St. Clair Cemetery, Mt. Lebanon, PA

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Scott Road
Mt. Lebanon, PA
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Some History: Old St. Clair Cemetery is right in present day Mt. Lebanon--- on Scott Rd. at Washington Rd-- across from 
the huge Mt. Lebanon Cemetery- St.
Clair Cemetery is only about 2 acres or so- no burials for a long time--my first family
member buried there in 1807 and the last in

While the Mt. Lebanon UP Church does own the cemetery, they have no records. What records have survived are listings from
1915 and 1981. There is a restoration project currently at the cemetery in which I am involved.

Before 1858, only members of the St. Clair Presbyterian Church could be buried there-after 1858, they opened it up to
others- oldest headstone is from 1806- also, it was known as the Old Mt. Lebanon Cemetery after the current day Mt.
Lebanon Cemetery was opened- so some old obits will state burials at the "Old Mt. Lebanon"
 -- Ann Simmons Eldredge, [email protected]

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Posted: March 19, 2003 / Last Update: September 18, 2009
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
ANDERSON, Josephine Silk, 1863-1941, (photo), (BB)
BACON, Margaret N., 1895-1958, Wife, s/s Walter T., (photo), (BB)
BACON, Walter T., 1905-ne, Husband, s/s Margaret N.
, (photo), (BB)
BECKER, George C., 1832-1920, (photo), (BB)
BECKER, Katherine, Nov. 25, 1822 / Aug 2, 1884
, (photo), (BB)
BORLAND, John, 1813-1884?, (photo), (BB)
BOYD, J.C., 1833-1908, Pastor of St. Clair Church 1858-1903, (photo), (BB)
BOYD, Margaret A., 1848-1923, (photo), (BB)
BOYLAN, Cornelius J., 1887-1960, (photo), (BB)
BRAHM, Mildred Y., 1899-1971, Beloved Wife and Mother, (photo), (BB)
BRAHM, Roy M., 1898-1974, Beloved Husband and Father
, (photo), (BB)
BULFORD, Harriet Young, 1868-1927, Mother, (photo), (BB)
COLLINS, Louisa GLENN-Born 14 October 1826-Died 12 May 1869
CROUCH, Ann-Born 12 December 1806-Died 3 July 1857
CROUCH, John-Born 27 January 1809-Died 7 February 1875
DORRINGTON, Jane YOUNG-no dates; grandmother
DORRINGTON, Thomas, Sr.-no dates; grandfather
DORRINGTON, Thomas-Born 9 December 1834-Died 8 June 1837
DOUGLAS, Kenneth W., 1909-1990, s/s Madeline W., (photo), (BB)
DOUGLAS, Madeline W., 1914-2996, s/s Kenneth W.
, (photo), (BB)
DOUGLASS, Alexander, 1828-1908, s/s Elizabeth McConkey, (photo), (BB)
DOUGLASS, Elizabeth McConkey, 1837-1901, s/s Alexander
, (photo), (BB)
DOUGLASS, Levina C., 1877-1919, (photo), (BB)
DOUGLASS, Margaret B., 1876-1924, s/s Alexander & Elizabeth
, (photo), (BB)
DOUGLASS, Mary E., 1870-1940, s/s Alexander & Elizabeth, (photo), (BB)
DOUGLASS, Walter Nixon, 1876-1957, (photo), (BB)
FRAZIER, Margaret Jane-no dates; on the front of Zuleika GLENN stone
GLENN, James-Born 23 July 1824-Died 23 August 1901;
Entered US service Aug. 22 as Captain Co. D 149 VOL’s; Mustered out of
service as Liet. Col. of 149 PA Vol’s Aug. 22 1865
GLENN, Lavina-1826-1828
GLENN, Lucinda-1826-1832
GLENN, Nancy B.-Born 5 October 1823-Died 9 August 1895
GLENN, Wilbert J.-1850-1891
GLENN, William H.-Born 30 May 1819-Died 4 December 1884
GLENN, Wm. H.-Born xx 1821-Died 29 May 1858
GLENN, Zuleika-1862-1918
HULTZ, Abigail-Died 28 Nov. 1832 in the 75th year of her age; consort of Richard HULTZ
HULTZ, Abigail-Born 13 December 1834-Died 3 December 1886; w/o James HULTZ
HULTZ, Albert M. -Born 3 January 1863-Died 19 March 1890; son of J & A HULTZ
HULTZ, David C.-Died 22 July 1892; aged 74
HULTZ, Ella U., Oct. 14, 1868 / Sept. 8, 1946?, s/s T. Harry, (photo), (BB)
Hultz, Hiram, Col.-1815-1865

