St. Agatha Cemetery, South Fayette, PA, Contributed Information

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Tombstone Inscriptions
St. Agatha Cemetery
Washington Pike
Bridgeville, PA
(South Fayette, Allegheny County)

Posted: January 25, 2002
Last Update: January 1, 2014

Unless otherwise specified,
Recorded/Contributed by Victoria Hospodar Valentine

St. Agatha's cemetery has a Bridgeville address, but is actually located on Washington Pike, in South Fayette. I don't
know the date for the beginning of the cemetery, but it is affiliated with what is now the Holy Child RC Parish in
Bridgeville. That is composed of what was St. Agatha's Parish (Station Street) in Bridgeville, and St. Anthony's Parish
(Rt. 50, Miller's Run Rd.) in South Fayette Twp. It is the middle cemetery of 3 that are in a row. First is Melrose,
quite large, St. Agatha, smaller, but well maintained with a mausoleum, and then St. George's orthodox cemetery, smaller

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---Victoria Hospodar Valentine


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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
ABERLE, Mary Louise, Aug. 21, 1944, Born and Died, (Photo)
AGATUCCI, Joseph A., 1898-1958, Father, same stone as Nancy N., (photo)
AGATUCCI, Nancy N., 1901-no DOD, Mother, same stone as Joseph A., (photo)
AIKEN, Mary CORTAZZO, Apr. 19, 1914-Oct. 10, 1991, Mother, (Photo)
AIKEN, William T., 1910-1977, CPS US Army WW II, (Photo)
ALAUZEN, Ethel C., 1907-1978, same stone as Leon E., (photo)
ALAUZEN, Greta R., 1-25-1934 /5-7-2010, same stone as Leon J., (photo)
ALAUZEN, Leon E., 1901-1973, same stone as Ethel C., (photo)
ALAUZEN, Leon J., 1930-1997, US Air Force Korea, same stone as Greta R., (photo)
ALBANESE, Joseph, Mar. 14, 1869-Sept. 21, 1922, (Photo)
ALBRO, Ricque Jomae, 1972, Our angel, there is a photo on the headstone, (Photo)
ALESKI, Felix S. "Butchie", 1942-1977, Loving Son, (Photo)
ALESKI, Kathleen JANISKY, 1948-1977, same stone as Robert, (Photo)
ALESKI, Robert J., 1926-1987, S/Sgt. US Army, WW II, (Photo)
ALESKI, Robert J., 1926-1987, same stone as Kathleen JANISKY, (Photo)
ALISESKY, Baby Boy, Dec. 7, 1949, "(Photo)"
ANDREWS, Andrew, 1900-1975, same stone as Laura B., (photo)
ANDREWS, Laura B., 1906-1961, same stone as Andrew, (photo)
ANGELI, Erminio, Oct. 18, 1876- Oct. 19, 1938, same stone as Virginia, (Photo)
ANGELI, Rudy, 1902-1958, Brother, (Photo)
ANGELI, Virginia, July 10, 1875-Nov. 7, 1937, same stone as Erminio, (Photo)
ANTANITIS, Eva A., Jan. 7, 1876-May 30, 1930 Mother, (Photo)
ANTANITIS, William, Dec. 1918, Father, same stone as Eva B. Mother, no dates, (Photo)
ANTONINI, Domenica, 1862-1835, Mother, (Photo)
ANTONINI, Jannie, July 14, 1904, Dec. 24, 1932, (rectangular stone w/similar sized cross on top), (Photo)
ARCHIE, George, 1896-1943, (Photo)
ARISTA, Domenico, 1905-1990, same stone as Ricardo and Maria Divina, (photo)
ARISTA, Maria Divina, 1912-1989, same stone as Ricardo and Domenico, (photo)
ARISTA, Ricardo D., 1936-1961, Our Son, same stone as Domenico and Maria Divina, (photo)
ATMONOVICH, Adam, 1884-1924, (Photo)
AURELI, Maria, 1908-1996, same stone as Marino, (Photo)
AURELI, Marino, 1894-1965, same stone as Maria, (Photo)
BACINSKIENE, Eva, 1848-1926, erected by son, (Photo)
BAGINSKI, Joseph A., 1922-1982, (photo)
BALINSKY, Michael, 1883-1964, "(Photo)"
BANKS, Catherine M., 1905-1987, no last name on stone, set around larger BANKS stone, (photo)
BANKS, Charles W., 1898-1958, PA Mech Mg Trp 6 Cavalry WW I, no last name on stone but set around larger BANKS stone, (photo)
BANKS, no names or dates, several small, flat stones set around it., (photo)
BANNON, Anne, died Nov. 13, 1941; a large bush is growing all around this stone, (Photo)
BANNON, Kirk Nicholas, died Dec. 13, 1952, engraved with Christ holding a small lamb., (Photo)
BANTERLA, Aurelio, 1896-1964, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
BANTERLA, Mary, 1892-1971, Mother, same stone as Aurelio, (Photo)
BARCLAY, Ann M., May 27, 1909, Mar. 11, 1975, (Photo)
BARRETT, Catherine E., 1859-1914, (Photo)
BARRETT, James R., 1869-1939, Father, same stone as Martha, (Photo)
BARRETT, Martha L., 1879-1979, Mother, same stone as James, (Photo)
BARROT, Alice F., 1885-1971, Mother, (Photo)
BARROT, Louis A., 1882-1944, Father, (Photo)
BARRY, Ada MORGAN, 1903-1969, (Photo)
BARTKUS, George, 1888-1971, Father, (Photo)
BARTKUS, Julia, 1894-1932, Mother, (Photo)
BARZAN, Adele DiBernardo, Sept. 13, 1907-Feb. 11, 2004, same stone as Sante, (Photo)
BARZAN, Sante, 1895-1988, US Army, WW I, (Photo)
BARZAN, Sante, Dec. 22, 1895-March 13, 1988, Pvt. US Army WW I, same stone as Adele, (Photo)
BATES, Frank H., 1900-1950, same stone as Hazel, (Photo)
BATES, Hazel H., 1896-No DOD, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
BATTISTONI, Lena, Born 1909-Dead 1931, Loving Memory, (Uniquely shaped stone, triangular base set on a rectangle, then the triangle goes into a T shape at the top., (Photo)
BAUER, Dorothy M., no dates, same stone as George R., (photo)
BAUER, George R., 1927-1968, same stone as Dorothy M., (photo)
BAUER, George R., July 19, 1927-June 30, 1968, PFC 2553 Area Svc Unit WW II, (photo)
BEAUMONT, Joseph R., 1866-1928, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
BEAUMONT, Mary E., 1873-1929, Mother, (Photo)
BEDNAR, Catherine M. PAWLO, 1914 / 2009, same stone as George M., (photo)
BEDNAR, George M., 1909-1996, US Army, WW II, same stone as Catherine, (photo)
BEDNER, Stephen, 1860-1944, (Photo)
BEDNER, Victoria, 1857-1943, (Photo)
BEDNER, Walter, Born Feb. 14, 1898, Died Aug. 18, 1986, (Photo)
BELAK, Mary Eleanor, Mar. 1, 1942-Dec. 11, 1993, same stone as Paul Wayne, (photo)
BELAK, Paul Wayne, no dates, same stone as Mary Eleanor, (photo)
BELITSKUS, Family Stone, no names, (Photo)
BELITSKUS, Joseph T., 1875-1948, Father, (Photo)
BELITSKUS, Magdalena M., 1881-1955, Mother, (Photo)
BELITSKUS, Stanley, 1917-1956, (Photo)
BELITSUKUS, Charles, 1902-1923, (Photo)
BELITSUKUS, Theodore, 1908-1953, (Photo)
BELL-CERCEK, no names, no dates, (Photo)
BELLAVER, Katherine, 1881-1923, (Photo)
BELLO, Irene, 1869-1926, Mother, (Photo)
BELTRAME, Italia F., 1878-1946, Mother, (Photo)
BELTRAME, Lino D., 1876-1952, Father, same stone as Italia, (Photo)
BENDIS, John G., 1888-1973, Father, same stone as Mary Ann, (photo)
BENDIS, Mary Ann, 1896-1958, Mother, same stone as John G., (photo)
BERARDI, Lawrence, 1888-1950, Father, same stone as Theresa, (Photo)
BERARDI, Theresa, 1897-1970, Mother, same stone as Lawrence, (Photo)
BERNABEI, Giuseppina, 1879-1972, same stone as Umberto, (photo)
BERNABEI, Umberto, 1881-1973, same stone as Giuseppina, (photo)
BERNARDI, Lucy, 1929-1993, Sister, same stone as Sergio, (photo)
BERNARDI, Sergio, 1921-1978, Brother, same stone as Lucy, (photo)
BERNARDINI, Cesira, 1881-1940, Mother, same stone as Joseph, (Photo)
BERNARDINI, Joseph, 1879-1957, Father, same stone as Cesira, (Photo)
BERNARDINI, Mary, 1911-2002, same stone as Sam, (Photo)
BERNARDINI, PFC. Robert, 1930-1950, Military flag holder, (Photo)
BERNARDINI, Sam, 1901-1978, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
BERTEOTTI, Basilio, 1880-1961, same stone as Maria, (photo)
BERTEOTTI, Enice, 1917-1943, (Photo)
BERTEOTTI, Helen, 1916-1945, (Photo)
BERTEOTTI, Lino, 1912-1974, same stone as Rose, (photo)
BERTEOTTI, Maria, 1891-1993, same stone as Basilio, (photo)
BERTEOTTI, Neta, 1910-1953, (Photo)
BERTEOTTI, Rose, 1881-1962, same stone as Stephen, (Photo)
BERTEOTTI, Rose, 1918-2008, same stone as Lino, (photo)
BERTEOTTI, Stephen, 1873-1957, same stone as Rose, (Photo)
BERTEOTTI, Vitale, Mar. 29, 1912, Nov. 16, 1931, (Photo)
BERTON, Raymond L., 1933-1995, Beloved Son, (photo)
BETSCHART, Eva M., Aug. 12, 1896-July 9, 1985, (Photo)
BETSCHART, Joseph S., Apr. 26, 1894-Mar. 29, 1974, (Photo)
BETSCHART, Martin, 1901-1984 same stone as Regina, (photo)
BETSCHART, no names or dates, (Photo)
BETSCHART, Regina, 1917-1995, same stone as Martin, (photo)
BILLIGEN, Harry, 1890-1950, Father, (Photo)
BILLIGEN, Helen M., 1915-1988, Beloved wife, (Photo)
BILLIGEN, John B., April 30, 1920-Aug. 19, 1967, TEC 3 85 Ordnance Co, WW II, (Photo)
BILLIGEN, Mary E., 1893-1964, Mother, (Photo)
BINOTTO, Fortunata, 1880-1961, Mother, (Photo)
BINOTTO, Giovanni, 1876-1927, Lasciando Nel Piu Dolore La Moglie E Io Figli Esendo Nella Tomba Come Un Martire, (Photo)
BINOTTO, Helen, Jan 28, 1914-Aug. 17, 2002, Beloved Aunt, (Photo)
BIONDI, Cheryl Ann, 1957-1973, (Photo)
BIONI, Robert Albert, 1941-1943, Our son, (Heart shaped stone), (Photo)
BISBEY, Eileen QUINN, May 3, 1921-Nov. 19, 1993, same stone as Jack V., (photo)
BISBEY, Jack V., no dates, same stone as Eileen QUINN, (photo)
BOBNICK, Frank, July 27, 1915-Feb. 17, 2006, US Army WW II, same stone as Marie, (Photo)
BOBNICK, Marie C., Aug. 6, 1912-May 17, 1998, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
BOLAND, Charlotte SANTONI, 1911-1935, (Photo)
BOLES, Arthur B., 1907-1989, same stone as Mary M., (Photo)
BOLES, Mary M., 1913-1970, same stone as Arthur B., (Photo)
BONISOLLI, Italo, 1896-1965, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
BONISOLLI, Mary, 1903-1985, same stone as Italo, (Photo)
BONONI, Louis Bruni, March 7, 1925-June 20, 1999, (photo)
BOTZ, Marie, born 1900-died 1921, (Photo)
BOULBOULLE, Patricia M., 1905-1981, same stone as Theodore, (Photo)
BOULBOULLE, Theodore A., 1909-1994, same stone as Patricia, (Photo)
Bowland, Raymond, d: Dec. 15,2009, (beside Uriah family), (MU)
BOWMAN, Eleanor M.,1898-1986. same stone as Oliver., (Photo)
BOWMAN, Oliver M., 1890-1944, same stone as Eleanor, (Photo)
BRONIAK, Helen, 1921-2005, same stone as Walter, (photo)
BRONIAK, Walter, 1919-1970, same stone as Helen, (photo)
BROWN, Frank H., Jan. 19, 1939-Jan. 18, 1977, (Photo)
BRUNI, Carolina �Lena�, June 24, 1910, Sept. 17, 2002, same stone as Nazzareno, (photo)
BRUNI, Nazzareno �Ned�, Dec. 8, 1895-July 12, 1994, same stone as Carolina, (photo)
