St Mary's Cemetery/Sharpshill/Section G

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Tombstone Inscriptions
St. Mary's (new) Cemetery
Sharpshill, PA
(O'Hara Township, Allegheny County)
Section G

Unless otherwise noted, recorded and contributed by Sandy Major of Lawrenceville, PA
and Norm & Eileen Meinert of O'Hara Twp., Allegheny County, PA.

Additional Contributors (Thank You) listed on bottom of this page.

Posted: June, 2000 Last update: November 7, 2010

Ackley, Mary E., (no dates) Mother
Ackley, Ralph F., Feb. 5, 1916-Oct. 28, 1971, Pa. Tec. 5, 27 ARMD BN., WWII, bronze, Father
Acri, Frank R., July 15, 1922-May 24, 1998, Father, Vet WWII, (same stone as Marie A.)
Acri, Marie A., no dates, Mother, (same stone as Frank R.)
Acri, William L., no dates, Son, (same stone as Frank R.)
Adametz, Anna E., 1877-1958, Mother, (same stone as Stephen M.)
Adametz, Stephen J., 1907-1997, Father, (same stone as Wilda Mary)
Adametz, Stephen M., 1874-1962, Father
Adametz, Wilda Mary, 1914-1986, Mother, (same stone as Stephen J.)
Adlesic, Anne B., (no dates), Wife
Adlesic, Barbara, 1919-1981, Mother
Adlesic, Edward M., Jan. 4, 1918-Jan. 19, 1986, S. SGT. US Army, WWII, bronze, Husband
Adlesic, Frances B., 1914-1986, Daughter, (same stone as George J.)
Adlesic, George J., 1888-1969, Father (same stone as Mary A.)
Adlesic, George P., (no dates), Son, (same stone as George J.)
Adlesic, Joseph I., 1906-1972, Father, (same stone as Mary M.)
Adlesic, Joseph P., May 22, 1916-Feb. 19, 1975, US Navy, WWII, bronze, Father
Adlesic, Mary A., 1892-1966, Mother
Adlesic, Mary M., 1909-1974, Mother, (same stone as Joseph I.)
Aigner, Henry L., 1893-1948
Aigner, Mary C., 1898-1990
Ajnas, Jennie (no dates), (same stone as Joseph)
Aluise, Ann G. (Gerardi), d: January 30, 2010, Mother, (same stone as Patsy V.), (BAK)
Aluise, Patsy V., 1920-1992, Father, (same stone as Ann G.)
Amorose John Aug. 29, 1887 / Feb. 10, 1978
Amorose, Anna Ferraro Sep. 25, 1898 / July 29, 1971
Amorose, Caroline, 1928-1990, Mother, (same stone as Dolores L.)
Amorose, Dolores L., 1926-1975, Mother, (same stone as Caroline)
Anania, Pasquale, 1890-1984, (same stone as Rose)
Anania, Rose, 1893-1976, (same stone as Pasquale)
Anderson, Mary A., 1919-1981, buried w/Skertich
Anick, Margaret R., 1932-1950, Daughter
Anick, Mary, 1908-1954, Mother
Anick, Stanley, 1905-1959, Father
Antico, Anthony J., 1914-1975, Father, (same stone as Hazel L.)
Antico, Hazel L., no dates, Mother, (same stone as Anthony J.)
Anzelone, Joseph F., 1910-1966, Father, West Pacific Base WWII, (same stone as Marie I.)
Anzelone, Joseph J., 1932-1996, Father, (same stone as Joseph F.)
Anzelone, Marie I., 1910-1993, Mother, (same stone as Joseph F.)
Apan, Alex, 1913-1975, Husband, (same stone as Helen J.)
Apan, Helen J., (no dates), Wife, (same stone as Alex)
Arlotti, Adolph C., 1917-1975, Dad, (same stone as Margaret P.)
Arlotti, Emma, (no dates), Mom, (same stone as Joseph F.)
Arlotti, Joseph F., 1920-1984, Dad, (same stone as Emma)
Arlotti, Margaret P., 1924-1992, Mom, (same stone as Adolph C.)
Arrigo, Anna Marie, (no dates) Mother
Arrigo, Caroline, 1920-1945, Mother, (same stone as Charles)
Arrigo, Charles, 1941-1961, Son
Arrigo, Peter, Oct. 6, 1910-Dec. 17, 1972, Pa. PVT. CO. C. 311 Infantry, WWII, bronze
Arture, Carmella F. 1908-1996, Mother
Arture, Ethel L., 1913-1996, Mother
Arture, Frank M., 1903-1986, Father
Arture, Marion A., 1901-1960, Father
Arture, Nancy A., 1907-1988, Mother
Arture, William J., 1908-1996, Father
Arzberger, Frank C., 1919-1989, Father, (same stone as Margaret A.)
Arzberger, Margaret A., 1920-1987, Mother, (same stone as Frank C.)
Auer, Emma I., 1914-1974, Wife, (same stone as William R.)
Auer, William R., 1912-1983, Husband
Aurin, Gilmore E., 1921-1993, Father, (same stone as Margaret L.)
Aurin, Margaret L., 1923-1995, Mother
Aurin, William A., 1943-1966, Son, (same stone as Margaret L.)
Bachora, Eleanor H., 1915-1983, Daughter, (same stone as Mary)
Bachora, Harry J., 1882-1976, Father, (same stone as Mary)
Bachora, Mary, 1889-1980, Mother (Mayme), (same stone as Harry J.)
Bagnato, Richard J., 1959-1960, Son
Bahor, Mary, 1900 -1989, Wife
Bahor, Michael, 1900-1984, Husband
Bahorich, Anna F., (no dates), Mother
Bahorich, Frank C., 1913-1998, Father
Baker, Dorotha M., (no dates) (Pakuszewski stone)
Baker, Frank W., 1906-1946, Son
Baker, Louis A., 1873-1947, Father
Baker, Mathilda C., 1875-1953, Mother
Baldizar, Eileen M., 1909-1999, (same stone as Louis C.)
Baldizar, Elizabeth H., 1918-1994, Wife
Baldizar, Louis C., 1904-1991
Baldizar, Nicholas A., 1906-1978, Husband
Balkey, Alice E., 1913-1965, Dau
Balkey, Armella M., 1908-1996
Balkey, Catherine, 1876-1971, Mother
Balkey, Henry J., 1876-1957, Father
Balkey, Martha M., 1902-1983, Dau
Balkey, Mary Ruth, 1907-1996, Dau
Balkey, William J., 1905-1991
Balkovec, John P., 1915-1975, (same stone as Mary H.)
Balkovec, Mary H., 1912-1987, (same stone as John P.)
Baluh, Frank F., 1909-1980, Son
Baluh, John, 1873-1967, Father
Banachoski, Carmella A., 1913-1996, (same stone as Walter D.), Mar. Mar. 5, 1931
Banachoski, Walter D., 1911-1973, Father, (same stone as Carmella A.), Mar. Mar. 5, 1931
Barber, Jean C., Aug. 18, 1923-Sep. 20, 1997, Mother, nee FITZPATRICK
Barney, Anna M., 1897-1959, Mother
Barney, Jeanne, 1920-1991, Dau
Barney, John A., 1901-1996, Father
Barney, John J., 1901-1993, Father
Barney, Joseph F., 1891-1972, Father
Barney, Lillian E., 1903-1960, Mother
Barney, Marie M., 1907-1995, Mother
Barney, Ruth C., 1938-1945, Dau
Barry, Angeline D., 1917-1963, Mother
Barry, David J., 1920-1986, Father
Barsh, James F., Mar. 3, 1921 / July 10, 1983, Pvt US Army WWII
Barsh, James J., 1953-1975 Son of James & Agnes
Barsh, John A. Jr., Oct. 19, 1902 / Nov. 23, 1959, PA Pfc 714 Fighter SQ. AAF WWII
Barsh, John N., 1869-1954, Father
Barsh, Mathilda, 1884-1946, Mother
Barsh, Michael F., Nov. 26, 1908 / Dec. 16, 1995, US Army WWII
Bartolac, Joseph, (no dates) Son
Bartolac, Rosalie, 1913-1988, Mother
Bauer, Marie K., 1915-1982, Mother, (same stone as William A.)
Bauer, William A., 1912-1974, Father, (same stone as Marie K.)
Baugher, Catherine, 1886-1952, Mother
Baugher, Dorothy M., 1913-1978
Baugher, Edward C., 1886-1955, Father
Bauman, Carl, 1902-1963, Father
Bauman, Carol Ann, 1950-1954, Daughter
Bauman, Charles F., 1911-1994, Father
Bauman, Martha E., 1914-1986, Mother
Bauman, Mary, 1905-1996, Mother
Becker, Anthony A., 1891-1973, Father, (same stone as Frances C.)
Becker, Audrey M., 1928-1998, Dau
Becker, Frances E., 1890-1976, Mother, (same stone as Anthony A.)
Becker, Ruth E., 1930-1958, Dau
Behr, Joseph W., 1890-1974, Father
Behr, Mary A., 1893-1975, Mother
Behr, Mary E., 1918-1973, Daughter
Beidl, Anastasia, 1879-1964, Mother
Beidl, Leo, 1880-1945 Brother
Beidl, Thomas, 1872-1954, Father
Belsito, Blanche M., 1916-1973, Mother, (same stone as Samuel R.)
Belsito, Samuel R., 1912-1978, Father, (same stone as Blanche M.)
Benetz, Barbara M., (no dates), (same stone as William M.)
Benetz, William J., 1941-1996, (same stone as William M.)
Benetz, William M., 1911-1999
Bennardo, Louis M., June 6, 1918-July 18, 1991, Tec.4, US Army WWII, bronze
Bennardo, Vera E., 1922-1998, Mother
Benty, Roman J. Jr., Apr. 21, 1925-Mar. 18, 1972, PA SGT CO B 702 TANK BN WWII
Benzia, Anthony N., d: AUG. 21, 1951, Father
Benzia, Sophie L., (no dates) Mother
Bergman, Clyde S., 1909-1996, Father
Bergman, Ronald C., 1938-1955, Son
Bergman, Teresa V., (no dates), Mother
Bernard, Carmel, 1902-1981, (BERNARD / SIMONE STONE)
Bernard, Peter J., 1902-1973, (BERNARD / SIMONE STONE)
Berner, Harold V., 1919-1994, Father, US Vet., (same stone as Violet A.)
Berner, Violet A., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Harold V.)
Bernesser, Edna, 1907-1980, (same stone as Raymond)
Bernesser, Raymond, 1905-1986, (same stone as Edna)
Bevilacqua, Armella E., 1907-1993, Mother, (same stone as Peter)
Bevilacqua, Peter L. Jr., 1928-1984, Father, (same stone as Armella E.)
Bevilacqua, Peter, 1908-1933, Father, (same stone as Armella E.)
Beyer, Charles A., Sep. 20, 1931 / Sep. 15, 1989, Hus., Cpl US Army, Korea
Bieniek, Mary, 1905-1979, Mother, (same stone as Walter)
Bieniek, Walter, 1902-1976, Father, (same stone as Mary)
Biodati, Elizabeth, 1902-1952
Biodati, Joseph C., 1898-1963
Birney, James C., Oct. 9, 1906-Apr. 22, 1972, Pa. T Sgt 2022 POW OVHD Det. WWII, bronze
Blaha, Leo M., 1896-1970, Father
Blaha, Marie A., (no dates), Mother
Blaser, Earl V., 1915-1990, Father, (same stone as Martha A.)
Blaser, Martha A., 1917-1997, Mother, (same stone as Earl V.)
Bleumling, Ann, (no dates), USA Nurse, (nee DREMER)
Bleumling, William C., Nov. 13, 1912-July 18, 1980, USN
Blonde, Virginia M., no dates, Wife, (same stone as William H.)
Blonde, William H., 1924-1972, Husband, Vet WWII, (same stone as Virginia M.)
Blumer, Arthur W., 1902-1977, Father, (same stone as Violet R.)
Blumer, Catherine R., Feb. 29, 1908-July 29, 1972, Mother
Blumer, Lawrence D., Aug. 23, 1901-Mar. 20, 1984, Father
Blumer, Violet R., 1901-1983, Mother
Bobacz, Helen, 1910-1972, Mother, (same stone as Edward J.)
Bobel, Ann, 1930-2000 (nee JAKETIC) (Jaketic stone)
Bobel, Eugene F., (no dates) (Jaketic stone)
Bober, Clara R., 1913-1984, Mother
Bober, Joseph T., 1908-1962, (same stone as Clara R.)
Bodnar, Helen E., 12-May-1925 / 21-Jan-1976, Mother
Bodnar, Michael F., 4-Sep-1912 / 15-Jly-1984, SSgt USArmy WWII
Bogacz, Edward J., 1906-1982, Father, (same stone as Helen)
Bogacz, Edward N., 1968-1973, Son, (same stone as Norbert), photo
Bogacz, Norbert "Sonny", 1935-1973, Husband, (same stone as Slyvia H.)
Bogacz, Slyvia H., 1937-1985, Mother, (same stone as Norbert), photo
Bogdanic, Helen, 1912-1998, Mother, (same stone as John J.)
Bogdanic, John J., 1910-1979, Father, (same stone as Helen)
Bohr, William J., 1920-1986, WWII, VET PFC USA
Bollinger, Charles, 1894-1986, Father
Bollinger, Margaret, 1892-1961, Mother
Borkovich, Anna, 1911-1946, Mother
Borkovich, John, 1901-1969, Father
Born, Charles A., 1911-1975, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth B.)
Born, Elizabeth B., 1911-1980, Mother, (same stone as Charles A.)
Borowski, Rose Marie, 1900-1964
Borowski, Theodore H., 1903-1978
Boyle, Frederick A., 1900-1959, Father
Boyle, Rosemarie, 1903-1971, Mother
Bozen, Esther S., 1911-1997, Mother
Bozen, John J., 1909-1959, Father
Bozzo, Frank, 1895-1963, Father
Bozzo, Josephine, 1906-1980, Mother
Bragg, Cecelia C., 1899-1962, Mother
Bragg, Lawrence, DEC. 27, 1892-MAR. 4, 1957 (PA. MESS SGT CO E 319 INF. WWI)
Bragg, William J., 1892-1952, Father
Braun, Cecelia A., 1903-1989 Dau (in Kraus Family Lot)
Braun, Harry G., 1898-1950
Braun, Harry, Feb. 17, 1889 / Oct. 9, 1957 Enl. Mar. 5, 1918; Disc. Sept 30, 1919; PFC BTRY C WWI 111th FA
Braun, Virginia, (no dates)
Brennan, Elizabeth A., 1901-1962, Mother
Brennan, Elizabeth F., 1898-1967, Wife
Brennan, George H., 1890-1978, Husband
Brennan, Victor R., 1896-1969, Father
Briski, Aloysius J., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Anna T.)
Briski, Anna T., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Aloysius J.)
Broderick, Catherine, 1900-1964, Mother
Bronner, Alice, 1903-1972, Mother
Bronner, Clarence L., 1901-1995, Father
Bronner, Joseph S., 1900-1977, Father
Bronner, Winifred D., 1905-1969, Mother
Brooks, Rosalie, M., d: May 28, 1979
Brose, Harrison L., May 1, 1889-July 12, 1965, Father
Brose, Harry, July 27, 1925-Jan. 5, 1975, Son & Father
Brose, Hugh T., 1890-1978, Father
Brose, Laura C., 1892-1982, Mother
Brose, Mary Ann, Aug. 17, 1930-Mar 4, 1952, Daughter
Brose, Richard T., (no dates), Son
Brose, Theresa M., Dec. 10, 1896-Feb. 27, 1985, Mother
Brown, Helen M., 1903-1972, Mother, (same stone as Kenneth F.)
Brown, Kenneth F., 1902-1973, Father, (same stone as Helen M.)
Brown, Leo G., 1905-1961, Father
Brown, Rose J., 1905-1993, Mother
Brucker, Colletta M., Aug. 9, 1922 / Jan. 27, 1998, Mother
Brucker, Mary Margaret, 1954, infant
Brucker, Milton L., (no dates), Father
Brucker, Sylvester F., 1912-1972, Father, (same stone as Violet M.)
Brucker, Violet M., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Sylvester)
Bruno, James, 1885-1971, Father, (same stone as Rose)
Bruno, Rose, 1899-1986, Mother, (same stone as James)
Bruns, Frederick r., 1946-1977, Grandson, (same stone as Ellen)
Bubash, George, 1894-1972, Father, (same stone as Katherine)
Bubash, Katherine, 1900-1994, Mother, (same stone as George)
Buccigross, Francine, 1949-1968 (nee TERESI)
Budney, Leo, 1907-1964, Father, (same stone as Sophie)
Budney, Sophie, 1911-1970, Mother
Budzinski, Albert A., 1909-1973, Father, (same stone as Thelma M.)
Budzinski, Thelma M., 1910-1986, Mother (same stone as Albert A.)
Burish, Mary M., 1926-1981, Daughter
Bursic, Anna M., 1889-1971, Mother
Bursic, Stephen J., 1888-1960, Father, (same stone as Anna M.)
Bush, Helen E., 1907-1979, Mother, (same stone as John H.)
Bush, John H., 1905-1981, Father, (same stone as Helen E.)
Butz, "Jean" Regina, Nov. 25, 1924-Jan. 6, 1999, bronze
Butz, Martin Joseph Sr., Sep. 26, 1914-Sep. 5, 1991, MM 3 US Coast Guard, WWII, bronze
Bytnar, Anna, 1878-1951, Sister, buried w/Szpila
Bytnar, Conrad M., (no dates), Father
Bytnar, Judith Ann, Oct. 12, 1965-Jan. 14, 1998, (nee Hoskowitz), (same stone as Esther)
Bytnar, Margaret M., Jan. 19, 1932-Apr. 25, 1998, Mother, (same stone as Conrad M.)
Bytnar, William G., Nov. 5, 1957-Feb. 26, 1985, Son (same stone as Conrad M.)
Cajhen, Gertrude, 1888-1963, Mother, (same stone as John)
Cajhen, John, 1887-1970, Father, (same stone as Gertrude)
Calandra, Frank III, Sep. 2, 1972-May 31, 1989, Son, (photo)
Calandra, Frank Jr. (no dates), Husband
Calandra, Rosemarie, (no dates), Wife
Cale, Julianne Gomez 1963-1968
Cale, Mary E., 1908-1987, Mother
Cale, Robert L., 1913-1959, Brother
Cale, William J., 1884-1966, Father
Cale, William J., 1911-1965, Father
Campagna, August, Oct. 24, 1892-Mar. 10, 1967, Uncle, PVT CO M 28th DIV 112th INF., Enl. Feb. 26, 1918, Disc. May 6, 1919
Campagna, Frances, 1908-1979, same stone as August, (nee Arrigo)
Campbell, Anna C., 1892-1977
Campbell, Francis A., 1895-1980, US Army WWI
Caridi, Anthony L., Jun. 26, 1937-Dec. 22, 1993
Caridi, Carmella, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Orland J.)
Caridi, Orland J., 1919-1985, Father, US Vet, (same stone as Carmella)
Carlino, Angela, (no dates)
Carlino, John A., 1896-1978, Father
Carlino, Mary, A., 1904-1997, Mother
Carlino, Thelma M., (no dates)
Carmen, Felix A., 1900-1982, Father, (same stone as Irene)
Carmen, Frank A., 1913-1982, Father, (same stone as Teresa M.)
Carmen, Irene, 1907-1978, Mother, (same stone as Felix A.)
Carmen, Joseph A., 1911-1975, Father, (same stone as Mary E.)
Carmen, Mary E., 1915-1999, Mother, (same stone as Joseph A.)
Carmen, Teresa M., 1911-1992, Mother, (same stone as Frank A.)
Carolan, John J., 1914-1965, Father
Carolan, John P., 1882-1964, Father
Carolan, Susan, 1881-1957, Mother
Carricato, Concetta, 1906-1987, Mother, (same stone as Michael)
Carricato, Joanne, 1949-1994, Daughter, (same stone as Michael)
Carricato, Michael, July 1, 1892-May 13, 1962, Father, PA MUS 3 CL 319 INF WWII, (same stone as Concetta)
Carrington, Mary E. (no dates), Wife
Carrington, Wilson S., 1911-1992, Husband
Carroll, Hedwig M., 1915-1996, Mother, (same stone as Thomas R.)
Carroll, Rev. Thomas R. Sch. P., (no dates) Son, ordained, June 6, 1970, (same stone as Thomas R.)
Carroll, Thomas R., 1912-1996, Father, (same stone as Hedwig M.)
