, "Baby"
DAVIS, Mary [see BIGGER]
DAVIS, Nancy J., nee PAUL, May 28, 1851-Mar 22, 1892, Wife of John C. DAVIS
DENNY, Bertha S., 1884-1922, "And Infant Son Gerald"
EBERT, Martha RIPPEY, d. Oct 6, 1936
ECKERT, Charlotte, 1813-1891
EISELE, Maria Barbara, d. Dec 9, 1868, Aged 26 years, 1 month & 17 days, Wife of Jacob EISELE [with Jacob & Theresa EISENBEIS]
ENGLISH, Elizabeth [see BEADLING]
ENGLISH, Martha E. nee MUSSER, 1880-1974, Wife of William Y. ENGLISH
ENGLISH, Susan MUSSER, 1871-1957, same stone as Thomas George
ENGLISH, Thomas George, 1875-1953, same stone as Susan MUSSER ENGLISH
ERNEST, Elmira G., Feb 6, 1848-May 1, 1867, Wife of John H. WEBSTER
EUWER, John, 1825 - 1890, Age 65, Lot 48, Rg. 19, (GS)
EUWER, Priscilla M. Douthett, 1825 - 10/18/1901, Lot 48, Rg. 19, w/o John, Age: 76yrs. 6 mo 8 days, (GS)
EVANS, A.C.W., 1861-1890, same stone as Elizabeth C.
EVANS, Elizabeth C., 1860-1889, same stone as A.C.W. EVANS & WILLIAMSON & CALDWELL
FAAS, Caroline S., nee SAUTTER, Aug 30, 1840-Dec 9, 1876, Wife of Gottlieb FAAS
FAIRMAN, Edwin C., 1865-1897, same stone as James S.
FAIRMAN, James S., 1875-1875, same stone as Edwin C.
FAIRMAN, Jos. W., 1839-1896, Father
FAIRMAN, Mary C., 1841-1876, Mother
FARRELL, Martha [see GRAHAM]
FORSE, David, Nov 8, 1820-Dec 26, 1902, Father, same stone as Margaret
FORSE, Margaret, Jul 26, 1821-Sep 18, 1885, Mother, same stone as David
FORSE, Minnie, Lilly, James, Sadie, & Maggie, no dates, "Children of David & Margaret FORSE"
FORSE, Samuel B., 1862-1950
FREEL, Catherine A., Apr 12, 1834-Jun 7, 1917, Wife of James FREEL, same stone as James FREEL and David C. & Sarah A. KERR
FREEL, James, Dec 25, 1833-Nov 17, 1892, "A soldier in Co. E 9th Regt. PA. RES. VOL. CORPS", same stone as David & Sarah KERR and Catherine A. FREEL
GALBRAITH, Agnes S., Mar 7, 1851-Jun 8, 1943, Wife
GALBRAITH, Florence J., Anna M., W.J. Cooke, died Aug 1889, Children of John & Agnes GALBRAITH
GALBRAITH, John, Jun 3, 1840-Dec 28, 1891, Husband
GARMANY, James M., 1868-1928, Father [with GALBRAITH]
GARRETT, Jane, d. Nov 1, 1901, Sister
GARRETT, Jno. R., d. Jul 23, 1874, same stone as Mary
GARRETT, John, d. May 22, 1858, Brother
GARRETT, Margaret, d. Feb 14, 1918, Sister
GARRETT, Mary, d. Feb 25, 1913, Sister
GARRETT, Mary, d. Mar 6, 1872, Mother, same stone as Jno. R.
GARRETT, Wm., d. Feb 29, 1868
GILL, Alice E., 1880-1884, same stone as Florence & Helen
GILL, Anna Katherine, no dates, "Only child of Charles & Kate GILL, aged 6 months and 23 days"
GILL, Elizabeth W. nee KERR, Aug 31, 1842-Jan 28, 1900, Mother, Wife of William J. GILL
GILL, Florence E., 1876-1880, same stone as Alice & Helen
GILL, Frank B., 1866-1951
GILL, Helen E., 1882-1887, same stone as Alice & Florence
GILL, Lewis R., 1871-1931
GILL, M. Catherine OWENS, d. Apr 2, 1919
GILL, Walter M., 1864-1934
GILL, William C., 1868-1931
GILL, William J., Aug 24, 1842-Jul 4, 1926, "Daddy"
GILLANDER, Daisy WEAVER, 1874 -1955, Mother
GILLANDER, George Hays, 1878-1962, Father
GILLESPIE, Robert, d. Dec 25, 1884, in his 38th year, same stone as Susan GILLESPIE & others
GILLESPIE, Sarah H., 1834-1915 [next to Susan & Robert GILLESPIE]
GILLESPIE, Susan, d. Mar 22, 1884, in her 77th year, same stone as Robert GILLESPIE, Mary B. MUSSER, Robt. & Elizabeth CAROTHERS and Elizabeth PERKINS
GLEASON, Birdie H., d. Feb 5, 1896 [on Stanton HUNTER family monument]
GRAHAM, Bessie [see MORROW]
GRAHAM, Hugh Arnold, 1866-1893, "Bally Maglave House Co. Down, Ulster"
GRAHAM, John F., 1829-1878
GRAHAM, Martha J., 1839-1919
GRAHAM, Martha, nee FARRELL, 1799-1879, Wife of Robert GRAHAM
GRAHAM, Mary E., nee HURFORD, 1845-1926, Wife of William F. GRAHAM
GRAHAM, Robert H., 1857-1878, Son of John F. & Martha H. GRAHAM
GRAHAM, Robert, 1802-1885
GRAHAM, William F., 1837-1889
GREEN, Eliza Jane, died Aug 17, 1870, in the 28th yr. Of her age, Our Sister
GREEN, Eliza, nee BECKET, Feb 1, 1803-Jan 18, 1855, Our Mother, & Wife of William GREEN
GREEN, Henrietta M., 1846-1902, Mother
GREEN, James, 1840-1922, Father
GREEN, William M., 1868-1956, Son [next to Henrietta & James]
GREEN, William, died Nov 10, 1858, in his 64th year of his age, Our Father