BRUNI, Nazzareno, Dec. 8, 1895-July 12, 1994, PVT US Army WW I, (photo)
BRUSCHI, Ada, 1894-1965, same stone as John, (photo)
BRUSCHI, John, 188(8?)-1973, same stone as Ada, (photo)
BULSEI, Giovanna, 1896-1978, (photo)
BULSEI, Marino, 1889-1965, (photo)
BULSEI, Mario Geno, 1940-2007, (photo)
BURNS, Esther A., 1887-1953, same stone as William J., (Photo)
BURNS, Margaret A., 1878-1927, Mother, (Photo)
BURNS, Michael R., 1915-1918, (Photo)
BURNS, Susanna R., Nov. 24, 1911-Aug. 22, 1928, Sister, (Photo)
BURNS, William J., 1886-1945, same stone as Esther A., (Photo)
BUSHHOUSE, Fred H., 1901-1978, same stone as Freddie Joe, Maria C. and Maria A., (Photo)
BUSHHOUSE, Freddie Joe V., 1944-1949, same stone as Fred, Maria C. and Maria A., (Photo)
BUSHHOUSE, Marie A., 1910-1985, same stone as Freddie Joe, Fred H., and Maria C., (Photo)
BUSHHOUSE, Marie C., no dates, same stone as Freddie Joe, Maria A. and Fred H., (Photo)
BUSHMIRE, Earl P., 1913-1982, (Photo)
BUSHMIRE, Henry, 1878-1956, Father, same stone as Margaret, (Photo)
BUSHMIRE, Margaret, 1882-1956, Mother, same stone as Henry, (Photo)
BYRNES, Albert L., 1913-1977, same stone as Gertrude R., (photo)
BYRNES, Gertrude R., 1918-1976, same stone as Albert L., (photo)
CAIN, Edward J., 1948-1993, (photo)
CALIENDO, Gaetano, Aug. 8, 1903-Nov. 19, 1924, (Photo)
CALLAGHAN, Isabel T., 1880-1961, same stone as Patrick J., (Photo)
CALLAGHAN, Patrick J., 1875-1962, same stone as Isabel T., (Photo)
CALLAGHAN, Paul J., 1915-1916, (Photo)
CALLIARI, Eugene M., 1901-1966, same stone as Filomena, (Photo)
CALLIARI, Filomena, 1874-1939, same stone as Eugene M., (Photo)
CAMP, Andrew Q., 1888-1980, same stone as Anna K., (photo)
CAMP, Anna K., 1800-1972, same stone as Andrew Q., (photo)
CAMPBELL, Francis Collins, 1861-1951, (Photo)
CAMPOLONGO, Fred, 1915-1970, same stone as Sue NOVELLI, (photo)
CAMPOLONGO, Fred, Sept. 28, 1915-Nov. 5, 1970 Btry B 263 Coast Arty BN, WW II, (photo)
CAMPOLONGO, Sue NOVELLI, 1912-2007, same stone as Fred, (photo)
CAPO, John, 1877-1947, (Photo)
CAPPELLI, Anna, 1905-2004, same stone as Russell, (photo)
CAPPELLI, Russell, 1902-1974, same stone as Anna, (photo)
CARLINI, Adelina CORNELI, 1895-1991, Mother, same stone as Louis, (Photo)
CARLINI, Ginesio, Nato 12 Sept. 1923, Morto 21, Mar, 1924, "Darcci in cielo questa ricordo" Reclining lamb on top of stone., (Photo)
CARLINI, Inessa, 3 Feb. 1921, 20 Aug. 1922, "Derci in Cielo Questo Ricordo", reclining lamb on top of stone, (Photo)
CARLINI, Louis, 1888-1957, Father, same stone as Adelina CORNELI, (Photo)
CARLINI, Louis, 1888-1957, Pvt. Co. 1, 1st. TNG. BN., US Army, (Photo)
CARLISLE, Gizella BEDNER, 1896-1983, (Photo)
CARMAZZI, August, 1887-1975, (Photo)
CARMAZZI, Emilia, 1843-1913, Mother, (Photo)
CARMAZZI, Emilie, 1915-1991, (Photo)
CARMAZZI, family stone with 3 stones at the base, (Photo)
CARMAZZI, John, 1850-1927, Father, (Photo)
CARMAZZI, Marie, 1898-1988, (Photo)
CARMAZZI, Marius, 1864-1967, Son, (Photo)
CAROSONE, Antonino, 1883-1967, same stone as Rosalia, (photo)
CAROSONE, Louis Gino, Apr. 1, 1917-Nov. 18, 2000, MM1 US Navy, WW II, (photo)
CAROSONE, Rosalia, 1883-1966, same stone as Antonio, (photo)
CARTER, Ella LYNCH, 1874-1964, (Photo)
CASCIOLA, ?Louis, can't read thee rest very well, (Photo)
CASCIOLA, Amil, Apr. 7,1913-Feb. 16, 2001, PFC US Army, WW II, (photo)
CASCIOLA, Amil, 1913-2001, metal marker, (photo)
CASCIOLA, Anthony, 1873-1954, Father, same stone as Theresa, (Photo)
CASCIOLA, Carlo, 1907-1973, (Photo)
CASCIOLA, Daniel, June 1, 1880-Mar. 3, 1922, (Photo)
CASCIOLA, no names no dates, (Photo)
CASCIOLA, Theresa, 1876-1947, Mother, same stone as Carol, (Photo)
CASCIOLA, Thomas, 1916-1944, (Photo)
CELLONE, Ralph S., 1893-1950, same stone as Theresa, (Photo)
CELLONE, Theresa R., 1905-1977, same stone as Ralph, (Photo)
CERCIELLO, Felice, 1899-1983, Father, same stone as Rose, (photo)
CERCIELLO, Rose, 1905-1971, Mother, same stone as Felice, (photo)
CHEBATORIS, Bertha A., May 17, 1904-Aug. 2, 1993, same stone as Walter, (Photo)
CHEBATORIS, Michael J. Sr., 1869-1955, Father, same stone as Victoria, (Photo)
CHEBATORIS, Victoria K., 1874-1960, Mother, same stone as Michael Sr., (Photo)
CHEBATORIS, Walter E., Feb. 14, 1896-Dec. 13, 1988, same stone as Bertha, (Photo)
CHEBATORIS, Walter E., Feb. 24, 1896-Dec. 15, 1988, PFC US Army, WW I, (Photo)
CHERRY, Helen S., 1895-1982, Mother, same stone as Mimi C., (photo)
CHERRY, Henry John, Dec. 20, 1916-Oct. 9, 1962, Sgt. US Marine Corps Res. WW II, (photo)
CHERRY, large stone with no names, small stones around it, (photo)
CHERRY, Mary Margaret, May 29, 1922-Sept. 11, 2003, Beloved Wife & Mother, (photo)
CHERRY, Mimi C., 1889-1970, Father, same stone as Helen S., (photo)
CHISLER, Frances A., 1879-1939, (Photo)
CHISLER, Margaret D., 1911-1978, (Photo)
CHISLER, William S., 1880-1961, (Photo)
CHRISTOFF, Mary, 1880-1967, Mother, same stone as William, (Photo)
CHRISTOFF, William, 1862-1940, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
CIANGIOTTO, Cesaria, 1878-1931, Mother, (Photo)
CICCIARELLI, Antonio, 1891-1953, same stone as Rosina, (Photo)
CICCIARELLI, Rosina, 1897-1957, same stone as Antonio, (Photo)
COACHES, James M., Apr. 29, 1917-May 27, 2003, Beloved Uncle, (Photo)
COACHES, Margaret M., 1911-1950, (Photo)
COACHES, Mary K, 1894-1980, Mother, same stone as Michael, (Photo)
COACHES, Michael J., Father, 1888-1949, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
COLEMAN, Edward, Nov. 10, 1920-Mar. 22, 1923, (Photo)
COLEMAN, James G., Nov. 30, 1876-Dec. 6, 1950, Pvt. Co. E. 10th PA Inf. Enl. May 8, 1898, Disc. Aug. 22, 1899, (Photo)
COLEMAN, Mary Alice, June 11, 1883-Sept. 7, 1959, Mother, (Photo)
COLEMAN, William P., Born Oct. 31, 1914, Died Sept. 4, 1955, Pvt. Co. C 55th Armd. Engnrs. BN, Enl. Nov. 5, 1942-Disc. Mar. 15, 1944, (Photo)
COLLAVO, Gertrude, 1898-1974, same stone as Tello, (Photo)
COLLAVO, Grace CARLISLE, 1930-1966, (Photo)
COLLAVO, Joseph, 1864-1941, Father, (Photo)
COLLAVO, no names no dates, (Photo)
COLLAVO, Tello, 1900-1965, Father, same stone as Gertrude, (Photo)
COLLINI, Bert C. Sr., 1900-1976, Father, s/s Catherine M., (photo), (DB)
COLLINI, Catherine M., 1910-1954, Mother, s/s Bert C. Sr., (photo), (DB)
COLLINI, Elizabeth, 1874-1962, Mother, s/s Peter, (photo), (DB)
COLLINI, Peter, 1875-1947, Father, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (DB)
COLLINS, Kathleen Ann, Mar. 23, 1951-May 13, 1951, (Photo)
COLUSSI, Pacifico, Feb. 3, 1903, Aug. 21, 1941, (Photo)
CONSENTINO, Angelina, 1865-1939, (Photo)
CONSENTINO, Mike, 1866-1936, (Photo)
CONSENTINO, Rocco Santo, Figlio Di Michael Ancielo E Di Angela Rosa Trevigno N. 7 Feb. 1901-M. 24 Oct. 1918, (Photo)
CORRA, Louise, 1909-1944, (Photo)
CORRA, Victor, 1900-1989, (Photo)
COX, Anna PANIZZA, 1895-1984, (Photo)
CRAMER, Karol Ann, 1956-1965, (Photo)
CRAWLEY, Mary, 1868-1936, (Photo)
CRAWLEY, Wm., 186*-1932, (homemade headstone, cement with letters scratched in), (Photo)
CROATO, Andrea, 1866-1921, Father, same stone as Mary and Andrew, (Photo)
CROATO, Andrew, 1897-1926, Son, same stone as Andrea and Mary, (Photo)
CROATO, Mary, 1866-1952, Mother, same stone as Andrea and Andrew, (Photo)
CROCE, Teresa, Nata 21, Maggio, 1885, Morta 3 Maggio 1923, Madre, photo attached, (Photo)
CSUHTA, Elizabeth T., Aug. 23, 1927- July 24, 1972, (Photo)
CSUHTA, Elizabeth, 1891-1943, Mother, same stone as Michael and Joseph, (Photo)
CSUHTA, Joseph J., 1912-1944, Son, same stone as Eliz. and Michael, (Photo)
CSUHTA, Michael, 1881-1948, Father, same stone as Elizabeth and Joseph, (Photo)
D'ANDREA, Dorothy, Dec. 6, 1920, March 29, 1937, (picture missing), (Photo)
DADUM, Anna, 1888-1973, same stone as August, (photo)
DADUM, August, 1887-1968, same stone as Anna, (photo)
D�ALESSANDRO, no names, (Photo)
D�ANDREA, Gaetano, 1887-1964, Father, same stone as Giuseppina, (photo)
D�ANDREA, Giuseppina, 1885-1961, Mother, same stone as Gaetano, (photo)
DAILY, Anna WARD, 1896-1972, Wife, In Loving Memory, (Photo)
DAILY, Richard J., 1890-1941, 1st. Sgt. C.A.C. World War Veteran, (Photo)
DALLAPIAZZA, Vittorio, N. 21-8-1868 M. 12-8-1935, (Photo)
DALY, Fay Marie, Born Nov. 6, 1892, Died Aug. 24, 1935, (Photo)
DALZUFFO, Angela, 1864-1930, Mother, (Photo)
DALZUFFO, Marino, 1862-1932, Father, (Photo)
DANKO, Julia V., Mar. 19, 1906-July 14, 1987, (photo)
DAROLD, Mary M., 1873-1921, Mother, (Photo)
DAURIA, Cosimo, 1868-1946, same stone as Vincenza, (Photo)
DAURIA, Vincenza, 1877-1968, same stone as Cosimo, (Photo)
DAVIA, Lillian D., 1917-2005, same stone as Richard A., (photo)
DAVIA, Richard A., 1912-1973, same stone as Lillian D., (photo)
DAWSON, Alice R., Jan. 19, 1910-Oct. 25, 1971, In our Hearts Forever, (Photo)
DE BLASIO, Theresa, 1895-1977, Mother, (Photo)
DE MARCO, James, 1896-1956, (Photo)
DE MARCO, John, 1864-1938, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
DE MARCO, Mary, 1870-1931, same stone as John, (Photo)
DEGROSKY, Robert C., Feb. 20, 1927-Oct. 4, 1994, US Army WW II, (photo)
DEGROSKY, Susan, Jan. 21, 1960- Oct. 25, 19**, image obscured for death date, (Photo)
DEL RE, Baby, Jan. 1-3, 1953, Son of Lino and Gloria, (Photo)
DELONGA, Margaret, 1904-1999, Mother, same stone as Roger, (Photo)
DELONGA, Roger, 1902-1956, Father, same stone as Margaret, (Photo)
DELPHUS, Dominick, 1863-1930, same stone as Mary E., (Photo)
DELPHUS, Leo, 1892-1961, (Photo)
DELPHUS, Mary E., 1870-1932, same stone as Dominick, (Photo)
DELPHUS, Mary, 1860-1924, Mother, same stone as Peter, (Photo)
DELPHUS, Matthew, 1893-1978, Father, same stone as Minnie, (Photo)
DELPHUS, Minnie, 1903-1983, Mother, same stone as Matthew, (Photo)
DELPHUS, Peter, 1856-1927, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
DELPHUS, Santina COLUSSY, 1897-1936, (Photo)
DeMARK, Helen A., 1917-1989, Mother, same stone as Ralph, (Photo)
DeMARK, Ralph, 1909-1970, Father, same stone as Helen A., (Photo)
DEMSKI, Louis T., 1882-1946, Father, same stone as Rosalie, (Photo)
DEMSKI, Rosalie J, 1893-1945, Mother, same stone as Louis, (Photo)