Carrozza, Aquino, 1898-1975, Father, Served in Italy WWI & WWII, photo, (same stone as Tommasina
Carrozza, Tommasina, 1909-1980, Mother, (same stone as Aquino)
Casile, Bruno A., (no dates)
Casile, Pauline A., 1917-1993
Casper, Anthony 1900-1968, Husband
Casper, Catherine 1909-1965, Wife
Casper, Dennis J., 1897-1954, Father
Casper, Rose Banovich 1912-1946
Casper, Sophia V., (no dates), Mother
Casperino, Anthony A., Feb. 13, 1896-Nov. 16, 1991, US Army, WWII, bronze
Cassano, Dora, 1910-1993, (DANILE / CASSANO stone)
Cassano, Jack F., Oct. 8, 1906-Feb. 12, 1974
Cassano, Peter J., (no dates), (DANILE / CASSANO stone)
Cassidy, Dorothy M., 1925-1982, (Reddinger stone)
Cavett, Ardath M., 1914-1974, Mother, (same stone as Blair D.)
Cavett, Blair D., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Ardath M.)
Celender, Grace, (no dates) Wife
Celender, James 1903-1976, Husband
Celender, James J., (no dates)
Celender, James V., 1893-1969, Father
Celender, Katherine, 1904-1996, Mother
Ceraso, Frank A., (no dates) Father
Ceraso, Gaetano, 1875-1948, Father
Ceraso, Maria T., 1883-1956, Mother
Ceraso, Rose D., 1925-1998, Mother
Chavez, Curtis R., 1964-1984, Grandson, (CASPER stone)
Cherry, Ann, (no dates), Mother
Cherry, Joseph, 1906-1980, Father
Cherry, Leo V., (no dates), Husband
Cherry, Mary Ann, (no dates), Wife
Cherry, Nick, (no dates), Husband
Cherry, Rita M., (no dates), Wife
Chiaramonte, Anna M., (no dates), Mother
Chiaramonte, Herman J., 1909-1989, Father
Cicola, Carmella, 1903-1988, Mother
Cicola, Carmelo, June 29, 1895 / Oct. 15, 1973, Father, PA Pvt. US Army WWI
Cicola, John T., (no dates), Son
Cicola, Peter P., (no dates), Son
Cirillo, Joseph Anthony, Feb. 16, 1906-Nov. 30, 1975, Father
Clarke, Edwin J., 1912-1982
Clarke, Geraldine P., 1912-1994
Claus, Hildegarde L., 1907-1973 Mother
Claus, Sylvester A., 1906-1961 Father
Cleary, Mary C., 1920-1953, Mother (nee ZUCCHERO) (Zucchero stone)
Clites, Linda L., Oct. 1, 1949-Dec. 17, 1973, Wife/Daughter, (same stone as Carmen Stellitano)
Coen, Elizabeth, July 13, 1970-Feb. 10, 1972
Coen, Leona Mae, 1928-1982, Mother
Coghe, Catherine, 1916-1998, (same stone as Frank)
Coghe, Frank, 1907-1999, (same stone as Catherine)
Colton, Agnes C., 1909-1989, Sister
Colton, Ann R., 1901-1988, wife
Colton, Bernard R., 1914-1967, Father
Colton, Joseph R., Nov. 13, 1916-May 1, 1965, Husband, PA. Cpl US Marine Corps., WWII
Colton, Marie P., 1907-1983, Sister
Colton, Mary P., 1916-1973, Mother, (same stone as Bernard R.)
Coluccio, Dan., 1913-1983, Father
Coluccio, Eleanor, 1914-1997, Mother
Conforti, Mary, 1918-1984
Congilio, Anna R., (no dates), Mother
Congilio, Nick, Jan. 2, 1922-Nov. 6, 1972, Pa. TEC. 5, DET. M 4025 SIG SVC. GP., WWII
Conley, James P., 1903-1975, Father, (same stone as Mary R.)
Conley, Mary R., 1904-1994, Mother, (same stone as James P.)
Connelly, John J., Aug. 5, 1880 / Oct. 29, 1965, Father
Connelly, Margaret B., May 11, 1917 / Sep. 15, 1982 Dau
Connelly, Mary M., July 6, 1880 / Apr. 28, 1958, Mother
Conroy, Jemma E., 1930-1975, Mother, (same stone as Lawrence P.)
Conroy, Lawrence P., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Jemma E.)
Cordell, Lillian, 1926-1980, nee GRILTZ
Corretti, Julia L., 1918-1966
Corretti, Mary C., (no dates)
Corretti, Rose C., 1898-1979
Corretti, Pierre C., 1888-1962
Costanzo, Agostino J., 1873-1945
Costanzo, Carmelia L., 1888-1957
Costanzo, Gabriele, Aug. 27, 1886 / Sep. 6, 1954
Costello, Sue, (no dates), Mother
Costello, Thomas J., 16-May-1913 / 27-Oct-1973, Father, PA TEC5 USArmy WWII
Coward, Joanne M., 1945-1967, nee REDDINGER, (Reddinger stone)
Cricks, Kenneth, 1951-1995, Son
Cricks, Martin K., 1923-1980, Father
Crouse, Annabelle, 1921-1965, Mother (CROUSE / RAGGIUNTI stone)
Crowley ground stone
Cuda, Laura, Jan. 28, 1918-June 13, 1994, Wife & Mother
Cuda, Vincent, July 4, 1915-June 8, 1976, Husband & Father
Cudvat, Ashley Marie, d: Sep. 29, 1989
Cunningham, Deborah M., 1888-1956, Mother
Cunningham, John J., 1886-1966, Father
Curry, Alice B., 1920-1978
Curry, Craig F., (no dates)
Cushanick, Rosemarie, Dec. 16, 1921-Nov. 29, 1987 (YN US NAVY WWII, bronze)
Cushanick, Rudolph E., Jan. 16, 1924-May 27, 1988 (US NAVY WWII, bronze)
Cvetic, Barbara V., 1914-1995, Mother, (same stone as George B.)
Cvetic, George B., 1906-1989, Father, (same stone as Barbara V.)
Cvitesic, John, 1894-1955, Father
Cvitesic, Katherine, 1895-1973, Mother
Cvitkovic, Anna Marie, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as George)
Cvitkovic, George, 1925-1993, Father, US Vet
Cyert, Marjory G., 1907-1973, Wife
Cyert, Walter M., 1896-1987, SGT. Maj. US Army, WWI, bronze, Father
Czak, Frank J., 1896-1980
Czak, Rose M., 1896-1985
Czartorski, Carl C., June 21, 1920-Feb. 16, 1972, Pa. SGT. US Marine Corps, WWII
D'Amico, John N., 1918-1979, Father, (same stone as Teresa M.)
D'Amico, Teresa M., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as John N.)
D'Andrea, Anna S., Aug. 13, 1915-Apr. 1, 1994, (same stone as Joseph)
D'Andrea, Joseph, Nov. 21, 1914-Feb. 2, 1996, Father, (same stone as Anna S.)
D'Andrea, Lucy A., July 29, 1920-Apr. 22, 1975
Dague, Benjamin 1891-1940, Father
Dague, Brian M. Lawler, 1981, Infant
Dague, Dorothy Mae, 1931, Infant
Dague, Esther L., 1900-1977, Mother
Dague, Jenine E. Lewis, 1929-1981, Mother
Danile, Gregory, (no dates), (DANILE / CASSANO stone)
Danile, Rose, (no dates), (DANILE / CASSANO stone)
Dausch, Helen A., Jan. 28, 1915-Oct. 26, 1994
Dausch, Michael A., 1949-1969, (same stone as Sheila M.)
Dausch, Sheila M., 1957-1978, (same stone as Michael A.)
Davis, Regis J., 1911-1994, (same stone as Victoria G.)
Davis, Victoria G., 1910-1999, (same stone as Regis J.)
Dean, Marion, 1901-1980, Father
Dee, Angela, Aug, 19, 1881-Nov. 19, 1970 (nee VOLKER)
Dee, Leo J., Feb. 21, 1880-Mar. 31, 1980
Dekleva, Catherine, Feb. 7, 1917-Sep. 7, 1986
Dekleva, Rudolph J., Feb. 11, 1916-Mar. 8, 1973, Pa. TEC. 5 US Army, WWII, bronze
DeLuca, Anthony, (no dates), (LEO / DELUCA stone)
Deluca, Ellen, 1903-1972, Mother, w/o Frank, (same stone as her son, John J.)
Deluca, Frank, 1899-1958, Father, h/o Ellen, (same stone as Ellen)
Deluca, John J., 1939-1965, Father/Son, (same stone as Ellen), (best friend of Webmaster)
Deluca, Nicola B., 1898-1975, Father, (same stone as Rosa Angela)
Deluca, Rosa Angela, 1900-1996, Mother, (same stone as Nicola B.)
DeLuca, Violet, 1908-1998, (LEO / DELUCA stone)
Dembowski, Alphonse Buka, 1911-1991
Dembowski, Angeline, 1910-1975, nee GERARDI
Dembowski, Anna M., (no dates)
Dembowski, Anna R., (no dates)
Dembowski, Eleanor G., (no dates)
Dembowski, Frank A., (no dates)
Dembowski, Joseph J., 1917-1978, PVT. US Army, WWII
Dembowski, Leokadia, 1878-1974 Matka
Dembowski, Stanislava, 1903-1997 Corka
Dembowski, Stanislaw, 1878-1952 Ojciec
Dembowski, Stanley C., no dates, Son, (same stone as Stanley J.)
Dembowski, Stanley J., 1901-1969, Father, (same stone as Theresa)
Dembowski, Theresa, 1906-1990, Mother, (same stone as Stanley J.)
Dembowski, William S., 1915
Demme, Concetta, 1903-1982, Mother
Demme, John, 1896-1984, Father
Demme, Nellie M., 1910-1979, Mother, (same stone as Samuel W.)
Demme, Orland, 1903-1957, Brother
Demme, Samuel W., 1909-1975, Father, (same stone as Nellie M.)
Dennis, Dolores M., 1930-1993, Mother, (same stone as James A.)
Dennis, James A., 1922-1997, Father
Destefano, Anna M., 1914-1999, (same stone as William F.)
Destefano, William F., 1904-1974, (same stone as Anna M.)
Dibenedetto, Louis M., 1922-1998, AAF WWII
Dibenedetto, Ralphine C., (no dates), (same stone as Louis M.)
DiBernardo, John M., 1952-1960, Grandson, (CASPER stone)
Dice, Eugene S., 1912 -1987, Father
DiGalbo, James, no dates, Son, (same stone as Santa)
DiGalbo, Matteo, 1891-1972, Father, (same stone as Santa)
DiGalbo, Santa, 1902-1991, Mother, (same stone as Matteo)
DiGregory, Celeste, 1897-1960, Mother
DiGregory, Francis, 1915-1976, Son
DiGregory, Mary, 1897-1958, Mother
DiGregory, Nicholas, 1920-1998, Son
DiGregory, Samuel, 1887-1951, Father
DiGregory, Vitaliano, Aug. 4, 1892-Apr. 15, 1963 (PA. PVT. 4CO. 153 DEPOT BRIGADE WWI PH) DIGREGORIO
Dinneen, Elizabeth, (no dates), (WACHTER / DINNEEN stone)
Dinneen, John J., 1905-1957 (WACHTER / DINNEEN stone)
Diprimio, Joseph V., 1925-1978, TEC4, USA WWII, bronze
Dodaro, Evelyn, 1900-1982, Mother (same stone as John)
Dodaro, John, 1896-1956, Father
Dolan, Lawrence J., 1909-1973, Father, (same stone as Mary Grace)
Dolan, Mary Grace, 1915-1991, Mother, (same stone as Lawrence J.)
Dolansky, Elizabeth A., 1889-1975, Mother
Dolansky, Michael M., 1883-1956, Father
Dolansky, Stephen Anthony, Oct. 14, 1928-Dec. 9, 1960 (PFC. SIGNAL CORPS US ARMY, ENL. JAN. 9, 1951-DISC. DEC. 27, 1952)
Domurot, Ann M., (no dates), Wife
Domurot, Walter J., 1908-1985, Husband
Domurot, Walter Steven, Jan. 17, 1934-Dec. 5, 1954 (A/ 2C USAF, ENL. JUN.19, 1952, KILLED IN SERVICE)
Donaldson, Carmella A., 1925-1998, (same stone as Cynthia A.)
Donaldson, Cynthia A., (no dates), Daughter
Donaldson, Wray G., (no dates), Husband, (same stone as Cynthia A.)
Donovan, Lillian L., 1912-1978, Wife
Donovan, Timothy P., 1914-1975, Husband, TEC.5, US Army, WWII
Dotchin, Robert E. Jr., Oct. 21, 1919-May 25, 1973 (PA. SSGT. US ARMY WWII), (BERNARD / SIMONE STONE)
Doucette, Adrian A., 1874-1955
Doucette, Christine A., 1881-1960
Drabicki, Genevieve A., 1925-1996, Wife, (same stone as John E.)
Drabicki, John E., 1918-1976, Husband, (same stone as Genevieve A.)
Dubas, Edward J., Oct. 28, 1924-July 20, 1968, S2 USN WWII
Dubsky, Frances, 1887-1961, Mother
Dubsky, Martin E., 1884-1974, Father
Duffey, Edward J. Sr., Dec. 19 1903 / Oct. 12, 1970, Father PVT TEC 3 8 SVC COMM WWII
Duffey, Elizabeth A., 1903-1997, Mother
Dugan, Bernard Sr., 1893-1959, Father
Dugan, Helen M., 1895-1962, Mother
Dull, Rose, 1921-1998, (nee Krotec), (same stone as Mary Krotec)
Dunlap, Thelma E., 1909-1987
Dunlap, Thomas W., 1902-1985
Durkin, Edward A., 5-Mar-1930 / 21-Apr-1957, PVT 143RD ORD HV B AUTO BN AUS
Duss, Albert J., FEB. 8, 1891-FEB. 3, 1967, Father
Duss, Amelia, 1928-1967, Daughter, (same stone as Joseph Reseta)
Duss, Barbara L., FEB. 20, 1892-OCT. 8, 1973, Mother
Duss, Edward A., 1949-1977, Son
Dzvonick, Deborah Ann Sep. 3, 1950 / Mar. 3, 1953, Dau
Dzvonick, Edward P. 1926-1972, Father
Dzvonick, Lucy 1929-1997, Mother
Easler Joseph N. 1929-1987
Easler, Irene M. 1906-1961, Mother
Easler, Joseph C. 1903-1980, Father
Ebel, Dorothy C., (no dates) (same stone as Francis J.)
Ebel, Francis J., 1927-1996, WWII, Vet., (same stone as Dorothy C.)
Ebel, Kevin R., 1963-1968, Son (same stone as Francis J.)
Echnat, John, 1896-1979, Father
Echnat, Stella, 1903-1996, Mother
Eckert, George W., 1904-1986
Eckert, Margaret M., (no dates)
Eckert, Mary M., 1909-1999, Mother
Eckert, William L., 1903-1970, Father
Edge, Louise K. O'Brian 1914 1979, Mother
Eebeck, Carl J., (no dates), Father
Ehrenberger, Edward F., (no dates), Father
Ehrenberger, Genevieve R., 1913-1982, Mother
Eibeck, Carl J. Jr. 1952-1963, Son
Eibeck, Eileen M., (no dates), Mother
Eibeck, George T., 1957-1965, Son
Eichner, Cecelia, 1919-1991, (same stone as Thomas)
Eichner, Joseph T., 1958-1987, Son, (same stone as Cecelia)
Eichner, Thomas A., (no dates) (same stone as Cecelia
Elter, Frances M., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Paul A.)
Elter, Jessie, (no dates), Mother
Elter, Leonard J. 1906-1964, Father
Elter, Paul A., 1914-1974, Father, (same stone as Frances M.)
Enie, George E. 1906-1993 Husband
Enie, Lucy R., (no dates), Wife
Erdeljac, Joseph G., 1896-1965, Father, (same stone as Josphine)
Erdeljac, Josphine, 1895-1986, Mother
Erdeljac, Robert J., 1951-1985, Son, (same stone as William T. Kukets)
Erjavec, Frances, (no dates)
Erjavec, Fred H., 1902-1974, Husband
Erjavec, Joseph A., 1906-1984
Erjavec, Stephanie a., 1912-1966, Wife
Eschman, Mary B., 1916-1994, Mother
Eschman, Merle J. Jr. (no dates), Father
Faas, Loretta E. 1913-1992, Mother
Faas, Paul W. 1913 April 14, 1977, Father
Fabec, Ferdinard H., 1921-1983, Son
Fabec, Josephine, 1895-1974, Mother, (same stone as Ferdinand)
Fabec, Teresa H., 1927-1992, Daughter
Fabiano, Anna, 23-Dec-1888 / 3-Sep-1955, Aunt
Faillace, Mary J., Mar. 14, 1910-Mar. 2, 1984, Wife, (same stone as Sam)
Faillace, Sam, Feb. 20, 1900-Aug. 22, 1990, Husband, (same stone as Mary J.)
Falkowski, Adam, 1894-1968, Father, (same stone as Stephine)
Falkowski, Edward J., (no dates) Son
Falkowski, Elizabeth M., (no dates) Daughter
Falkowski, Stephanie, 1899-1968, Mother
Falsetti, Rose M., 1911-1993
Falsetti, Vincent F., 1905-1982
Farbacher, John B., 1903-1994, Father
Farbacher, Mabel C., 1907-1988, Mother
Farrell, Mary Esther, Apr. 17, 1900 / Mar. 1, 1955, Mother
Farrell, William R., June 18, 1920 / Dec. 15, 1944 T SGT 8th AFOR; Died in Service
Farrell, William T., Aug. 6, 1897 / May 17, 1965, Father
Fasone, Anne S., (no dates)
Fasone, Domenico, 1885-1972, Father
Fasone, Guiseppina, 1892-1982, Mother
Fasone, James J., 1917-1996
Fasone, Rose, (no dates)
Fasone, Samuel, 1914-1993, Son
Faub, Robert G., May 23, 1916-Aug. 9, 1992, Father, S2 US Navy WWII, (same stone as Rose M.)
Faub, Rose M., 1916-1991, Mother, (same stone as Robert G.)
Feigel, John J., 1907-1986, Dad, (same stone as Sally)
Feigel, Sally, 1915-1992, Mom, (same stone as John J.)
Femc, Frances, 1901-1993, Mother, (same stone as Ignatius) photo
Femc, Ignatius, 1889-1958, Father, (same stone as Frances) photo
Fenton, John J., 1883-1974, Father
Fera, Daniel S., Feb. 23, 1922-Mar. 29, 1962 (PA. SSGT CO L 329 INF. WWII BSM-PH)
Fera, Theresa H., (no dates), Mother
Ferentchak, Frank 1906-1982
Ferentchak, Jennie, (no dates)
Ferentchak, Theresa 1908-1997, Mother
Ferentchak, Vincent M. 1909-1972, Father
Ferguson, Grace A., 15-July-1877 / 29-June-1963, buried w/KANE
Ferketic, Bill, (no dates)
Ferketic, Eleanor Curtin, 1933-1996
Ferketic, Helen T., (no dates), Wife
Ferketic, Mary D. 1902-1949, Mother
Ferketic, Michael N. 1902-1986, Father
Ferlan, Dorothy, (no dates), Wife
Ferlan, Raymond 1930-1996 Son
Ferraro, Albert James, 1911-1983, (same stone as Mary Elizabeth)
Ferraro, Anthony L., 1900-1974, Father, (same stone as Grace M.)
Ferraro, David Allen, Apr. 14, 1947-June 30, 1966, PA PFC CO CA 503 INF ABN BDE, Vietnam, BSM-PH
Ferraro, Donald F., (no dates), Father
Ferraro, Elizabeth Nov. 19, 1905-Sep. 16, 1998
Ferraro, Gaetano Sep. 16, 1873-Feb. 11, 1967
Ferraro, Grace M., 1903-1977, Mother, (same stone as Anthony L.)
Ferraro, Hilda F., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Donald F.)
Ferraro, John J., (no dates), Father
Ferraro, Margaret M., (no dates), Mother
Ferraro, Maria Intrieri, Sep. 27, 1878 / Sept .20, 1959
Ferraro, Marie E., 1907-1988, Mother, (same stone as Samuel J.)
Ferraro, Mary Elizabeth, no dates, (same stone as Albert James)
Ferraro, Samuel J., 1909-1995, Father, (same stone as Marie E.)
Ferrone, Carmella, 1912-1994, Mother
Ferrone, Dennis, 1908-1978, Father, TEC5 USArmy WWII
Ferrone, Nancy Ann, 1941-1959, Dau
Ferry, Mary K., 1881-1964, Grandmother, (same stone as Robert M.)
