SACRED HEART/ST. PETER CEMETERY, Bakerstown Rd., Frazier Twp., PA

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Cemetery Inscriptions from
Bakerstown Road
Frazier Township, Pennsylvania
(Allegheny County)


Directions: From Pittsburgh follow Rt. 28 North to the Tarentum exit (Rt.366). Stay in right hand lane following Rt. 366 downhill, to a right hand turn onto W. 7th Avenue into Tarentum. Then turn a quick right turn onto East Street, continuing through to a right merge onto Bakerstown Road. Continue on Bakerstown Road to the 2nd cemetery on the left side of the road. (The 1st cemetery you pass will be St. Clement's, also on the left of Bakerstown Road.)

Recorded, Copyrighted & Posted June 19, 2000 by Norm Meinert
Updated: October 23, 2011
ADAMS, Christine, Sep. 23, 1901-Apr. 13, 1950
ALTMAN, Anton A., 1885-1961, Father
ALTMAN, Cecelia A., 1880-1936, Mother
ALTMAN, Emma E., 1891-1992
ALTMAN, Frank, 1892-1932, Pvt USA WWI
ALTMAN, Henry J., 1894-1963
ALTMAN, John F., 1918-1974
ALTMAN, John, 1846-1929, (same stone as Tekla)
ALTMAN, John, 1881-1967, (same stone as Mathilda)
ALTMAN, Leo A., 1914-1933, Son
ALTMAN, Mathilda, 1875-1956, (same stone as John)
ALTMAN, Tekla, 1857-1926, (same stone as John)
ALWINE, Helen C., 1918-1977, Mother, (nee WITSCH), (same stone as Robert G.)
ALWINE, Robert G., (no dates), Father, (same stone as Helen C.)
ALWINE, Ronald G., Feb. 17, 1943-Nov. 26, 1995, PFC USA, bronze
AMADEE, Joseph, 1905-1975, (same stone as Josephine)
AMADEE, Josephine, 1906-2000, (same stone as Joseph)
ARETZ, Adam, 1881-1962, (same stone as Anna)
ARETZ, Albert, 1855-1927, Father
ARETZ, Anna, 1884-1934, (same stone as Adam)
ARETZ, Anna, 1886-1971, (same stone as Jacob)
ARETZ, Elmer J., (no dates), bronze
ARETZ, Jacob, 1882-1959, (same stone as Anna)
ARETZ, John F., 1912-1942, (same stone as Margaret J.)
ARETZ, Joseph W., Mar. 17, 1909-Sep. 13, 1982, Pvt USA WWII
ARETZ, Margaret J., (no dates), (same stone as John F.)
ARETZ, Martha R., (no dates), bronze
ARETZ, Mary L., 1856-1923, Mother
ARETZ, Mary Sadie, 1886-1978
ARETZ, Minnie, 1888-1979, bronze
BACIK, Hermina, 1882 - Maja, 23, 1908
BACKO, Anna, 1912-1987
BACKO, Joseph, 1912-1988
BAILLET, Marie, 1851-1914, Wife of Quirin
BAILLET, Quirin, Fev. 21, 1842-Mort Juil 20, 1906
BALTER Clarence J., 1915 - 1917
BARNETT, Harold F. Sr., Apr. 15, 1914-Feb. 21, 1984, TEC3 USA WWII, bronze
BARTHOLIC, Anna Louise, (no dates), (same stone as Richard G.)
BARTHOLIC, Richard G., 1899-1972, (same stone as Anna Louise)
BARTHOLOMAUS, Rosalie, 1867-1913, Mother, Wife of J.
BAUER, Anna, 1846-1911
BAYONNET, Eugene Joseph, 1827-1909, (same stone as Marie Adelaide), (Source: Jack Bayonnet, [email protected])
BAYONNET, Marie Adelaide (D'Orchimont), 1837-1917, (same stone as Eugene Joseph), (Source: Jack Bayonnet, [email protected])
BECKER, Joseph, 23, Juli, 1859-Okt. 15, 1904
BECKER, M., 1867-1919
BECKER, Minnie E., Feb. 7, 1904-Feb. 27, 1985, bronze
BECKER, William Gail, Mar. 29, 1923-Sep. 7, 1967, 1st Lt 561 ST BU AAF, Enl. Dec. 23, 1943, Disc. Oct. 27, 1945
BECKER, William H., Oct. 10, 1891-Jan. 11, 1976, SUP SGT USA WWI, bronze
BELLO, Charles, Mar. 10, 1919 - Mar. 28, 1997. T. Sgt. US Army Air Corps. WWII
BENNETT, Charles A., 1916-1991, (same stone as Christina A.)
BENNETT, Christina A., 1918-1972, (same stone as Charles A.)