DERNOSEK, Frances, 1894-1983, same stone as Louis, (photo)
DERNOSEK, Louis, 1888-1961, same stone as Frances, (photo)
DERNOSEK, Louis, June 21, 1888-March 7, 1961, PVT Co G 319 Infantry WW I, (photo)
DEROSKY, Mary 1875-1941, Mother, (Photo)
DEZOMBA, Charles, 1911-1933, (Photo)
DEZOMBA, Mary, 1866-1944, (Photo)
DEZOMBA, Michael J., 1898-1930, (Photo)
DI IORIO, Angelina, 1890-1971, Mother, same stone as Tommaso, (Photo)
DI IORIO, Tommaso, 1885-1934, Father, same stone as Angelina, (Photo)
DI MARCO, Isabella, no dates, same stone as John Jr., (photo)
DI MARCO, John Jr., no dates, same stone as Isabella, (photo)
DICESARE, Ersilia I., 1905-1976, Mother, same stone as Paul D., (photo)
DICESARE, Paul D., 1895-1994, Father, same stone as Ersilia I., (photo)
DINNEN, Eugenia M., 1898-1973, same stone as James E., (photo)
DINNEN, James E., 1889-1961, same stone as Eugenia M., (photo)
DONAHUE, Nell, 1971, Aunt, In Loving Memory, (Photo)
DONLON, Robert I., 1883-1951, (Photo)
DONLON, Sarah KEARNS, 1890-1944, (Photo)
DOURLAIN, Marie, 1872-1932, Mother, (Photo)
DOZZO, Angelina, 1899-1971, Mother, same stone as Costante, (photo)
DOZZO, Costante, 1899-1961, Father, same stone as Angelina, (photo)
DREMSEK, John H., 1909-1970, Father, (Photo)
DRESMICH, John, 1876-1941, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
DRESMICH, Mary, 1883-1957, Mother, same stone as John, (Photo)
DROBYCKI, Cherie, 1947-1997, Sister Catherine Dymphna, same stone as John, (photo)
DROBYCKI, John, no dates, Brother John Stephen, same stone as Cherie, (photo)
DRUMMOND, Katherine SHAFFER, 1899-1976, (Photo)
DRUMMOND, Lemuel Horace, 1888-1964, (Photo)
DUCHESS, John, 1897-1971, same stone as Katherine, (photo)
DUCHESS, Katherine, 1900-1995, same stone as John, (photo)
DUNWOODIE, family stone, (Photo)
DURKALSKI, Bernard, 1919-1962, Father, same stone as Louise, (photo)
DURKALSKI, Louise, no dates, Mother, same stone as Bernard, (photo)
DURKALSKI, Mary Louise, 1954-1954, (Photo)
EISENBARTH, Katherina, 1874-1932, Mother, (Photo)
ELTSCHLAGER, Anna, 1896-1982, Mother, (Photo)
ELTSCHLAGER, Michael, 1889-1945, Father, Metal flagholder with R.F.A. on it, (Photo)
EMLING, Elizabeth, 1882-1946, Mother, same stone as John, (Photo)
EMLING, John, 1875-1960, Father, same stone as Elizabeth, (Photo)
EMMA, Carmelo F., 1897-1972, same stone as Rose A., (photo)
EMMA, Carol L., no dates, Beloved wife, same stone as Dominick, (photo)
EMMA, Dominick �Roosh�, July 20, 1931-Jan. 4, 2006, Beloved Husband, same stone as Carol L., (photo)
EMMA, Dominick, July 20, 1931-Jan. 4, 2005, CPL US Army Korea, (photo)
EMMA, Rose A., 1911-1997, same stone as Carmelo F., (photo)
ERDODI, Julius, May 28, 1878, July 11, 1927, Father, (Photo)
ERSEK, Veronica D., Born Jan. 19, 1903-Died Mar. 20, 1993, Daughter, (Photo)
FAGAN, James R. "Moose", Sept. 4, 1927-July 18, 1987, A/K/A The Sports Almanac, Son, (Photo)
FAGAN, John T., Feb. 8, 1890-April 17, 1934, Father, same stone as Natalie, (Photo)
FAGAN, Natalie M., April 16, 1890-Dec. 24, 1948, Mother, same stone as John, (Photo)
FALDUTS, Louis J., 1908-1975, same stone as Mary, (photo)
FALDUTS, Mary A., 1909-1996, same stone as Louis J., (photo)
FARINA, Amadio, Nato 1873 Morto 1919, (Photo)
FATIGATI, Sabatino, 1896-1979, same stone as Yolanda, (Photo)
FATIGATI, Yolanda, 1905-1994, same stone as Sabatino, (Photo)
FEREDAY, Theresa CAMPBELL, 1865-1949, (Photo)
FERN, G.A.H., flat stone, with wood cross in front with FERN written on it in script, don't know if it is a first or last name, (Photo)
FERRAZETTA, Eleanora B., 1895-1973, Mother, same stone as Santo, (Photo)
FERRAZETTA, Santo, 1887-1921, Father, same stone as Eleanora, (Photo)
FIORENTINI, Albert, 1916-1958, Son, same stone as Vienna and Frank, (photo)
FIORENTINI, Albert, July 12, 1916-Aug. 9, 1958, Cpl. Co L 3 BN 1 Marine Div WW II, (photo)
FIORENTINI, Frank, 1885-1967, Father, same stone as Albert and Vienna, (photo)
FIORENTINI, Vienna, 1890-1982, Mother, same stone as Albert and Frank, (photo)
FISHER, Barbara, 1881-1937, Mother, (Photo)
FISHER, Verna, 1909-1964, Sister, (Photo)
FLOOD, Patrick Joseph, 1896-1946, In loving Memory, Together again, same stone as Sarah Elizabeth, (Photo)
FLOOD, Sarah Elizabeth, 1899-1993, In Loving Memory, Together Again, same stone as Patrick, (Photo)
FLYNN-LUTZ, no names no dates, (Photo)
FLYNN, Betty, 1919-1920, (Photo)
FLYNN, Edna LUTZ, 1890-1985, (Photo)
FLYNN, Frank E., 1884-1953, (Photo)
FLYNN, Jackie, 1929-1929, (Photo)
FLYNN, Jerome, 1925-1925, (Photo)
FOGIATO*, Joseph, January 27, 1959, (Photo)
FONNER, Marissa Lyn, January 25, 1994, Our Little Angel, (photo)
FONNER, Sean Allen, Aug. 17, 1971-Oct. 3, 1971, (photo)
FORNELLA, Anthony, 1903-1989, Brother, same stone as Mary Ann, (photo)
FORNELLA, Giovanni, Feb. 6, 1869-Oct. 30, 1946, Father, same stone as Rosalba, (Photo)
FORNELLA, Mary Ann, 1907-1977, Sister, same stone as Anthony, (photo)
FORNELLA, Rosalba, Nov. 9, 1881-Jan. 18, 1970, Mother, same stone as Giovanni, (Photo)
FORNO, Mary, 1888-1975, same stone as Peter, (Photo)
FORNO, Peter, 1873-1955, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
FOX, Edward L., Born June 8, 1921, Died Nov. 19, 1946, Cpl. Co. A 474th OM TRK REGT, Enl. Aug. 10, 1942, Disc. Aug. 16, 1944, (Photo)
FRAIN, James F., 1897-1913, same stone as John and Mary, (Photo)
FRAIN, John J., 1867-1939, same stone as Mary and James, (Photo)
FRAIN, John S., 1904-1962, same stone as Robert E., (Photo)
FRAIN, John S., Dec. 4, 1904-Nov.11, 1962, Pennsylvania, PFC 603 Coast Artillery (AA), (Photo)
FRAIN, Mary A., 1875-1960, same stone as John and James, (Photo)
FRAIN, Robert E., 1909-1971, same stone as John S., (Photo)
FULLERTON, Richard P., 1948-1971, Beloved Son, (Photo)
GABBAUER, Rudolf, 1866-1941, May he rest in Peace, (Broken picture attached), (Photo)
GABRIS, Anna M., 1879-1917, Mother, (Photo)
GABRIS, Anna, no dates, Daughter, Same stone as Anna GABRIS, Beloved mother and sisters Rest in Peace, (Photo)
GABRIS, George A., 1879-1935, Father, (Photo)
GABRIS, Nellie, Daughter, 1891 / 1967, same stone as Anna GABRIS, (Photo)
GAGLIARDI, Alice, 1906-1977, Daughter, on IANNARELLI stone, photo on stone, (Photo)
GARDNER, Sarah HENRY, Jan. 1, 1893-Nov. 14, 1978, Mother, (Photo)
GASVODA, Catherine M. Carelle, 1918 / 2011, same stone as Michael F., (photo)
GASVODA, Michael F., Sept. 24, 1910-Nov. 22, 1992, same stone as Catherine M., (photo)
GATTI, Amelia, 1898-1983, Mother, same stone as John, (photo)
GATTI, John, 1890-1958, Father, same stone as Amelia, (photo)
GATTI, John, June 1, 1890-Nov. 20, 1958, PFC MG CO 319 Infantry WW I, (photo)
GERACE, Florence I., Feb. 22, 1917-Dec. 4, 1999, same stone as Philip, (Photo)
GERACE, Philip J., June 7, 1910-Sept. 22, 2000, same stone as Florence, (Photo)
GERACE, Phyllis, Oct. 19, 1943-April 24, 1944, Our Angel, (Photo)
GERBLISS, Joseph Jr., 1912-1915, Brother, (Photo)
GERLACH, Helen M., Died April 25, 1964, Mother, (Photo)
GIANNI, Andrew, 1907-1992, same stone as Julia E., (photo)
GIANNI, Julia E. WANSOLICH, 1920 / 2010, same stone as Andrew, (photo)
GICONI, Alceste, 1880-1958, Father same stonas Pierina, (Photo)
GICONI, Pierina, 1876-1948, Mother, Same stone as Alceste, (Photo)
GILDRITIS, John J., 1905-1969, Son, (Photo)
GILDRITIS, Joseph, Died Dec. 28, 1931, Father, (Photo)
GILL, Austin J., 1894-1957, Son, (Photo)
GILL, Catharine (sic) A., 1864-1943, Mother, (Photo)
GILL, Catherine M., 1889-1973, Daughter, (Photo)
GILL, Francis F., 1897-1966, Son, (Photo)
GILL, John P., 1856-1913, Father, (Photo)
GILL, no names, (Photo)
GILL, Patrick D., 1901-1955, Son, (Photo)
GILLESKIE, John, 1876-1943, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
GILLESKIE, Mary, 1878-1963, Mother, same stone as John, (Photo)
GOLDBACH, Agnes M, 1909-1992, (Photo)
GOLDBACH, H. G., Mar. 4, 1926, Co. H. 146 Reg., (Photo)
GOLDBACH, Joseph, 1960-1994, (photo)
GOLDBACH, Pauline W., 1873-1956, (Photo)
GOLDBACH, Wilbert C., 1902-1945, (Photo)
GOLDEN, Mary, 1889-1922, cross between dates, Mother, (Photo)
GORMAN, Bernice E., 1911-2003, Mother, same stone as Joseph, (Photo)
GORMAN, Joseph F., 1905-1956, Father, same stone as Bernice, (Photo)
GOSSIC, Mary E., 1903-1963, (Photo)
GOSSIC, Walter Sr., 1899-1987, (Photo)
GOVE, Edwin P., Oct. 31, 1919-Dec. 17, 1993, Capt. US Army WW II, (photo)
GRAY, Dorothy W. LUXBACHER, 1886-1978, (Photo)
GREER, Belinda, 1826-1906, (Photo)
GREER, Delores M., 1932-2008, Daughter, (photo)
GREER, Francis, Nov. 6, 1939, same stone as Patrick, May they rest in Peace, (Photo)
GREER, Isabella E., 1881-1946, Mother, same stone as William, (Photo)
GREER, John B. Sr., 1899-1956, Father, (photo)
GREER, John Bernard Jr., April 19, 1930-Nov. 7, 1957, S/SGT US Marine Corps, (photo)
GREER, John F., Feb. 20, 1862-July 24, 1931, Uncle, (Photo)
GREER, Mary K., 1902-1968, Mother, (photo)
GREER, Patrick, 1872-1924, (Photo)
GREER, Patrick, 1934-1937, same stone as Francis, May they rest in Peace, (Photo)
GREER, stone with no names or dates, small stones around it, (photo)
GREER, Thomas A., 1915-1966, Son, (Photo)
GREER, William A., 1874-1932, Father, same stone as Isabella, (Photo)
GREER, William J., Apr. 14, 1919-Jan. 5, 1997, TEC 5 US Army, World War II, (Photo)
GRIPPI, Phyllis, 1923-1981, (Photo)
GROGAN, W. C.,Daughters, not sure the initials are correct, date looks like 1964, worn metal funeral home marker, (Photo)
GROSSI, Angelina, 1874-1951, (Photo)
GROSSI, Frank T., 1913-2001, same stone as Margaret A., (photo)
GROSSI, Margaret A., 1920-1972, same stone as Frank T., (photo)
GROSSI, Mary, 1909-1984, (Photo)
GROSSI, Peter P., 1905-1990, Beloved Husband-Father, (Photo)
GROSSI, Shirley Ann, 1937-1944, (Photo)
GROSSI, Thomas, 1866-1956, (Photo)
GROVES, Agatha, 1884-1941, (Photo)
GRUDEN, Josephine, 1889-1980, Mother, same stone as Martin, (Photo)
GRUDEN, Martin, 1885-1948, Father, same stone as Josephine, (Photo)
GRZESZYN, Catherine E., 1900-1971, Mother, same stone as Stanley J., (photo)
GRZESZYN, Stanley J., 1892-1962, Father, same stone as Catherine, (photo)
