St. Paul's German Lutheran Church Cemetery, Zelienople, Pa (Butler Co.)

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St. Paul's German Lutheran Church Cemetery Burials
Zelienople, Pa
(Butler County)
Unless otherwise noted, contributed by Mary Neff,  Neffhur AT

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Contributors Notes:

These posted internments are taken from my copy of the cemetery layout of
St. Pauls Cemetery, which I acquired about 15 years ago while visiting there.
They are located alongside those in the Zelienople Cemetery, on Main St.,
Zelienople, PA and includes the names of those buried, and the location of plots.
The only thing is, there are no dates.

The cemetery is shared with the Zelienople Cemetery on Main St. in Zelienople.

A publication of this church's records was transcribed from old German Script,
by Gertrude Mohlin Ziegler, around 1987 and titled:

"St. Pauls German Luthern and Reformed Church

Zelienople, Butler Co., PA

Confirmation, Baptism, Marriage & Death Records

Posted: January 28, 2004 / Last Update: November 23, 2012
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
Ahlborn, ?
Ankermeyer, ?
Bankert, ?
Barko, Louis
Barson, Joseph
Bauer, Fred
Beckert, Phillip
Beighey, Geo.
Beighy, Charles
Beighy, Edward
Bell, Adolf
Bepler, ?
Beyer, Anthony
Bierline, Ralph
Bloom, Ellsworth
Bloom, George
Bloom, H.E.
Bloom, Jas.
Bloom, William
Blumenshine ?
Blumenshine Adam
Boehm, John
Bopp, Joseph Jr., 1935 / 1940, (photo), (RB)
Brandenburger, Amelia
Brandenburger, Phillip
Buehler, Emma, sisters
Buehler, John
Buehler, John Sr.
Burkhart, H.
Burr, Fred
Burr, Wm.F.
Burry, H.
Butterwick, Dr.
Butz, ?
Butz, Rev.J.G.
Christophel, Jacob
Coast, ?
Creighton, Dorothy
Creighton, Louis
Cunningham, Vincent
Curry, ?
Dambach, William
Daufen, Harry
Dauler, ?
Dauler, ?
Deitrich, ?
Diehl, R.C.
Dindinger, George
Dindinger, Ludwig, b.Dec.12, 1800 Drulingen, d.July 15,1878, Christina Mueller
Eckhart, John
Eiler, Clarence
Erb, Peter
Erdos, John
Esinger, ?
Fiedler, ?
Foehringer, Geo.
Foehringer, John
Frankenstein, Chas.
Frantz, John
Frederick, Phillip
Frishcorn, Adam
Frishcorn, John
Frishcorn, John
Frishcorn, John
Frishkorn, Arthur
Fuchs, ?, (related to Heckels)
Gaiser, Elizabeth
Garris, Clint
Garris, R.A
Garris, Walter
Gawlkowki, Stanley, d: 1934, (photo), (RB)
Gerwig, ?
Gerwig, Geo.
Gerwig, Paul
Glenn, R.C.
Goehring, C.F.
Goehring, Frank
Grabman, H.P.
Grant, Ralph
Grinder, Ned
Gross, ?
Gross, Jake
Groves, Ralph
Gruber, ?
Gudekunst, Jacob
Haas, ?
Had, ?
Hahn, ?
Haid, ?
Hale, Mrs.
Haller, ?
Haller, Adam
Hallstein, Maria
Hame, ?
Hartung, ?
Hartzell, Jacob
Heberling, ?
Heckel, child
Heckel, Andrew
Heckert, ?
Helman, ?
Heman, ?
Hencil, Gottlieb
Hendricks, Art
Herman, Louis
Herr, Anton, a weaver in Harmony, d 1842, age 51 Dorothea Lang
Herzog, ?
Hoch, J.
Hoefelter, George
Hogan, J.J.
Hogan, J.J.
Hohnadel, ?
Hollerman, Martin
Holtzman, ?
Holzer, Fred
Hooks, ?
Hooks, infant
Hoover, Frederick
Householder, ?
Householder, Elizabeth
Householder, Henry
Householder, Jacob
Householder, John
Hyde, Paul
Ifft, Charlotta (Catherine Charlotta Dietz)
Ifft, John
James, ?
Kafer, Geo.
Kaufman, Caroline
Kaufman, Casper
Kaufman, Jacob
Kause, ?
Keck, Elizabeth
Keck, John Geo.
Keck, Martha
Keck, John H.
Keefer, ?
Keihard, Karl
Keil, Phillip
Keiling, Adam
Kelsey, Harold
Keppel, ?
Kerr, W.E.
Ketterer, Jacob
Kirker, Homer
Kirschner, C.
Kirstatter, ?
Kirstatter, ?
Klein, G.
Kline, Carrie
Kline, Frederick
Kline, Geo.
Kline, Leonard
Kline, Matt
Klink, Fred
Knauf, Anna