HULTZ, James-Died 12 May 1833 in the 47th year of his age
HULTZ, James-Born 15 November 1829-Died 9 October 1900
HULTZ, Jennie-Died xxx September 1890, aged 18 years
HULTZ, Margaret-Died 8 June 1868 in the 65th year of her age; w/o Henry HULTZ
HULTZ, Mary R.-Born 10 August 1829-Died 8 January 1899
HULTZ, Matilda T.- 1821-1897
HULTZ, Sarah ADAMS-Died October 1855; wife of DC HULTZ
HULTZ, T. Harry, Mar. 22, 1860 / Apr. 24, 1928, s/s Ella U., (photo), (BB)
KELLY, Elizabeth H., 1898-1918, (photo), (BB)
LONG, Alexander-Born 27 December 1789-Died 10 September 1871
LONG, Catherine-Born 8 June 1797-Died 25 March 1891; wife of Alexander LONG
LONG, Frank H.-aged 50 years
LONG, Henry B.-Born 31 August 1830-Died 13 October 1887
LONG, Jonathan-Born 4 May 1820-Died 15 December 1890
LONG, Matilda P.-Born 1 February 1838-Died 19 October 1909
LONG, Rebecca-Died 30 March 1850 in the 68th year of her age; consort of Robert LONG
LONG, Robert, -Died 29 August 1856 in the 81st year of his age
MARTIN, Samuel, 1849-1913, (photo), (BB)
MARTIN, Katherine Nixon, 1848-1929, (photo), (BB)
MAY, James C., 1893-1947, Father, (photo), (BB)
MCCORMICK, Alberta Y.-1874-1944
MCCORMICK, Alice F. -1904-1942; daughter
MCCORMICK, Ann M. -no dates
MCCORMICK, Elizabeth-1845-1924; Mother
MCCORMICK, Jane-Born 23 May 1853-Died 25 January 1915
MCCORMICK, Joseph-Died 29 April 1864-Died 14 December 1936; M. D.
MCCORMICK, Martha E.-Born 8 October 1864-Died 14 December 1936
McCORMICK, Nancy, ????, s/s Thomas M.
, (photo), (BB)
McCORMICK, Thomas M., ????, s/s Nancy B., (photo), (BB)
MCCULLLY, Elizabeth -died 1846
MCCULLY, Elizabeth-Born 18 March 1809-Died 13 APril 1885; Mother
MCCULLY, Jess-Born 20 February 1800-Died 16 December 1887; Father
MCCULLY, Polly-Born 6 March 1802-Died 13 January 1896
MCCULLY, Robert L.-Born 21 February 1831-Died 26 December 1914
MCCULLY, Sarah Jane-Born 10 January 1834-Died 15 May 1910, Sister
McMILLEN, Andrew J., 1853-1932, s/s Mary ????, (photo), (BB)
McMILLEN, Harry T., 1884-1944, (photo), (BB)
McMILLEN, Mary ????, 1859-1923, s/s Andrew J.
, (photo), (BB)
McMILLEN, Vesta B., 1895-1988, (photo), (BB)
MENEILLY, Andrew, 1840-1925, s/s Ellen, (photo), (BB)
MENEILLY, Ellen, 1842-1938, s/s Andrew
, (photo), (BB)
MILHOLLAND, Anna L., 1883-1936, Daughter, (photo), (BB)
MILHOLLAND, Caleb F., 1845-1924, Husband, (photo), (BB)
MILHOLLAND, Frank S., 1891?-1913?, Son, (photo), (BB)
MILHOLLAND, Harriet E., 1869-1950, Daughter
, (photo), (BB)
MILHOLLAND, Margaret E., 1849-1938, Mother
, (photo), (BB)
MILHOLLAND, Robert A., 1889-1913, Son
, (photo), (BB)
MILLER, George L., 1886-1964, Father, (photo), (BB)
MILLER, Ora May, 1886-1929, Mother, (photo), (BB)
NEELY, Jane G.-Born 20 Jully 1814-Died 15 July 1887; w/o Jonathan NEELY
NEELY, Jonathan-Born 22 September 1812-Died 9 June 1898