Ferry, Robert M., 1900-1971, Father, (same stone as Mary K.)
Fichter, Albert M., 1924-1996, Dad
Fichter, Edward, 1926-1905 (US NAVY WWII) Son
Fichter, Elizabeth, 1922-1997, Daughter
Fichter, Marcellus G., 1890-1943, Father
Fichter, Margaret M., 1896-1961, Mother
Fichter, Vincent Edward, 1962-1963, Son
Fink, Dolores Hahn, (no dates), Mother
Fink, Raymond J., July 31, 1914 / July 17, 1975, Husband
Fink, Thelma C., (no dates), Wife
Fischer, Mary V., 1925-1985, Mother, Nunnie
Fischer, William G., 1920-1988, Father, Pappy, S1 USN WWII, (same stone as Mary V.)
Fisher, Earl W., June 24, 1922-Feb. 9, 1986, Father (US ARMY WWII) bronze
Fisher, Rose P., DEC. 9, 1922-OCT. 1992, Mother, (FISHER / PALUMBO stone)
Fisherkeller, Charles J., 1893-1967, Father
Fisherkeller, Hildegarde, 1899-1981, Mother
Fitzgerald, Dorothy, 1918-1991, (same stone as Margaret)
Fitzgerald, Edward A., 1908-1969, Father
Fitzgerald, Lawrence, 1905-1977, (same stone as Margaret)
Fitzgerald, Margaret, (no dates), (nee Mclaughlin)
Fitzgerald, Pearl F., 1891-1978, Aunt, (nee SULEKA)
Fitzgerald, Victoria, (no dates), Mother
Flajnick, Charles E., 1917-1968, Son WWII
Flajnick, Jennie, Aug. 27, 1903 / Aug. 22, 1984
Flajnick, John, 1895-1966, Father
Flajnick, Katherine, 1885-1945, Mother
Flajnick, William M., Dec. 16, 1921 / Nov. 14, 1986, Son
Flanders, Anthony F., 1891-1966 (WWII VET.)
Flanders, Emma, 1894-1965 (nee LAENG)
Fleming, Judy Lynn, 1951-1972, (same stone as Ronald)
Fleming, Ronald, 1920-1989, (Flemo), Dad, (same stone as Judy Lynn)
Flick, Father Cletus W. 1904-1993
Flick, John R., 1945-1985, Son
Flick, Reta K., 1917-1981, Mother
Flick, William F., 1939-1959
Flynn, Ellen, 1925-1992, (same stone as Martin F. Salmon)
Flynn, Patrica M., 1933-1992
Fodi, Anna P., 1898-1975, Mother
Fodi, Frances C., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Joseph A.)
Fodi, Joseph A., 1899-1974, Father, (same stone as Frances C.)
Fodi, Stephen J., 1894-1957, Father
Fortino, Joseph, 1890-1955, Father
Fortino, Mary, 1902-1978, Mother
Fortuna, Placeda I., 1920-1953, Wife/Mother
Fortuna, Walter S., 1917-1975 PVT US Army; WWII
Fox, Andrew J., 1887-1955, Father
Fox, Annabelle, no dates, Mother, (same stone as Robert L.)
Fox, Kevin M., 1955-1971, Son, (same stone as Robert L.) (photo/broken)
Fox, May H., 1891-1984, Mother
Fox, Robert L., 1929-1992, Father, Vet, (same stone as Annabelle)
Frank, Anna, 1890-1968, Mother
Frank, Bernard, 1886-1963, Husband
Frankovich, Anna F., 1905-1978, Mother
Frankovich, Mark G., 1901-1986, Father
Frauenholz, Andrew J., Feb. 27, 1908-Jan. 25, 1982, Father, (same stone as Sophie J.)
Frauenholz, Sophie J., Mar. 18, 1911-Aug. 8, 1997, Mother, (same stone as Andrew J.)
Freudenreich, Margaret, 24-Jun-1909 / 25-Aug-1996, Dau (nee GARRISON)
Friday, Joey, 1972-1990, Son
Friel, Janet M., 1932-1985, (same stone as William J.)
Friel, Kathy M., 1960-1975, (same stone as Shawn M.)
Friel, Shawn M., 1968-1968, (same stone as Kathy M.)
Friel, William J., no dates, (same stone as Janet M.)
Fritsch, Maggie, Jul.18, 1991
Frole, Angelo L., 1915-1979, Father, Vet, (same stone as Marie V.)
Frole, Marie V., 1916-1976, Mother, (same stone as Angelo L.)
Fucich, George, 1892-1973, Father, (same stone as Julia S.)
Fucich, Julia S., 1910-1992, Mother, (same stone as George)
Fucich, Rocco M., Aug. 15, 1916-Feb. 7, 1987, PVT. US Army, bronze
Gaghan, James M., Feb. 24, 1915-Feb. 24, 1997, Father
Gallagher, Ralphina, 1916-1988, (Conforti stone)
Gallo, Charles F., July 8, 1942-Sep. 13, 1994, Brother
Gallo, Charles F., Sr. Aug. 28, 1915-Dec. 2, 1971, Pa. CPL. Army, Air FORCES, WWII
Gallo, Francis J., 1913-1984, Father
Gallo, Inez G., 1921-1993, Mother
Gallo, Rita L., (no dates), Mother
Gannon, Evelyn M., (no dates), Mother
Gannon, John A. 1908-1989, Father
Gannon, Kathleen R. 1939-1953, Dau.
Ganster, Charles, 1889-1970, Father
Ganster, Josephine, 1892-1957, Mother
Ganster, Susan, Apr. 3, 1966-Dec. 14, 1986 (MORIATY stone)
Ganster, William G. 1917-1960
Garrison, Charles B., 1885-1962, Father
Garrison, Gertrude S., 1870-1959, Mother
Gasperic, Joseph, (no dates)
Gasperic, Mary, (no dates)
Gasperic, Michael, 1913-1990
Gasperic, Opal, (no dates)
Gasperic, Rose, 1917-1996
Gast, Carl A., 1887-1951, Father
Gast, Grace M., 1890-1962, Mother
Gasteiger, Edith, 1899-1986 Dau
Gates, Elmer J., no dates, (same stone as Stanley C. Dembowski)
Gehringer, Kenneth F., 14-May-1921 / 30-Jan-1993, PFC USArmy WWII
Gehringer, Kenneth W. 1947-1997
Genringer, Jessie M., 1919-1988
Genzer, Michael, 1883-1952, Father
Genzer, Rose, 1887-1967, Mother
Gerardi, Marion A., "Mutt", (no dates), (same stone as Marjorie Ann)
Gerardi, Marjorie Ann, (no dates), (same stone as Marion A.)
Giardino, Albert, 9-Feb-1922 / 22-Jan-1993, Father, Sgt US Air Corp WWII
Giardino, Frank, d: Aug. 6, 1974, TEC.3 US Army, bronze, Father
Giardino, Helen, d: Dec. 25, 1975, Mother
Giardino, Mildred T., (no dates), Mother
Giza, Henry P., 16-Oct-1929 / 25-Jly-1978, Son, PFC USArmy Korea
Giza, Mary B., 1895-1974, Mother
Giza, Michael, 1893-1948, Father
Glaab, Catherine G., 1872-1966, Mother
Glaab, Edward C., 1886-1965, Father, Pa. 1st Sgt.Co. 319 Inf WW1
Glad, Agnes M., 1909-1998, Wife, (same stone as George A.)
Glad, George A., 1906-1975, Husband, US Marine Corps., (same stone as Agnes M.)
Glusic, Amelia V., 1914-1982, Mother, (same stone as Mark P.)
Glusic, Mark P., 1915-1981, Father, (same stone as Amelia V.)
Goessling, Cecilia, 1901-1996, Mother, (same stone as Frank S.)
Goessling, Frank S., 1902-1975, Father, (same stone as Cecilia)
Goetz, Charles H., 1910-1971, Father
Goetz, Ida D., 1909-1991, Mother
Golovich, Delores M., 1922-1975, Mother
Golovich, Frank A., (no dates), Father
Golovich, Josephine M., (no dates), Mother
Golovich, Michael J., Aug. 29, 1921 / Jan 11, 1968, Father, PA Pvt 9202 TECH SVC WWII
Goodworth, (Goody) Robert J., 1951-1972, Son
Gormley, Mary T., 3-Oct-1918 17-Apr-1988, Mother
Graham, Dolores E., (no dates) Mother
Graham, Paul J., May 29, 1916-Mar. 9, 1972, PA. T. SGT. US Army, WWII
Granauro Joseph, 14-Jan-1915 / 24-Feb-1990 E6 US Navy WWII
Greco, Gina R., (no dates), Mother
Greco, Joseph, 1914-1974, Father, WWII Vet, photo
Green, Bernice 1905-1996, Mother
Green, Charles E., 1919-1981, Father (KOREA, 1950-1955) (VERARDI / GREEN STONE)
Green, Edward P., Oct. 16, 1887-July 16, 1966 Pvt. Btry F. 111th FA 29th Div. Enl. 5 Mar-1918 Disc. 4 Aug-1919
Green, Joseph J., 1899-1975, Father
Green, Mary Jane, (no dates), Mother (VERARDI / GREEN stone)
Greer, Robert J., (no dates), Husband
Greer, Theresa E. (Beyer), (no dates), Wife
Griffith, Amelia, Apr. 22, 1902-July 14, 1973, Mother
Grover, James C., 1940-1970, Father
Grover, John C., 1912-1982, Father, (same stone as Winifred T.)
Grover, Winifred T., (no dates), Mother, (same tone as John C.)
Grzywacz, Anna, 1897-1894, Mother
Grzywacz, Cecelia Besterman 1922-1945, Dau
Grzywacz, Frank T., 1934-1964, Son, PA SGT 820 ORDNANCE CO; KOREA; August 6, 1934-February 19, 1964
Grzywacz, Michael, 1895-1975, Father
Gubanic, Andrew G., 1913-1997, Son
Gubanic, Anna, 1888-1958, Mother
Guentner, Amelia C., (no dates), (same stone as Eugene L.)
Guentner, Anna Mae, (no dates), Wife
Guentner, Eugene L., (no dates)
Guentner, Robert E., 1926-1985, Husband
Gulla, Helen, 1909-1995, Mother, (same stone as John)
Gulla, John, 1907-1992, Father, (same stone as Helen)
Gulla, Paul A., no dates, (same stone as Violet M.)
Gulla, Paul J., 1947-1987, (same stone as Violet M.)
Gulla, Raymond, no dates, Son, (same stone as Helen)
Gulla, Violet M., no dates, (same stone as Paul A.)
Haberman, Elizabeth, 1913-1974, Mother, (same stone as W. Paul)
Haberman, Florence C., 1891-1976 Father PFC USA WWII
Haberman, Margaret, (no dates), Mother
Haberman, W. Paul, 1906-1984, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth)
Hajnas, Jennie, (no dates)
Hajnas, Joseph, 1900-1961
Hance, Marie, 1900-1989, Sister, (nee Hulker, same stone as Nora V.)
Hanley, Elizabeth C., 1895-1983, Wife (LYNSKEY / HANLEY stone)
Hanley, William J., 1895-1973, Husband (LYNSKEY / HANLEY stone)
Harkiewicz, Edward A., 1926-1994, Father, Vet
Harkiewicz, Jean C., (no dates), Mother
Harkiewicz, Michael J. 1929-1990
Harkiewicz, Ruth J., (no dates)
Harkins, Daniel R., (no dates), Husband
Harkins, Kathleen M., (no dates), Wife
Harrell, Margaret, 1898-1973 (MULKERN stone)
Harvey, Irene M., 1921-1993, Wife
Harvey, William T., June 1, 1913-Mar. 8, 1988, Husband, US Army WWII
Hass, Loretta F., 1900-1990, Mother
Hass, Robert F., 1899-1973, Father
Hauk/Wetzel, (no dates)
Havoic, Ivanka G., 1936-1984, Wife/Mother
Hays, Mary, Oct. 8, 1900-July 7, 1979
Hays, Ollie, Mar. 7, 1889-July 7, 1979
Heckathorn, Virginia H. Henderson, 1910-1945
Heffler, Henrietta, 1904-1996, Mother, (same stone as Lawrence)
Heffler, Lawrence, 1901-1972, Father, (same stone as Henrietta)
Heh, Anna Marie, (no dates), Wife
Heh, Sylvester F., 1911-1987, Husband
Heidenreich, Charles S., 1903-1987, Father
Heidenreich, Hilda A., 1907-1994, Mother
Heidenreich, James R., 1934-1995, Son/Dad
Heim, Elmer F., 1899-1972, Father
Heim, Josephine, 1908-1956, Mother
Heinricher, Joseph A., 1919-1990
Heinricher, Louis, 1884-1946, Father
Heinricher, Magdalene, 1888-1953, Mother
Heinz, Anna, 1885-1972, Mother, (Lehr stone)
Hellico, Helen, 1910-1982, Wife, (nee PANYAN)
Hellico, Joseph L., 1903-1954, Husband
Henderson, Infant James (no dates)
Hendzel, Anthony, 1892-1975, Father, (same stone as Martha)
Hendzel, Martha, 1895-1975, Mother, (same stone as Anthony)
Hendzel, William A., Nov. 19, 1917-Sep. 26, 1985, CPL. US Army, WWII, bronze
Henke, Catherine R., 1901-1995, Wife
Henke, George J Jr., 1930-1994, Son
Henke, George J., 1900-1969, Husband
Herda, Flawrence, 1896-1956, Father
Herda, Regina, 1902-1990, Mother
Hernandez, Concepcion, 1893-1992, Mother
Hernandez, Epifanio, 1897-1958, Brother
Hernandez, Juan, 1899-1976, Father
Hernandez, Mildred H. Butler, 1929 1962
Hernandez, Ralph, Oct. 24, 1900-Apr. 15, 1977, Brother, (same stone as Esther Navarro)
Hines, Catherine E., 1916-2000
Hines, John W., 1915-1981
Hitchens, Catherine, 1875-1960 (nee BAUMAN)
Hitchens, Frank L., May 31, 1914-Dec. 24, 1966 (PA. PVT. US ARMY WWII) bronze
Hitchens, Lois, (no dates)
Hoffmann, Christian, S. Sr., 1874-1958
Hoffmann, Emma J., 1877-1964
Hoffmann, John C., 1896-1972, Father, (same stone as Regina C.)
Hoffmann, Regina C., 1899-1985, Mother, (same stone as John C.)
Hohman, Henry J, Jr., 1893-1978, Father
Hohman, Margaret A., 1891-1979, Mother
Hohman, Ralph W., Aug. 1, 1923-Jan. 28, 1983 (US ARMY WWII, bronze)
Holden, Frances, (Nancy) 1930-1971, Mother, (same stone as William) (Bill)
Holden, Ruth, d: 1974, (same stone as Frances), (Nancy)
Holden, William, (Bill) 1928-1998, Father, (same stone as Frances M. (Nancy)
Hopkins ???, Sep. 27, 1899 / July 28, 1957, Mother
Hoskowitz, Anna, 1903-1983, Mother
Hoskowitz, Esther, (no dates), Mother
Hoskowitz, Michael, 1898-1981, Father
Hoskowitz, Mike, May 2, 1927-July, 21, 1977, Father, S1 US Navy, WWII
Hotujec, Helen A., 1911-1981
Hotujec, Joseph N., May 25, 1930-Feb. 22, 1972, PA. PVT. US Army, Korea
Hotujec, Madaline A., 1915-1987
Hotujec, Mary Agnes, 1910-1988
House, Francis Fitzpatrick, 1908-1985
House, Fred, 1878-1967, Father
House, Grace, 1888-1969, Mother
Hoza, Anna V., 1918-1944, Dau
Hoza, Cecelia G., Nov. 13, 1915-July 23, 1993
Hoza, Hildegarde, 1905-1988, Dau
Hoza, Joseph E., 1871-1964, Father
Hoza, Julia, 1882-1972, Mother
Huber, Helen, 1906-1986, Mother
Huber, Joseph J., 1900-1980, Father
Hudak, Anna T., 1908-1964, Wife
Hudak, Anthony A., 1909-1980, Father
Hudak, Frances J., 1911-1996, Mother
Hudak, John P., 1903-1959, Husband
Hudak, Stephen J., 1914-1981, Father WW11 Vet.
Huetter, Harry M., 1881-1950
Huetter, Mary C., 1885-1951
Hughes, Hilda M., 1895-1962, Mother
Hughes, Margaret A. (Lang), May 31, 1949-August 16, 2007, Mother, w/o Douglas
Hughes, Oliver W., 1893-1974, Father
Hulker, Charles A., 1902-1968, Husband, (same stone as Nora V.)
Hulker, Joseph N., 1912-1970, Brother, (same stone as Nora V.)
Hulker, Nora V., 1910-1966, Wife
Hurka, George G., 1939-1996, Son
Hurley, Dennis, 1913-1998
Hurley, Laura, (no dates)
Hurney, Catherine, 1880-1954, Mother
Hurney, Helen, 1904-1973, Daughter
Hurney, John G., 1910-1972, Son
Hurney, Owen F., 1879-1951, Father
Husing, Ann, 1912-1982, Mother (LEVENDUSKY / HUSING stone)
Husing, Trudy, (no dates), (LEVENDUSKY / HUSING stone)
Hutka, Agnes A., no dates, Mother, (same stone as George J.)
Hutka, George J., 1910-1975, Father, (same stone as Agnes A.)
Hutka, Vernon J., 1942-1975, Son, (same stone as George J.)
Hutter, Frank P., 1902-1975, Husband
Hutter, Nora K., 1904-1977, Wife
Infante, Daniel D., d: Sep. 8, 1993, Vet, (same stone as Paese)
Ipoletta, Carmen V., (no dates), Father
Ipoletta, Elaine Valerie, 1954-1971 Dau
Ipoletta, Florence M., 1924-1998, Mother
Ipoletta, Mary Lynn, 1950-1959, Dau
Iusi, Anna, 1896-1977, Mother
Iusi, Ralph F. Sr., 1893-1968, Father
Iusi, Ralph M. Jr., 1924-1981, Son
Iusi, Teresa, 1867-1952, Mother
Ivanic, Nicholas, 1858-1952 (BAHOR stone)
Jablonski, Elva F., May 15, 1929-June 27, 1982, Mother
Jacobs, Edward L., 1928-1981
Jacobs, Joseph H., (no dates), Son
Jacobs, Margaret M., (no dates), Mother
Jacobs, Michael J., (no dates), Son
Jacobs, Richard, (no dates), Son
Jacobs, Thomas, (no dates), Son
Jaketic, Frank G., Jr. 1913-1975, (USA WWII) bronze
Jaketic, Frank, 1889-1952
Jaketic, Mary, 1890-1977
Jaketic, Rudolph W., 1926-1977, (USA WWII) bronze
Jakubaitis, Albert R., 1924-1972, (no dates) Husband & Father
Jancay, James J., 1937-1974, Father, (same stone as Marian T.)
Jancay, Marian T., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as James J.)
Jaworski, Anthony, (no dates) Husband
Jaworski, Regina, (no dates) Wife
Jeke, Angela, 1899-1984, Mother, (same stone as Joseph)
Jeke, Joseph, 1894-1972, Father, (same stone as Angela)
Jeke, Mary C., (no dates) Mom & Grandma, (same stone as William F.)
Jeke, William F., Feb. 14, 1928-Mar. 4, 1991, Dad-Pup-Pup, SGT. US Army WWII, (same stone as Mary C.)
Jetkiewicz, Alexander 1905-1982, Son
Jetkiewicz, Joan C. 1910-1988, Dau
Jetkiewicz, John N. 1899-1977, Son
Jochim, Johanna M., 1910-1982, Mother
Jochim, Joseph J., 1910-1956, Father
Johns, Joseph, 1907-1964, Father
Johns, Josephine, 1912-1957, Mother
Johnson, Charles L., 1920-1994, Father, WWII, Vet.
Johnson, Irene S. Whitesell, May 5, 1919-June 24, 1993, Mother
Josefczyk, John J., 1915-1966, Father, PA PVT CO D 198 INF TNG BN WWII
Josefczyk, Mary, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as John J.)