GREGG, Barbara W. SMITH, d. Apr 16, 1880, Wife of James P. GREGG
GREGG, Elizabeth, 1816-1896, Wife of James GREGG, Mother
GREGG, Elsie D., d. Oct 18, 1877
GREGG, James P., d. Feb 5, 1916
GREGG, James, 1813-1884, Father
GREGG, Martha [see ATWELL]
GREGG, William P., d. Nov 6, 1910, "Will"
HAMILTON, Elvira LINDSAY, 1854-1908, Mother, same stone as Elvira Anna LAMB
HIEBERSTAFT(?), Robert John, aged 6 mos. & 19(?) days, son of J. and N.J., also another unreadable on the same stone, next to Robert CLARK
HILL, Byron H., 1875-1947, Son
HILL, Charles G., 1872-1955, Son
HILL, John, 1840-1898
HILL, Susan G., 1841-1908
HOLMES, Mary Jane [see RIPPEY]
HOMANN, Carl, 1900-1900, same stone as Gustave, Elsie & Raymond [also GERST in the same plot]
HOMANN, Elsie, 1895-1898, same stone as Gustave E., Raymond D. & Carl
HOMANN, Gustave E., 1890-1894, same stone as Elsie, Raymond D. & Carl
HOMANN, Raymond D., 1893-1894, same stone as Gustave, Elsie & Carl
HORROCKS, Elizabeth, 1869-1949, Daughter
HORROCKS, Esther Sarah, 1844-1922, Mother
HORROCKS, Isabella L., 1839-1915
HORROCKS, James, 1832-1902
HORROCKS, John L., 1861-1878
HORROCKS, John, 1842-1933, Father
HORROCKS, John, Jun 9, 1800-Nov 3, 1872, Father, "Born England"
HORROCKS, Laura B., 1865-1914, Wife [next to R.M. SLEPPY]
HORROCKS, Mary, Nov 16, 1837-Mar 20, 1865, Sister, "Born England"
HORROCKS, Nany, Jan 6, 1809-Mar 20, 1882, Mother, "Born England"
HORROCKS, William James, 1878-1905, Son
HUKILL, David Wilkins, My 9, 1882-Jul 22, 1885, Son of H.O. & K.W. HUKILL
HUKILL, Fannie W., 1870-1958
HUKILL, H. Orville, 1844-1919
HUKILL, James L., 1866-1944
HUKILL, Kate, nee WILKINS, 1847-1908, Wife of H.O. HUKILL
HUNTER, "A.H.", no dates, a flat marker
HUNTER, Annie, d. Sep 14, 1923
HUNTER, Eddie K., d. Aug 24, 1872, aged 10 months & 21 days
HUNTER, Frederick K., d. Jun 3, 1877, aged 1 year, 11 months & 21 days
HUNTER, Henry G., d. May 6, 1871, aged 7 years, 1 month & 26 days
HUNTER, J. Stanton, d. Aug 2, 1897, Aged 11 years, 6 months & 1 day
HUNTER, James, d. Oct 9, 1918
HUNTER, Margaret, d. Sep 24, 1894, aged 29 years, Wife of Stanton HUNTER
HUNTER, Stanton, d. Dec 16, 1930, aged 69 years
HUNTER, Stanton, the family monument has the following HUNTERs: J. Stanton, William O., Stanton, Margaret, James, Annie, Frederick K., Eddie K., Henry G., & Birdie H. GLEASON
HUNTER, William O., 1859-1940
HYDE, Eddie, died May 12, 1874, aged 4 yrs. & 3 mos., Only Son of Thomas & Addie E. HYDE
INGRAM, C.V., Jan 30, 1877-Jul 27, 1883, "Charlie"
INGRAM, F.A., Sep 18, 1863-Jun 27, 1883, "Allie"
INGRAM, Robert R., 1834-1924
INGRAM, Roberta, 1866-1954, Wife of John Hickman DADDS
JAHN, Mary J. MULLINS, 1893-1971, Mother
JAHN, William A., 1878-1918, Father [same plot as RIPPEY]
JOHNSON, Elizabeth, 1834-1871, Wife of William, on monument
JOHNSON, Infant Daughter, Nov 6, 1871, on monument
JOHNSON, J. Henry, 1845-1862, "Co. G. 1 Maryland Cavalry", on monument
JOHNSON, James R., 1867-1877, on monument
JOHNSON, Margaret, 1811-1893, Wife of Ralph, on monument
JOHNSON, Mary, 1837-1929, on monument
JOHNSON, Ralph A., 1878-1896, on monument
JOHNSON, Ralph, 1812-1901, on monument with Margaret, J. Henry, Mary, Thomas W., Ralph A., William H., James R., William, Elizabeth, & Infant Daughter.
JOHNSON, Thomas W., 1848-1879, on monument
JOHNSON, William H., 1841-1863, on monument
JOHNSON, William, 1835-1886, on monument
JONES, Eliza, worn & unreadable, [same stone as Mary E. JONES, age 2 yrs.]
JONES, Mary E., died Dec 1862, Aged 2 years, worn, also says "Eliza" on the stone, the rest is unreadable
JONES, Rachel, d. Mar 7, 1872, Age 84, Wife of Peter JONES, Mother
JONES, Sarah, Feb 20, 1827-Apr 15, 1868, Daughter of P. & Rachel JONES
KERR, David C., 1830-1887, same stone as Sarah A. KERR and James & Catherine FREEL
KERR, Elizabeth W. [see GILL]
KERR, Sarah A., 1829-1902, same stone as David C. KERR and James & Catherine A. FREEL
KERR, William P., d. Nov 24(?), 1857, aged 26 years, next to David C. & Sarah A. KERR and one unreadable stone
KINGSBURY, Ida, nee GREGG, d. Aug 17, 1894, Wife of A. C. KINGSBURY
KIRKWOOD, Mary E., 1854-1940, same stone as Robert L. & Robert B.