NEELY, Margaret A.-Born 1837-Died 28 December 1934; cousin
OLINGER, Almos, 1887-1943, s/s Hillard, Mary, Grace
, (photo), (BB)
OLINGER, Charles A., 1912-1928, s/s Paul, Virginia, James, (photo), (BB)
OLINGER, Grace F., 1892-1981?, s/s Hillard, Mary, Almos
, (photo), (BB)
OLINGER, Hillard, 1896-1939, s/s Mary, Grace, Almos, (photo), (BB)
OLINGER, James, 1861-1932, s/s Charles, Paul, Virginia, (photo), (BB)
OLINGER, Mary A., 1900-1932, s/s Hillard, Grace, Almos, (photo), (BB)
OLINGER, Paul W., 1914-1930, s/s Charles, Virginia, James, (photo), (BB)
OLINGER, Virginia H., 1862-1952, s/s Charles, Paul, James, (photo), (BB)
PARKER, Thelma Douglas "Booty", 1910-1992, (photo), (BB)
RASP, Bess, 1897-1991, s/s Norman, (photo), (BB)
RASP, Norman, (no dates), s/s Bess
, (photo), (BB)
RITCHIE, Anna NEELY-Born 21 August 1842-Died 29 August 1912; w/o James RITCHIE; mother
RITCHIE, James-Born 10 September 1840-Died 20 May 1922, Father
ROSEBURG, David Alexander-Born 16 November 1842-Died 10 January 1909
ROSEBURG, Rebecca-Born 16 April 1836-Died 20 August 1923
SCHREINER, Cyrus B. (M.D.), Oct. 9, 1852 / July 28, 1900, (photo), (BB)
SCHREINER, Myrtilla Reed, Dec. 24, 1857 / April 22, 1835
, (photo), (BB)
SIMMONS, Harvey Jennings, 4 Jan 1886 Millsboro/Wash. Co, PA, d: 25 Oct 1965, (Source: Ann Simmons Eldredge)
SIMMONS, Jane C., 25 Aug 1845 Alleg. Co, d: 21 Jan 1849, (Source: Ann Simmons Eldredge)
SIMMONS, Laura Belle Caldwell, 1 Jun 1858 Banksville, Allegheny Co., d: 17 Aug 1940, w/o William Edward Jonson Simmons (Source: Ann Simmons Eldredge)
SIMMONS, Laura Verlinda, 6 Jul 1894 Alleg. Co., d: 28 May 1898, (Source: Ann Simmons Eldredge)
SIMMONS, Unnamed Infant, Apr 18, 1849/Apr 21, 1849, dau. of Margaret Henry and William Solomon Simmons, (Source: Ann Simmons Eldredge)
SIMMONS, William Edward Johnson, 16 May 1854 Banksville/Alleg. Co., d: 18 Mar 1936, h/o Laura Belle Caldwell, (Source: Ann Simmons Eldredge)
SMITH, Ollie MCCORMICK-1875-1897; wife of A. D. SMITH
SNIDER, Albert, 1861-1938, s/s Emma C., (photo), (BB)
SNIDER, Emma C., 1869-1942, s/s Albert
, (photo), (BB)
SPERRING, Caroline, 1859-1928, Mother, (photo), (BB)
SPERRING, George H., 1862-1938, Father, (photo), (BB)
STRATTON, Elsie B., 1890-1986, s/s James E., (photo), (BB)
STRATTON, James E., 1885-1955, s/s Elsie B.
, (photo), (BB)
STUCKERT, Edwin M., May 12, 1897 / June 10, 1968, PVT 1ST INS BN 154TH DB, Enl. Sept. 3, 1918, Disc. Dec. 23, 1918, (photo), (BB)
STUCKERT, Ethel M., 1892-1983, (photo), (BB)
URBAN, Alfred P., 1893 / Jan. 24, 1937, PVT BTRY E 109TH F ARTY, Enl. June 1, 1918, Disc. May 19, 1919, (photo), (BB)
WILLIAMS, Daniel, 1819-1914, Father, (photo), (BB)
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, 1829-1898, Mother
, (photo), (BB)