Joyce, Catherine, (no dates), Mother
Joyce, Edward P., 1927-1989, Father (US NAVY WWII)
Kaiser, Florenz R., 1898-1970, Father
Kaiser, Lillian C., 1900-1982, Mother
Kalchthaler, Anna E., 1888-1956
Kalchthaler, Frank G., 1910-1990
Kalchthaler, Helen E., (no dates)
Kaminski, Helen, Oct. 15, 1919-Nov. 1, 1993, (same stone as Raymond)
Kaminski, Henry F., Nov. 28, 1914-June 6, 1974, PFC. US Army, bronze, Father
Kaminski, Marie O., (no dates), Mother
Kaminski, Raymond, Feb. 17, 1919-May 30, 1992, (same stone as Helen)
Kane, D. Arthur, 23-Mar-1903 / 27-Feb-1967
Kane, Daniel A. Jr., 7-Sep-1930 / 22-Nov-1986
Kane, Mary I., 17-Sep-1905 / 15-Nov-1951
Kasunic, Katarina, 1886-1958, Mother
Kasunic, Matija, 1888-1965, Father
Kasunich, Anna T., 1912-1997
Kaufman, Anna A., 1896-1971, Mother
Kaufman, Joseph J., 20-Sep-1916 / 27-Nov-1962, Pfc Co C 14 ARMD INF BN WWII
Kaufman, Joseph Sr., 1894-1964, Father
Kaufman, Regis C., 19-Feb-1919 / 21-Apr-1982, TEC5 USArmy WWII
Keilbach, Hewig, 1905-1998, Mother
Keilbach, John F., 1903-1972, Father
Kelly, Jack N., 1922-1973
Kelly, John J., 1904-1968, (same stone as Ruth C.)
Kelly, John M., 1932-1984, (same stone as Ruth C.)
Kelly, Raymond E., May 6, 1906-July 11, 1957 (SGT. CC G 291ST INF. ENL. MAR. 11, 1941-NOV. 3, 1943
Kelly, Ruth C., 1908-1966, (same stone as John M.)
Kelly, Stella C., d: Dec. 18, 1905
Kelly, Vivan L., 1925-1988
Kennedy, Cecelia, May 31, 1911-Dec. 1, 1998
Ketterer, Charles A., 1928-1998
Ketterer, Stella, (no dates, same stone as Charles A.)
Kilbert, Andrew G., 1907-1975, Husband, (same stone as Elizabeth R.)
Kilbert, Elizabeth R., (no dates), Wife, (same stone as Andrew G.)
Kiley, Helen S., 1890-1968, Mother
Kiley, William M., 1887-1960, Father
Killian, Elizabeth A., (no dates), Mother
Killian, Raymond J., (no dates), Father
Kilzer, George J., 1883-1957, Father
Kilzer, Margaret, 1889-1977, Mother
Kindler, Shannon L., Feb. 15, 1982-Feb. 27, 1982
Kleber, Howard V., 1926-1999, (same stone as Lillian H.)
Kleber, Lillian H., 1918-1972, (same stone as Howard V.)
Klocek, Leo G., 1901-1960, Father
Klos, Edward A., 1919-1985, Father, CPL USMA WWII, (same stone as Joseph John)
Klos, Genevieve J., (no dates), same stone as Joseph John
Klos, Joseph John 1957-1958, Son
Klous, Francis John, Dec. 5, 1921-Apr. 30, 1976, CPL. US Marine Corps, WWII, bronze, Father
Klous, Frank J., 1898-1957, Father
Klous, Mildred M., (no dates), Mother
Klun, Anna M., 1902-1985, Mother
Klun, Josephine E., (no dates), Daughter
Klun, Paul, 1893-1986, Father
Knierim, Elizabeth, 1891-1992, Mother
Knierim, Elmer, 1888-1975, Father
Knierim, Marion C., (no dates), Dau
Knierim, Robert H., 1930-1944, Son
Kobe, Joseph F., Mar. 19, 1895-Mar. 6, 1976, PVT. US Army, WWI, bronze, Father
Kobe, Josephine V., (no dates), Mother
Kobe, Mary R., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Thomas A.)
Kobe, Thomas A., 1907-1971, Father, (same stone as Mary R.)
Kobylakiewic, Stanley, Nov. 6, 1910-June 21, 1972 (PA. PFC 642 AAA AW BN CAC WWII)
Kobylakiewic, Stella, 1908-1991
Koch, Mary Lou, (no dates), (KOCH / WEIDNER stone)
Koch, Myron, 1926-1984 (YNT 3 US NAVY WWII) bronze
Koch, Phyllis R., (no dates), Wife & Mother
Koch, Robert G., 1931-1994, Husband & Father, Fireman, Veteran
Kogovsek, Conrad 1893-1964
Kogovsek, Conrad, (no dates)
Kogovsek, Edward, (no dates)
Kogovsek, Lillian, 1916-1987
Kogovsek, Mary, 1893-1988
Kohnen, Agnes W., 1888-1970 Mother
Kohnen, William C., 1892-1962 Father
Kolc, Anna C., 1915-1972, Mother, (same stone as Stanley J.)
Kolc, Joseph S., 1903-1973, Father, (same stone as Stella S.)
Kolc, Stanley J., 1913-1980, Father, (same stone as Anna C.)
Kolc, Stella S., 1910-1984, Mother, (same stone as Joseph S.)
Koncic, Agnes, Feb. 5, 1894-Feb. 4, 1961, Wife of John
Koncic, John, Nov. 25, 1888-0ct. 9, 1966
Koncic, Stella, June 23, 1924-Feb. 8, 1984, Daughter of John & Agnes
Koosz, John W., 1923-1993, Son
Koosz, Mary M., 1885-1971, Mother
Koosz, Wendel G., 1880-1957, Father
Kopec, Mary, 1906-1981 (nee Mikula)
Kos, Elizabeth, 1921-1993, Mother
Kos, Joseph, 1903-1978, Father
Kos, Lillian A., 1940-1996, Wife of David
Kotchey, Anna, 1896-1980, Mother
Kotchey, Frank, 1893-1944, Father
Kovalchick, Helen J., (no dates), Mother
Kovalchick, Stanley W., (no dates), Father
Kowalecki, Eleanor T., Feb. 5, 1936-Mar. 8, 1973, Mother, (same stone as Frank A.)
Kowalecki, Frank A., Feb. 7, 1933-Jan. 3, 1989, Father (same stone as Eleanor T.)
Kowger, Paul Jr., 9-Jun-1917 / 4-Feb-1949, FIREMAN 1C USNavy
Kowgier, Joseph 6-Jun-1915 / 12-Jan-1950, M.Sgt HQ Co 105th AAA WWII
Kraus, Carmella M., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as George K.)
Kraus, Cora Miller, 1954
Kraus, Corrine I., 1924-1979, Mother
Kraus, Edward J., 1916-1999, Father
Kraus, Florence M., (no dates), Dau
Kraus, George K., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Carmella M.)
Kraus, George, 1953
Kraus, Helen, 1961
Kraus, Irene C., 1890-1965, wife, (same stone as Wendelin A.)
Kraus, Jacob, 1885-1971, Father
Kraus, Mary, 1882-1969, Mother of ROSALIA G., same stone as RICHARDSON
Kraus, Minnie, 1888-1968, Mother
Kraus, Wendelin A., 1893-1958, Husband
Kraus, William L., 1986
Krause, Estella, 1892-1975, Mother
Kremer, Betty J., (no dates), Mother
Kremer, Catherine J., 1924-1968, Mother
Kremer, Corrine C., (no dates) Mother
Kremer, Infant Boy, 1986-1986
Kremer, Joseph F., Feb. 27, 1921-May 24, 1968, PA F1 USNR, WWII
Kremer, Lillian M., 1920-1993, Mother
Kremer, Paul J., (no dates), Father
Kremer, William H., 1924-1975, Father, (US NAVY)
Kristoff, Catherine A., (no dates), Wife, (same stone as John A.)
Kristoff, Frances M., (no dates), Wife, (same stone as John A.)
Kristoff, George F., (no dates), Husband, (same stone as John A.)
Kristoff, John A., 1933-1990, Husband, USA, Korea
Kristoff, Lawrence J., (no dates), Husband, (same stone as John A.)
Kristoff, Patrica, (no dates), (same stone as John A.), Wife
Krizanic, Mary, 1888-1980, Mother
Krizanic, Victor Vid, 1889-1953, Father
Krizmanich, Mary D., 1912-1994, (same stone as Michael M.)
Krizmanich, Michael M., 1910-1982, (same stone as Mary D.)
Krizmanich, Robert, 1907-1944, Father
Krotec, Anna Mae, (no dates), Daughter
Krotec, Isabella, (no dates), Daughter
Krotec, Mary, 1899 -1964, Mother
Krotec, Michael, 1894-1932, Father, (same stone as Mary)
Krsul, Francis W., 1914-1956
Krsul, Rose M., 1915-1994
Kruth, Mildred M., 1917-1996, Mother, (same stone as Regis F.)
Kruth, Regis F., 1912-1971, Father, (same stone as Mildred M.)
Krzewinski, Alexander, 1908-1944, Father
Krzewinski, Stanley, 1910-1946, Father
Krzyzanski, Madge M., 1918-1997, Mother
Krzyzanski, Stanley W., July 10, 1915-Jan. 18, 1974, Pa. TEC. 5, Army, Air Forces, WWII, Father
Kubik, Andrew G., 1855-1956, Father
Kubik, Margaret J., (no dates), Dau
Kubik, Mary, 1891-1960, Mother
Kukets, William T., Dec. 12, 1921-May 21, 1970, PA CPL 1596 BASE UNIT AAF WWII, (same stone as Robert J. Erdeljac)
Kukets/Young, Catherine, 1898-1979
Kukets/Young, Margaret, 1918-1984
Kukets/Young, William V. 1896-1952
Kunich, ??????, May 26, 1927-Jun. 10, 1994, US Navy, WWII
Kunkel, Francis J., May 22, 1915-Oct. 19, 1982 (F1 US NAVY WWII)
Kunz, George C., Jan. 39, 1897 / Dec. 12, 1973 Father, PA PVT US Army WWI
Kunz, Margaret C., (no dates)
Kunz, Margaret L., Nov. 25, 1900 / Oct. 19, 1972, Mother
Kunz, Richard L. Sr., 1926-1994
Kurtz, Dolores, (no dates), nee WEIDNER
Kurtz, William H., Apr. 14, 1919-Nov. 21, 1989, SGT. US Army, WWII, bronze
Kushon, Joseph J., 1920-1965, Father
Kuslock, Carl J., 1902-1986, Father
Kuslock, Josephine C., 1908-1992, Mother
Kuslock, Olivia J. Hartman, INFANT, 1997
Kusluch, Leslie Ann, Feb. 16, 1954 / Apr. 28, 1958
Kuziel, Catherine, 1922-1970, Dau
Kuziel, Andrew, 1883-1963, Father
Kuziel, Andy, Son
Kuziel, Karolina, 1886-1962, Mother
Kuziel, Mary, 1891-1968, Mother
Kuziel, Samuel, 1879-1952, Father
Kuziel, Stanley, 1916-1997, Son
Labertew, Estella, 1909-1996
Labertew, Fred, 1905-1962, Father
LaCava, Clementine, 1886-1975, Mother
LaCava, PFC Peter, May 29, 1913 / April 15, 1945 Son, Enl. May 24, 1943; Killed in Action; CO E 253rd Infantry
LaCava, Rocco, 1885-1950, Father
Lach, Veronica S., 1893-1965, Mother
Lalikos, Mildred, 1899-1969, nee SAS, (Sas stone)
LaMonica, Michelina, 1878-1974
Lang, Gertrude R., (no dates), Mother
Lang, Herman, Apr. 18, 1920-Apr. 17, 1967 WWII; SGT CO B 291st INF 75th DIV
Lang, Joseph A. Jr., Dec. 17, 1924-Jan. 30, 1991, S. SGT. US Army, WWII, bronze, Father
Larbig, John A., 1892-1979, Father, (same stone as Nora C.)
Larbig, Nora C., 1898-1980, Mother, (same stone as John A.)
Larcovic, Rose, (no dates)
Larcovic, Steven J. 1910-1995
Large, Anna E., 1897-1964, Mother
Large, Donald G., 1947-1951, Son
Large, William C. SR. 1890-1981, Father
Larocca, Joseph J. 1896-1967
Larocca, Stella R. 1900-1981
Lasic, Barbara M., (no dates), Wife, (same stone as Nicholas J.)
Lasic, Nicholas J., 1907-1974, Husband, (same stone as Barbara M.)
Lasky, Gertrude, (no dates)
Lasky, Sylvester, 1916-1998
Laury, John Edward, 1907-1973, Son
Laury, John, 1879-1959, Father
Lavia, Frank, 1910-1990, Father, (same stone as Rose)
Lavia, Rose, 1910-1999, Mother, (same stone as Frank)
Leffler, Anthony J., 1933-1965, Father
Lehr, Edith, 1910-1978, Mother, (same stone as Fred)
Lehr, Fred, 1906-1988, Father
Leight, Robert A., Feb. 17, 1919-Feb. 27, 1989 (CPL US ARMY WWII)
Leight, Ruth R., 1926-1964, Mother
Lenart, Nellie, 1912-1996 (GASPERIC STONE)
Lennon, Catherine, 1881-1971, Mother
Lennon, Hannah B., 1915-1984, Mother, (same stone as William J.)
Lennon, John J., 1879-1962, Father, (same stone as Catherine)
Lennon, William J., 1913-1995, Father
Leo, Alge, (no dates), (LEO / DELUCA stone)
Leo, Angela M., 1911-1993, Dau
Leo, Anthony, (no dates), (LEO / DELUCA stone)
Leo, Bosco, 1905-1970, Son
Leo, Mary, 1877-1972, Mother
Leo, Michael, 1907-1981, Son
Leo, Peter, 1873-1949, Father
Leone, Orlando M., 1914-1976, Father, (same stone as Silvia)
Leone, Silvia, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Orlando M.)
Levak, Joseph, 1890-1974, Father
Levak, Marie D., 1901-1982, Mother
Levak, William J., 4-Aug-1920 / 24-May-1944 Pvt.Co. F.135th Inf. Enl. Sept 24/1943 KIA
Levendusky, Mary B., d: 1982, Wife, (LEVENDUSKY / HUSING stone)
Levendusky, Thomas L., 1908-1987, Husband, (LEVENDUSKY / HUSING stone)
Levy, Eileen, Nov. 9, 1923-June 8, 1995, Wife & Mother, nee CORBALLY
Lichleiter, Anna M. 1872-1951, Mother
Lichleiter, Joseph 1864-1947, Father
Lichliter, Elmer 1892-1966, Son
Linz, Ann, 1925-1989, Mother
Linz, George, 1919-2000
Llewellyn, George W., 1910-1971, Father, (same stone as Helen M.)
Llewellyn, Helen M., 1910-1985, Mother, (same stone as George W.)
Lokar, Anne, 1902-1994, Mother
Lokar, Frank J., 1898-1978, Father
Long, Anna M., 1895-1969
Long, John P., 1891-1983
Lorenz, Gisella M., March 13, 1901 / June 13, 1979
Lorenz, Robert, Jan. 25, 1901 / Sep. 17, 1959
Lorkovic, Barbara, 1910-1989, Mother
Lorkovic, John Zugcic, 1974
Lorkovic, John, 1909-1960, Father
Lorkovic,Philip, 1885-1951
Loughrey, Joseph C., 1902-1961, Husband
Loughrey, Margaret S., 1903-1979, Wife, (sane stone as Joseph C.)
Luft, Ethel M., 1908-1983, Mother, (same stone as George M.)
Luft, George M., 1908-1977, Father, (same stone as Ethel M.)
Lupinacci, Anthony, 1914-1982, Father, (same stone as Mary
Lupinacci, Mary, (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Anthony)
Lupnacca, Bertha D., 1913-1974, Mother, (same stone as Joseph A.)
Lupnacca, Joseph A., 1913-1976, Father, (same stone as Bertha D.)
Luttringer, Joseph G. Jr., 11-Jan-1912 / 5-Dec-1985, Father, PFC USArmy WWII
Luttringer, Joseph G. Sr., 15-Aug-1889 / 4-Sep-1970, PA PVT USArmy WWI
Luttringer, Marie E., (no dates), Mother
Lutz, Adeline R., 1927-1956, Mother
Lutz, Edward G., 1901-1981, Father, (same stone as Marie A.)
Lutz, Edward G., 1921-1991, Father, US Army, (same stone as Rose Marie)
Lutz, George N., (no dates), Father
Lutz, George, 1904-1984, Father
Lutz, Joseph F., 1884-1965, Father, (same stone as Marcella E.)
Lutz, Marcella E., 1888-1966, Mother
Lutz, Marie A., 1901-1972, Mother, (same stone as Marie A.)
Lutz, Mathilda, 1903-1990, Mother
Lutz, Rose Marie, 1921-1991, Mother, (same stone as Edward G.)
Lynd, Victoria R., 1911-1992, Mother, (same stone as William J.)
Lynd, William J., 1911-1976, Father, (same stone as Victoria R.)
Lynskey, Dorothy E., (no dates), Wife (LYNSKEY / HANLEY stone)
Lynskey, James J., 1913-1962, Husband (LYNSKEY / HANLEY stone)
Lyons, Carmella, (no dates), photo
Lyons, Christine M., d: July 1962
Lyons, Gertrude, 1900-1969, (nee SPLANE)
Lyons, Gregory P., d: July 1962
Lyons, Henry A., Mar. 11, 1912-Mar. 5, 1989, (same stone as Eugene L. Guentner)
Lyons, John J., (no dates)
Lyons, Leona A., Mar. 4, 1910-Apr. 1, 2000, nee SCHEID, (same stone as Eugene L. Guentner)
Lyons, Mary Jon, Dec. 4, 1968-Oct. 1, 1988, (same stone as Carmella)
Lyons, Theresa F., 4-Jun-1955 / 21-Jun-1955
Lyons, Thomas Joseph, 1897-1981, Husband, (same stone as Gertrude)
MacDonald, Hugh, d: Nov. 25, 1982, (same stone as Mary)
MacDonald, Mary, d: Feb. 20, 1973, (same stone as Hugh)
Machosky, Eva T., (no dates), (same stone as Stanley)
Machosky, Stanley G., (no dates), (same stone as Eva T.)
Maciejowski, Joseph J., Apr. 30, 1907-Jan. 29, 1975, Tec4, US Army, bronze, Husband
Maciejowski, Sophie, 1908-1998, Wife
Mackey, George F., Oct. 27, 1940-June 20, 1999, (same stone as Carroll A.)
Mackey, George W., Jan. 7, 1913-Nov. 23, 1999, (same stone as Rita C.)
Mackey, Rita C., (no dates), (same stone as George W.)
Mafrice, Lena, 1902-1990, Mother
Mafrice, Rocco, JR. (no dates), Son
Mafrice, Rocco, SR. 1896-1985, Father
Mages, Marie, 1907-1974, Wife
Mages, Raymond P. 1903-1968, Husband
Magnelli, Giacomino, "Jack", 1908-1986, Father, (same stone as Teresa)
Magnelli, Amelia 1892-1974, Mother
Magnelli, Emily Panza 1891-1947, Mother
Magnelli, Eugene 1890-1958
Magnelli, Gerard F. 1914-1992 Husband
Magnelli, Marie R., 1930-1999, Mother, (same stone as Rocco F.)
Magnelli, Rocco F., 1930-1979, Father, (same stone as Marie R.)
Magnelli, Salvatore 1886-1953, Father
Magnelli, Teresa, 1914-1993, Mother, (same stone as Giacomino)
Magnelli, Vivian V., (no dates), Wife
Makey, Carroll A., (no dates), (same stone as George F.)
Malec, Ann J., (no dates) Wife, (same stone as Edward S.)
Malec, Edward S., 1922-1997, Husband, (same stone as Ann J.)
Malec, Robert J., 1925-1972
Mallen, Bertha C., 1910-1975, Mother
Mallen, Walter R., 1914-1999, Father
Malley, Jack J., 1909-1973, (same stone as Kay G.)
Malley, Kay G., 1913-1993, (same stone as Jack J.)
Mallory, John F., 1903-1987
Mallory, Theresa H., 1905-1990
Maloney, Irene, 1895-1982, (nee SPLANE), (Lyons stone)
Mango, Ettore, 1903-1956
Maola, Antoinette, 1938-1958, Dau.
Maola, Clementina, (no dates), Mother
Maola, Michael A. 1929-1991, Son
Maola,Gregory 1888-1963, Father
Maranowski, Anna Maria, 1957-1988
Maranowski, Evelyn P., (no dates)
Maranowski, Henry J., (no dates)
Maranowski, Mary Ann, 1946-1956
Marcoly, James N., 1939-1959, Son
Marcoly, James, 1909-1989, Father
Marcoly, Katherine, (no dates), Mother
Marotta, Josephine A., Mar. 14, 1905-Nov. 16, 1998, Mother, (same stone as Nicholas H.)