Knauf, Michael
Knauff, F.
Knauff, John
Knauff, Margaretta
Knauff, Martin
Knepp, C.
Knepp, Frederick
Knoechel, ?
Kocher, Henry
Kocher, J.
Kocher, John
Kohe, Wm.
Kradel, Jacob
Kradel, John
Kradel, Philip
Lalmpert, G.
Lampert, Jos.
Lang, P.
Leake, Rev.
Letts, H.D.
Limmer, Karl
Linz, John
London, John G.
Loos, P.
Lotz, Casper
Lotz, Samuel
Luca, ?
Lundy, ?
Luntz, Adam
Luntz, George
Lutz, ?
Lutz, Samuel
Magness, ?
Major, Conrad
Majors, Henry
Mannas, Leroy C., d: 1933, (photo), (RB)
Marz, Nicholas
McCLelland, James
McDonough, Mary
McDonough, Paul
McMaster, ?
McMaster, Andrew
McNary, Gruben
Measel, H.A.
Measle, Abe
Meeder, ?
Meeder, Albert H.
Meeder, Carl
Meeder, Edw.
Meeder, Geo.
Meeder, Tobias hus.of Caroline Gerwig
Metz, ?
Metz, F.
Metzger, ?
Miesel, O.W.
Miller, George
Miller, Henry
Miller, Henry
Miller, J.
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, Albert
Miller, Eva
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Ruby
Millerman, Geo.
Minnemyer, M.E.
Moesser, Ernest G.
Mohr, Fred
Mohr, John
Morrison, ?
Moyer, Abe, of Marion Twp.Beaver Co., hus. To Eliz. Knepp,Knoepp
Moyer, Mrs. Sid, Maria Stolz Moyer, from Armstrong Co. Pa.
Mueller, Co.
Muntz, ?
Myers, H.G.
Nagel, ?
Nicholas, ?
Nicholas, John
Nixon, Nicholas
Noss, M.
Obenauff, Rev.
Oesterling, Leonardt, b.Feb. 12, 1801 Darmstadt, d.Oct. 13,1872 T. Fredericka Werens
Ohl, Charles
Oney, Rev.
Passavant, H.
Passavant, Rev. Wm.
Passavant, ZELIE, b.Nov.20,1786 Frankfurt d.Dec.29,1871, dau.of Dettmar Basse
Pflug, ?
Pflug, Henry
Pfug, ?
Plesnick, ?
Poppen, ?
Rabovsky, ?
Rader, Leonard
Rambach, Wm.
Rape, Jacob
Reibold, Bel.
Reinhart, August
Rice, L.A.
Richard, Charles
Riether, Wm.
Ripper, Maria
Ripper, Phillip
Robinson, Rich.
Roland, Rev.
Rose, Ferdinand
Roth, John
Schaefer, Jacob
Schaefer, Michael
Schaeffer, ?
Schaeffer, Geo.
Schaeffer, Roland
Scheiber, ?
Schmidt, ?
Schmidt, Dr.
Schneider, Catherine
Schneider, J.
Schneider, Jacob
Schweitzerbarth, ?
Seaman, ?
Seaman, ?
Seidel, ?
Shaeffer, Phillip
Shupert, Peter
Siov, ?
Slack, Wm.
Slem, Harry
Smith, ?
Snyder, Frederick
Soltez, Joseph
Spithaler, Dan
Spithaler, Frederick
Spithaler, Martin L.
Steffler, George
Stehle, John, 1852-1896, s/s Lena, (photo), (RB)
Stehle, Lena, 1856-1903, s/s John, (photo), (RB)
Stephens, ?
Strabel, ?
Streyhle, Frederick, b.Apr.29, 1810,Wurtzburg, d.Jan.15, 1883
Strohecker, ?
Strohecker, F.
Strohecker, G.J.D.
Strohecker, H.E.
Strohecker, Matt
Strohecker, Matt
Strutt, H.
Strutt, Wm.
Stumph, Rev. R.
Swain, Jacob
Swain, Sam
Sweet, Flora
Szakelhidi, Wm.
Theiss, infant
Theiss, Rev.
Thomas, ?
Tiechart, Alvin
Timlin, ?
Tiner, ?
Trautman, ?
Ulrich, Lorene, b. Jan.1,1854, d.Jan.15, 1854, dau. of Dorothy Ulrich
Ulrich, ?
Utz, ?
Wagner, ?
Wahl, Martin
Walter, C.
Wehr, A.
Wehr, Adam
Wehr, Edward
Wehr, Frederick
Wehr, Jacob
Wehr, M.
Weigel, Samuel
Wheeler, ?
White, ?
White, Burton
White, Sharon
Wiedeman, Nicholas, b. Feb.12, 1778, Drulingen, d.Nov.1848 70yr., hus. to Maria Dor. Grumbach
Wild, ?
Wild, Henry
Wild, Wm.
Wildman, Lindley
Wilt, ?
Wilt, ?
Wimer, ?
Winnail, John
Winrader, Frederick
Winter, Conrad b.Dec.29, 1816 Bavaria d.Nov. 29,1901 from Jackson Twp.
Winters, ?
Wolf, ?
Wolf, P.
Woodburn, ?
Wright, Martha
Wright, Mildred
Young, John
Young, Phillip
Zehner, Fred, b. June 16, 1829, d. July 4, 1891 from Perrysville, All.Co PA
Zeigler, Walter
Zimmerman, Christine
Zimmerman, Ulrich
Zinkham, C.
Zinkham, M.
Additional Contributors:
(RB) = Regina Beilstein, [email protected]

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