Some Death Notices for St. Clair Cemetery, contributed by
"Elinor Ross" <[email protected]>

MCCULLY, Jess-Born 20 February 1800-Died 16 December 1887; Father
-"Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette" 17 September 1887, Page 7.
MCCULLY-On Friday, September 16, 1887, at 7:05 p.m. JESSE McCULLY, aged
87 years and 7 months.
Funeral from his late residence, Mt. Lebanon, Scott township, on MONDAY,
the 19th, inst., at 12 M. Friends of the family are invited to attend.

MCCULLY, Elizabeth-Born 18 March 1809-Died 13 APril 1885; Mother
-"Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette" ; Wednesday, 15 April 1885; No. 224; Page 5
McCULLY-On Monday, April 13, at 7 P.M., ELIZABETH M., wife of Jesse MCCully,
in the 77th year of her age.
Funeral from her late residence , Mt. Lebanon, Scott township, TO-DAY at 2
P.M. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend.

MCCULLY, Robert L.-Born 21 February 1831-Died 26 December 1914
-THE PITTSBURGH PRESS; 26 December 1914; Page 4
McCully-On Saturday, Dec. 26, 1914, at 3 a.m., Robert L. McCully,
of Bower Hill rd., Mt. Lebanon, aged 83 years, 11 months, 5 days.
Funeral services, on Monday, Dec. 28, 1914, at 2 p.m., in Mt. Lebanon
Presbyterian church. Friends of the family are respectively invited to attend.
Interment in Mt. Lebanon cemetery.(Robert L. is buried in St. Clair Cemetery , Mt. Lebanon)

MCCULLY, Sarah Jane-Born 10 January 1834-Died 15 May 1910, Sister
-THE HILLTOP RECORD; Friday, May 20, 1910; Vol 7 No. 2; Page 7
Miss Sarah Jane MCCULLY, aged 77 died a few days since at the residence of her
brother, R.L. McCully at Bower Hill and Ralston place, Mt. Lebanon. Miss McCully
was born in St. Clair township a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jesse MCCully,
and was a life long and active member of the St. Clair United Presbyterian church.
She is survived by her brother, R.L. McCully; a sister Mrs. Rebecca A. Roseburg,
and two nieces , Mrs. T.B. Hasley and Mrs. Stephen Keefer.

ROSEBURG, David Alexander-Born 16 November 1842-Died 10 January 1909
-"Pittsburgh Press," 11 January 1909, Page 4.
David A. Roseburg, aged 67 years a resident of Mt. Lebanon for years, died
at noon yesterday at his home, Bower Hill road, after a short illness. He was a
native of Ohio, but when a young man came to Pittsburg, and for the last 35 years
he had lived on his property in Mt. Lebanon. Mr. Roseburg was a prominent member of
St. Clair United Presbyterian church. He married Miss Rebecca McCully, who survives
with two daughters, Mrs. Elmetta Hasley, at home and Mrs. Mary Keefer, Wilkinsburg and
three sisters and one brother, Mrs. Andrew Caler, of near Beaver, Pa., and Misses
Elizabeth and Nancy Roseburg and William Roseburg of New Sheffield, Pa

ROSEBURG, Rebecca-Born 16 April 1836-Died 20 August 1923
-"Pittsburgh Press," 21 August 1929, Page 27.
ROSEBURG-On Monday, Aug. 20, 1923 at 5:24 p.m. Rebecca A. Roseburg(nee McCully),
widow of David A. Roseburg in her 88th year, Funeral services form the residence
of her daughter, Mrs. W.S. Keefer, 334 Bower Hill rd., Mt. Lebanon, Pa., on
Wednesday, Aug. 22, at 2 p.m. Friends of the family are respectively invited to attend.

Additional Contributors:
(BB) = Bill Bodkin, [email protected]


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