Marotta, Nicholas, H., May 14, 1907-Aug. 25,1978, Father, (same stone as JOSEPHINE A.)
Marr, Anna, 1920-1984, Wife
Marr, Louis A., 1907-1980, MSgt US Army WWII
Marr, Louis G., Aug. 9, 1875-Jun 17, 1964, Father
Marr, Regis, 1910-1974, Husband
Marshall, Anna, 1907-1992, Dau
Marshall, Eva, 1876-1952, Mother
Marshall, Joseph W., 1918-1983
Marshall, Laverne R., (no dates)
Marshall, Marie A., 1910-1998
Marshall, Mary K., 1911-1994
Marshall, Stephen L., 1903-1996
Marshall, Stephen, 1874-1961, Father
Marsico, Alfred, 1899-1977, Father
Marsico, Alvin P., 1903-1994, Husband, (same stone as Frances E.)
Marsico, Beatrice, 1906-1958, Mother
Marsico, Frances E., 1904-1972, Wife, (same stone as Alvin P.)
Marsico, Marie M., Sep. 15, 1923-Jan. 27, 1995, (same stone as Peter G.)
Marsico, Peter G., (no dates), (same stone as Marie M.)
Martier, John R., 1910-1974, Husband, (same stone as Mary R.)
Martier, Mary R., 1911-1980, Wife, (same stone as John R.)
Martin, Edward J., May 8, 1922-Feb. 13, 1975 Son, TEC5 US Army
Martin, Frances M., 1877-1965, Mother
Martin, Grace F., 1907-1989
Martin, Harry C., 1873-1952, Father
Martin, Helen E., 1906-1963, Mother (nee DANKMYER) (SAGINAW stone)
Martin, John, 1902-1998 Son
Martin, Mary E., 1910-1990
Martis, Mary, 1894-1981, Mother
Martis, Rose, (no dates), Dau
Martis, Rudolph, (no dates), Son
Martis, Stephen, 1889-1948, Father
Maslen, Albert J., 1919-1981 (TEC. 5 US ARMY WWII) bronze
Maslen, Alice, 1897-1978
Maslen, Anthony J., 1894-1960
Maslen, Margaret P., 1929-1993
Mastroianni, Antonio, 13-Jun-1897 / 10-Apr-1971, Father, PA Pfc Co B 124 Eng WWI
Mastroianni, Frances, 1903-1954, Mother
Materewicz, Carrie Vallo, 12-Feb-1928, Dau
Materewicz, Emma K., 29-Mar-1902 / 30-Oct-1982, Mother
Materewicz, Ignac, 30-Jun-1893 / 12-Oct-1981, Father
Materewicz, Richard F., 19-Sep-1933 / 15-Dec-1979, Son
Matesic, Barbara, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as John)
Matesic, George, 1904-1973, Father, (same stone as Helen)
Matesic, Helen, 1912-1993, Mother, (same stone as George)
Matesic, John, 1903-1975, Father, WWII, Vet.
Maurer, Anita M., (no dates), Mother, (MAURER / VOLPE stone)
Maurer, Frank A., (no dates), Father, (MAURER / VOLPE stone)
Maurer, Jeffrey P., 1961-1967, Son, (MAURER / VOLPE stone)
Mauser, Albert D., (no dates)
Mauser, Albert, 1923-1977, Father, Pvt US Army WWII
Mauser, Emma, 1934-1997, Mother
Mazza, Dora T., 1931-1972, Mother, (same stone as Thomas R.)
Mazza, Joseph Louis, May 12, 1928-Feb. 9, 1988, Father, (same stone as Virgie Cecelia)
Mazza, Kathryn Louise, Sep. 13, 1960-Mar. 5, 1990, (same stone as Virgie Cecelia), Daughter
Mazza, Peggy Jane, Oct. 11, 1964-Jun. 13, 1981, Daughter, (same stone as Virgie Cecelia)
Mazza, Thomas R., 1930-1995, Father, (same stone as Dora T.)
Mazza, Virgie Cecelia, (no dates), Mother, (nee PHILLIPS)
McAdams, Anna Gorsha, (no dates)
McAdams, Robert F., (no dates), SP3 USA
McBurney, Anna M., June 2, 1906 / Oct. 9, 1972, Mother
McBurney, Charles R., Aug. 1897 / Feb. 28, 1947 Father, Enl. Apr. 18, 1918; Disc. Oct. 1, 1919; PVT CO F 33rd INF WWI
McCarthy, Mary G., May 24/1902 Nov. 20/1976
McCarthy, Nancy B., Apr. 20, 1932-Mar. 19, 1993
McCarthy, Timothy L., Aug. 17, 1963-Dec. 20, 1996
McCarthy, William C. Nov. 20, /1899-May 28, 1965
McCarthy, William C., Jr., (no dates)
McCarty, ???????, d: 1937 (PARKS stone)
McCarty, Henrietta, Dec. 17, 1915-Oct. 25, 1986, Wife
McCaul, Doris E., 1929-1988
McCaul, E. Robert, 1928-1979
McCaul, Edith Ann, 1943-1969
McCaul, Edith E., (no dates)
McCaul, James G., 1916-1971
McClafferty, Margaret E., 1883-1963, Mother
McClafferty, William R., 1878-1965, Father
McCue, Loretta, 1896-1976, Mother
McCue, Miles F., 1883-1958, Father
McDonnell, Bernadette L., 1903-1985, Wife
Mcdonnell, James M., 1903-1964, Husband, (same stone as Bernadette L.)
McEntee, Anne E., (no dates), Mother
McEntee, Mary E., 1884-1959, Mother of Philip
McEntee, Philip M., 1913-1975, Father
McEntee, Timothy J., 1954-1976, Son
McGee, Elizabeth M., 1904-1990, Mother, (same stone as John P.)
McGee, John P., 1907-1980, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth M.)
McGinty, Antoinette L., Aug. 11, 1906-Aug. 5, 1993, Wife
McGinty, Cecelia A., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Delmar J.)
McGinty, Delmar J., 1914-1974, Father, (same stone as Cecelia A.)
McGinty, Raymond F., April 2, 1910-June 27, 1985, Husband
McGrath, Jean D., (no dates), Wife, (McGRATH / VIDOVICH stone)
McGrath, Sean P., (no dates), Husband, (McGRATH / VIDOVICH stone)
McKenna, Anna, 1917-1984
McKenna, James P., July 19, 1915-Feb. 12, 1973, PA. M. SGT. US Army, WWII
McKennas, Evelyn F., Oct. 4, 1927-Jan. 21, 1994, (same stone as Walter J.)
McKennas, Walter J., Dec. 26, 1921-Feb. 16, 1996, Vet, (same stone as Evelyn F.)
McKinney, James E., May 18, 1923-July 8, 1973, Pa. Tec. 5, US Army, WWII
McNeil, Grace Dickson d: Jan. 22, 1972
McNeil, John C., d: Mar. 13, 1957
McNeill, Bessie, d: Jan. 19, 1964, Wife
McNeill, Hugh D., d: May 15, 1957, Husband
Medina, R. Marie, 1925-1974, Mother, (same stone as Wilfred P.) photo
Medina, Wilfred P., (no dates), Father, (same stone as R. Marie
Meenan, William C., 1914-1971
Mehlmauer (No Names) (no dates)
Meigel, Anna M., 1861-1957, Mother
Meigel, Herman, 1890-1974, Son
Meigel, Joseph H., 1859-1945, Father
Meigel, Leo J. Sr., 1899-1963, Father
Meigel, Leo Joseph Jr., Apr. 3, 1922-Mar. 31, 1953 Son, Enl. Sep. 30, 1942; Died in service; A MM 1/C USNR
Meigel, Teresa, 1888-1964, Dau
Meinert, Clara A., 1885-1958, Mother
Meinert, Harold J., 1913-1945
Meinert, Henry J., 1883-1950, Father
Meinert, Margaret M., 1909-1993 Wife
Meinert, Richard H., 1910-1977, Husband
Melle, Maria, Mar. 14, 1876-Oct. 12, 1988, (nee SAVARIA) (same stone as Vincenzo)
Melle, Vincenzo, Dec. 5, 1887-Sep. 23, 1984, (same stone as Maria)
Meredith, Emma M., 1914-1975, Mother, (same stone as Roy C. Sr.)
Meredith, Roy C. Sr. 1908-1992, Father, (same stone as Emma)
Merzlak, Anna S., 1921-1997, Daughter, (same stone as Charles J.)
Merzlak, Barbara G., 1896-1983, Mother, (same stone as John Sr.)
Merzlak, Charles J., Apr. 1, 1928-Dec. 4, 1971, PA. CPL. US Army, Korea, Son
Merzlak, John Sr. 1890-1975, Father, (same stone as Barbara G.)
Metzer, Mary, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Stephen)
Metzer, Stephen, 1919-1991, Father, (same stone as Mary)
Miceli, Adeline, 1901-1996, Mother, (same stone as Louis)
Miceli, Louis, 1894-1982, Father, (same stone as Adeline)
Mihlfried, Billy, 1948-1949, Son
Mihlfried, Kathryn K., 1926-1965, Mother
Mihlfried, William J. Jr., 1923-1985 , Father
Mihm, Albert P., Aug. 29, 1893-Aug. 31, 1955, Uncle
Mihm, Eileen C., (no dates), Mom
Mihm, Florence G., 1895-1965, Father
Mihm, George, 1918-1970, Son
Mihm, Mary J., 1900-1986, Mother
Mihm, William J., (no dates), Father
Miketic, Agnes, 1900-1983, Mother
Miketic, Louis Jr., 1920-1976, US Navy WWII
Miketic, Louis Sr., 1895-1964, Father
Mikula, Agnes C., (no dates), Wife
Mikula, Joseph, (no dates), Husband
Mikulla, Elizabeth, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Elmer P.)
Mikulla, Mary I. 1906-1998 Sister
Mikulla, Mildred F., (no dates), Sister
Mikulla, Robert J. 1911-1985, Brother
Milcic, Anthony, 1897-1966, Father, (same stone as Julia M.)
Milcic, Catherine 1878-1958, Mother
Milcic, Charles M., 1903-1973, Father, (same stone as Frances M.)
Milcic, Edward Anthony, Dec. 3, 1924-Jan. 31, 1992, Husband, SSGT USA WWII, (same stone as Olga)
Milcic, Frances M., 1906-1987, Mother, (same stone as Charles M.)
Milcic, Julia M., 1896-1977, Mother, (same stone as Anthony)
Milcic, Michael L. 1893-1954, Son
Milcic, Olga, no dates, Wife, nee MAMULA, (same stone as Edward Anthony)
Milcic, Rev. Aloysius J., 1908-1967 Ordained 1936
Milcic, Rev. Stephen E., 1913-1947 Ordained 1943
Milcic, Rochus C., 1907-1981, Son
Milcic, Theresa H., 1914-1992, Wife
Milko, ????????, May 15, 1891-Aug. 9, 1969
Miller, Audrey E., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Edward J.)
Miller, Catherine F., (no dates)
Miller, Edward J., (no dates) Father, (same stone as Audrey)
Miller, Frank, d: Aug. 13, 1988
Miller, Gertrude, June 26, 1884-July 20, 1952
Miller, Joseph A., Feb. 22, 1880-May 2, 1952
Miller, Joseph J., Mar. 19, 1883-Apr. 27, 1969
Miller, Kathy Jo, 1959-1969, Daughter, (same stone as Edward J.)
Miller, Mary, (no dates)
Miller, Ralph G., 1923-Feb. 2, 1975
Miller, Stephen T., 1909-1948, Father
Milulla, Elmer P., 1914-1997, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth)
Miszkowski, Frank, 1935-1950, Son
Modzelewski, Frank, Apr. 8, 1919-Apr. 2, 1983, SSGT. US Army, WWII, Dad, bronze
Modzelewski, Theresa, (no dates) Mom
Moelter-Sladic, George E., 1902-1963
Moelter-Sladic, John, 1907-1952
Moelter-Sladic, Mary, (no dates)
Molyneaux, Thomas W., Oct. 22, 1906-July 24, 1992, PVT. US Army, WWII, bronze
Monpere, Beatrice C., 1914-1976, Mother
Monroe, Emily McDonald 1886-1978 Aunt
Monroe, Joseph T Jr. 1943-1988, Husband, AZC USAF, Vietnam
Monroe, Joseph T., 1903-1974, Father
Monroe, M. Jeannette Jamison 1878-1951, Mother
Monroe, Mary E., 1908-1996, Mother, (same stone as Joseph T.)
Montgomery, Claudia M., 1917-1998, Mother, (same stone as Eugene W.)
Montgomery, Eugene W., 1917-1972, Father, (same stone as Claudia M.)
Moore, Frank J., 1891-1962, Father, (QUINLAN / MOORE stone)
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1985, Mother, (QUINLAN / MOORE stone)
Morelli Joseph, 1893-1981, Husband, (same stone as Frances M.)
Morelli, Adeline, 1903-1988, Mother, (same stone as Francesco)
Morelli, Frances M., 1898-1992, Wife, nee Tarasi, (same stone as Joseph
Morelli, Francesco, 1895-1973, Father, (same stone as Adeline)
Morelli, Frederico, 1899-1960, Brother, (same stone as Joseph)
Morelli, Joseph, 1928-1996, Son, (same stone as Frederico)
Morian, Robert John, Dec. 20, 1925-Sep. 30, 1972, Pa. CPL. US Army, WWII
Moriaty, John J., Feb. 26, 1909-Jan. 1, 1981
Moriaty, Margaret D., (no dates)
Mort, William H., 1910-1982
Mosakowski, Stanley, 1892-1969, (same stone as Stephanie)
Mosakowski, Stephanie, 1898-1968, Mother, (same stone as Stanley)
Mosesso, Dina J., 1931-1974, (same stone as Joseph S.)
Mosesso, Joseph S., (no dates), (same stone as Dina J.)
Moyeroff, Nicholas, 1912-1983, Father
Moyeroff, Teresa, 1912-1996, Mother
Mravinec, Karlin, 1916-1968, Husband
Mudrany, Gertrude H., 1910-1993
Mudrany, John A., 1912-1979
Muhich, Anthony, 1897-1961, Father, (same stone as Catherine)
Muhich, Catherine 1907-1996, Mother
Mulkern, Joseph F., 1927-1965, Father
Mulkern, Joseph T., 1906-1958
Mulkern, Mazie, 1893-1979
Mulkern, Michael, 1888-1963 (WWI VET.)
Mulkern, Winifred M., 1908-1987, Mother
Mullen, Dorothy M., 1922-1999 Dau
Mullen, Edward C., (no dates), Father
Mullen, Frances G., Aug. 29, 1896-Feb. 1, 1982
Mullen, Helen, 1910-1973, Mother, (same stone as John J.)
Mullen, John J., 1908-1974, Father (same stone as Helen)
Mullen, Joseph Francis, Dec. 10, 1892-May 15, 1945 PVT MACH GUN 320th INF
Mullen, Kathleen L., 1954-1981, Daughter
Mullen, Mary A., May 24, 1902-Jun. 2, 1969, Mother, (nee ROSEWELL), (Quinn stone)
Mullen, Regis P., 1911-1967, Uncle
Murf, Andy, 1885-1972, Father, (same stone as Teresa)
Murf, Teresa, 1884-1974, Mother, (same stone as Andy)
Murray, Helen M., 1913-1951
Myers, George W., Oct. 15, 1921-Mar. 5,1978, SM2, US Navy, WWII, bronze
Myers, Louisa, 1874-1965, Mother
Myers, May L., (no dates), Mother
Napoli, Genevieve A., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Louis C.)
Napoli, Louis C., 1909-1976, Father, (same stone as Genevieve A.)
Navarro, Esther, May 20, 1903-Nov. 11, 1971, Mother (same stone as Jesus)
Navarro, Jesus, June 25, 1897-Jan. 6, 1977, Father, (same stone as Esther)
Neely, Elizabeth B., 1911-1949, Mother
Neely, James W., (no dates), Father
Neff, Genevieve, Sep. 12, 1913-July 25, 1987, Mother
Neiman, Joshua R., 1949-1992, Son
Nestor, Frances M., 1886-1972, Mother, (same stone as Rodger S.)
Nestor, Jean U., 1900-1981, (same stone as Frances M.)
Nestor, Rodger S., 1884-1969, Father, (same stone as Frances M.)
Newcamp, Bernadette, no dates, Mother, (same stone as Clement C.)
Newcamp, Clement C., no dates, Fathr, (same stone as Bernadette)
Newcamp, Richard J., 1956-1962, Son, (same stone as Bernadette)
Nichter, Clarence E., 1920-1978, Husband, WWII VET
Nichter, Joseph E., 1893-1962, Father
Nichter, Marie L., (no dates), Wife
Nichter, Mildred, 1927-1975, Mother
Nichter, Richard C. Jr., 1989, Baby
Nichter, Sophie, 1897-1962, Mother
Noe, Agnes H., 1902-1994, Mother
Noe, George A., 1894-1969, Father, (same stone as Marcella E.)
Noe, Marcella E., 1896-1987, Mother
Noe, Stephen R., 1900-1977, Father
Novak, Barbara A., 1913-1999, Mother, (same stone as Rudolph J.)
Novak, Dianelynn, Sep. 10, 1955-Aug. 27, 1990
Novak, John, Feb. 16, 1887-Oct. 28, 1957
Novak, Joseph A., 1899-1969, Vet, (same stone as Marie R. Zsepessy)
Novak, Mary Ellen, Mar. 15, 1926, 1993, (same stone as Dianelynn)
Novak, Richard S., 1936-1989, Son, (same stone as Barbara A.)
Novak, Rudolph J., 1906-1979, Father, (same stone as Barbara A.)
Novokoski, Stella, 1911-1988, Mother, (same stone as Walter F.)
Novokoski, Walter F., 1910-1972, Father, (same stone as Stella)
Nucera, Marie A., 1922-1975, Sister
O'Connor, John F., 1916-1995, Dad
O'Connor, John J., 1890-1950, Father
O'Connor, Margaret M., 1892-1980, Mother
O'Connor, Maurice F., 1898-1955, Father
O'Connor, Maurice R., 1914-1950, Father
O'Connor, Thelma E., 1919-1976, Mother
Ochner, Julia B., 1915-1989 Wife, Buried With Grover
Ochner, Raymond F. Sr., 1899-1968, Father
Ochner, Stella M., 1897-1964, Mother
Odille, Louis A., 1902-1945, Father
Odille, Louise M., 1904-1969, Mother
Ofcharik, Pauline C., 1908-1979, Mother, (same stone as Stephen J.)
Ofcharik, Stephen J., 1907-1999, Father, (same stone as Pauline C.)
Oft, / Urankar, Mary Susan, 1954-1978, (same stone as Mary T. Oft )
Oft, Mary T., 1921-1972, Sister, (same stone as Mary Susan Oft / Urankar)
Ogrodnik, Sophia, 1893-1960, Mother
Ogrodnik, Stanley, 1893-1967, Father
Ogrodnik, William J., 1928-1983 Son
Olczak, Harriet, 1904-1994, Mother, (same stone as Joseph)
Olczak, Joseph, 1906-1980, Father
Olinski, Harry J., 1922-1978, PVT. US Army, WWII, Brother
Ollio, Charles A., 1927-1980, Father & Husband
Olszewski, Alexandria, 1906-1970, Mother, (same stone as Udanis)
Ondof, Joseph, 1909-1993, (same stone as Sophie)
Ondog, Sophie, 1914-1992, (same stone as Joseph)
Ondrey, S. Lynne, 1942-1972, (same stone as Mary Elizabeth Ferraro)
Ordakowski, Anna M., d: Oct. 17, 1985, Mother, (same stone as Raymond A.)
Ordakowski, Raymond A., d: June 9, 1992, Father, (same stone as Anna M.)
Orluske, Clifford, May 25, 1901-Oct. 15, 1984
Ostoich, Julia, 1907-1982, Mother, (same stone as Peter)
Ostoich, Peter, 1897-1980, Father, (same stone as Julia)
Ott, Albert J., 1886-1950, Father
Ott, Antoinette, 1883-1973, Mother
Ott, Arlene, (no dates)
Ott, Martin D., Aug. 25, 1928-Jan. 23, 1986, US Navy, WWII, bronze
Ott, Theodore J., 1892-1953, Father
Ott, Theresa, 1898-1980, Mother
Owens, Mary Ann, no dates, Daughter, (same stone as Mary)
Owens, Mary, 1912-1987, Mother, (same stone as Timothy E.)