KIRKWOOD, Robert B., 1887-1921, same stone as Robert L. & Mary E.
KIRKWOOD, Robert L., 1858-1902, same stone as Mary E. & Robert B.
KLEIN, Caroline, 1828-1868, next to John G. KLEIN
KLEIN, John G., 1857-1940, Husband
KLEIN, Mary ECKERT, 1857-1937 [by Charlotte ECKERT]
KOENIG, Eliese, Dec 2, 1824-Jun 6, 1903, Mother, same stone as John
KOENIG, John, Jul 29, 1823-Apr 2, 1889, Father, same stone as Eliese
LAMB, Elvira Anna, 1880-1957, Daughter, same stone as Elvira LINDSAY HAMILTON
LANG, Carrie [see MENDEL]
LANZ, Louis, d. Jun 3, 1863, Aged 8(?) months, Son of G. & M.W.M. LANZ, same stone as Mary W.M., very worn
LANZ, Mary W.M., d. Jun 4, 1868, In the 26th year of her age, Wife of George LANZ, same stone as Louis
LOBAUGH, L Granville - died Aug 28 1928 (husband of Mary) *, Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 East, (ML)
LOBAUGH, Mary Jane WEIR - died March 8 1942 (wife of Granville) *, Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 East, (ML)
LOWE, James Horrocks, Jan 26, 1921-Oct 15, 1988, same stone as Ruth J. BULLOCK LOWE
LOWE, Ruth J. BULLOCK, no dates, same stone as James Horrocks LOWE
MARSHALL, Elizabeth, 1857-1909, Mother [with James, and next to MENDEL graves]
MARSHALL, James, 1847-1947, Father [with Elizabeth]
MATHEWS, Anna Bell - died Nov 9 1902 (daughter of Thomas & Ann Mathews), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 West, (ML), (photo), (C&MB)
MAY, Henry R., Jr., 1895-1902, Son of Henry T. and Maggie J. MAY
MAY, Henry T., 1863-1937, same stone as Maggie J.
MAY, James C., died 1870(?) or 1879(?)
MAY, Maggie J., 1867-1951, same stone as Henry T.
MAY, unreadable, next to James & Henry MAY
McCALMONT, Susan W., 1900-1976, same stone as Wallace H.
McCALMONT, Wallace H., 1904-1970, same stone as Susan W.
McGINNESS [a monument with no dates or first names]
McGINNESS(?), Ella Maud, 1869-1907 [in the same plot as the McGINNESS monument, with Wm. Kerr, Harriett E. & Hannah Ola]
McGINNESS(?), Hannah Ola, 1877-1878 [in the same plot as the McGINNESS monument, with Wm. Kerr, Harriett E., Ella Maud]
McGINNESS(?), Harriett E., 1844-1917 [in the same plot as the McGINNESS monument, with Wm. Kerr, Ella Maud & Hannah Ola]
McGINNESS(?), William Kerr, 1840-1908 [in the same plot as the McGINNESS monument]
McKEE, Annie O., Apr 24, 1864-Aug 25, 1877
McKEE, Bertram E., Jul 9, 1874-Jun 11, 1908
McKEE, Elizabeth D., May 18, 1868-Jan 8, 1929
McKEE, George S., Jul 16, 1836-Sep 28, 1893
McKEE, Harry C., Sep 18, 1868-Mar 3, 1940
McKEE, Margaret A., Dec 1, 1838-Jan 9, 1905
McKEE, Olive, Feb 5, 1866-Jul 29, 1867
McKEE, Roy H., Oct 23, 1877-Nov 28, 1878
McMILLAN, Emma Preshaw - MY WIFE - died April 20 1892 (wife of James L), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 West, (ML), (photo), (C&MB)
McMILLAN, James L - died Nov 15 1910 (husband of Emma), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 West, (ML)
MENDEL, Albert W., 1878-1954, Father
MENDEL, Carrie LANG, 1854-1948, Mother, same stone as Louis
MENDEL, Catharina E., d. May 8, 1887, Aged 69 years, 2 months & 29 days, Wife of John MENDEL
MENDEL, John, d. Dec 27, 1878, Aged 68 years, 3 months & 1 day
MENDEL, Louis, 1858-1932, Father, same stone as Carrie LANG
MOOREHEAD, Elliott S., d. Jan 24, 1903, child of Sarah BILLS MOOREHEAD
MOOREHEAD, Ida G., d. Aug 1, 1917, Wife of Elliott S. MOOREHEAD
MOOREHEAD, Mildred, d. Jun 21, 1898, "Daughter of Ida & Elliott MOOREHEAD"
MOOREHEAD, Minnie L., d. Apr 17, 1930, child of Sarah BILLS MOOREHEAD
MOOREHEAD, Sarah, nee BILLS, d. Jun 29, 1870 [on monument]
MORROW, Bessie, nee GRAHAM, died 1937, Wife of Clifford B. MORROW
MOSS, Ellen, 1847-1917 [ next to John L. HORROCKS]
MULLINS, Mary J., nee RIPPEY, 1869-1930, Mother, same stone as William RIPPEY
MUSSER, Ella M., 1863-1914
MUSSER, Martha C., 1842-1928
MUSSER, Martha E. [see ENGLISH]
MUSSER, Mary B., d. Jan 25, 1874, in her 7th year, same stone as Susan & Robt. GILLESPIE, Robt. & Eliz. CAROTHERS & Eliz. PERKINS
MUSSER, William G., 1876-1935
OWENS, Catherine, Jan 5, 1907-Mar 11, 1879, Wife of John [my note: could possibly be related to M. Catherine OWENS GILL]
OWENS, John, Jul 17, 1804-Feb 9, 1888
PACK, Henrietta B., 1878-1972, Mother
PACK, John Calvin, 1859-1931, Father
PARKS, Amanda, Dec 30, 1838-Dec 24, 1862, Wife of William PARKS
PAUL, Nancy J. [see DAVIS]
PEARSON, Edwin S., 1860-1894
PEARSON, Flora M., 1859-1923 [with Edwin S.]