GUERRA, Edith A., 1902-1994, same stone as Louis, (Photo)
GUERRA, Louis C., 1895-1966, same stone as Edith, (Photo)
GUIDICE, Angelina, 1882-1972, same stone as John, (photo)
GUIDICE, John, 1894-1960, same stone as Angelina, (photo)
GUILMART, Felix A., Apr. 1, 1920-Oct. 27, 2003, same stone as Nora C., (Photo)
GUILMART, Nora C., 9-27-1921 / 10-2-2013, same stone as Felix A., (Photo)
HALLIWELL, Mary C., 1882-1925, (Photo)
HALLORAN, David M., July 12, 1955-Sep. 6, 1983, Sgt. US Air Force, Vietnam, (Photo)
HALLORAN, Frank J., 1895-no DOD, Father, same stone as Mary E., (Photo)
HALLORAN, Leo William, 1901-1946, (Photo)
HALLORAN, Mary E., 1895-1956, Mother, same stone as Frank J., (Photo)
HALLORAN, Mary H., 1897-1925, Rest in Peace, (Photo)
HALLORAN, Michael J., 1884-1929, Rest in Peace, (Photo)
HANKO, Estvan, Sr., 1859-1923, (Photo)
HANNEN, Christina Lynn, Feb. 14, 1972, (Photo)
HARMUTH, Eleanor C., 1924-2006, (photo)
HARMUTH, George R., 1857-1938, same stone as Katherine, (Photo)
HARMUTH, Joseph, 1855-1915, same stone as Bertha SHENK and Margaret HARMUTH, (Photo)
HARMUTH, Katherine, 1861-1948, same stone as George, (Photo)
HARMUTH, Margaret, 1861-1961, same stone as Bertha SHENK and Joseph HARMUTH, (Photo)
HARRINGTON, Bridget, 1874-1949, (Photo)
HARRINGTON, Jeremiah J., Nov. 2, 1866-Apr. 10, 1931, Pvt. Co. I. 10th Penna. Inf. Enl. May 9, 1898, Disc. Aug. 22, 1899, (Photo)
HARRINGTON, Margaret Ellen, 1903-1917, (Photo)
HARRINGTON, Marie, 1902-1932, Wife of Chas. FAREDAY, (Photo)
HARTY, Amelia V., Sept. 29, 1913-Nov. 20, 1987 same stone as Joseph L., (photo)
HARTY, Joseph L., Oct. 26, 1919-May 23, 1983, same stone as Amelia V., (photo)
HARTY, Joseph, 1919-1983, US Navy, WW II, (photo)
HASKINS, Elizabeth, March 16, 1879-March 23, 1978, (photo)
HAUGHNEY, Johanna, 1891-1964, same stone as Michael Jr. and Michael Sr., (Photo)
HAUGHNEY, Michael Jr., 1886-1934, same stone as Johanna and Michael Sr., (Photo)
HAUGHNEY, Michael Sr., 1861- 1943, same stone as Johanna and Michael Jr., (Photo)
HENRY, James, Bridget, George, no other info, rosary carved into stone, (Photo)
HERCEG, Frances A., 1888-1952, Mother, same stone as Louis, (Photo)
HERCEG, Louis S., 1876-1956, Father, same stone as Frances, (Photo)
HOFRICHTER, Elizabeth, 1876-1932, (Photo)
HOFRICHTER, Joseph F., 1870-1934, same stone as Elizabeth, (Photo)
HOWCROFT, Anna L. �Dolly�, Oct. 19, 1918-Dec. 5, 2003, same stone as Joseph, (photo)
HOWCROFT, Joseph A., Apr. 2, 1912-Nov. 25, 2006, TEC 4 US Army WW II, (photo)
HOWCROFT, Joseph A., April 2, 1912-Nov. 25, 2006, same stone as Anna L., (photo)
HUGHAN, Eileen, July 22, 1919-Apr. 20, 1991, (Photo)
HUGHAN, James F. 1886-1935, Father, (Photo)
HUGHAN, James L. 1911-1971, "Jamo", (Photo)
HUGHAN, Jane E., 1934-1934, (Photo)
HUGHAN, large family stone, surrounded by the individual stones, (Photo)
HUGHAN, Margaret A., 1887-1966, (Photo)
HUIBREGTSE, Matthew Dean, June 5, 2002, (Photo)
IAGNEMMA, Alfonso Sr., 1878-1936, (Photo)
IAGNEMMA, Candida, 1882-1956, (Photo)
IAGNEMMA, Enrico, 1883-1963, (Photo)
IAGNEMMA, no names no dates, (Photo)
JACOBS, Bernard, 1899-1981, same stone as Edith, (photo)
JACOBS, Edith, 1904-1995, same stone as Bernard, (photo)
JANCART, Charles L., 1899-1968, Father, same stone as Margaret M., (Photo)
JANCART, Margaret M., 1911-1993, Mother, same stone as Charles L., (Photo)
KAMP, Agnes A., 1885-1937, Mother, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
KAMP, Frank F., 1884-1957, Father, same stone as Agnes, (Photo)
KANTORZYK, Delores M., no dates, same stone as Martin J., (photo)
KANTORZYK, Martin J., 1920-1989, S/Sgt. US Army WW II, same stone as Delores M., (photo)
KARMANN, Mary B., 1939-1976, same stone as Robert S., (photo)
KARMANN, Robert S., no dates, same stone as Mary B., (photo)
KAROSA, Stanley, Died April 1965, Father, (Photo)
KASPRZAK, Clara, 1916-1936, (Photo)
KASPRZAK, Sophia, 1914-1938, (Photo)
KAVALAUSKAS, Petras, (Photo)
KEBART, Mary Catherine, Mar. 11, 1934-June 19, 1934, (Photo)
KELMINSKY, George P., Dec. 2, 1949, (Photo)
KELMINSKY, Mary, 1884-1969, Mother, same stone as Michael, (Photo)
KELMINSKY, Michael, 1885-1956, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
KEMIS, John E. Sr., 1921-1992, same stone as Dorothy E. no dates, (Photo)
KENNEDY, Harry L., 1891-1947, Father, same stone as Lucy J., (Photo)
KENNEDY, Lucy J., 1892-1936, Mother, same stone as Harry L., (Photo)
KIEFER, Donald P. 1942-2001, (photo)
KIEFER, Eunice M., 1915-1997, (photo)
KIEFER, Frank T., 1914-2001, (photo)
KIEFER, Mark Dennis, 1954-1966, (photo)
KIEMES, Eileen M., 1925-1929, same stone as Mary and Elizabeth, (Photo)
KIEMES, Elizabeth, J., 1930-1931, same stone as Mary and Eileen, (Photo)
KIEMES, Mary A., May 21, 1890, Dec. 3, 1980, (Photo)
KIEMES, Mary E., 1893-1933, same stone as Eileen, and Elizabeth, (Photo)
KIEMES, Peter J., July 14, 1892, July 6, 1971, (Photo)
KILINSKY, Anthony, 1872-1940, same stone as Mary and Nellie, (Photo)
KILINSKY, Mary, 1878-1952, same stone as Anthony and Nellie, (Photo)
KILINSKY, Nellie, 1898-1942, same stone as Anthony and Mary, (Photo)
KIMES, Elizabeth, 1868-1954, same stone as William, (Photo)
KIMES, William, 1858- 1917, same stone as Elizabeth, (Photo)
KINES, William C., 1900-1919, Pvt. M. C. Co. 326th Inf., World War, (Photo)
KORBELY, Elnora M., Born April 16, 1916, Died Mar. 20, 1917, reposing lamb on the stone along with some writing which is not readable., (Photo)
KORBELY, Margaret M., born Sept. 22, 1896, died Nov. 17, 1918, spire shaped stone, (Photo)
KORINTUS, Emma, Jan. 3, 1924, June 17, 1938, (Photo)
KOTLENSKY, Mary, 1905-1925, `LITWIN', (Photo)
KOUCHE, Emma, 93, d: Nov. 15, 1984, 93yo, (obit below)
KOVACH, Andy E., 1892-1944, Father, same stone as Suzanna M., (Photo)
KOVACH, George 1846-1909, (Photo)
KOVACH, Joseph S., 1917-1998, PFC US Army, World War II, (Photo)
KOVACH, Rudolph (Corporal), Born Sept. 15, 1894, killed in Meuse. Argonne, France, Nov. 2, 1918, (Photo)
KOVACH, Suzanna M., 1890-1982, Mother, same stone as Andy, (Photo)
KOVACH, Teressa, 1853-1928, Mother, (Photo)
KOWKER, Mary YESKEVICH, 1915-1988, Cpl. US Army, (Photo)
KRAF, Daniel �Babe�, 1921-1987, same stone as Verna, (photo)
KRAF, Verna, no dates, same stone as Daniel, (photo)
KRAMER, Catherine, Oct. 11, 1922-May 23, 1939, Mother, (Photo)
KRAUS, Edward,May 16, 1952, Son, (Photo)
KRAUS, Heidi Ann, Sept. 27, 1958-Sept. 29, 1958, (Photo)
KRENN, John, 1852-191*, (either 16, or 18) Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
KRENN, Mary 1864-1939, Mother, same stone as John, (Photo)
KRIEGER, Frances W., 1913-1935, same stone as John and Fannie WOLF, (Photo)
KRIEGER, Sarah E., Dec. 25, 1900-Sept. 30, 1984, (Photo)
KRISTOFSKY, Andy 1875-1935, Father, same stone as Anna, (Photo)
KRISTOFSKY, Anna, 1879-1951, Mother, same stone as Andy, (Photo)
KUISIS, Veronica, 1872-1924, (Photo)
KUMER, Anton, 1886-1951, same stone as Antonia, (Photo)
KUMER, Antonia, 1896-1972, same stone as Anton, (Photo)
KUMER, Betty J., 1932-1943, photo on stone, (Photo)
KUNKEL, John Paul, June 7, 1945, (Photo)
KURTZ, Mary Kathryn, 1950-1951, Daughter, (Photo)
KUSH, Elmer J., 1925-1984, same stone as Florence E. �Skippy�, (photo)
KUSH, Elmer J., 1925-1984, Sgt. US Army WW II, (photo)
KUSH, Florence E., �Skippy�, 1926-1976, same stone as Elmer J., (photo)
LABANAUSKAS, Veronika, Died June 18, 1929, Aged 53 Years, (Photo)
LANDER, Twins, Dec. 25, 1949, (Photo)
LAVERDE, Charles, 1898-1932, Husband and Father, (Photo)
LAWLOR, Baby Nora, 1932, small stone between John and Nora, (Photo)
LAWLOR, Bridget, 1865-1925, Mother, same stone as William, Sr., (Photo)
LAWLOR, John Edward, 1902-1948, (Photo)
LAWLOR, Nora Rose, 1896-1967, (Photo)
LAWLOR, William Aloysius, 1884-1952, (Photo)
LAWLOR, William, Sr., 1858-1923, Father same stone as Bridget, (Photo)
LAZZINI, Amilia, 1923-1939, May She Rest In Peace, (Photo)
LAZZINI, Gabriella, 1900-1965, Wife, same stone as Luigi, (Photo)
LAZZINI, Luigi, 1897-1979, Husband, same stone as Gabriella, (Photo)
LESCSAK-CARCHIDI, Fred P., 1904-1975, same stone as Joseph, Margaret and Louise, (Photo)
LESCSAK-CARCHIDI, Joseph F., 1890-1965, same stone as Margaret, Fred & Louise, (Photo)
LESCSAK-CARCHIDI, Louise R., 1908-1973, same stone as Joseph, Margaret & Fred, (Photo)
LESCSAK-CARCHIDI, Margaret H., 1891-1953, same stone as Joseph, Fred & Louise, (Photo)
LEVEROTTI, Emma, 1873-1942, Mother, (Photo)
LEVEROTTI, Francesco, 1869-1929, Father, (Photo)
LICATA, Richard D., July 27, 1953-Sept. 25, 1953, Our Baby, (Photo)
LITWIN, Pearl, no dates, Mother, same stone as Stanley, (Photo)
LITWIN, Stanley, 1917-1968, Father, same stone as Pearl, (Photo)
LONGO, David, 1902-1987, same stone as Maria, (Photo)
LONGO, Maria, 1912-1965, same stone as David, (Photo)
LUBAS, Catherine H., 1907-1973, Mother, (Photo)
LUDWIN, Bertha, 1884-1933, (Photo)
LUDWIN, Kasper, 1880-1933, (Photo)
LUKINS, Mary, 1901-1979, same stone as Stanley, (Photo)
LUKINS, Stanley, 1894-1960, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
LUTEMEN, Clara Ann, 1868-1927, same stone as G. J., (Photo)
LUTEMEN, G. J., 1868-1947, same stone as Clara Ann, (Photo)
LUTZ, Bertha S., 1891-1965, Mother, (Photo)
LUTZ, Betty Jane, 1920-1920, (Photo)
LUTZ, Elizabeth M., 1863-1948, Mother, (Photo)
LUTZ, Joseph A., Mar. 19, 1900-Jan. 2, 1964, Pvt. SATC US Army, Enl. Oct. 1, 1918, Disc. Dec. 13, 1918, (Photo)
LUTZ, Joseph H., 1865-1955, Father, (Photo)
LUTZ, Raymond C., 1923-1924, (Photo)
LUTZ, Raymond C., D. D. S., 1892-1974, Father, (Photo)
LYNCH, Ann M., 1883-1971, same stone as James, (photo)
LYNCH, James, 1881-1974, same stone as Ann M., (photo)
LYNCH, John, 1887-1939, Father, (Photo)
MALLERY, Elizabeth, 1842-1907, Mother, same stone as Joseph, (Photo)
MALLERY, Joseph, 1829-1905, Father, same stone as Elizabeth, (Photo)
MALONE, Annie, no dates, Mother, same stone as John and John, (Photo)
MALONE, John, 1890-1929, Son, same stone as John and Annie, (Photo)
MALONE, John, no dates, Father, same stone as Annie & John, (Photo)