Owens, Timothy E., 1906-1974, Father, (same stone as Mary)
Pacella, Albert J., 1911-1979, Husband, SSGT US ARMY WWII, bronze
Pacella, Clara T., 1903-1996, Wife
Padden, Charles W., 1923-1976, Father
Paese, Anna F., d: Sep. 24, 1968, (same stone as Infante)
Pakuszewski, Chester J., 1904-1971, Father, (same stone as Loretta L.)
Pakuszewski, Eleanore, 1880-1971, Mother
Pakuszewski, John, 1906-1995, Son
Pakuszewski, Julius S., 31-Dec-1908 / 29-Aug-1967, Son, PA Cpl 1 Base Air Depot WWII
Pakuszewski, Loretta L., 1909-1994, Mother, (same stone as Chester J.)
Pakuszewski, Wilma E., (no dates)
Palajsa, Anna G., 1913-1985, Mother
Palajsa, Florence A., 1887-1958, Father
Palajsa, Helen M., 1888-1972, Mother
Palajsa, Louis J., 1908-1979, Father
Palajsa, Nicholas, 1921-1992
Palumbo, Domenica, Feb. 5, 1899-Nov. 21, 1988, (FISHER / PALUMBO stone)
Palumbo, Josephine, (no dates), Daughter, (FISHER / PALUMBO stone)
Palumbo, Leonardo, Feb. 19, 1893-Mar. 26, 1960, Father, (FISHER / PALUMBO stone)
Pane, James, Mar. 24, 1903-Nov. 1, 1988, Father, (same stone as Susie)
Pane, Mary Ethel, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Salvatore)
Pane, Salvatore, "Sam", (no dates), Father, (same stone as Mary Ethel)
Pane, Susie, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as James)
Pantone, Louis A., 1913-1998, Father, (same stone as Mildred E.)
Pantone, Mildred E., 1914-1973, Mother, (same stone as Louis A.)
Panyan, John, 1881-1959, Father
Panyan, John, 1908-1989, Husband
Panza, August A., 1905-1989, Father, (same stone as Carmella H.)
Panza, Carmella H., 1911-1979, Mother, (same stone as August A.)
Panza, Edward Anthony, Nov. 5, 1915-Jan. 1, 1974, Pa. RM 3 US Navy, WWII, bronze
Panza, Emma M., Feb. 22, 1922-Aug. 9, 1972, Mother, (same stone as Joseph P.)
Panza, Framk Carmen, July 16, 1904-Sep. 28, 1972, Father, (same stone as Sadie Tersi)
Panza, Gabrielle, 1862-1953, Father
Panza, Joseph P., Jan. 25, 1916-Dec. 21, 1979,Father, WWII Vet, (same stone as Emma M.)
Panza, Maria Ceraso, 1872-1955, Mother
Panza, Sadie Teresi, Nov. 18, 1903-May 27, 1993, Mother, (same stone as Frank Carmen)
Panza, Teresa M., (no dates), Mother
Paonessa, Clement, (no dates)
Paonessa, James A., 1923-1994, Father, US Vet., (same stone as Mary R.)
Paonessa, Marion J., June 1920-June 1987
Paonessa, Mary R., 1923-1996, Mother, (same stone as James A.)
Papciak, Henry H., 1911-1980, Father, (same stone as Frances D.)
Parks, Agnes J., 1901-1992, Mother, (same stone as Elmer J.)
Parks, Albert L., 1890-1950 , Father
Parks, Ann, d: 1932
Parks, Anna M., 1894-1986, Mother
Parks, Charles, 1918-1970, Father, (same stone as Ruth)
Parks, Dolores, (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Lawrence)
Parks, Elmer, J., 1900-1981, Father, (same stone as Agnes J.)
Parks, George A., 1914-1988, Father
Parks, John A., Sep. 9, 1935-May 31, 1983 (MORIATY stone)
Parks, Lawrence, 1925-1984, Father, (same stone as Dolores)
Parks, Ruth, (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Charles)
Pasquale, Beatrice M., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Eileen E.)
Pasquale, Edith Cornelia 1890-1959, Mother, (same stone as Eileen E.)
Pasquale, Eileen e., 1939-1958, Daughter
Pasquale, William R., 1911-1997, Father, (same stone as Eileen E.)
Patricks, John J., 1902-1967, Father, (same stone as Margaret A.)
Patricks, Margaret A., 1906-1992, Mother
Paulesic, Jennie, June 8, 1899 / Mar. 1, 1960
Pavlakovich, Catherine, 1898-1968, Mother
Pavlakovich, Lawrence M., (no dates), Father
Pavlakovich, Math, 1893-1963, Father
Pavlakovich, Theresa V., 1928-1972, Mother
Pavlovich, Frank H., 1913-1976, TEC.5, US Army, WWII, bronze
Pazerski, August T., 1914-1998, Father
Pazerski, Thelma M., 1915-1980, Mother
Peiffer, Agnes E., 1910-1978
Peiffer, Anna C., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Clarence J.)
Peiffer, Clarence J., 1908-1972, Father, (same stone as Anna C.)
Peiffer, Regis G., 1911-1997
Perez, Lee Charles, 1999, (Miller stone)
Pergl, Alice R., 1895 -1983, (same stone as John P.)
Pergl, John P., 1892-1987
Perlinger, Henry, 1903-1975, Father, (same stone as Mary)
Perlinger, Mary, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Henry)
Perry, Carmella V., 1930-1984
Perry, Dominic, 1894-1975, Father, (same stone as Louise)
Perry, Louise, 1899-1986, Mother, (same stone as Dominic)
Perry, Samuel F. R., July 11, 1923-Mar. 6, 1974, Dad, Pa. RM. 3, US Navy, WWII
Peterson, Bertha G., 1893-1971, Mother, (relative of Webmaster)
Peterson, Elizabeth M., 1901-1991 Wife, (relative of Webmaster)
Peterson, George J., 1901-1991 Husband, (relative of Webmaster)
Peterson, John W., 1896-1953, Father, (relative of Webmaster)
Peterson, Mary, 1869-1962, Mother, (relative of Webmaster)
Petrauskas, Alice, 1905-1985, Mother, (same stone as Stanley)
Petrauskas, Stanley, 1893-1974, Father, (same stone as Alice)
Petro, Edward M., (no dates)(stone in front of Ferentchak's)
Petro, Matthew, 1884-1955, Father
Petro, Veronica, 1889-1960, Mother
Petrovich, Alice, (no dates)
Petrovich, Frank, (no dates), (same stone as Alice)
Petruha, Anna, 1901-1988, Mother, (same stone as John)
Petruha, John, 1896-1962, Father
Petruscak, John, Mar. 5, 1880-Aug. 14, 1955, Husband
Petruscak, Mary, Nov. 13, 1880-Jan. 14, 1964, Wife
Pfeiffer, Catherine V., 1907-1983
Pfeiffer, George J., 1910-1983
Pflumm, Kenneth J., Nov. 11, 1946-July 19, 1974, SGT. US Air Force, bronze
Phillips, David H., 1903-1980, Father, (same stone as Helen D.)
Phillips, Helen D., 1903-1978, Mother, (same stone as David H.)
Piatkowski, Florence, (no dates), Mother
Piatkowski, Leo, (no dates), Father
Piatkowski, Michael A. 1957-1959, Son
Piernick, Louis M. 1921-1978, Father
Piernick, Rita M., (no dates), Mother
Pietro, Rudy R., Mar. 10, 1927-Nov. 30, 1989, S1 USN WWII
Pilarski, Anthony 1902-1961, Father
Pilarski, Hattie, 1910-1977, Mother, (same stone as Julius)
Pilarski, Irene, (no dates), Mother
Pilarski, Julius, 1905-1973, Father, (same stone as Hattie)
Pilszak, George H., (no dates) Husband, (same stone as Kathleen B.)
Pilszak, Kathleen B., Feb. 20, 1931-Oct. 20, 1997, Wife, (same stone as George H.)
Pivorunas, Aniela, 1897-????, Mother
Pivorunas, Brownie, (no dates), Son
Pivorunas, John, 1897-1965, Father
Pivorunas, Raymond, 1957-1964, Grandson
Plantan, Edward L., no dates, Father, (same stone as Jennie E.)
Plantan, Frank J Sr., 1891-1968, Father, (same stone as Kathrine)
Plantan, Jennie E., no dates, (same stone as Edward L.)
Plantan, Kathrine, 1891-1966, Mother
Ploof, Anna Mary, 1926-1994
Ploof, Margaret C., 1890-1982
Ploof, Michelle Ann, 1980
Ploof, Raymond D., 1918-1994
Ploof, Wray C., 1892-1969
Plowey, Charles, 1915-1986
Plowey, Mary, (no dates)
Pockey, James J., Sep. 26, 1951-Mar. 17, 1972 (PA. PFC. TRP. F9 CAV. BDE. BSM-AM-PH & OLC, VIETNAM)
Podvasnik, Carl Robert 1963-1984, Son
Podvasnik, Rita A., (no dates), Mother
Polm, Jane Neely Jan. 24, 1952-Nov. 8, 1976
Popp, Barbara O., 1932-1997, Wife
Popp, Fumiko M., 1930-1957, Mother
Popp, Harry W., 1898-1971, Father
Popp, L. Myrtle, 1901-1979, Mother
Popp, William J., 1930-1993, Father
Powers, Janet C., (no dates), Wife (nee KOS)
Powers, Martha A., 1926-1997, Mother (nee KRUTH)
Powers, Robert V., (no dates), Husband
Powers, Vincent E., 16-Apr-1922 / 12-Aug-1983, Father, SSgt USArmy WWII
Pratti, Mary J., 1923-1971, Daughter, (Fabec stone)
Pressler, Anthony J., 1884-1963
Pressler, Caroline M., 1897-1966, (same stone as Anthony J.)
Pressler, Marie R., 1899-1977
Pressler, William J., 1897-1960, (same stone as Marie R.)
Probst, Anna, 1884-1955, Mother
Probst, Emil Paul, 1912-1963, Son
Probst, Pius, 1873-1949, Father
Proft, Anthony P., 1887-1961, Father, WWI
Proft, Clara M., 1888-1949, Mother
Przeracki, Frances, 1911-1999, Sister
Ptasienski, August J., 1905-1971, Brother, (Chiaramonte stone)
Ptasienski, Donna M., 1943-1995, (Chiaramonte stone)
Ptasienski, John J., (no dates), (Chiaramonte stone)
Pugliese, A.P. (no dates), Father, (same stone as Babs)
Pugliese, Babs, 1920-1990, Mother, (same stone as A.P.)
Pugliese, Carmella S., 1896-1975, Mother, (same stone as Pietro)
Pugliese, Eugene M., Mar. 19, 1922-Feb. 11, 1982, S1 USN WWII
Pugliese, Josephine, (no dates), Mother
Pugliese, Louis David, Sep. 12, 1924-Dec. 2, 1974, S1 US Navy, bronze, Father
Pugliese, Pietro, 1897-1976, Father, (same stone as Carmella S.)
Pupich, Helen, 1914-1988
Pupich, Stephen F., Jan. 19, 1912-May 22, 1974, US Army
Quaglieri, August A., 1939-1994, Husband, (same stone as Judith L.)
Quaglieri, Judith L., (no dates), Wife, (same stone as August A.)
Quinlan, James F., May 20, 1918-Sep. 26, 1976, Father (MSGT. US ARMY WWII), (QUINLAN / MOORE stone)
Quinlan, Marie, 1889-1965 (nee VAUGHN), (QUINLAN / MOORE stone)
Quinn, Eileen, Dec. 28, 1930-Sep. 28, 1997
Quinn, Francis J., Aug. 12, 1899-Jan. 29, 1970, Father
Quinn, Grace I., July 7, 1909-Nov. 5, 1963, Mother
Quinn, John, 1880-1954
Quinn, Katherina, 1880-1946
Radzanowski, Christine, 1912-1997, Mother, (same stone as Henry E.)
Radzanowski, Henry E., 1910-1987, Father, (same stone as Christine)
Raggiunti, Anthony, 1888-1967, Father
Raggiunti, Anthony, JR. 1926-1952, Son
Raggiunti, Dennis, 1896-1975, Mother
Raggiunti, Helen C., 1914-1991, Wife (CROUSE / Raggiunti stone)
Raggiunti, Lawrence A., APR. 5, 1913-JAN. 30. 1984 (COX. US NAVY WWII) (CROUSE / Raggiunti stone)
Raggiunti, Lucia, 1897-1955, Mother
Raggiunti, Luigi, 1895-1975, Father
Raggiunti, Viola, 1924-1952, Daughter
Rak, Andrew, 1902-1979, Father
Rak, Mary Ann, 1947-1956, Daughter
Rak, Pauline, (no dates), Mother
Rakowski, Joseph E. Sr., 1912-1961, Father
Ranhart, John E., Apr. 4, 1881-Aug. 13, 1974, WAGR. US Army, bronze
Ranhart, Marie A., 1918-1981, Wife
Raunswinder, Mary, 1901-1991, Mother
Raunswinder, Norman, 1902-1986, Father
Raymond, Anna M., 1905-1986, Mother
Raymond, Ellen D. Luck, 1900-1976 Sister
Raymond, James N., (no dates), Son
Raymond, James V., 1908-1977 Uncle
Raymond, Kathleen (Teki), 1924-1993, Wife of James
Raymond, Nicholas, 1902-1970, Father
Rea, Margaret K., (no dates), Wife
Rea, Thomas A., 1900-1985, PVT. US Army, WWII, bronze, Husband
Reddinger, David J., 1911-1971, Father, (same stone as Lillian)
Reddinger, Lillian B., 1912-1994, Mother, (same stone as David J.)
Reese, Eleanor Thompson, d: May 13, 1986, Mother
Regan, Thomas F., 1921-1978, Father, WWII Vet
Regelski, David S., 1951-1973, Son, (same stone as Edward W.)
Regelski, Edward W., no dates, Father, (same stone as Julia F.)
Regelski, Julia F., 1927-1997, Mother, (same stone as Edward W.)
Renda, Dominic A., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Helen B.)
Renda, Helen B., 1920-1995, Mother, (same stone as Dominic A.)
Renda, Margaret, 1884-1929, Mother
Renda, Pasquale, 1888-1965, Father
Rengers, Edmund A., 1902-1988, Father
Rengers, Lucille E., 1900-1964, (same stone as Edmund A.)
Rengers, Michael David, 1961-1974, Son
Reseta, Grace, 1899-1970, Mother, (same stone as Louis)
Reseta, Joseph, 1944-1979, Father, (same stone as Amelia Duss)
Reseta, Louis, 1893-1969, Father, (same stone as Grace)
Resta, Dorothea, 1909-1974, Mother
Reuss, Armella K., 1903-1989 Mother
Reuss, Bernard L., Jan. 3, 1925-Dec. 8, 1980 PFC. USWWII, Father
Reuss, Leonard S., 1900-1974, Father
Reuss, Mary Claire, (no dates), Mother
Reynolds, James J., 1912-1976, Father, (same stone as Martha E.)
Reynolds, James Samuel, 1941-1995, Son, (same stone as James J.)
Reynolds, Martha E., 1913-1986, Mother, (same stone as James J.)
Richardson, Harry K., 1907-1975, Father
Richardson, Rosalia C., 1908-1981, Mother (nee KRAUS)
Richarson, Anna, 1883-1951, Mother
Richarson, Frank, 1875-1952, Father
Riddlebaugh, Betty M., 1925-1978, Dau
Riddlebaugh, Harry C., July 27, 1919-Jun. 17, 1998, PFC USA WWII
Riddlebaugh, Leo A., 1897-1959, Father
Riddlebaugh, Mary M., 1899-1987, Mother
Riddlebaugh, Mildred M., 1921-1999, Dau
Riordan, Justine V., 1900-1971, Wife
Riordan, William E., 1894-1964, Husband
Rizza, Elizabeth Ann, 1941-1948, Our Darling
Rizzo, Isabel M., 1917-1998, Mother, (same stone as William A.)
Rizzo, James A., Dec. 18, 1918-Aug. 3, 1994
Rizzo, William A., 1912-1974, Father, (same stone as Isabel M.)
Robbins, Philomene, (no dates), (nee KREMER)
Roberts, Clara F., 1897-1970, Mother
Roberts, Elizabeth A., 1935-1993, Dau
Roberts, William D., 1896-1965, Father
Rohrbach, Frances Holden, 1894-1990, Wife/Mother
Rohrbach, Rose H., 1907-1995, Wife
Rohrbach, William J., 1908-1991, Husband, WWII USN Mar. 1941-Oct. 1945
Rolewicz, Bernard L., 1910-1976, Father, (same stone as Helen J.)
Rolewicz, Helen J., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Bernard L.)
Rolewitz, Edward, 1910-1969, Son
Rolewitz, Louis, 1884-1963, Father
Rolewitz, Molly Schultz, 1915-1985, Wife
Rolewsi, Mildred M., 1904-1979, Mother, (same stone as John S.)
Rolewski, John S., 1900-1974, Father, (same stone as Mildred M.)
Rolik, Emil J., "Butch", 1917-1994, Father, (same stone as Josephine A.)
Rolik, Josephine A., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Emil J.)
Romanias, Chris, 1916-1986
Romanias, Mary Lou, 1920-1998
Rose, Charles, 1896-1980, Father, (same stone as Mary C.)
Rose, Mary C., 1898-1976, Mother
Rosewell, Charles J., Feb. 27, 1925-Feb. 17, 1986, Son, TEC4, USA WWII, (Quinn stone)
Rosky, Emily B., SEP. 28, 1909-MAY 18, 1992
Ruefle, James T. (no dates) (buried w/Ferketic)
Ruhling, Albert N., 1899-1969, Father, (same stone as Mary M.)
Ruhling, Edward A., 1902-1977, Father, (same stone as Madeleine A.)
Ruhling, Francis, 1925-1993, (Myrt), (same stone as Mary M.)
Ruhling, Madeleine A., 1902-1985, Mother, (same stone as Edward A.)
Ruhling, Mary M., 1898-1976, Mother, (same stone as Albert N.)
Ryan, Joseph Pl., 1902-1981, Father
Ryan, Madalyn, 1906-1998, Mother
Ryan, Mary Grace, 1926-1945, Dau
Saccomanno, Chester W., 1921-1984, Father, TEC4 USArmy WWII
Saccomanno, Florence, 1897-1957, Mother (nee WANSTALL)
Saccomanno, Josephine, 1918-1983, Mother
Saccomanno, Salvatore, 17-Oct-1890 / 26-Jan-1952, Father, CPL 325th INF WWII
Saffer, Charles J. Jr., Oct. 1, 1927-Aug. 3, 1992, PFC USA, WWII, (bronze)
Saffer, Charles J., 1902-1970, Father
Saffer, Estelle M., 1903-1987, Mother, (same stone as Charles J.)
Sager, Catherine M., 1911-1982, Mother, (same stone as George A.)
Sager, George A., 1907-1987, Father, (same stone as Catherine M.)
Sager, Jean E., (no dates) (same stone as George A.) Mother
Sager, Richard G., (no dates), Father, (same stone as George A.)
Saginaw, Marilou P., (no dates), Wife
Saginaw, Mathew M., 1896-1970, Father
Saginaw, Matthew P., 1926-1978, Husband
Saginaw, Robert W., 1924-1958, Father, AMM 2/c USNR Enl. Aug.9, 1943 Disc. May 17, 1946
Saginaw, Rose M., 1895-1979, Mother
Salmon, Martin F., (no dates)
Sand, Frances N., 1906-1974, Mother, (same stone as George
Sand, George, 1901-1989, Father, (same stone as Frances N.)
Sandoval, Agustina, 1911-1987, Mother, (same stone as Jesus)
Sandoval, Jesus, 1904-1973, Father, (same stone as Agustina)
Santaluca, Frank, 1882-1973, Father, (same stone as Katherine)
Santaluca, Katherine, 1890-1989, Mother, (same stone as Frank)
Santalucia, Faye, 1933-1997, Daughter, (same stone as Pearl)
Santalucia, Frank A., 1912-1988, S1 USN WWII, bronze,
Santalucia, Pearl, 1915-1986, Mother (same stone as Faye)
Sas, Anthony J., 1897-1983, Father, (same stone as Sophia)
Sas, Leonard J., 1921-1972, Son, same stone as Anthony J.)
Sas, Sophia, 1898-1973, Mother, (same stone as Anthony J.)
Schafer, Anna, 1889-1947, Mother
Schafer, Dolores M., 1921-1976, Mother
Schafer, Herbert J., 1919-1997, Father
Schaprf, Fred, E., (no dates) (same stone as Kathryn L.)
Scharpf, Kathryn L., 1923-1999, (same stone as Fred E.)