PERKINS, Elizabeth, d. Mar 19, 1877, in her 41st year, same stone as Robt. & Elizabeth CAROTHERS & others
PETTICORD, Jennie E., nee RITCHIE, d. May 6, 1903, Aged 73, Wife of John PETTICORD
PETTICORD, John P., d. Feb 22, 1890, Brother
PETTICORD, John, Jul 20, 1911, Father
PETTICORD, Minerva E., d. Dec 12, 1863, Aged 4 yrs., 2 mos. & 3 days, Daughter of John & Sarah PETTICORD
PETTICORD, Sarah, d. Feb 25, 1893, Age 55, Wife of John PETTICORD
PINKERTON, Frank M., 1942-1999, Husband, Father, Brother
PRESHAW, Anna Shaw Mathews - MOTHER - died Dec 3 1903 (wife of John), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 West, (ML), (photo), (C&MB)
PROPHATER, Anna F - died Dec 24 1916 (daughter of C F & Eliza), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 West, (ML)
, (photo), (C&MB)
PROPHATER, Eliza J MATHEWS - died Nov 20 1916 (wife of C F), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 West, (ML), (photo), (C&MB)
RIPPEY, Hugh, d. Sep 28, 1877, aged 52 years, of County Tyrone, Ireland [same monument as Mary, Hugh, Jr., Matthew & John Sproul RIPPEY]
RIPPEY, Hugh, d. Sep 28, 1877, in Allegheny City, PA., aged 52 hears, Husband Of Mary Jane HOLMES
RIPPEY, Hugh, Jr., Jun 6, 1862-Jul 2, 1866, same monument as Hugh & Mary
RIPPEY, John Sproul, Mar 17, 1856-Jul 15, 1866, same monument as Hugh, Mary, Hugh, Jr., & Matthew RIPPEY
RIPPEY, Martha [see EBERT]
RIPPEY, Mary Jane HOLMES, d. Nov 18, 1905, in Allegheny City, PA, aged 71 years, Wife of Hugh RIPPEY of County Tyrone, Ireland
RIPPEY, Mary, Feb 12, 1860-Sep 14, 1861, same monument as Hugh, Hugh, Jr., Matthew & John Sproul RIPPEY
RIPPEY, Matthew, May 1, 1859-Dec 31, 1893, same monument as Hugh & Mary
RIPPEY, Matthew, May 1, 1859-Dec 31, 1893, Son of Hugh RIPPEY & Mary Jane RIPPEY
RIPPEY, William, 1854-1910, "Union Now & Forever. This Vault Erected by William RIPPEY, Sept. 27, 1902", same stone as Mary J. MULLINS
RODENBAUGH, Catherine, 1819-1896, Mother
RODENBAUGH, Dr. John, no dates
RODENBAUGH, Eliza J., 1839-1867
RODENBAUGH, Emma T.C., no dates
RODENBAUGH, Ida, 1870-1952
RODENBAUGH, John, 1845-191?
RODENBAUGH, William Henry, no dates
ROTOCK, Abraham, d. Jul 3, 1874, age 84, Father, same stone as Susan A. & Mary J.
ROTOCK, George(?), unreadable month 26, 1893(?), PA. VOL., very worn
ROTOCK, Martha A., d. Mar 7, 1893, aged 45, Wife of H.A. WEAVER, Mother
ROTOCK, Mary J., d. Jul 5, 1853, age 16 yrs., Sister, same stone as Abe & Susan
ROTOCK, Susan A., d. May 10, 1898, age 88 yrs., Mother, same stone as Abraham & Mary J.
ROWBOTTOM, Sarah, 1859-1939, Aunt, [next to Flora E. RANKIN YOUNG]
SAUTTER, Caroline S. [see FAAS]
SIMPSON, William J., d. Feb 14, 1886, Co F 5th PA. Cavalry [by GALBRAITH]
SINTON, Elizabeth, Apr 7, 1819-Nov 12, 1881
SLEPPY, Alice W., no dates
SLEPPY, Reynolds M., 1877-1912, Husband
SMITH, Barbara W. [see GREGG]
SMITH, Charlotte, Clara Lucinda, and Sophia Jane, no dates, "Children of G.W. and E. SMITH"[next to Jessie & Lily]
SMITH, Ellen T., 1811-1892 [next to George W.]
SMITH, George W., 1805-1890 [next to Ellen T. & George W.]
SMITH, George W., May 31, 1867-Jun 1, 1891, Brother [next to Ellen & George W.]