MANNERING, Nellie, June 21, 1900-Sept. 19, 1986, (Photo)
MARIAN, Lucy, 1924-2006, same stone as Nazareth, (photo)
MARIAN, Nazareth, 1895-1972, same stone as Lucy, (photo)
MARIANI, Nancy Filomena, Sept. 9, 1955-Sept. 7, 1996, Essa fra buona era brava era un angelo in paradise, (photo)
MARINACCI, John A., Jr., Feb. 15, 1914-Aug. 21, 1972, S1 USNR WW II, (photo)
MARINACCI, John, 1877-1962, same stone as Marietta, (Photo)
MARINACCI, Marietta, 1881-1947, same stone as John, (Photo)
MARKOSEK, Frank, 1860-1927, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
MARKOSEK, Mary, 1863-1944, Mother, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
MAROWSKI, Agnes, 1895-1970, same stone as John, (Photo)
MAROWSKI, John, 1894-1970, same stone as Agnes, (Photo)
MARTINCIC, John, 1886-1967, same stone as Mary, (photo)
MARTINCIC, Mary, 1883-1967, same stone as John, (photo)
MARTINI, Amelia M., 1901-1974, same stone as Frank A., (photo)
MARTINI, Frank A., 1891-1962, same stone as Amelia M., (photo)
MARTINICK-MASSING, large stone with just the two names, second stone set at the foot which says J. MASSING and G. MARTINICK, no dates, (Photo)
MARTINICK, Frank R., 1914-1934, (Photo)
MARTINICK, George, Feb.12, 1848-Nov. 25, 1920, Rest in Peace, (Photo)
MARTINICK, John, 1886-1965, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
MARTINICK, Katherine, 1922-1946, (Photo)
MARTINICK, Katherine, July 4, 1851-May 11, 1927, Rest in Peace, (Photo)
MARTINICK, Katie, 1881-1896, Daughter, reclining lamb on top of stone, (Photo)
MARTINICK, Mary, 1888-1971, same stone as John, (Photo)
MARTINICK?, P. Leo, 1890-1912, (Photo)
MARTINICK?, William, 1853-1911, (Photo)
MARTINO, Alfred, 1924-1956, Father, same stone as Lucille, (Photo)
MARTINO, Alfred, July 12, 1924-June 22, 1956, Cpl. US Marine Coprs Res. WW II, (Photo)
MARTINO, Lucille, 1926-no DOD, Mother, same stone as Alfred, (Photo)
MASSIMINI, Pietro, Nato 28, LUG. 1897, INGAG*EL Frentano Italia, Morto 28 BEC. 1923, Resta In Pace, (very difficult to read), (Photo)
MASSING, Catherine, born Mar. 4, 1908, died Oct. 16, 1911, daughter of John and Elizabeth MASSING, Our Darling, (Photo)
MATULONIS, Daminika, 1875-1939, same stone as Ignats, (Photo)
MATULONIS, Ignats, 1871-1951, Father, same stone as Daminika, (Photo)
MAYOROS, Joseph, 1867-1937, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
MAYOROS, Mary, 1869-1962, Mother, Same stone as Joseph, (Photo)
MAZZONI, Dr. Aldo, 1918-1976, Father, same stone as Melanie, also has small stone alone, (Photo)
MAZZONI, Elisa M., 1887-1950, Mother, same stone as Fortunato, (Photo)
MAZZONI, Fortunato L., 1877-1951, Father, same stone as Elisa, (Photo)
MAZZONI, Helen J. Apr. 26, 1918-Nov. 25, 2003, Goble-Baronick Funeral Home Inc marker in front of Dr. Aldo MAZZONI stone, (Photo)
MAZZONI, Melanie Marie, 1946-1954, same stone as Aldo, also has small stone alone, (Photo)
MC CABE, John Charles, Born Aug. 6, 1949, Died June 12, 1970, SR U.S. Navy, Enl. Nov. 19, 1968, Disc. March 31, 1969, (Photo)
MC CLUSKEY, Catherine, May 2, 1870, Jan. 22, 1942, Mother, (Photo)
MC CLUSKEY, Henry, April 29, 1979, Brother, RIP, (Photo)
MC CLUSKEY, Henry, June 5, 1867, April 28, 1957, Father, (Photo)
MC CLUSKEY, James F., Sept. 3, 1894, Dec. 25, 1919, Our Son, (Photo)
MC CLUSKEY, James Francis, World War Veteran,
In Memory of James Francis MCCLUSKEY, 1st class Pvt. Enl. Sept. 21, 1917,
80 Div. Headquarters Troop Died in France Dec. 25, 1919, RIP,
"As the night dew falls, Tho in silence it weeps, shall brighten with
verdure the grave where he sleeps. And the tears that we shed tho in
secret it rolls shall long keep his memory green in our souls"
(Tall, 8+ feet, rough carved cross on a pedestal, engraving in two
sections on the face. Other MCCLOSKEY stones clustered around. This is
the same person listed above on another stone.)
MC COMBIE, Ida E., 1867-1943, (Photo)
MC COOL, Charles Joseph, 1886-1965, Father, (Photo)
MC COOL, Filomena A., 1929-2001, (Photo)
MC COOL, Frances JAKLITSCH, 1882-1954, Mother, (Photo)
MC COOL, large family stone, (Photo)
MC COOL, Lawrence R., Born Mar. 16, 1925, Died July 17, 1944, 2nd Lt. 716th Bomb SQ A A F, Enl. Feb 27, 1942, Killed in Action, (Photo)
MC COOL, Louis Albert, born Sept. 20, 1922, Died Jan. 5, 1944, 2nd Leut. AAF, Enl. Dec. 10, 1942, Died In Service, (Photo)
MC COOL, Vincent J., Born Sept. 6, 1915, Died Aug. 5, 1987, PFC WWII US Army, Enl. Oct. 12, 1933, Disc. Mar. 4, 1946, (Photo)
MC ELWEE, John F. 1916-1941, The Lord Be With You, (Photo)
MCARTHY?, John, 1863-1921, no last name but located near MCCARTHY family stone, (Photo)
MCCAFFERY, James Ford, Sept. 22, 1898-Oct. 14, 1978, same stone as Julia, (photo)
MCCAFFERY, Julia, Feb. 2, 1899-Jan. 23, 2003, same stone as James Ford, (photo)
MCCARTHY, J. Walter, 1905-1986, (Photo)
MCCARTHY, Joseph P., 1909-1957, Pfc. SV. Btry. 976th FA. BN., WW II, (Photo)
MCCARTHY, no names no dates, (Photo)
MCCARTHY, Thomas V., 1886-1971, (Photo)
MCCARTHY?, Daniel, 1865-1912, no last name on stone but near MCCARTHY family stone, (Photo)
MCCARTHY?, Maryann, 1854-1925, no last name on stone but near MCARTHY family stone, (Photo)
MCDERMOTT, Anna, 1875-19__, no engraved date, same stone as Frank & Thomas, (Photo)
MCDERMOTT, Frank, 1843-1918, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
MCDERMOTT, Frank, 1877-1916, same stone as Anna and Thomas, (Photo)
MCDERMOTT, James Peter. 1890-1974, same stone as Lena LEIBERT, (Photo)
MCDERMOTT, Lena LEIBERT, 1890-1952, same stone as James, (Photo)
MCDERMOTT, Mary, 1847-1940, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
MCDERMOTT, Thomas, 1881-19__, no engraved date, same stone as Anna & Frank, (Photo)
MCGREGOR, John, 1854-1928, same stone as Margaret, (Photo)
MCGREGOR, Margaret, 1852-1916, His Wife, same stone as John, (Photo)
MCGROGAN, Hugh Joseph, 1880-1953, same stone as Mary Ann, (Photo)
MCGROGAN, Mary Ann, 1879-1948, same stone as Hugh Joseph, (Photo)
MCMAHON, Ellen, 1894-1963, Mother, (Photo)
MCTEAGUE, John, 1906-2000, same stone as Rose, (photo)
MCTEAGUE, Rose, 1906-1987, same stone as John, (photo)
MEDONIS, Simon, 1867-1919, (Photo)
MEDOS, Mike, 1880-1933, Father, (Photo)
MEIGHAN, Mary KERRIGAN, 1859-1940, (Photo)
MENDYS, Mickey GRZESESZYN, 1924 / 2010, same stone as Peter, (photo)
MENDYS, Peter J., 1920-1986, GM3 US Navy, World War II, (photo)
MENDYS, Peter, 1920-1986, same stone as Mickey, (photo)
MESKAUSKENE, Ana, 1878-1931, Mother, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
MESKAUSKENE, Frank, 1866-1949, Father, same stone as Ana, (Photo)
MIELE, Cecilia NOVELLI, 1900-1982, same stone as Charles A., (photo)
MIELE, Charles A., 1896-1959, same stone as Cecilia NOVELLI, (photo)
MIELE, Domenic, 1876-1955, Father, same stone as Josephine, (Photo)
MIELE, Ernest, 1911-1970, (Photo)
MIELE, Josephine, 1876-1934, Mother, same stone as Domenic, (Photo)
MIELE, Michael, 1901-1967, Son, (Photo)
MIGLIORINI, Enrica, 1878-1963, Mother, same stone as Simone, (photo)
MIGLIORINI, Simone, 1878-1958, Father, same stone as Enrica, (photo)
MIGLIORINI, Wayne, Nov. 28, 1942, Nov. 7, 1943, Our Darling Son, a lamb on top of stone, (Photo)
MIKCO, Lena GROSSI, 1915-1962, (Photo)
MILAVEC, Frances, 1889-1937, Mother, same stone as Ludwig, (Photo)
MILAVEC, Ludwig, 1885-1940, Father same stone as Frances, (Photo)
MILLER, Charles E., no dates, same stone as Mary Jane, (photo)
MILLER, Mary Jane, 1928-1972, same stone as Charles E., (photo)
MINELLA, Anita E., no dates, same stone as Rudolph A., (photo)
MINELLA, Rosemarie, no dates, same stone as Theodore A., (photo)
MINELLA, Rudolph A., no dates, same stone as Anita E., (photo)
MINELLA, Theodore A. �Ted�, 1930-2004, same stone as Rosemarie, (photo)
MIRTH, Maria, 1892-1922, Our Sister, May She Rest In Peace, (Photo)
MITCHELL, August, 1902-1995, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
MITCHELL, Mary, 1904-1977, same stone as August, (Photo)
MIZIA, Joseph M., 1909-1978, same stone as Mary J., (photo)
MIZIA, Mary J., 1915-1968, same stone as Joseph M., (photo)
MONDA, Lawrence, Mar. 13, 191(?3)-May 8, 1920, carved lamb, dates not very clear, (Photo)
MONDINE, Andrew, 1884-1943, Father, May He Rest In Peace, (Photo)
MONDINE, Victoria, 1886-1941, May she rest in peace, Mother, (Photo)
MOORE, Alma H., 1893-1948, Mother, same stone as J. Daniel, (Photo)
MOORE, E. O'NEIL, 1903-1963, Husband, (Photo)
MOORE, Edward H., 1875-1923, Dad, (Photo)
MOORE, Elizabeth C., 1871-1948, Mother, (Photo)
MOORE, J. Daniel, 1894-1964, Father, same stone as Alma H., (Photo)
MOORE, James E. Sr., 1879-1958, same stone as Mary P., (Photo)
MOORE, John M., 1869-1930, Father, (Photo)
MOORE, Margaret, 1880-1959, Mother, (Photo)
MOORE, Mary E., 1923-1924, Daughter, (Photo)
MOORE, Mary P., 1883-1963, same stone as James, (Photo)
MOORE, Matthew Roy, 1901-1902, Son, This actually doesn't have a last name on the stone, but it is next to John & Eliz.'s stones and says SON, so I assumed, (Photo)
MOORE, Regina M., 1906-1966. Wife, (Photo)
MOORE, Rose Marie, 1926-1987, (Photo)
MOORE, Thomas P., Born, Dec. 7, 1909-Died May 2, 1960, S/SGT MAC AUS, Enl. March 25, 1942, Discharged Jan. 27, 1946, (Photo)
MORAN, Agnes M., 1890-1947, same stone as Charles A., (Photo)
MORAN, Charles A., 1890-19__, same stone as Agnes M., (Photo)
MORGAN, family stone, no names, no dates, (Photo)
MORLINI, Adelina, 1917-1923, (Photo)
MOSTI, Angeline V., 1878-1950, same stone as Eugene and Mildred, (Photo)
MOSTI, Dominic J., 1900-1980, (Photo)
MOSTI, Eugene, 1871-1930, same stone as Angeline and Mildred, (Photo)
MOSTI, Jacob B., 1897-1934, (Photo)
MOSTI, Mary Ann, 1848-1937, (Photo)
MOSTI, Mildred, no dates, Infant Daughter, same stone as Eugene and Angeline, (Photo)
MURDACA, Bruno A., 1883-1963, (Photo)
NADEJA, Charles, 1866-1943, Father, (Photo)
NADEJA, Emilia, 1871-1950, Mother, (Photo)
NADEJA, Josephine A., 1942-1943, (Photo)
NAGY, Andrew P., 1919-1963, Husband, same stone as Jessie, (photo)
NAGY, Jessie, 1920-1998, Wife, same stone as Andrew, (photo)