Scheid, Alice M., 1905-1988 Sister
Scheid, Anna Mae, (no dates), Mother, (SCHEID / SHEGINA stone)
Scheid, Annette K., (no dates), Mother
Scheid, Clarence J. 1908-1993, Father
Scheid, George A., 1928-1995, Father (WWII, VET.), (SCHEID / SHEGINA stone)
Scheid, Robert A., June 13, 1912-Apr. 6, 1988, Father
Schiavone, George J., 1912-1975, Father, (same stone as Philmena M.)
Schiavone, Philomena M., 1909-1974, Mother, (same stone as George J.)
Schissler, Catherine, 1887-1971, Mother
Schissler, Catherine, 1915-1990, Dau
Schissler, Henry, 1884-1957
Schissler, Jeanne R., 1928-1961, Dau
Schloesslin, Ralph C., 1904-1966, Father
Schlosser, Alfons, 1902-1973, Father, (same stone as Mathilda)
Schlosser, Anna, 1909-1986, Mother, (same stone as Paul)
Schlosser, Mathilda, 1911-2000, (same stone as Alfons)
Schlosser, Paul, 1905-1988, Father, (same stone as Anna)
Schmidt, August N., APR. 27, 1896-MAR. 6, 1972, Father (PA. PVT. USMC WWI)
Schmidt, Charles A., (no dates), Son
Schmidt, Marie A., 1897-1984, Mother
Schmitt, Adelaide, Dec. 18, 1897-May 6, 1981
Schmitt, Chalre, 1870-1958, Father
Schmitt, Charles J., 1905-1974, (sane stone as Esther)
Schmitt, Elizabeth, 1870-1959, Mother
Schmitt, Esther C., 1914-1964, Sister, (same stone as Charles)
Schmitt, John H., Dec. 13, 1895-Jan. 22, 1974 PA ENG 2 USN WWI
Schmitt, Josephine M., 1914-1990, Mother, (same stone as Charles)
Schmitt, Leona A., 1904-1978, Dau
Schmitt, Marie Francis, 1904-1949
Schmitt, Raymond G., 1899-1949
Schmitt, Walter W., 1894-1972, Son
Schneider, Albert, 1909-1944, Father
Schneider, Barbara, 1910-1989, Mother
Schultz, Alice A., (no dates), (same stone as Donald W.)
Schultz, Anne Murphy, d: Oct.12/1960 Mother
Schultz, Donald W., (no dates)
Schultz, James F., (no dates), (same stone as Donald W.)
Schultz, Mary V., 1919-1998, (same stone as Donald W.)
Schultz, Theresa J., (no dates), (same stone as Donald W.)
Schultz, William G., Oct. 13, 1950-Nov. 18, 1987 PV1 US Army Vietnam
Schultz, Zigmund M., July 26, 1917-Apr. 16, 1989 S1 US Navy WWII
Schuster, Adeline, (no dates), Wife
Schuster, Angeline, no dates, Wife, (nee OBRINGER)
Schuster, Bessie, 1898-1975, Mother, (same stone as John)
Schuster, Edward, 1916-1983, Son, (same stone as John)
Schuster, John J., July 25, 1918-Nov. 10, 1974, TSGT USA, bronze
Schuster, John, 1896-1974, Father (Mose), (same stone as Bessie)
Schuster, Melvin J., Jun. 10, 1919-Oct. 19, 1991, Husband, CPL USA WWII
Scialabba, Anna Marie, 1950-1952, Daughter
Scialabba, Anna, 1888-1966, Mother
Scialabba, James W., SR., 1924-1995, Father
Scialabba, Nick, 1884-1979, Father
Scichilone, James A., 1913-1981, Father, (same stone as Rose E.)
Scichilone, Rose E., 1913-1971, Mother, (same stone as James A.)
Scott, Howard Raymond, Aug. 3, 1931-Nov. 13, 1972, Pa. CPL. US Army, Korea
Scott, Mary Ann, (no dates), Mother
Scotty, Michall F., 1913-1995, Father
Scotty, Sylvia C., 1914-1987, Mother, (same stone as Michall F.)
Scotty, Victoria Nicole, 1998, (same stone as Michall F.)
Sees, Anna, 1910-1981, Mother
Sees, Carol Ann, (no dates), Mother
Sees, Joseph H., 1912-1976, Father, USA WWII
Sees, Joseph S., (no dates), Father
Sees, Sylvester A., 1939-1975, Son, A2C USAF
Seserko, Edward G., 1919-1976, USA WWII
Seserko, Frances, 1902-1976
Seserko, John, 1893-1971
Seserko, Marie S., 1921-1981, (same stone as Edward G.)
Settino, Albert G., d: Aug. 31, 1996, Husband & Father
Sever, Anna M., 1904-1991 Aunt
Sever, Louis Hilery, 1898-1966, Father
Sfarra, Christine, 1907-1994, (same stone as John)
Sfarra, John, 1896-1988, (same stone as Christine)
Shaginaw, Mildred C., (no dates), Wife
Shaginaw, William J., 1933-1998, Husband
Shakoske, Catherine E., 1928-1980, Mother
Shakoske, Christian, 1893-1954, Father
Shakoske, James R., 1916-1988, Father
Shakoske, Margaret F., 1892-1950, Mother
Sheets, Andrew S., 1905-1996, Father, (same stone as Catherine)
Sheets, Catherine G., Dec. 3, 1907-Jan. 7, 1989
Sheets, Catherine, 1913-1980, Mother, (same stone as Andrew S.)
Shegina, Anna, 1906-1983, Mother, (SCHEID / SHEGINA stone)
Shegina, Matt, 1906-1988, Father, (SCHEID / SHEGINA stone)
Sheridan, John "Jay", 1945-1995, Husband & Father, US Vet.
Sheridan, John W., Dec. 23, 1920-Aug. 22, 198?, US Army WWII
Sheridan, Magdalen M., 1920-1998, Wife
Shields Denis J., 1933-1996, (relative of Webmaster)
Shoop, Evelyn C., "Doodles", (no dates), (same stone as Marion A.)
Shoop, James "Lyle", (no dates), (same stone as Marion A.)
Shynski, Edward B., May 5, 1914-Mar. 6, 1991, Father,(same stone as Josephine A.)
Shynski, Josephine A., Nov. 12, 1912-May 15, 1991, Mother, (same stone as Edward B.)
Sica, Angela Maria, 1890-1946
Sica, Constantino, 1885-1975
Sicilia, Julia, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Teresa)
Sicilia, Salvatore, 1922-1994, Father, (same stone as Teresa)
Sicilia, Teresa, (no dates), Sister
Sico, Marion, 1919-1988, Sgt US Army WWII
Siebert, Hilda C., 1898-1981, Mother, (same stone as William H.)
Siebert, William H., 1901-1973, Father, (same stone as Hilda C.)
Siegel, Anne C., 1918-1997, Dau (nee CVITESIC)
Simbari, Anthony, "Tom", Oct. 27, 1923-Jan. 31, 1973, PVT. CO. C. 295 Engr. C.B.T., BN. WWII
Simbari, Marianne, July 25, 1923-Jun. 16, 1986, nee McCOURT
Simbari, Melvin C., 1930-1978, Father
Simcic, Anna, 1901-1978, Mother
Simcic, Caroline, 1892-1970, Mother
Simcic, Edward V. Jr., 28-Sep-1952 / 11-Jun-1972
Simcic, John, 1891-1963, Father
Simcic, Nicholas, Aug. 24, 1893-May 2, 1961 (PFC 108TH ORD. DEP. CO USA eNL. Sep. 22, 1917-DISC. APR. 22, 1919)
Simmons, Albert F., Apr. 17, 1921-July 8, 1991, PFC. US Army, WWII, bronze
Simmons, Bernadette, A., (no dates), Mother
Simon, Fred, (no dates) (Carlino stone)
Simone, Ettore J., Sep. 10, 1897-Aug. 15, 1986 (PVT US ARMY WWI) bronze
Simone, Jack, 1897-1986
Simone, Lillie, 1902-1998
Simonovitch, Constance E., Jan. 27, 1944-Sep. 13, 1996, (same stone as Paul E.)
Simonovitch, Paul E., no dates, (same stone as Constance E.)
Sirak, Valeria M., 1908-1984, buried w/Hotujec
Siriano, Albert, 1909-1983, Father, (same stone as Mildred)
Siriano, Mildred, 1913-1975, Mother, (same stone as Albert)
Siwicki, Theresa L., (no dates), Daughter, (Klun stone)
Skeena, Mary J., (no dates)
Skeena, Merle J. 1904-1969
Skertich, Barbara A., (no dates), Dau
Skertich, John J., 1888-1987, Father
Skertich, Rose A., 1887-1976, Mother
Skowron, Edward, 28-Jan-1933 / 30-Nov-1956, PA 1st Lieu 76 FTR INTCP SQ USAF
Skowron, Julia, Feb. 2, 1897-June 8, 1964, Mother
Skowron, Kazimierz, Nov. 1, 1888-Jan. 29, 1970, Father
Sladic, Dorothy, (Mama) (no dates) (same stone as Frank)
Sladic, Frank,1903-1992 (Tata) (same stone as Dorothy)
Slaugenhaupt, Jason M., Oct. 5, ????-??? 19, 1994, (Hoskowitz stone)
Slomer, Howard V., June 25, 1920-Mar. 3, 1975, GM2, US Navy, WWII, bronze, (same stone as Margaret K.)
Slomer, Joan M., (no dates), (same stone as Paul F.)
Slomer, Margaret K., Jan. 9, 1922-June 10, 1993, bronze, (same stone as Howard V.)
Slomer, Paul F., 1925-1993
Smerdel, Pearl B., 1933-1973, Wife/Mother
Smith, Catherine E., 1905-1981, Mother, (same stone as Elmer C.)
Smith, Edwin A., 1884-1962, Brother
Smith, Ellen C., 1897-1959
Smith, Elmer C., 1898-1975, Father, (same stone as Catherine E.)
Smith, Francis E. 1903-1966
Smith, Frank F. 1878-1953, Father
Smith, James F. Nov. 17, 1921 / Feb. 27, 1961 TEC 5 AUS
Smith, John Francis, Sep. 9, 1916-July 4, 1968 (PA. S2 USNR, WWII)
Smith, John L., AUG. 3, 1893-FEB. 5, 1973 (PA. PVT. CO. L 318TH INF. WWI)
Smith, Joseph, 1858-1945, Father
Smith, Margaret, 1907-1977, Mother/Dau. (nee PETERSON) (Mother-in-Law of Webmaster)
Smith, Martha M., 1882-1958, Mother
Smith, Mary Elizabeth, 1862-1946, Mother
Smith, Robert Jr., 1912-1950
Smith, Stella M., 1887-1974, Sister
Smith, Stephen F., 1891-1957
Smoller, Joseph H., 1906-1994, Father
Smrdel, Frances, 1900-1971, Mother, (same stone as Frank Sr.)
Smrdel, Frank Sr. 1898-1974, Father, (same stone as Frances)
Solomon, Anna M., 1902-1949, Mother
Solomon, Anna M., 1920-1997, Mother
Solomon, Augustine, 1898-1991, Father
Solomon, Catherine, 1907-1997, Mother
Solomon, John P., 1895-1983, Father
Solomon, William, 1933-1959, Son
Souser, Gerard Allen, 1929-1995, Husband & Father, US Vet.
Spadafore, Carmella D. Carbone, (no dates)
Spadafore, Gennaro 1905-1976, Husband
Spadafore, Peter W. Carbone, 1908-1980
Spadafore, Rose M., (no dates), Wife
Spangenberg, Reginam, Sep. 25, 1946, Mother
Spangenberg, Wilbert, June 19, 1916 / Mar. 25, 1962, Father
Spangenberg, William R., June 28, 1945 / Sep. 1, 1992 Son
Spehar, Joseph, 1909-1988, Brother, (Muhich stone)
Spehar, Mary, 1895-1976, Mother
Spehar, Matthew J., July 31, 1930-July 30, 1974 (PFC. US ARMY) bronze
Spehar, Matthew, 1886-1962, Father
Spero, Andrew E., 1927-1995, SGT. US Army, Korea, (same stone as Mary F.)
Spero, Mary F., 1929-1996
Spychalski, Pearl M., 1905-1986, Mother
Spychalski, Stanley J., 1894-1949, Father
Srrain, Geoffrey J., 1941-1978, Son, AZZ, USN Vietnam, (same stone as Howard G.)
Stabile, Ralph N. Jr. 1921-1976, Husband
Stack, Catherine F., 1879-1961, Mother
Stack, John F., 1879-1931, Father
Stack, John F., 1913-1983, Son
Stack, Marilyn M., (no dates), Wife
Stack, Mary A., 1909-1957, Dau
Stampahar, Agnes C., 1903-1961 Mother
Stampahar, George J., 1901-1975, Father
Stanczak, Anna M., Feb. 14, 1914-Mar. 11, 1996, Mom, (same stone as Edward A.)
Stanczak, Edward A., Aug. 26, 1915-Nov. 3, 1998, Dad, (same stone as Anna M.)
Stanisauskis, Clement J., 20-Nov-1944, USNavy USS St. Paul CA-73, Vietnam
Stanisauskis, Joseph C., 18-Nov-1917 / 20-Jly-1997, 83rd Div USArmy WWII
Stanisauskis, Leocardia J., 10-Dec-1917
Staresinic, George 1892-1983, Father
Staresinic, Mary 1905-1963, Mother
Starsnic, Violet C., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Joshua R. Neiman)
Staub, Mary Catherine, 1889-1975, Mother
Staub, Theodore L., 1888-1973, Father, (same stone as Mary Catherine)
Staud, Elizabeth B., 1933-1988, Mom
Staud, John P., (no dates), Dad
Stayduhar, Antoinette, (no dates), Mother
Stayduhar, Charles, Feb. 26, 1907-July 5, 1965, Father
Stayduhar, John, 1913-1973, Husband, (same stone as Anna)
Steele, Lottie, 1881-1954, Sister
Steele, Sylvia P., 1913-1994, (same stone as William G.)
Steele, Thomas, 28-Aug-1945 / 15-Jun-1955
Steele, William G., (no dates), (same stone as Sylvia P.)
Steele, William W., 1879-1954, Brother
Stefanic, Anthony L., 1919-1989, PFC USA AIR CORPS, WII
Stefanic, Elsie Ann, (no dates)
Stefanik, Anthony L., 1922-1978 (S SGT. US ARMY WWII) bronze
Stefanik, Paul G., 1913-1962, Son
Stefanik, Rose A., 1891-1968, Mother
Stefanik, Stephen, 1915-1984, Son
Stegman, Jerome J., Feb. 25, 1971-May 20, 1973, Pa. SGT., US Army, Korea, Father
Stegman, Eileen B., (no dates) Mother
Steigerwald, Ruth Ann, 1933-1975, Wife & Mother
Steiner, Edward J., 1894-1970, Father
Steiner, Edward John, Sep. 27, 1925-Feb. 4, 1956, (SEAMAN 2/C USNR, ENL. JLY 3, 1944-DISC. JUN. 9, 1946)
Steiner, Florence M., 1898-1965, Mother
Stelitano, Anthony M., Sep. 3, 1925-May 15, 1992, SGT USA WWII
Stelitano, Columba, (no dates)
Stelitano, Mary, 1905-1994, (same stone as Salvatore)
Stelitano, Salvatore, 1895-1975, PVT. US Army, WWI, Father, photo
Stellitano, Carmen, 1920-1997, Father, "Malo", (same stone as Florence)
Stellitano, Florence, no dates, Mother, (same stone as Carmen)
Stevens, Eileen, 1928-1979, Wife
Sticak, Nicholas, 1913-1975, Father, (same stone as Mary
Stiscak, Mary, 1915-1981, Mother, (same stone as Nicholas)
Stobbe, Anna M. 1888-1957, Mom
Stobbe, Michael J., 1882-1964, Father
Stobbe, Pearl A., 1887-1973, Mother
Stofko, Elizabeth 1887-1973, Mother
Stofko, Hermina A., 1939-1970, Mother, (same stone as Ronald)
Stofko, Joseph, 1884-1947, Father
Stofko, Ronald, no dates, Father, (same stone as Hermina A.)
Stokes, Richard David, 1960-1978, Son & Brother
Strain, Edward C., 1943-1967, Son, (same stone as Howard G.)
Strain, Eleanor E., 1895-1976 (Lutz stone)
Strain, Howard G., 1910-1970, Husband, PA PFC 112 INF REGT, WWII
Strain, Howard G., Nov. 12, 1910-Jan. 31, 1970 (PA. PFC. 112 INF. REGT. WWII (bronze)
Strain, Mary Jane, (no dates), Wife, (same stone as Howard G.)
Straka, Joseph P., (no dates) Father, (same stone as Theresa)
Straka, Theresa, 1901-1972, Mother, (same stone as Joseph P.)
Stratiff, Antonetta, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Frank)
Stratiff, Frank, 1901-1975, Father, (same stone as Antonetta)
Streiff, Herman W., 1901-1979, Father
Streiff, Mark W., 1959-1963, Son
Streiff, Rose M., 1903-1992, Mother
Struna, Blanche M., (no dates)
Struna, Frank J., 1916-1960
Struna, William M., 1947-1968
Stutz, Leo, June 1, 1891 / Sep. 4, 1963 Father, Enl. July 22, 1918; Disc. Sep. 26, 1919; PVT CO D 16th INF
Stutz, Mary Ann, Aug. 15, 1893-Oct. 15, 1965, Mother
Subasic, Helen M., (no dates), Mother (nee WALKOWSKI)
Subasic, Helen, 1932-1940
Subasic, Michael E., Jan. 26, 1936-Aug. 19, 1973, A/ 2 CUS., Air Force, July 7, 1953-Apr. 9, 1955, Brother
Subasic, Michael, SR. 1906-1955, Father
Sudac, Anna M., 1915-1999, Mother, (same stone as Richard J.)
Sudac, Edward N., Jan. 23, 1920-Mar. 7, 1973, PA PFC 1306 ENG WWII, (same stone as Victoria M.)
Sudac, Joseph S., 1909-1985, Father
Sudac, Richard J., 1937-1976, Son
Sudac, Victoria M., no dates, (same stone as Edward N.)
Sundo, Dennis Michael, Oct. 1, 1921-Aug. 5, 1973, PA CPL ARMY AIR FORCES WWII
Sundo, Francis J., 12-July-1917 / 26-Feb-1988, S1 USNavy WWII, buried w/Pazerski
Sundo, John V., 1923-1979, CPL USA WWII, bronze
Susi, John A., 1922, 1993, Father, Pappy, (same stone as Marie A.)
Susi, Marie A., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as John A.)
Sutej, George J., 1915-1982, Father
Sutej, John J., 1949-1950, Son
Sutej, Stephania C., (no dates), Mother
Suwala, Paul T., AUG. 4, 1967-DEC. 9, 1991, SON
Swartz, Mary, d: Apr. 26, 1988, (same stone as Paese)
Sweazen, Catherine H., 1899-1996
Sweazen, Joseph P., 1895-1954, Father
Swerens, Frances V., 1905-1989, Wife
Swerens, Frank J., June 23, 1899-June 10, 1972, Husband (PA. AS US NAVY WWI, bronze)
Swierczynski, Frances T., 1918-1973, (same stone as Joseph C.)
Swierczynski, Joseph C., 1911-1990, Father, (same stone as Frances T.)
Swierczynski, Rev. Joseph E., no dates, Son, (same stone as Joseph C.)
Switalski, Edward, 1915-1998, Dad, (same stone as Stella)
Switalski, Stella, 1916-1968, Mommy, (same stone as Edward)
Szafranski, Alexander H., 1909-1978, Father
Szafranski, Bernadette R., 1935-1995, Wife
Szafranski, Henry, (no dates), Husband
Szafranski, Joseph M., Oct. 14, 1915-Feb. 17, 1973, PA SGT USA WWII, bronze
Szafranski, Marie M., Dec. 10, 1907-Apr. 5, 1996, Wife
Szafranski, Therese, (no dates), Mother
Szelc, Antonia, 1884-1956, Mother
Szelc, Frank T., Dec. 20, 1913-Apr. 9, 1991 (PVT. US ARMY WWII)
Szelc, Joseph, 1882-1966, Father
Szelc, Stella, (no dates)
Szepessy, Marie R., no dates, (same stone as Joseph A. Novak)
Szpila, Loretta, 1928-1997, Dau
Szpila, Mary, 1905-1953, Mother
Szpila, Simon, 1898-1975, Father
Szwedko, Andrew A., 1909-1976, Father, (same stone as Mary J.)
Szwedko, Mary J., 1915-1987, Mother, (same stone as Andrew A.)
Szymanski, Blanche L., (no dates), (same stone as Henry J.)