SMITH, Jessie, died 1867, very worn
SMITH, Lily, date unreadable, "Our Baby", next to Jessie & Charlotte, Sophia Jane, & Clara Lucinda
SOUTH, George S., 1839-1892, Father
SOUTH, Sarah J., 1839-1913, Mother
STEPHENS, Daniel W., Aug 10, 1879-Mar 29, 1899 "Killed in Battle of Malolos, Co. I 10th Reg. PA. Vol.", G.A.R. symbol on grave
STEPHENS, David John, Jun 28, 1857-Jan 28, 1883
STEPHENS, John, Oct 4, 1834-Apr 24, 1912, "Member of Capt. Nevins Indpt. Battery Light Artillery" [G.A.R. 1861-1865]
STEPHENS, Mary, Feb 29, 1840-Oct 23, 1915, Mother
STEPHENS, Rachel Ann, Jan 27, 1859-Jan 16, 1875
STEVENSON, Annie W., 1879-1903
STEVENSON, Augusta M., nee WIDNEY, 1847-1904
STEVENSON, John D., 1880-1953, Husband
STEVENSON, John, 1833-1900
STEVENSON, Robert W., no dates, Son of John and Augusta M. STEVENSON, Aged 3 mos. [stone looks to be from abt. 1900]
STEVENSON, Robert, 1836-1900
SUTTER, Edna B., 1883-1960 [next to McGINNESS]
SUTTER, Louis E., 1880-1934 [next to McGINNESS]
TOTH(?) or TUTH, or TUTE(?), Mary, Wife of George W., very worn & unreadable [located near DAVIS, BAKER, & PAUL stones]
WALKER, Hiram L., 1874-1955 [with Sarah E., Thomas H. & Smith WALKER]
WALKER, Sarah Elizabeth, 1845-1925, Wife of Smith WALKER
WALKER, Smith, 1843-1897, Co. G. 61st Penna. Vol.
WALKER, Thomas H., 1880-1919
WEAVER, Adam H., 1841-1905, SCHLARB, Bessie M., nee MITCHELL, 1899-1961, Mother [with WEAVER & ROTOCK]
WEAVER, Adelia B., Harry M., Daisy, Curtis H., no dates, Children of A.H. and S.A. WEAVER
WEAVER, H. Hudson, Nov 29, 1872-Feb 15, 1904
WEAVER, Henry A., Jan 5, 1843-My 12, 1886, Father
WEBSTER(?), Thomas, unreadable child's grave, next to Elmira G. ERNEST WEBSTER
WEBSTER, Elizabeth, b. Dec 22, 1816, d. May 29, 1874, with Elmira & Thomas WEBSTER
WEBSTER, Thomas, b. 1816, d. Mar 12, 1869(?)
WEIR, Annie - died October 6 1932 - daughter of David & Sarah, (ML)
WEIR, David Calhoun - died July 9 1911 (shares stone with Sarah), (ML)
WEIR, Elizabeth Jane - died April 23 1921 - daughter of David & Sarah, (ML)
WEIR, John - FATHER - died Jan 23 1900 (husband of Sarah), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 East, (ML)
WEIR, Mabel G - died April 15 1939 - daughter of David & Sarah, (ML)
WEIR, Mazie E - died August 23 1932 - daughter of David & Sarah, (ML)
WEIR, Sarah Willock - WIFE - died September 22 1890 (shares stone with David), (ML)
WEIR, Sarah - died March 3 1891 (wife of John), Section B, Range 19, Lot 52 East, (ML)
WIDNEY, Augusta M. [see STEVENSON]
WIDNEY, Louis H., Nov 21, 1852-Nov 11, 1893 [with STEVENSON]
WILEY, Amelia S., no dates, Daughter
WILEY, Blanche H., no dates, Daughter
WILEY, Clara, nee PETTICORD, 1857-1933, Mother
WILEY, John C., no dates, Son
WILEY, William G., 1853-1932, Father
WILLIAMS, Margaret M., 1871-1944, Daughter [with HILL graves]
WILLIAMSON, Annie H., 1845-1899, same stone as John W., John H. and Betty WILLIAMSON, also John & Betsy CALDWELL, Elizabeth C. EVANS and A.C.W. EVANS
WILLIAMSON, Betty, 1789-1866, same stone as Annie, John W. & John H.
WILLIAMSON, John H., 1877-1881, same stone as Annie H., John W. & Betty
WILLIAMSON, John W., 1823-1883, same stone as Annie H., John H. & Betty WILLIAMSON, also EVANS & CALDWELL
YOUNG, Flora E. RANKIN, 1883-1928
DIVISION TWO SECTION C (formerly Hilldale Cemetery)
Tombstone inscriptions by Janice Cooper, [email protected]
(unless Source noted differently)

Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
BRIDGINS, Lydia, d. Sep 10, 1845, aged 48 yrs. [in James GORDON plot] Link
BROKAW, N.S., 23 - 24, Sec. C [a flat ground marker]
DAVIS, Maria H., 1801-1893, same stone as William G. [same plot as PHILLIPS]
DAVIS, William G., 1799-1835, same stone as Maria H. [same plot as PHILLIPS]
EUWER, Edith [see STONE]
FERGUSON, Ellen, nee NESBIT, Aug 12, 1830-Nov 27, 1909, Wife of Reuben H. FERGUSON
FERGUSON, Margaretta(?), d. Mar 10, 1862(?), Aged 1 year & 3 months, Daughter of R.H. & Ellen FERGUSON, same stone as Mary Ellen & Maria Nesbit
FERGUSON, Maria Nesbit, d. Mar 26, 1869(?), Aged 6 years & 8 months, Daughter of R.H. & Ellen FERGUSON, same stone as Margaretta & Mary Ellen
FERGUSON, Mary Ellen, d. Mar 14, 1866(?), Aged 3 years & 4 months, Daughter of R.H. & Ellen GERGUSON, same stone as Margaretta & Maria Nesbit
FERGUSON, R.H., Jul 6, 1867-Apr 27, 1885
FERGUSON, Reuben H., Dec 18, 1825-Oct 23, 1891
GORDON, Annie G., Nov 14, 1873-Jul 13, 1969 [in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, Collord, Oct 16, 1869-Sep 7, 1870 [in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, Edwin S., Feb 17, 1862-Nov 8, 1949 [in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, Edwin S., Feb 9, 1899-Sep 12, 1902 [in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, George Bruce, 1868-1933, Brother [in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, James G., Dec 2, 1900-Dec 25, 1985 Link
GORDON, James, Jun 24, 1824-Apr 17, 1892, Father Link
GORDON, Margaretta, Jan 26, 1831-Apr 6, 1913 [in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, Mary, Oct 30, 1873-Nov 2, 1873 [in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, Stephen B., May 10, 1903-Jul 10, 1989 {in James GORDON plot] Link
GORDON, Thomas S., Jul 4, 1854-Jan 15, 1916, Brother [in James GORDON plot] Link
MACLEAN, Esther Josephine "Ettie", Dec 2, 1872-May 4, 1876, Daughter of Esther C. SCHOONMAKER and Samuel R. MACLEAN
McKELVEY, Antoinette Ann, Jun 14, 1926-Oct 11, 2002, Mother, same stone as Carl James
McKELVEY, Carl James, no dates, same stone as Antoinette Ann
MOORE, Maude [see STONE]
PARKER, Elmer C., 1868-1934, Husband [in James GORDON plot] Link
PARKER, Margaret G., 1873-1961, Wife [in James GORDON plot] Link
PHILLIPS, Emma MATHIAS, 1854-1918
PHILLIPS, John, 1774-1836, same stone as Nancy H.