NAHAY, George A., 1919-1968, same stone as Marie, (Photo)
NAHAY, George A., June 23, 1919-June 6, 1968, Pennsylvania C5 2012 Ord. Maint. Co. AVN, World War II, (Photo)
NAHAY, Jolan, 1892-1986, Mother, same stone as Joseph, (Photo)
NAHAY, Joseph J., July 23, 1913-April 2, 1991, Father, same stone as Mary M., (photo)
NAHAY, Joseph, 1882-1940, Father, same stone as Jolan, (Photo)
NAHAY, Margaret H., 1911-1955, daughter, (Photo)
NAHAY, Marie I., no dates, same stone as George, (Photo)
NAHAY, Mary M., May 29, 1914-Nov. 12, 2001, Mother, same stone as Joseph J., (photo)
NARDINI, Giuseppe, 1882-1974, same stone as Giuseppina, (photo)
NARDINI, Giuseppina, 1894-1991, same stone as Giuseppe, (photo)
NARELLI, Guy, 1909-1973, photo on stone, (Photo)
NAUGHTON, Martin, Jan. 15, 1886-Nov. 9, 1906, (Photo)
NEMANICH, Lydia, no dates, Mother, same stone as Rudolph, (photo)
NEMANICH, Rudolph, 1918-1959, Father, same stone as Lydia, (photo)
NICKOLAY, Eva M., 1868-1952, same stone as Frank J., (Photo)
NICKOLAY, Frank J., 1869-1927, same stone as Eva M., (Photo)
NICKOLIE, Bridget, 1868-1951, Mother, same stone as John, (Photo)
NICKOLIE, George F., 1889-1971, (Photo)
NICKOLIE, John, 1865-1945, Father, same stone as Bridget, (Photo)
NICKOLIE, Joseph, 1895-1918, Husband, (Photo)
NICKOLIE, no names, (Photo)
NICKOLIE, William M., Feb. 12, 1902- June 17, 1955, West Virginia, Pvt. 1570 Service Unit, WW II, (Photo)
NOVELLI, Maria J., 1882-1962, Mother, same stone as Raffaele, (photo)
NOVELLI, Raffaele, 1872-1961, Father, same stone as Maria J., (photo)
NOWAK, Andrew J., 1930-1996, same stone as Lorraine A., (photo)
NOWAK, Andrew J., Nov. 10, 1930-Aug. 17, 1996, CPL US Army Korea, (photo)
NOWAK, Lorraine A., no dates, same stone as Andrew J., (photo)
O'BRIEN, Daniel, 1879-1952, Son, same stone as Susan D., (Photo)
O'BRIEN, Susan D., 1862-1919, Mother, same stone as Daniel, (Photo)
O'DONNELL, Ellen M., 1875-1957, Mother, (Photo)
O'DONNELL, Emmett, May 20, 1890 - Oct. 17, 1932, Pvt. Co. B. 163rd Inf., Enl. July 26, 1918, Disc. Feb. 20, 1919, (Photo)
O'DONNELL, Francis J., 1871-1932, Father, (Photo)
O'DONNELL, Frank, Born Aug. 17, 1894, Died Oct. 9, 1918, PVT. Co. E 126th Infantry, Enl. May 25, 1918, Killed in action Oct. 9, 1918, military type stone, (Photo)
O'DONNELL, Martin, 1884-1919, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
O'DONNELL, Pvt. Frank, 1894-1918, Killed in action Oct. 9, 1918, Co. E. 126th Inf., large stone, same stone as Martin, (Photo)
O'FARRELL, name and dates unreadable, Mother, (Photo)
O'NEIL, Patrick F., 1890-1960, (Photo)
O'ROURKE, John W., 1892-1962, Father, (Photo)
O'ROURKE, Nora MORGAN, 1898-1939, Mother, same stone as Ricky J., (Photo)
O'ROURKE?, Ricky J., born 1950, Grandson, same stone as Nora, (Photo)
O�NEILL, James R., 1939-1979, (Photo)
O�NEILL, Margaret M., 1908-1985, same stone as Thomas, (Photo)
O�NEILL, Thomas A., 1880-1968, same stone as Margaret, (Photo)
OBERLE, Martha ROUSSEL, 1898-1944, Wife, (Photo)
OBERLE, Michael J., 1899-1966, Husband, (Photo)
OLIVER, James J., age 66, no dates, same stone as Julia, (Photo)
OLIVER, Julia V., no age, no dates, same stone as James, (Photo)
ORIENT, James H., no dates, same stone as Sheila B. & Jeanne, (photo)
ORIENT, Jeanne M., no dates, same stone as James & Sheila, (photo)
ORIENT, Sheila B., 1927-2000, same stone as James & Jeanne, (photo)
OTRICELLI, Louis R., 1897-1946, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
OTRICELLI, Mary E., 1906-1947, same stone as Louis, (Photo)
OZANICH, Albert G., June 2, 1925-Dec. 22, 2000, same stone as Helen M., (photo)
OZANICH, Helen M., Oct. 5, 1926-Jan. 30, 2001, (photo)
OZANICH, Jacob, 1891-1963, Father, same stone as Katherine, (photo)
OZANICH, Katherine, 1890-1961, Mother, same stone as Jacob, (photo)
PALMER, Anthony L., 1921-1989, same stone as Patricia M., (photo)
PALMER, Patricia M., 1922-2000, same stone as Anthony L., (photo)
PALMER, William G., June 12, 1931-Oct. 6, 2002, US Air Force Vietnam, (photo)
PANICHI, Annunziata, 1906-19**, (photo)
PANICHI, Annunziata, 1906-1988, Beloved Mother, photo on stone, (photo)
PANIZZA, family stone, (Photo)
PANIZZA, Genoeffa, 1868-1932, Mother, (Photo)
PANIZZA, Harriet, 1901-1977, Daughter, (Photo)
PANIZZA, John P., 1889-1949, same stone as Josephine, (Photo)
PANIZZA, Joseph, 1902-1984, (Photo)
PANIZZA, Josephine, 1900-1979, same stone as John, (Photo)
PANIZZA, Mary, 1903-1999, (Photo)
PANIZZA, Omero, 1862-1931, Father, (Photo)
PAPAKIE, Charles, Sr., 1881-1932, Father, (Photo)
PAPAKIE, Pauline, 1881-1960, Mother, (Photo)
PARENTE, Joseph, 1923-1997, same stone as Marie, (photo)
PARENTE, Marie, 1921-1998, same stone as Joseph, (photo)
PAROLINE, Joseph, 1854-1932, same stone as Mary R., (Photo)
PAROLINE, Mary R., 1866-1947, His Wife, same stone as Joseph, (Photo)
PASCARELLA, Clara, 1885-1930, Mother, (Photo)
PASCARELLA, Louis Sr., 1886-1964, Father, (Photo)
PATTER, Frances M., Dec. 1, 1904-May 10, 1992, same stone as Frank S., (photo)
PATTER, Frank S., Jan. 4, 1901-May 1, 1976, same stone as Frances M., (photo)
PEDROTTI, Angelo, 1915-1974, (photo)
PENNETTI, Patrick P., Oct. 18, 1918, Dec. 22, 1995, "Putz", this is a regular tombstone there is a metal marker at the foot of the grave, it is listed separately, (Photo)
PENNETTI, Patrick P., Oct. 27, 1918, Dec. 22, 1995, Sgt. U.S. Army, WW II, metal marker set in the ground at the foot of the grave. DOB is different., (Photo)
PERANI, Christina, 1868-1945, same stone as Santo, (Photo)
PERANI, Santo, 1868-1945, same stone as Christina, (Photo)
PETRILLO, Braden D., 1965-1982, Son, same stone as Domenic & Shirley, (Photo)
PETRILLO, Domenic L., no dates, Father, same stone as Braden & Shirley, (Photo)
PETRILLO, Shirley A., no dates, Mother, same stone as Domenic & Braden, (Photo)
PETROFF, flat metal headstone, no names, (Photo)
PETRONIS, Barbara, died 1962, same stone as Joseph and Ellen, (Photo)
PETRONIS, Ellen, died 1831, same stone as Joseph and Barbara, (Photo)
PETRONIS, Joseph, died 1843, same stone as Ellen and Barbara, (Photo)
PETRONSKY, Catherine M., Aug. 28, 1918-Mar. 13, 1988, same stone as Louis J., (photo)
PETRONSKY, Louis J., Sept. 25, 1915-Feb. 27, 1996, same stone as Catherine M., (photo)
PFARR, Alphonse, 1899- no DOD, same stone as Julia, (Photo)
PFARR, Julia, 1899-1954, same stone as Alphonse, (Photo)
PIANETTO, Mary BESSO, Nov. 19, 1899, Feb. 3, 1925, In Memory of Wife and Mother, (Photo)
PICARD, Casper M., Mar. 17, 1894-April 17, 1958, Husband, (Photo)
PICARD, Catherine G., 1861-1931, Mother, Same stone as Michael, (Photo)
PICARD, Eleanor M., 1905-1993, (Photo)
PICARD, Herman, 1896-1955, (Photo)
PICARD, Joseph Conway, 1928-1970, same stone as Mary L., (photo)
PICARD, Marion H., 1902-1956, Same stone as Michael, (Photo)
PICARD, Mary L., 1921-1960, same stone as Joseph Conway, (photo)
PICARD, Michael, 1859-1943, Father, Large stone with four names, (Photo)
PICARD, no names, no dates, (Photo)
PICARD, Ralph F., 1898-1918, Same stone as Michael, (Photo)
PINNETTI, Alexander, 1866-1933, same stone as Rosoria, (Photo)
PINNETTI, Rosoria, 1886-1974, came stone as Alexander, (Photo)
PLETIANE, Katarina, 1891-1941 Mother, (Photo)
PLIOPA, Kazimer, 1876-1956, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
PLIOPA, Mary, 1886-1957, Mother, same stone as Kazimer, (Photo)
PLOPA, Edward, 4-18-1921 / 5-26-2008, wooden cross held together with a bungee cord, (Photo)
PLOPA, Marian L., 3-11-1930 / 7-25-2006, wife of Alfred Plopa, (info from Post-Gazette obituary)
POGACNIK, Clara, Oct. 8, 1899-Oct. 7, 1966, Wife, (Photo)
POGACNIK, Peter, Jan.18,1894-March 23, 1964, Pennsylvania, EM1 USNR, World War I & II, (Photo)
POLLAK, Rene Bernice, Dec. 27, 1964-July 15, 1966, Our Angel, (Photo)
POVERO, Henry, 1882-1944, same stone as Victoria, and John Paul KUNKEL, (Photo)
POVERO, Victoria, 1889-1972, same stone as Henry and John Paul KUNKEL, (Photo)
POWELL, John E., 1954-1979, (Photo)
POWERS, no names, (Photo)
PROSEN, Ben, 1900-1969, Father, (Photo)
PROSEN, Russell, 1924-1951, Son, (Photo)
PROSEN, Victoria, 1903-1987, Mother, (Photo)
PROSPERI, Carlo, 1883-1943, Father, (Photo)
PROSPERI, Cristoforo, Born Sept. 1*, 185* Died Dec. 1, 1930, (yellow paint on stone, metal plate with info sent into stone), (Photo)
PUPPO, John, 1881-1944, same stone as Margaurita, (Photo)
PUPPO, Margaurita, 1889-1955, same stone as John, (Photo)
PUZAS, Catherine, 1888-1931, Mother, (Photo)
QUIGLEY, Mary, 1846-1930, Wife, same stone as Thomas, (Photo)
QUIGLEY, Thomas, 1844-1929, Husband, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
RADZEAWIUS, Martha, 1865-1939, Mother, same stone as Thomas, (Photo)
RADZEAWIUS, Thomas, 1861-1951, Father same stone as Martha, (Photo)
RADZIK, Eva, no dates, (Photo)
RAMOUS, Elsie, 1915-1985, same stone as Frank, (photo)
RAMOUS, Frank, 1911-1970, same stone as Elsie, (photo)
RECK, Angeline V., 1901-1944, Mother, picture attached to headstone, (Photo)
REED, Anna M., 1900-1971, Together Forever, same stone as Robert , (Photo)
REED, Robert H., 1899-1975, Together Forever, same stone as Anna M, (Photo)
REED, Robert H., Jr., April 4, 1922-Dec. 30, 1995, PFC US Army, World War II, Purple Heart, (Photo)
REGINE, Anthony F., 1882-1948, same stone as Rose Marie, (Photo)
REGINE, Rose Marie, 1894-1966, same stone as Anthony, (Photo)
REGRUT, Mary, 1887-1931, (Photo)
RENTON, Catherine, 1872-1921, Mother, same stone as Henry, (Photo)
RENTON, Henry, 1872-1926, Father, same stone as Catherine, (Photo)
RENTON, Mary E. (?F.), 1905-1988, same stone as William, there is a sheaf of wheat under her name, (Photo)
RENTON, William Docherty, 1894-1950, same stone as Mary, emblem with words in Latin and the word Legion, reminds me of something British as there is a Crown on it, (Photo)
RIBAR, John, 1915-1943, May He Rest In Peace, (Photo)
RIGATTI, Anna, 1900-1952, Mother, same stone as Roger, (Photo)
RIGATTI, Roger B., 1894-1981, Father, same stone as Anna, (Photo)
RITENOUR, Mary B., 1924-2001, Beloved wife, (Photo)
RIZZOTTO, Angelo, 1869-1939 Father, (Photo)