Szymanski, Henry J., July 14, 1924, Oct. 5, 1995, SGT. WWII, VMNF, 534., (same stone as Blanche L.)
Szymanski, Isydore T., May 24, 1914-Nov. 9, 1974, Father
Szymanski, John T., 1918-1978, Father, (same stone as Marie L.), S SGT. US Army, WWII
Szymanski, Marie L., 1921-1973, Mother, (same stone as John T.)
Szymanski, Stella S., 1910-1957, Mother
Szymanski, Walter M., 1904-1986, Father
Szyper, Beatrice F., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as George S.)
Szyper, George S., 1911-1995, Father, (same stone as Beatrice F.)
Talotta, Joseph L., 1911-1975, (same stone as Mary Lucille)
Talotta, Mary Lucille, 1913-1966, (same stone as Joseph L.)
Tambellini, Joseph, 1885-1953, Father
Tambellini, Rosalinda, 1883-1951, Mother
Tanski, Anne J., (no dates)
Tanski, Frances C., (no dates), Wife
Tanski, Helen Sulecki, 1886-1970, Aunt
Tanski, Joseph T., (no dates), Husband
Tanski, Paul J., 22-Nov-1928 / 8-Oct-1951, PFC CO M 23rd INF KIA
Tanski, Walter J. Jr., 1915-1988
Tanski, Walter Sr., 18-May-1884 / 30-Jan-1962
Tarasi, Albert J., Nov. 14, 1910-June 30, 1972, Pa. PFC. Army, Air Forces, WWII, bronze
Tarasi, August R., 1910-1973, Father, (same stone as Helen A.)
Tarasi, Bertha A., (no dates), Mother
Tarasi, Donald A., 1893-1973
Tarasi, Ernest, 1912-1974, Father
Tarasi, Estella R., (no dates)
Tarasi, Helen A., 1913-1977, Mother, (same stone as August R.)
Tarasi, Mary, 1904-1984, Sister
Tarasi, Orest D., 1906-1977, Father
Tarasi, Phil, 1915-1994
Tarasi, Stella, 1917-1965
Tarasi, Virginia M., 1917-1993, Mother
Taylor, Frances M., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as WM. David)
Taylor, Wm. David, Feb. 10, 1922-Feb. 6, 1995, Father, US Navy, WWII, (same stone as Frances M.)
Teresi, Frank A., 1908-1958, Father
Thens, Angeline, (no dates), Wife
Thens, Harry 1917-1990, Husband
Thompson, Barbara, bur: Jan. 4, 1954, (nee MARR), Sec. G, Block 2, Lot 35, (Source: Sue Slifko Gillfillan, [email protected])
Thompson, Charles Ferree, Jan. 18, 1958-May 18, 1982
Thompson, Michael Edward, Jan. 4, 1957-July 6, 1974 SR USN
Timko, Frances, 1897-1977, (ULEWICZ stone)
Tittenhouse, A.J. 1919-1974, (same stone as George J Jr.)
Tolusciak, Aloysius, (no dates), Father, (same stone as Elizabeth)
Tolusciak, Elizabeth, 1918-1974, Mother, (same stone as Aloysius)
Tonner, George J., 1894-1973, Husband
Tonner, Laura M., 1891-1974, Wife, (same stone as George J.)
Tortorici, Cecelia M., 1909-1973, Mother
Tortorici, Sebastian B., 1902-1995, Father
Trail, Agnes A., 1895-1963, Mother
Trail, Carl N., 1891-1947, Father
Trail, James F., 1926-1947, Son
Trail, Rita, 1925-1996, Mother, (same stone as Robert C.)
Trail, Robert C., 1920-1975, Father, (same stone as Rita)
Tripson, Clarence A., (no dates), Son
Tripson, John A. 1870-1954, Father
Tripson, Mary A. 1883-1973, Mother
Troficanto, Domnick 25-Mar-1928 / 14-Jan-198? S2 US Navy WWII
Troficanto, Frank C. 5-Sep-1923 / 30-Dec-1944 Pvt. Co. A.295th Engr.C. KIA
Trozzo, Anthony W., 1902-1971, Father
Trozzo, Rita Mae, 1924-1998, Mother
Truchok, Betty, 1919-1992 (STEFANIK stone)
Truchok, John W., 1937-1999, 62 yrs.
Truchok, Joseph, Aug. 3, 1930-Mar. 5, 1998, Brother
Turano, Michael, 1899-1972, Father
Turner, John, (no dates), Father, (same stone as Lucy)
Turner, Lucy, 1916-1980, Mother, (same stone as John)
Udanis, Alexandria S., no dates, Wife, (same stone as John)
Udanis, John, 1932-1994, Husband, (same stone as Alexandria S.)
Udut, Charles, (no dates), (same stone as Mary L.)
Udut, Mary L., 1911-1975, (same stone as Charles)
Ujcic, Johanna, 1892-1968, Mother, (same stone as John)
Ujcic, John, 1887-1974, Father
Ulewicz, Agnes M., 1899-1986, Mother
Ulewicz, Irene E., (no dates), Mother
Ulewicz, Leo H., 1918-1963, Father, Vet
Ulewicz, Peter, 1894-1978, Father
Ulrich, Frances E., 1896-1978, Mother, (same stone as Joseph A.)
Ulrich, Joseph A., 1897-1970, Father, (same stone as Frances E.)
Ulrich, Thomas R., 1922-1995, Son
Unglo, Anna L., 1913-1993, Mother (nee TARASI)
Unglo, David J., 1942-1988, Son
Unglo, Frances Marie, 1932-1967, Dau
Unglo, Michael M., 1908-1967, Father
Urankar, Peter Paul, July 31, 1926-Apr. 16, 1994
Urbaniak, Helen M., 1907-1995
Urbaniak, William A., Oct. 1, 1907-Sep. 6, 1964 PA PFC 226 Signal OPR CO WWII
Urbanski, John, 1885-1963, Father
Urbanski, Marianna, 1891-1981, Mother
Urso, Albert B., 1922-1994, Dad, (same stone as Dorothy J.)
Urso, Benjamin C. Sr. 1891-1970, Father, (same stone as Carmella M.)
Urso, Carmella M., 1898-1994, Mother, (same stone as Benjamin C. Sr.)
Urso, Dorothy J., (no dates) Mom, (same stone as Albert B.)
Urso, Dorothy L., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as John M.)
Urso, Francis, 1919-1992, Father, "Piney", (same stone as Margaret P.)
Urso, John M., 1918-1993, Father, (same stone as Dorothy L.)
Urso, Joseph J., 1916-1991, Son, (same stone as Rose M.)
Urso, Margaret P., 1928-1997, Mother, (same stone as Francis)
Urso, Rose M., 1917-1996, Wife, (same stone as Joseph J.)
Usowski, Eileen Ann, 1941-1946, Dau
Usowski, Joseph, 1891-1961, Father
Usowski, Sally, 1900-1989, Mother
Valente, Adeline, (no dates)
Valente, Nicola, 1880-1972
Valente, Philomena, 1884-1973
Valenzo, Anne T., 1914-1975, Wife, (same stone as Mike L.)
Valenzo, Mike L., (no dates), Husband, (same stone as Anne T.)
Van Pool, William H., 1906-1965, Husband
Varvaro, Maty, 1902-1979, Mother, (same stone as Philip)
Varvaro, Philip, 1890-1976, Father, (same stone as Mary)
Vecchio, Anthony, 1912-1977, Father
Vecchio, Antonio, 1882-1956, Father
Vecchio, Judith Ann 1944-1947, Dau
Veltri, Frank R., 1912-1957, Son
Veltri, Joseph A., 1904-1983, Father, (same stone as Mary A.)
Veltri, Maria F., 1889-1981, Mother, (same stone as Peter M.)
Veltri, Mary A., 1907-1972, Mother, (same stone as Joseph A.)
Veltri, Orland C., 1920-1981, Father, (same stone as Frank R.)
Veltri, Peter M., 1878-1965, Father
Verardi, Anthony, 1925-1985, Father (WWII VET.)
Verardi, Dorothy A., (no dates), Mother (Verardi / GREEN stone)
Verardi, Evelyn R., Feb. 7, 1911-May 27, 1990, Mother, same stone as SAMUEL A.
Verardi, Frank J., 1916-1991, Father, USA WWII
Verardi, Joseph C., 1895-1963, Father
Verardi, Joseph R. JR. (no dates), Father (Verardi / GREEN stone)
Verardi, Josephine, (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Frank J.)
Verardi, Michelina, 1906-1974, Mother
Verardi, Samuel A., May 13, 1911-Feb. 25, 1973, Father, same stone as EVELYN
Verbetic, Joseph P., June 26, 1916-Apr. 23, 1974, PFC. US Army, bronze
Verbetic, Laura, Nov. 18, 1921-May 8, 1992
Verbetic, Mary A., 1910-1996
Verbetic, Stephen, Dec. 25, 1913-Feb. 20, 1978, PFC. US Army, WWII
Veselic, Angeline K., 1908-1992, Mother
Veselic, Nicholas G., 1901-1979, Father, (same stone as Angeline K.)
Veselich, Christina, 1907-1982, Mother
Veselich, John, (no dates), Son
Veselich, John, 1903-1977, Father
Veselich, Joseph, (no dates), Son
Veselich, Robert, 1944-1945, Son
Vetovich, Hazel, 1891-1978, Mother, (same stone as William)
Vetovich, Olga, 1914-1995, Daughter, (same stone as William)
Vetovich, William, 1891-1968, Father
Vidovich, Children, George-Joanne-Richard, (no dates), (McGRATH / Vidovich stone)
Vidovich, George S., (no dates), (McGRATH / Vidovich stone)
Vidovich, Jean D., (no dates), (McGRATH / Vidovich stone)
Vinski, Anna B., (no dates), Mother
Vinski, David M., 1961-1983, Son
Vinski, Frank J., 1908-1964, Father
Vinski, Frank J., 1903-1974, Father, (same stone as Mary C.)
Vinski, Goldie, (no dates), Mother
Vinski, John T., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Mary A.)
Vinski, Joseph M., 1919-1984, Father
Vinski, Joseph Michael, Oct. 29, 1919-Nov. 15, 1984 (S1 US NAVY WWII) bronze
Vinski, Margaret, 1901-1970, Mother
Vinski, Mary A., 1911-1995, Mother, (same stone as JOHN T.)
Vinski, Mary C., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Frank J.)
Vinski, Nicholas, 1893-1990, Father
Violi, Anthony (Antonio), June 29, 1890-June 21, 1965 Father, WWII PFC CO L 45th INF
Violi, James E., 1924-1972, Brother
Violi, John Joseph Oct. 14, 1925-May 12, 1963 Son, GMM2 USN WWII
Violi, Pauline, 1906-1994, Mother
Violi, Pietro, 1924-1947, Son
Volker, Margaret R., July 28, 1887-Mar. 8, 1978
Volpe, Eda M., (no dates), Mother, (MAURER / Volpe stone)
Volpe, Frank A., 1914-1972, (same stone as Theresa M.)
Volpe, James W., (no dates), Son, (MAURER / Volpe stone)
Volpe, Olga, 1876-1954, Mother (MAFRICE stone)
Volpe, Thersa M., 1916-1983, (same stone as Frank A.)
Volpe, William, 1907-1977, Father, (MAURER / Volpe stone)
Voytosh, Michael W., 1901-1988
Voytosh, Rose E., 1897-1976
Vresh, Elizabeth L., 1916-1972, Mother, (same stone as Fred)
Vresh, Fred, (no dates), Father, (same stone as Elizabeth L.)
Wachter, Cecilia, (no dates) (WACHTER / DINNEEN stone)
Wachter, John P., 1908-1953 (WACHTER / DINNEEN stone)
Wagner, Albert L., 3-May-1890 / 15-May-1952 Pvt.Co.B 320th Int. Enl. Apr.5/ 1918 Dis Jun. 8/1919
Wagner, Catherine A., 1891-1976
Wagner, Lois M., 1927-1954
Waite, Ethel M., 1906-1990
Waite, Harry R., 1904-1988
Walker, Charles M., 1898-1976, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth A.)
Walker, Edward F., 1918-1999, (same stone as Mary Glennore)
Walker, Elizabeth A., 1907-1978, Mother, (same stone as Charles M.)
Walker, Mary Glennore, 1920-1998, (same stone as Edward F.)
Wallace, Ann V. (no dates)
Wallace, Charles E., May 8, 1911-Oct. 24, 1968
Wallace, Frank J., 1905-1976, PVT. US Army, WWII
Walsh, Anne E., 1911-1960, Mother
Walsh, Joseph L., 1910-1984, Father
Walsh, Joseph W., 1925-1987, WWII Vet
Walsh, Marie A. 1889-1973, Mother
Walsh, Rita M., 1926-1984
Walters, Donald J., d: Feb. 2, 1968 (DUBSKY stone)
Walters, Frank J., 1907-1979, Father
Walters, Marie A., 1909-1999, Mother
Wateska, Hattie E., 1902-1985, Mother, (same stone as John G.)
Wateska, Jean L., (no dates), Mother
Wateska, John E., 1950-1963, Son
Wateska, John G., 1908-1972, Father, (same stone as Hattie E.)
Wateska, Joseph G., 1918-1996, Father
Weaver, Virginia, 1919-1949, Mother
Weidner, Amne C., (no dates), (KOCH / Weidner stone)
Weidner, Leonard J., 1924-1996, (KOCH / Weidner stone)
Weidner, Scott, d: Oct. 27, 1983 (PARKS stone)
Weidner, William Richard, Aug. 27, 1916-Feb. 15, 1962 (STOREKEEPER 3/C US NAVY, ENL. JAN. 10, 1942-DISC. OCT. 1, 1945)
Weiler, Cecelia A. 1881-1946, Mother
Weiler, Delores C. 1915-1979, Dau
Weiler, Joseph C. 1875-1958, Father
Weinheimer, ??????, d: 30-May-1965 Infant, Dau of Paul J. & Frances
Weismann, Cleopha M., Apr. 19, 1912-Dec. 22, 1984, Mother, (same stone as Raymond J.)
Weismann, Helen M., (no dates), Mother
Weismann, Norman C. 1912-1990, Father
Weismann, Raymond J., Jan. 7, 1908-Mar. 29, 1972, Father, (same stone as Cleopha M.)
Weismann, Richard R. 1939-1976
Welch, Margaret C., 1910-2000, Mother, (same stone as Peter J.)
Welch, Peter J., 1908-1984, Father, (same stone as Margaret C.)
Wenzel, Clara H., 1903-1973, Wife, (same stone as Ralph J.)
Wenzel, Ralph J., 1904-1986, Husband, (same stone as Clara H.)
West, Anthony J., 1901-1983
West, Julia C., 1909-1987
West, Tommy, 1945-1946
Wetzel/Hauk (No names)-(no dates)
Whealdon, Henrietta M., 1911-1973
Whealdon, Paul H., 1910-1999
Wiefling, Agnes R., 1887-1959, Mother
Wiefling, Eileen M., 1928-1986, Mother, (same stone as Thomas L.)
Wiefling, Frank J., 1886-1957, Father
Wiefling, Joseph J., 1897-1968, Father
Wiefling, Kathryn M., 1899-1991, Mother
Wiefling, Robert A., 1924-1951, Son
Wiefling, Thomas L., 1951-1969, Son, (same stone as Eileen M.)
Wise, Glen E., 1923-1981, Father
Wisniewski, Bernice M., Oct. 26, 1900-Mar. 27, 1972, Mother
Wisniewski, Frank Xavier, June 19, 1897-Oct. 15, 1980, CPL. UA Army, WWI
Wittman, Capt. R. Charles 1901-1972, Father
Wittman, Helen C., 1898-1973, (same stone as Herbert M.)
Wittman, Herbert M., 1900-1988, (same stone as Helen C.)
Wittman, Martha E., 1905-1994, Mother
Wityk, Florence M., May 25, 1920-Jan. 24, 1991
Wityk, Peter, June 29, 1916-Dec. 4, 1984, CPL. US Army, WWII
Woehrel, Arthur J., 1896-1952, Father
Woehrel, Joseph J., 1916-1996, Husband
Woehrel, Matilda A., 1899-1989, Mother
Wojciechowski, Anna, 1880-1968, Mother
Wojciechowski, Anthony 1877-1971, Father
Wojciechowski, Henry J., (no dates), Father
Wojciechowski, Henry R., (no dates), Father
Wojciechowski, Irene G. 1922-1987, Mother
Wolowic, Joseph, Feb. 12, 1893-June 28, 1978, PFC. US Army, WWI, bronze, Father
Wolowic, Mary, 1903-1996, Mother
Woods, John J., 1928-1999
Woods, Leslie A., (no dates), (same stone as John J.)
Woods, Rosalyn A., (no dates), (same stone as John J.)
Woods, Rose M., 1931-1998, (same stone as John J.)
Wotel, Joseph S., 1910-1975, Father, (same stone as Mary M.)
Wotel, Mary M., 1911-1995, Mother, (same stone as Joseph S.)
Wroblewski, Anna, 1891-1942, Mother, (same stone as Walter)
Wroblewski, Walter, 1896-1978, Father, (same stone as Anna)
Wurst, Anna B., 1907-1944, Dau
Wurst, Anton, 1882-1962, Father
Wurst, Catherine, 1882-1956, Mother
Wysocki, Joseph B., 1907-1972, Father, (same stone as Joseph B.) photo
Wysocki, Rose F., 1910-1975, Mother, (same stone as JOSEPH B.) photo
Wyzkowski, Marie, 1913-1980, Mother, (same stone as Vincent)
Wyzkowski, Vincent, 1911-1976, Father
Yanekovich, Ann D., 1913-1995, Dau
Yanekovich, Anthony G., 1907-1954, Son
Yanekovich, John L. 1876-1954, Father
Yanekovich, Mary A. 1881-1967, Mother
Yanekovich, Mary M. 1909-1995, Dau
Yencik, Edward M., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Geraldine J.)
Yencik, Geraldine J., 1936-1973, Mother, (same stone as Edward M.)
Yester, Aloysius 1897-1969, Husband
Yester, Elizabeth C., 1899-1957, Wife
Yester, Geraldine A., no dates, Wife, (same stone as William A.)
Yester, Lawrence, 1885-1979, Father
Yester, Lillian, 1884-1975, Mother
Yester, Mary, 1912-1998, Wife
Yester, Raymond J., Mar. 3, 1901-Mar. 7, 1989, USA, bronze
Yester, William A., no dates, Husband, (same stone as Geraldine A.)
Young, Margaret, 1918-1984
Zalewski, Adaline, no dates, Mother
Zalewski, Theodore J., no dates, Father
Zannit, Agatha T., (no dates), Mother, (same stone as Nicholas Jr.)
Zannit, Antoinette H., 1910-1978, Mother
Zannit, Nicholas Jr. Nov. 14, 1932-Oct. 14, 1991, Father, CPL USA Korea
Zannit, Nicola M., 1905-1956, Father
Zedler, Dorothy P., (no dates), Daughter, Carlino stone
Zepp, Jane A., 1921-1964, Mother
Zepp, Joseph J., 1920-1975, Father
Zepp, Joseph J., 1957-1973, Son
Zepp, William W., 1947-1974, Son, SGT USA
Ziaukas, ??????, Mar. 11, 1921-Jan. 20, 1989 (PVT. US ARMY WWII)
Zielinski, Elizabeth A., (no dates) Mother, (same stone as Steve)
Zielinski, Steve, 1899-1967, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth A.)
Zivic, Barbara A., 1912-1995, Wife
Zivic, Cheryl Ann, 1966-1974, Dau
Zivic, Edward C., 1910-1996, Husband
Zuccaro, Agostino, 1884-1981, Father
Zuccaro, Antonina, 1892-1993, Mother
Zuccharo, Anthony, 1898-1948, Father
Zuccharo, Joseph, 1927-1947, Son
Zuccharo, Mary, 1901-1965, Mother
Zucchero, Frances A., 1895-1979, Mother
Zucchero, Joseph J., 1887-1976, Father
Zukowski, Helen M., 1923-1996
Zukowski, Walter J., Dec. 5, 1923-Oct. 18, 1981. PFC. US Army WWII, bronze
Zupanovich, William h., Mar. 31, 1924-Sep. 27, 1998, MM2 USN WWII, PURPLE HEART
Zuratovich, John, 1909-1986, Father
Zuratovich, Josephine, (no dates), Mother, (sane stone as John)
Zygello, Joseph, Oct. 2, 1897-June 5, 1970, PA PVT 3 SVC CMD WWII
Zygello, Tresa M., Apr. 3, 1904-May 22, 1976

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