PHILLIPS, John, 1814-1893 [next to Martha & Wm. PHILLIPS]
PHILLIPS, Kate, 1855-1856 [next to Emma M. PHILLIPS]
PHILLIPS, Martha G., 1825-1905 [next to John & Wm. PHILLIPS}
PHILLIPS, Nancy H., 1783-1834, same stone as John PHILLIPS who died in 1836
PHILLIPS, Nancy, 1816-1896
PHILLIPS, unreadable first name, born Dec 1800's, worn & unreadable [next to John, Martha & Emma PHILLIPS]
PHILLIPS, unreadable first name, Feb 22, 1809-Aug 7, 1864 [next to Kate & Emma PHILLIPS]
PHILLIPS, William D., 1854-1896 [next to Martha & John PHILLIPS]
RISHER, Susanna, Oct 28, 1820-Apr 23, 1902, Mother & Relict of Samuel MACLEAN, Jr.
STONE, Edith, nee EUWER, Mar 15, 1886-Oct 20, 1938
STONE, Maude, nee MOORE, Mar 15, 1884-Oct 12, 1936
STONE, Walter C., Feb 17, 1877-Oct 22, 1938, Sgt. Co. C 34th Inf., Enlisted Aug 10, 1899, Discharged Apr 17, 1901
TATE, Bessie MUNDEN, 1839-1883, Wife of William TATE, same stone as Wm. Jr.
TATE, William, Jr., 1834-1912, same stone as Bessie MUNDEN TATE

DIVISION TWO SECTION D (formerly Hilldale Cemetery)
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
NOBLE, John R.T. (Capt.), 18??-????, marker illegible, Range 15, Lot 12, (photo), (C&MB)
UPSTILL, Arthur R.; DOD: 3/12/1876; AGE: 4 Months, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Charles S.; Born: Allegheny; DOD: 3/8/1905; Age: 49 Yrs, 11 Mo, 13 Days, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Edward; Born: England; DOD: 3/8/1885; Age: 100 Yrs, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Edward C.; Born: Pittsburgh; DOD: 5/18/1903; Age: 83 Yrs, 10 Mo, 12 Days, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Ella H.; Born: Pittsburgh; DOD: 6/21/1897; Age: 19 Yrs, 5 Mo, 9 Days, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Emma; DOD: 3/5/1881; Age: 9 Mo, 1 Day, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Frank W.; DOD: 3/30/1891, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Jane M.; DOD: 4/3/1912; Age: 72 Yrs, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Margaret G.; Born: Utica, NY; DOD: 9/7/1896; Age: 33 Yrs, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Martha E.; DOD: 1/1/1941; Age: 79 Yrs, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, (Mrs.) Phoebe; DOD: 11/3/1880, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, Sarah H.; DOD: 5/17/1920; Age: 65 Yrs, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
UPSTILL, William E.; DOD: 12/16/1941; Age: 92 Yrs, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
WALKER, Lottie A.; DOD: 9/17/1948; 64 Yrs, (Upstill Monument, no individual markers), (WAS)
DIVISION TWO SECTION F (formerly Hilldale Cemetery)
Tombstone inscriptions by Janice Cooper, [email protected]
(unless Source noted differently)
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ALLEN, Ellen, 1850-1915, Mother [next to Samuel ALLEN]
ALLEN, Samuel, 1848-1890, Father
Anderson, Albert, b. 1891, d. 30 Sep. 1892, (unmarked), (LT)
Anderson, Harry Patterson, b. 3 Nov. 1890, d. 10 Nov. 1890, (unmarked), (LT)
Anderson, Mary Emma (Thompson), b. 1865, d. 18 Jan 1918, (unmarked), (LT)
BROSE, Albert E., 1871-1932, same stone as Catherine M. [& in David M. MORRISON plot]
BROSE, Catherine M., 1866-(no death date), Wife, same stone as Albert E. BROSE [& in David M. MORRISON plot]
COLMER, Dan'l., no dates, Co. D. 193 PA. Inf.
COLMER, Dan'l., no death date on stone. Flagholder states G.A.R. 1861-1865. [Interment date is Sep 5, 1867, Div. 2, Section F, Lot 34, Range 6. There are other COLMER graves in this plot, but no markers.]