ROBINSON, Mary FLYNN, Died Feb. 4, 1940, Mother, (Photo)
RODWANSKE, Antoinette, Wife, 1892-1946, (Photo)
RODWANSKE, Joseph P., 1892-1952, Husband, same stone as Antoinette, (Photo)
RONALDSON and QUIGLEY, family stone, no names, no dates, (Photo)
RONCHETTI, Ferruccio, 1882-1932, (Photo)
RONCHETTI, Filomena, 1890-1982, (Photo)
RONCHETTI, no names, (Photo)
ROSA, Maria, 1896-1979, same stone as Vincent, (photo)
ROSA, Vincent, 1896-1964, same stone as Maria, (photo)
ROSATI, Alex, 1895-1979, same stone as Lucia, (photo)
ROSATI, Lucia, 1897-1973, same stone as Alex, (photo)
ROTELLA, Beverly Ann, Nov. 30, 1948-May 19, 1949, (Photo)
RUDZINSKI, Alice Ann, Feb. 19, 1933-Aug. 5, 2000, same stone as John, (Photo)
RUDZINSKI, John R., no dates, same stone as Alice Ann, (Photo)
RUSSELL, Joseph J. Sr., 1913-1998, (photo)
RUSSELL, Mary Alice, 1916-1975, Mother, (photo)
RUTKAUSKAS, Carl, 1875-1942, (Photo)
SABARESE-OZOSKEY, Debra Lucille, 12-5-1994, same stone as Tyler John, (photo)
SABARESE-OZOSKEY, Tyler John, 5-19-1997, same stone as Debra Lucille, (photo)
SABARESE, Mary, 1912-2001, same stone as Mike, (photo)
SABARESE, Mike, 1911-1994, same stone as Mary, (photo)
SABATINI, Jim, Aug. 30, 1923-May 31, 1925, (Photo)
SALOMONI, Alessandro, 1875-1972, same stone as Palma, (photo)
SALOMONI, Palma, 1885-1973, same stone as Alessandro, (photo)
SANTONI, Giovanni B., 1869-1950, same stone as Maria NERI, (Photo)
SANTONI, Maria NERI, 1871-1952, same stone as Giovanni, (Photo)
SASSO, Grace, 1999, same stone as Nicholas, (Photo)
SASSO, Josephine, 1865-1939, Mother, same stone as Michael, (Photo)
SASSO, Michael, 1857-1933, Father, same stone as Josephine, (Photo)
SASSO, Nicholas P., 1949, same stone as Grace, (Photo)
SASSO, Nicholas P., Nov. 21, 1896-Nov. 14, 1949, CPL. ___ Supply Tn 11 Div WW I, (Photo)
SAUNORAS, Anthony, 1881-1948, Father, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
SAUNORAS, Mary, 1891-1940, Mother, same stone as Anthony, (Photo)
SAVAGE, Clotilda �Clo�, no dates, same stone as John P. Jr., (photo)
SAVAGE, John P. Jr. �Pat�, 1939-1997, same stone as Clotilda, (photo)
SAVAGE, John Patrick Jr., July 1, 1939-Apr. 8, 1997, SP 4 US Army Vietnam, (photo)
Schmitt, John Charles, 1859-1934, (unmarked), h/o Teresa (Goldbach), (Source: Karen Moon, [email protected])
Schmitt, Teresa (Goldbach), 1873-1937, (unmarked), w/o John Charles, (Source: Karen Moon, [email protected])
SCHNEIDER, Hilda V., 1901-1989, Same stone as Louis SCHNEIDER, (Photo)
SCHNEIDER, Louis, 1897-1974, (Photo)
SCHOMER, Gerald, 1917-2003, same stone as Mary Catherine, (Photo)
SCHOMER, Mary Catherine, 1918-1970, same stone as Gerald, (Photo)
SCHULTE, Cornelia WIEMAN, 1873-1944, (Photo)
SCHULTE, Jack M., 1942-1996, (photo)
SCHULTE, John E., Nov. 7, 1901-Nov. 22, 1985, US Army WW II, (Photo)
SCHULTE, John M., 1908-1972, same stone as Mildred C., (photo)
SCHULTE, Joseph F., 1870-1949, (Photo)
SCHULTE, Katherine C., 1869-1942, (Photo)
SCHULTE, Mildred C., 1911-1981, same stone as John M., (photo)
SCHULTE, Nicholas, 1866-1912, (Photo)
SCURICH, Frank J., June 20, 1918-Dec. 9, 1991, PFC US Army WW II, (Photo)
SCURICH, no names, (Photo)
SCURICH, Thomas E., Feb. 18, 1976-Feb. 28, 1976, Our Angel, (Photo)
SEAMAN, Joseph, no dates, (funeral home marker, no name), (Photo)
SEIBEL, Albena, 1925-1995, Beloved Wife, same stone as William, (Photo)
SEIBEL, William, 1925-1999, Beloved Husband, same stone as Albena, (Photo)
SEKEL, Charles G., Sept. 8, 1895-May 11, 1974, Father, same stone as Elizabeth M., (photo)
SEKEL, Elizabeth M., Apr. 23, 1901-Jan. 6, 1958, Mother, same stone as Charles G., (photo)
SEKEL, Elizabeth, May 5, 1952-May 11, 1952, (Photo)
SHAFFER, Anton, 1889-1943, (Photo)
SHEMANSKI, Stanley, 1880-1922, (Photo)
SHENK, Bertha, 1887-1981, same stone as Margaret and Joseph HARMUTH, (Photo)
SHERRILL, Charles E., 1931-1998, (photo)
SHIMKUS, Anton, Nov. 17, 1887-Feb. 28, 1956, Pvt. Co. E 61 Infantry Div., WW I, PH, (Photo)
SHIMKUS, Josephine, Jan. 7, 1903-Mar 31, 1982, Wife, (Photo)
SIGNORINI, Mary, 1890-1938, Mother, (Photo)
SILHOL, Thelma L., 1905-1987, (photo)
SIMONE, Anne, May 4, 1947, (Photo)
SKARIS, Victor, ????-????, (cement poured into the ground and the name scratched on), (Photo)
SLORA, Alex, 1888-1962, same stone as Helen, (Photo)
SLORA, Anna, Nov. 1915, Oct. 1924, Daughter, Carved lamb on top of headstone, (Photo)
SLORA, Helen, 1896-1969, same stone as Alex, (Photo)
SMITH, Ella CARTER, 1900-1985, (Photo)
SMITH, Margaret R., Dec. 5, 1906-Dec. 7, 1975, Mother, (Photo)
SNYDER, Francis, Sept. 1, 1930-July 14, 1939, May He Rest In Peace, (Photo)
SNYDER, Joseph G., Feb. 22, 1902-Aug. 26, 1953, May He Rest In Peace, (Photo)
SNYDER, Mathias J., 1906-1965, same stone as Veronica, (Photo)
SNYDER, Veronica A., 1904-1946, same stone as Mathias, (Photo)
SOSSONG, Catherine L., 1895-1995, same stone as William E., (photo)
SOSSONG, William E., 1896-1965, same stone as Catherine L., (photo)
SPALVIERI, Clara, Mar. 31, 1922-Feb. 15, 1928, (Photo)
SPALVIERI, Ettore B., Nov. 7, 1887-Dec. 10, 1969, (Photo)
SPALVIERI, Lula S., Aug. 1, 1882-Dec. 15, 1957, Mother, (Photo)
SPALVIERI, Romeo, Dec. 3, 1916-June 6, 1940, Son, (Photo)
SPERO, Anna, 1902-1985, same stone as Louis J., (photo)
SPERO, Louis J., 1895-1975, PFC US Army, WW I, (photo)
SPERO, Louis J., 1895-1975, same stone as Anna, (photo)
STAAB, Anthony E., 1927-1990, same stone as Joyce L., (photo)
STAAB, Anthony E., 1927-1990, US Navy, WW II, (photo)
STAAB, Joyce L., 1931-1992, same stone as Anthony E., (photo)
STAMPFEL, Joseph, d: April 16, 1984, Father, h/o Nellie Rupinsky, (obit below)
STANKUS, Kasimir, 1870-1949, same stone as Maryann, (Photo)
STANKUS, Kazimer S., 1877-1945, (Photo)
STANKUS, Magdalene, 1882-1957, (Photo)
STANKUS, Maryann, 1875-1963, same stone as Kasimir, (Photo)
STANSON, Frank D., 1883-1940, Father, (Photo)
STANSON, Mamie, 1913-1935, (Photo)
STARON, Anna E., June 15, 1923-Mar. 7, 1999, Gramms-Mom, (photo)
STASIK, Charles J., 1914-1966, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
STASIK, Mary C., no dates, same stone as Charles, (Photo)
STEINER, Fred T., 1916-1944, (Photo)
STEPOLAITIS, Agnes YANKUS, 1877-1947, Mother, (Photo)
STEWART, Eugene W., 1911-1966, same stone as Mary PALONDER, (Photo)
STEWART, Mary PALONDER, no dates, same stone as Eugene, (Photo)
STONE, James, 1876-1955, Father, same stone as Mary, Leonard and Ruth, (Photo)
STONE, Leonard, 1905-1935, Son, same stone as Mary, James and Ruth, (Photo)
STONE, Mary, 1901-1921, Daughter, same stone as Leonard, James, and Ruth, (Photo)
STONE, Ruth, 1874-1951, Mother, same stone as Mary, Leonard and James, (Photo)
STRAH, Cecelia, 1882-1952, Wife, same stone as Frank, (Photo)
STRAH, Frank, 1882-1946, Husband, same stone as Cecelia, (Photo)
STRAKA, John, 1895-1967, same stone as Rose, (Photo)
STRAKA, Rose, 1899-1978, same stone as John, (Photo)
STRELAUSKI, large cross with this name and the name TOLISH at the base, (Photo)
STYCHE, Myron D., 1940-1960, (Photo)
SULLIVAN, Catherine, 1859-1916, (Photo)
SULLIVAN, Clarence S., 1892-1912, (Photo)
SULLIVAN, Helen LATZ, 1889-1973, (Photo)
SULLIVAN, Margaret C., 1890-1921, could be 1880, difficult to make out, (Photo)
SULLIVAN, Thomas F., 1885-1955, (Photo)
SULLIVAN, William L., 1883-1963, (Photo)
SULLIVAN, William, 1852-1930, (Photo)
SUTYAK, Irma, Mother, 1878-1960, (Photo)
SUTYAK, John, Father, 1878-1926, (Photo)
SUTYAK, Joseph, 1911-1918, (Photo)
SUTYAK, Victor, 1900-1921, (Photo)
SWETKAUSKAS, Joseph, died 1940, same stone as Martha, (Photo)
SWETKAUSKAS, Martha, died 1943, same stone as Joseph, (Photo)
TAUBLER, Paul E., 1901-1944, (Photo)
TEODORI, Angeline, 1912-1996, same stone as Eufrasia and Attilio, (Photo)
TEODORI, Attilio, 1884-19224, same stone as Eufrasia and Angeline, (Photo)
TEODORI, Eufrasia, 1889-1976, same stone as Attilio and Angeline, (Photo)
TESSARO, Antonia, 1878-1961, Mother, (Photo)
TESSARO, John, 1878-1930, Father, (Photo)
TESSARO, William, Jan. 9, 1906-Dec. 13, 1974, Brother, (Photo)
TESTA, Karen, March 26, 1959-June 18, 1959, Our Angel, (Photo)
TEXTER, Adam J., 1900-1959, (Photo)
TEXTER, Ann BETSCHART, 1903-1959, (Photo)
TEXTER, Bernadine WIEMAN, 1894-1958, (Photo)
TODOVERTO, Giordano, 1870-1950, same stone as Louise, (Photo)
TODOVERTO, Louise, 1876-1966, same stone as Giordano, (Photo)
TOFFOLO, August �Augie�, 1918-2001, US Army Air Force WW II, same stone as Mary Lou, (photo)
TOFFOLO, Mary Lou, Jan. 9, 1997, same stone as August, (photo)
TOLISH, large cross with this name and the name STRELAUSKI at the base, (Photo)
TOLMER, Anthony Raymond, January 1, 1984, engraved with a kneeling, praying, child angel, (Photo)
TOLMER, Rick, 1951-1969, This is Rick, He lives, laughs, sings, cries, He shouts, hates, loves, he dies., (Photo)
TOMM, Anna, 1888-1979, (Photo)
TOMM, Helena, 1919-2000, (Photo)
TOMM, Joseph, 1876-1943, (Photo)
TOTH, Elizabeth B., 1884-1949, Mother, same stone as Stephen, (Photo)
TOTH, Stephen J., 1882-1958, Father, same stone as Elizabeth, (Photo)
TRAINOR, Thomas A., 1897-1927, World War Medallion, metal flag holder, (Photo)
TRAUTMAN, William W. Jr., Jan. 31, 1922-June 21, 2002, PFC US Army WW II, (photo)
TROODEN, Marie, 1878-1952, (Photo)
TROODEN, Mary, 1848-1941, (Photo)
TROODEN, Patrick, 1849-1925, (Photo)
TRUZZI, Arthur, Dec. 14, 1906-June 21, 2000, same stone as Florence, (photo)
TRUZZI, Florence, Feb. 5, 1911-Sept. 7, 1997, same stone as Arthur, (photo)
TRZCINSKI, Anna, 1911-1994, Wife, (Photo)
TRZCINSKI, Edward S. no dates, same stone as Olive J., (photo)
TRZCINSKI, Olive J., no dates, same stone as Edward S., (photo)
TRZCINSKI, Stanley, 1906-1941, Husband, (Photo)
TULLIO, Dominick, Died 26 Sept. 1919, age 18 yrs., same stone as Filomena, picture on the stone, the name on the stone's base is R. TULLIO, (Photo)
TULLIO, Filomena, Died 9 Sept. 1918, age 9 years, same stone as Dominic, picture on the stone, the name on the stone's base is R. TULLIO, (Photo)
TUNCOS, This is as written on the stone, I'm told it is Hungarian.
