St. Mary's Cemetery/Lawrenceville Inscriptions Dec., 1999

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Tombstone Inscriptions
Saint Mary's RC Cemetery
Penn Ave & 45th Streets
Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville), PA 15201

St. Mary's RC Cemetery, located between Lawrenceville and Garfield, is bordered by "The Allegheny Cemetery" on it's eastern side, "St. Francis Hospital" on it's western side (45th Street), and Penn Avenue on it's southern side where the Main Entrance gate is. The second entrance gate is at the top of 46th Street in Lawrenceville.

St. Mary's RC Church, on 46th Street, affiliated with this cemetery, is designated as an Historic Landmark dated 1873-1874. Records for St. Mary's RC Cemetery are located at the Calvary Cemetery.

From the Catholic Cemeteries Association website: "St. Mary Cemetery, at 45th and Penn Avenues in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, was incorporated in 1849, a mere six years after the founding of the diocese. At that time, there were two parish cemeteries also in existence: one near the first St. Patrick Church, which stood where the Pennsylvania Railroad Union Station was eventually built; and St. Paul Church at Grant Street and Fifth Avenue, which established a parish cemetery on Boyds Hill, near Mercy Hospital.

As of 2001, there have been 99,882 interments in St. Mary Cemetery."

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