COOPER, James McQuillan, 1876-1891
DAVIS, Howell, 1815-1896
ENGLAND, Charles H., Jul 18, 1871-Jun 29, 1952
ENGLAND, Martha L., Oct 18, 1875-Oct 11, 1968
FORRESTER, Florance, no dates, Father, same stone as Jessie
FORRESTER, Jessie, no dates, Mother, same stone as Florance
FOX, Clara, 1851-1881, same stone as M.W. & Ruth Ann MALOY
HAAS, Stella M., d. May 1, 1945, Wife
Harbison, Margaret Ann Reynolds, died July 28 1890, Range 10, Lot 48, (ML)
Harbison, William, died March 18 1885, Range 10, Lot 48, (ML)
HULME, Ann, May 10, 1819-Aug 1, 1890, Mother
HULME, Annie, Jun 7, 1852-Jan 29, 1891, Wife of F.W. REAMEN
HULME, Emma, d. Aug 8, 1918
HULME, George, "Brother", no dates
HULME, George, May 4, 1823-Apr 2, 1890, Father
HULME, John, "Uncle", no dates
HULME, Lizzie, "Sister", no dates
HUME, Jane, May 12, 1828-Feb 12, 1895, Mother, & Wife of Enos LENIGAN [next to MORRISON stones]
HURD,Lorrenzo(?), died Oct. [very worn & unreadable]
KAKILTY, Charles Cooper, Feb 1899-Jun 1899
KAKILTY, John, Nov 19, 1880-Jan 2, 1926, Father
LASHLEY, Beryl M (infant - buried July 29 1896 - no marker), Range 7, Lot 58, (ML)
LEBZELTER, Anna, d. Oct 29, 1933, Daughter
LEBZELTER, Martha E., 1834-1910, Mother
LEBZELTER, Wilhelmina C., June 1838-May 15, 1885
LEBZELTER, William J., d. Jul 31, 1868, same stone as William, Jr.
LEBZELTER, William, Jr., d. Sep 1869, same stone as William J.
LENIGAN, Margaret J., Nov 27, 1857-Feb 8, 1894, Sister, & Wife of David C. BOLE
LONG, Major Robert Hays, 1829-1906, 6th PA. H. Art. 1st Lieut. Co. E 77th PA. Inf. Vol. [in the same plot are Margaret B. LONG, Martha J. McMUNN, & Margaret SIMPSON]
LONG, Margaret B., May 14, 1866-Sep 11, 1874 [beside Major. Robt. Hays LONG]
MALOY, M.W., 1838-1899, same stone as Ruth Ann MALOY & Clara FOX
MALOY, Ruth Ann, 1824-1910, same stone as M.W. MALOY & Clara FOX
McCREARY, Mary, May 12, 1812(?)-Oct 1867(?) [by Priscilla McCREARY]
McCREARY, Priscilla, 1886-1904, Sister
McFARLAND, Margaret E (removed to Range 8, Lot 59), (ML)
McMUNN, Martha J., 1841-1923, Wife of Robert H. LONG
MORRISON, David M., Mar 30, 1842-Nov 22, 1908, Father [with Ellen, Ella & Mary J.]
MORRISON, Ella, Dec 6, 1871-Oct 17, 1900, Daughter [next to Mary J. & Ellen]
MORRISON, Ellen, Dec 13, 1843-Jun 22, 1904, Mother [next to Mary J. & Ella]
MORRISON, Mary J., Jan 9, 1869-Dec 13, 1871, Daughter [next to Ellen & Ella]
MORROW, Mathews, Jul 4, 1906
PAISLEY, Elizabeth, d. 1872(?)
PAISLEY, Mary, d. 1896
PAISLEY, Thomas, d. 1903
PARKS, Angelica, Nov 22, 1832-Oct 27, 1908, Mother
PRESSLAR, Edith (infant - buried July 30 1899 - no marker), Range 7, Lot 58, (ML)
PRESSLER, Jean (infant - buried December 4 1905 - no marker), Range 7, Lot 58, (ML)
REYNOLDS, Charles S - died March 29 1930 (son of William & Susana), Section F, Range 8, Lot 58, (ML)
REYNOLDS, Cora M - died Oct 7 1889 (daughter of William & Susana), Section F, Range 8, Lot 58, (ML)
REYNOLDS, Stanley (infant - died March 8 1907), Range 7, Lot 58, (ML)
REYNOLDS, Susana K Stanley - died June 28 1923 (wife of William), Section F, Range 8, Lot 58, (ML)
REYNOLDS, William L - 1836-1914 (husband of Susana), Section F, Range 8, Lot 58, (ML)
SIMPSON, Margaret, 1831-1868, Wife of Robert H. LONG
STANLEY, Marietta - died Sept 16 1894 (sister of Susana K Reynolds), Section F, Range 8, Lot 58, (ML)
Thompson, David Alvin, b. 1864, d. 4 July 1883, (unmarked), (LT)
Thompson, George W., b. 1872, d. 30 Jul 1928, (unmarked), (LT)
Thompson, James B. M., b. 1868, d. 7 Aug 1869, (unmarked), (LT)
Thompson, John Rea, b. 1833, d. 7 Dec 1908, (unmarked), (LT)
Thompson, John Rea Jr., b. 1870, d. 31 Oct 1877, (unmarked), (LT)
Thompson, John Rea III, b. 1922, d. 10 Feb 1923, (unmarked), (LT)
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, 1844-1937, same stone as Thomas
WILLIAMS, Thomas, 1843-1925, same stone as Elizabeth

DIVISION TWO SECTION G (formerly Hilldale Cemetery)
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ALDERSON, John, 1834-1885
BLAKLEY, Maggie, 1860-1902, Mother & Sister (same stone as Jennie Chambers), (CPL)
CARSON, A., Int: 4/22/1864, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CARSON, Arthur B., b: PA, d: 4/16/1904, Age 37 years, 3 months, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CARSON, Arthur M., d: 11/5/1910, Age 70 yrs, 10 mo, 8 days, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CARSON, Mary C. d: 11/18/1876, Age 3 1/2, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CARSON, Nancy, d: 4/12/1910, Age 66, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CARSON, Robert, Int: 7/18/1870, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CARSON, William P., d: 7/26/1913, Age 46, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CARSON, 2 Female Infants, b: 3/6/1872 d: 3/6/1872, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
CHAMBERS, Jennie, 1840-1874, Mother & Sister (same stone as Jennie Chambers), (CPL)
DONALDSON, William B., 1835-1880, (CPL)
FLOYD, Aaron Moore, 1847-1927, (CPL)
FLOYD, G. Washington, 1845-1886, (CPL)
FLOYD, Henry S., 1849-1892, (CPL)