Csaladi emle'k ko"
(English: Family tombstone)
Emeltete Edesanyuk
(English: Raised up by their mother)
Tuncos Miha'ne'
(English: Mrs. Miha'ly [Michael] Tuncos) Oct. 24, 1919
Edes apyuk Tuncos Mihaly, Born 1867 Died June 27, 1915
(English: their dear father Miha'ly Tuncos, Born 1867, Died June 27, 1915)
FIA MIKE TUNCOS Born 1888 Died Nov. 16, 1918
(English: His (or her) son, Mike Tuncos Born 1888 Died Nov. 16, 1918)
TURRIGROSSA, Dominic, 1950-1967, same stone as Salvatrice, (photo)
TURRIGROSSA, Salvatrice, no dates, same stone as Dominic, (photo)
Unknown, Christina, 1876-1921, Mother, (Photo)
Unknown, James, 1871-1933, Father, (Photo)
URBAN, Elizabeth, 1884-1951, May She Rest In Peace, (Photo)
URBAN, Enoch C., 1873-1928, May He Rest In Peace, (Photo)
URBAN, John P., 1921-1946, May He Rest In Peace, (Photo)
URBAN, Joseph C., 1908-1940, May He Rest In Peace, (Photo)
URIAH, James, 2-2-1908 / 10-13-1984, Sgt. 485th AAF WW II, Wed. 7-7-1932, same stone as Katherine, (Photo)
URIAH, Katherine Ceciia (Witzel), 3-15-1913 / 8-27-2000, same stone as James, wed 7-7-1932, (Photo)
VAGLIA, Annette D., no dates, same stone a James, (Photo)
VAGLIA, James, Aug. 11, 1907-Nov. 16, 1978, same stone as Annette, (Photo)
VAIKSNORIS, Anna C., 1902-1965, same stone as John A., (Photo)
VAIKSNORIS, John A., 1888-1949, same stone as Anna, (Photo)
VALENTINO, Diamond, March 24, 2002, (Photo)
VALENTINO, Gateano, 1884-1954, same stone as Theresa Marie, (Photo)
VALENTINO, Robert G., Apr. 14, 1981, Tech. 3rd Gr. 3610 Ord. Co. US Army WW II, (Photo)
VALENTINO, Rose, September 13, 1998, (Photo)
VALENTINO, Theresa Marie, 1892-1949, same stone as Gateano, (Photo)
VALODKA, Blanche, 1904-1999, Mother, no last name on stone but around large VALODKA stone, (photo)
VALODKA, no names or dates, smaller, flat stones set around it, (photo)
VALSI, Angelo, 1873-1952, Father, (Photo)
VALSI, August, 1907-1964, Son, (Photo)
VALSI, Maria, 1873-1943, Mother, (Photo)
VANZIN, Daniel, 1874-1957, Father, same stone as Pauline, (Photo)
VANZIN, Pauline, 1878-1956, Mother, same stone as Daniel, (Photo)
VARLEY, G. Elizabeth, 1910-1997, Mother, same stone as Patrick , (Photo)
VARLEY, Patricia Lee, March 29, 1939-April 17, 1994, (Photo)
VARLEY, Patrick L., 1897-1963, Father, same stone as G. Elizabeth, (Photo)
VARLEY, Thomas F., 1906-1942, (Photo)
VECHAZONE, John, 1881-1968, same stone as Kathryn, (Photo)
VECHAZONE, Kathryn, 1885-1964, same stone as John, (Photo)
VERISH, Andrew J., 1897-1950, same stone as Stella, (Photo)
VERISH, Stella J., 1903 / 1993, same stone as Andrew, (Photo)
VIALE, Martin, 1887-1933, Father, (Photo)
VIALE, no names, (Photo)
VIDONI, Eulalia W., 1881-1959, Mother, (Photo)
VIDONI, Louis A., 1881-1969, Father, (Photo)
VIECELI, Ida, 1922-1924, (Photo)
VIECELI, Sammy, 1923-1925, (Photo)
VISSAT, John L., Dec. 5, 1888-Jan. 23, 1978, same stone as Mary Luisa, (photo)
VISSAT, Mary Luisa, Jan. 26, 1893-Sept. 24, 1973, same stone as John L., (photo)
VOLOSKY, Beatrice, 1911-1928, (Photo)
VOLOSKY, Louis, 1876-1972, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
VOLOSKY, Mary, 1883-1952, same stone as Louis, (Photo)
VOLOVICH, Anthony, 1897-1949, Father, same stone as Catherine, (Photo)
VOLOVICH, Catherine, 1892-1973, Mother, same stone as Anthony, (Photo)
VOYE, Alphonse J., Jr. �Ted�, Aug. 10, 1913-Feb. 4, 1990, (Photo)
VOYE, Alphonse, J., 1882-1946, same stone as Clara, (Photo)
VOYE, Clara HASKINS, 1885-1946, same stone as Alphonse, (Photo)
VUCICH, Mary E., 1907-2001, same stone as Nick, (Photo)
VUCICH, Nick, 1900-1970, same stone as Mary, (Photo)
WAGNER, Frederick D., 1926-1968, same stone as Pauline A., (Photo)
WAGNER, Frederick D., Feb.24, 1926-Oct. 29, 1968, Pennsylvania, CPL Army Air Forces, WW II, (Photo)
WAGNER, Mary, Sept. 21, 1891-Aug. 3, 1970, Mother, (Photo)
WAGNER, Pauline A., 1930-1989, same stone as Frederick, (Photo)
WAGNER, Robert M., Born Nov. 3, 1928, Died Aug. 28, 1965, T/Sgt. USAF, Enl. Nov. 9, 1945, Disc. Nov. 11, 1964, (Photo)
WAGNER, Rose NUGENT, 1886-1933, Mother, same stone as Val, (Photo)
WAGNER, Val C., 1882-1941, same stone as Rose, Father, (Photo)
WAGNER, Valentine Joseph, April 11, 1916-Sept. 28, 1997, PFC, USMC, WW II, (Photo)
WALTERS, no names no dates, (Photo)
WARD, Keith Frank, Mar. 17, 1957-April 16, 1957, (Photo)
WATCHEK, Mike, Oct. 14, 1913-Aug. 15, 1994, SSGT US Army WW II, (photo)
WATCHEL, Julia, 1918-1990, same stone as Mike, (photo)
WATCHEL, Mike, 1913-1994, same stone as Julia, (photo)
WATTS, Roy F. Sr., Aug. 27, 1921-Aug. 25, 2001, Sgt. US Army Air Forces, WW II, (Photo)
WEAVER, Cathy, no dates, same stone as Roy P., (photo)
WEAVER, Roy P., Apr. 20, 1955-Jan. 28, 2006, same stone as Cathy, (photo)
WEBER, Mary SNYDER, 1904-1961, (Photo)
WEIR, Mary E., 1894-1945, same stone as Richard J., (Photo)
WEIR, Nellie, 1890-1952, Mother, (Photo)
WEIR, Patricia E., 1938-1996, same stone as William R., (photo)
WEIR, Richard J., 1892-1967, same stone as Mary E., (Photo)
WEIR, William R., 1938-2000, same stone as Patricia E., (photo)
WELSH, Henry M., born July 26, 1895, Died July 15, 1947, SFT 1?C 1st BN. 1556h D. B., Enl. Feb. 27, 1918, Disc. Feb. 27, 1919, (Photo)
WELSH, Lydia L., 1893-1962, Mother, same stone as Thomas F., (Photo)
WELSH, Rose E., 1869-19__, no date engraved, same stone as Thomas, (Photo)
WELSH, Thomas F., 1889-1967, Father, same stone as Lydia L., (Photo)
WELSH, Thomas, 1858-1915, same stone as Rose, (Photo)
WEST, Bruce Allen, Jan. 24, 1976, Our Angel, (Photo)
WEST, Frances, no dates, daughter of Jacob & Katherine OZANICH, same stone as Robert, (photo)
WEST, Robert, no dates, US Army, Platoon Sergeant WW II 1945-46, same stone as Frances, (photo)
WIDMAN, John Andrew, Dec. 22, 1926-Oct. 14, 2001, S1 US Navy WW II, (photo)
WIDMAN, Ruth S., (no dates), same stone as William M., (photo)
WIDMAN, William M., 1925-1979, same stone as Ruth S., (photo)
WIDMAN, William Matthew, June 9, 1925-Jan. 4, 1979, SSM 2 US Navy WW II, (photo)
WILKIE, Hazel, 1892-1968, same stone as Robert, (Photo)
WILKIE, Robert, 1900-1976, same stone as Hazel, (Photo)
WILLIAMS, George F., 1896-1978, same stone as Madeline, (Photo)
WILLIAMS, Gordon Wayne, Oct. 23, 1960, In Memory of Baby, (Photo)
WILLIAMS, Madeline M., 1899-1977, same stone as George, (Photo)
WISHNER, Charles, 1870-1922, (Photo)
WITZEL, Raymond Henry Jr., Sept. 12, 1954-Sept. 14, 1954, Our Baby, (Photo)
WOLF, Dolly M., no dates, same stone as Edward D. Jr., (photo)
WOLF, Edward D. Jr., 1928-1990, same stone as Dolly M., (photo)
WOLF, Edward D. Jr., 1928-1990, YNT2 US Navy WW II, (photo)
WOLF, Edward D., 1906-1987, same stone as Helen G., (photo)
WOLF, Fannie L., 1877-1939, same stone as John S. Sr., & Frances W. KREIGER, (Photo)
WOLF, George, 1856-1940, Father, same stone as Josephine, (Photo)
WOLF, Helen G., 1906-1995, same stone as Edward D., (photo)
WOLF, Irma E. KISSINGER, 1909-1990, same stone as James A., (photo)
WOLF, James A., 1908-1992, same stone as Irma E. KISSINGER, (photo)
WOLF, John J. Sr., 1870-1950, same stone as Fannie L. & Frances W. KRIEGER, metal flag holder with RFA on it, (Photo)
WOLF, John Jr., 1903-1980, same stone as Mary E., (photo)
WOLF, Josephine, 1867-1962, Mother, same stone as George, (Photo)
WOLF, Mary E., 1904-1972, same stone as John Jr., (photo)
WUSSLE*, Florence, Jan. 10, 1925-Nov.24, 1925, not sure if there is another letter at end of name or if it is just an imperfection in the stone, may be S, (Photo)
YAKE, George L. Jr., Mar. 23, 1964-Dec. 3, 1965, Our Angel, (Photo)
YEMENTES, Andy, 1913-1941, (Photo)
YESKEVICH, Ursula, 1877-19** , can't read year, same stone as Vincent, (Photo)
YESKEVICH, Vincent, 1877-1944, same stone as Ursula, (Photo)
YOCIUS, Joseph Sr., 1872-1931, Father, (Photo)
YOKEL, Mercedes, Dec. 11, 1924-Jan. 21, 1925, Daughter, (Photo)
YURCICH, Yanko, Born 1884 Died 1924, (Photo)
YUSKA, Adolph R., 1881-1948, same stone as Carolyn, (Photo)
YUSKA, Carolyn R., 1881-1964, same stone as Adolph, (Photo)
ZALESKY, Alexander, 1882-1958, Father, same stone as Frances, (Photo)
ZALESKY, Frances, 1893-1947, Mother, same stone as Alexander, (Photo)
ZAMPINI, Daniel D., 1901-1971, same stone as Margaret M., (photo)
ZAMPINI, Joseph N., 1922-1981, (Photo)
ZAMPINI, Margaret M., 1901-2004, same stone as Daniel D., (photo)
ZATAWESKI, Daniel J., 1935-2004, same stone as John, (Photo)
ZATAWESKI, John G., 1899-1951, Father, same stone as Daniel, (Photo)
ZATAWESKY, Joseph, (Photo)
ZAVERL, Ciril, July 5, 1885-Aug. 5, 1960, same stone as Mary, (photo)
ZAVERL, Mary, Aug. 24, 1886-July 29, 1966, same stone as Ciril, (photo)
ZDANOVICH, Frank, 1881-1918, same stone as Vincent, Picture of Frank on stone, some writing in another language, but I can't make it out well enough to transcribe. The name appears spelled Franai Zdanavice, (Photo), (Photo), (Photo)
ZDANOVICH, Vincent, no dates, same stone as his father Frank, (Photo)
ZEIGLER, Catherine, 1896-1955, Mother, (Photo)
ZEIGLER, John Joseph, June 27, 1903- Nov. 6, 1980, Pvt. US Army, WW II, (Photo)
ZEMAN, Andy, 1905-1926, same stone as John, (Photo)
ZEMAN, Anna, 1874-1952, Mother, May She Rest In Peace, (Photo)
ZEMAN, John, 1903-1926, same stone as Andy, (Photo)
ZERONIS, Mary, 1919-1974, (Photo)
ZIEGLER, Cecelia (Schmitt), 1902-1993, Mother, d/o John and Teresa Schmitt, (Photo)
ZIEGLER, Joseph M., 1881-1935, Father, (Photo)
ZINGER, Josephine, 1879-1942, Mother, once had a photo attached, (Photo)
ZINGER, Leo J., 1910-1979, same stone as Teresa, (Photo)
ZINGER, Louie, B. Jan. 22, 1879, D. Jan. 28, 1926, Father, photo attached, (Photo)
ZINGER, Michael, 1916-1987, Sgt. US Army WW II, (Photo)
ZINGER, no names, (Photo)
ZINGER, Teresa, 1911-1989, same stone as Leo J., (Photo)
ZUKAUSKY, Barbara A., 1884-no date, same stone as Karl C., (Photo)
ZUKAUSKY, Karl C., 1872-1947, same stone as Barbara A., (Photo)


Emma (Aunt Bessie) KOUCHE, 93, of Bridgeville, died Thursday, Nov. 15, 1984. She was the wife of the late John KOUCHE.
Mrs. KOUCHE was the aunt of Carol WALNOHA, Jane SCHOLAR, Helen LUBIC, Gladies LESKOVICH, Joseph WALNOHA, James JUJAN,
also many nieces and nephews. Friends were received at the Fryer Funeral Home, Washington Avenue, Bridgeville. Mass of
Christian Burial was held Monday morning, Nov. 19, at Our Lady of Grace Church. Interment was in St. Agatha Cemetery.
(Nov 28, 1984 McDonald PA Record-Outlook)

Joseph STAMPFEL, 80, of Oakdale, formerly of Beadling, died Monday, April 16, 1984. He is survived by his wife, Nellie
RUPINSKY STAMPFEL; two sons, Joseph STAMPFEL, Jr., of Peters Township and James STAMPFEL of Collier Township; five
grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Two sons, Louis and Anthony, are deceased. Mass of Christian burial was held
last Saturday morning in St. John Capistran Church. Burial was in St. Agatha Cemetery, Bridgeville.
April 25, 1984 / McDonald PA Record-Outlook

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