FLOYD, James, 1816-1889, (CPL)
FLOYD, Josephine, 1857-1862, (CPL)
FLOYD, Kate, 1855-1863, (CPL)
FLOYD, Margaret Campbell, 1817-1873, (CPL)
FLOYD, Margaret, 1877-1883, (CPL)
FLOYD, Mary Childs, 1847-1931, (CPL)
FLOYD, William Donaldson, 1867-1874, (CPL)
GOULD, Anna L., d. 3-10-1889, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, Caroline, d. 12-8-1901, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, Cora, d. 10-20-1894, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, Florence (male), d. 3-11-06, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, Harry, d. 1-26-1896, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, John D., d. 5-15-1864, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, John R., d. 12-7-1892, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, Ross, d. 1-31-1902, Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
GOULD, William S., d. 7-8-1884 -- some I have found indicate his middle initial is "L", Lot 8, Range 10, (CH)
Gr�bing, Caroline, May 11, 1845 - June 2, 1937, w/o Henry, (PG)
Gr�bing, Elisabeth HAYDT, 1796 - August 1862, Div 2, Sec G, Range 9, Lot 15, (PG)
Gr�bing, Henry, November 14, 1837 - May 31, 1906, h/o Caroline, (PG)
Gr�bing, Siegfried, 1794 - April, 1878, h/o Elisabeth Haydt, Div 2, Sec G, Range 9, Lot 15, (PG)
Graebing, Christina, 1828-1892, w/o Philip, (PG)
Graebing, Henry Siegfried, 1859 - November 1905, f/o Ruth Graebing, (PG)
Graebing, John Charles, Aug 6, 1866 - Jan 1960, h/o Lillian Copeland, Div 2, Sec G, Range 9, Lot 15, (PG)
Graebing, John Hudson, Sept.20, 1902 - Oct.20, 1960, s/o John Charles & Lillian Copeland, Div 2, Sec G, Range 9, Lot 15, (PG)
Graebing, Lillian Copeland, (no dates) (??may be buried there as well), w/o John Charles, m/o John Hudson, (PG)
Graebing, Philip, 1824 - Nov. 19, 1864, h/o Christina, (PG)
Graebing, Ruth, Jan.17, 1891 - June 22, 1891, d/o Henry Siegfried, (PG)
HUBBARD, Arona Mae, 1894-1973, (CPL)
HUBBARD, Florence Marie, 1892-1893, (CPL)
HUBBARD, Wm. Pomeroy, 1871-1933, (CPL)
JOHNSON, Adella Blanche Reynolds (died Feb 16 1919, age 64), (Div 2, Sec G, Rg 13, Lot 1), (ML)
JOHNSON, Wilson S (died Jan 27 1912, age 55), (Div 2, Sec G, Rg 13, Lot 1), (ML)
McCARTHY, Katherine F. Hubbard, 1874-1944, (CPL)
POWELL, Margaret Floyd, 1854-1882, (CPL)
REYNOLDS, Melvina Little (died October 28 1901, age 89), (Div 2, Sec G, Rg 13, Lot 1), (ML)
SINGLETON, David, b:Allegheny, 8/9/1862, d:8/19/1862, Lot 10, Range 13, (Source: [email protected])
SINGLETON, Mary (daughter of William & Louise) b: Allegheny, 1864 d: 7/9/1864, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
SINGLETON, William, 1866-9/24/1925, Age 59, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)
THOMAS, Benjamin, 1886-1887, (CPL)
UHL, John Andrew, Jr., 1900-9/19/1940, Age 40, Lot 10, Range 13, (MC)

(formerly Hilldale Cemetery)
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
Beckett, Mary Ann Wells, 1837-March 6, 1875, (MH)
BEERS, Mrs Sarah A - died 1 June 1879 at age 78(Division Two, Section K, Lot 19, Range 1), (ML)
BEERS, Tillie - died 21 March 1888 at age 45(Division Two, Section K, Lot 19, Range 1), (ML)
McMILLAN, Mrs Maria BEERS - died 15 April 1886 at age 52(Division Two, Section K, Lot 19, Range 1), (ML)
McMILLAN, Melissa - died 24 July 1894 at age 10 months (Division Two, Section K, Lot 19, Range 1), (ML)

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McGREGOR Note from (RTM):
Lot 46, Range 20, section B, Div 2 contains many with the surname McGregor and I believe these to be descendents of Mathew
McGregor of North Fayette Township. Mathew was a Revolutionary War veteran and was married to Mary Walker. Mary was the
daughter of Gabriel Walker of Walkers Mill. She was captured by a group of Indians according to locally famous story.

The family requested that no monuments were to be erected on the graves, I am not sure of the reason for this, but serves to
explain why there are no monuments. It is also interesting to note the details of the death of Charles McGregor as noted below:
Charles H. McGregor, Died Winchester, KY, No age given, Died: August 23, 1891

According to the 1860 census, Charles McGregor is living at the Kelso residence in North Fayette Township and is employed as a
farm laborer. According to records at the Uniondale Cemetery in Pittsburgh Pa. Charles was Killed in a railroad accident in
Winchester Ky. on August 23, 1891.

A search of the Winchester Democrat, dated Aug 26, 1891 revealed only one death: Serious accidents are becoming quite common on
the Railroads near here. On Sunday (Aug 23) afternoon, C.H. James, a brakeman on the K. C. Road, was caught between the cars
while coupling and his life was crushed out in an instant. But little was known of him as he was a new man on the road. The
only clue to his residence being a letter from his mother in Pennsylvania. Coroner Alexander held an inquest which exonerated
the railroad and its employees from any blame in regard to the accident.
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