BENNETT, Patricia E., 1958-1972 (same stone as Christina A.)
BERHEL, Chore J., Okt. 29, 1906
BISHNEY, John Sr., 1872-1942 (same stone as Mary)
BISHNEY, John, 1904-1935 (same stone as John Sr. & Mary)
BISHNEY, Mary, 1877-1948, (same stone as John Sr.)
BODNAR, Catherine, 1899-1979, (nee SUPIK) (Fulmek)
BOHLEN, Christine M., 1869-1952, Mother, (same stone as William P.)
BOHLEN, William P., 1859-1929, Father, (same stone as Christine M.)
BRAUERS, Jacob, 1879-1922
BRHEL, Josefina, Juna 4, 1905-Okt. 10, 1905
BROGANS, Margaret A., 1861-1925
BROM, ANNA (Forst), Nov. 1829, Germany / Sept. 17, 1910, Mother, w/o Anton (d. in Germany in 1866), (Source: Clare, [email protected])
BROWN, Anna, 1876-1949, (same stone as Hubert)
BROWN, Bernard J., Nov. 14, 1897-Feb. 24, 1976, (same stone as May E.)
BROWN, Catharine, Apr. 30, 1822 - Jly, 30, 1905, Wife of Joseph, A. Sr., Mother
BROWN, Hubert, 1869-1946, (same stone as Anna)
BROWN, Joseph A., 1851-1941, (same stone as Mary E.)
BROWN, Joseph W., Aug. 2, 1887-Feb. 17, 1958, PVT Co. G. 161st Inf., Enl. Sep. 18, 1917, Disc., Mar. 4, 1919
BROWN, Joseph Sr., Mar. 19, 1820 - Dec. 8, 1906, Hus. of Catharine, Father, Gar. 1861 - 1865
BROWN, Mary E., 1856-1944, (same stone as Joseph)
BROWN, May E., July 4, 1900-Sep. 28, 1971, (same stone as Bernard J.)
BROWN, Rose J., 1888-1978
BURK, Charles, Oct. 1874-Apr. 1912 (worn, could be EURK)
BURK, Joseph J., 1881-1906
BURK, Loretta, 1892-1970, (same stone as William J.)
BURK, William J., 1891-1945, (same stone as Loretta)
BURKE, Elenor, 1889 - 1982 (nee KENDALL), Mother & Grandmother
BURKE, John M., Dec. 19, 1922 - Aug. 3, 1993, PFC. US Army Air CORPS, WWII
BURKET, Adelia, 1870-1949
BURKET, Amelia, 1887-1971
BURKET, Anthony, 1865-1926
BURKET, Francis J., 1881-1939
BURKET, John, Nov. 4, 1839-May 2, 1904, (same stone as Mary M.)
BURKET, Leonard, 1872-1939
BURKET, Mary J. A., 1876-1946
BURKET, Mary M., Jan. 11, 1840-Aug. 31, 1907, Wife of John, (same stone as John)
BURKET, Rosalia, 1896-1933
BURNS, John A., Sep. 1, 1868 - Apr. 23, 1951
BURNS, John C., 1891-1956, (same stone as Theresa M.)
Burns, Joseph J., Mar. 19, 1904 - Apr. 28, 1950
BURNS, Susan, Apr. 25, 1872 - Jan. 27, 1957
BURNS, Theresa M., 1889-1969, (same stone as John C.)
BURTA, Joeek, 1876-1904
BUSCHHAMMER, Henry, 1893 - 1954, (same stone as Ottilie)
BUSCHHAMMER, Ottilie, 1892 - 1961, (sane stone as Henry)
CAPELLMAN, Casper, 1882-1973, (same stone as Mary)
CAPELLMAN, Dorothy E., (no dates), (same stone as John J.)
CAPELLMAN, John J., 1906-1992, (same stone as Dorothy E.), bronze
CAPELLMAN, Mary, 1882-1962, (same stone as Casper)
CAPELLMANN, Joseph, July, 1848-July, 1907? (worn)
CARION, Arthur G., May 3, 1898-Nov 22, 1966, Pvt Co B 33rd MG BN, Enl. Jun. 21, 1916, Disc. Jun. 10, 1919
CARION, Guellaine, 1874-1916, (same stone as Joseph)
CARION, Joseph, 1871-1913, (same stone as Guellaine)
CHALUPA, John, Marca.26, 1862-Umrel, Maya, 14, 1909
CHAMBON, Margaret M., 1894-1974, (same stone as Philip J.)
CHAMBON, Philip J., 1899-1977., Vet, (same stone as Margaret M.)
CHIOSTRI, Ben D., (no dates), (same stone as Rose F.)
CHIOSTRI, Rose F., 1916-1997, (same stone as Ben D.)
CHISLO, Edward, May 15, 1927-Dec. 13, 1951, APP SEAMAN USN, Enl. July 5, 1945, Disc. Sep. 5, 1945
CHISLO, Julius, 1901-1946, (same stone as Mary)
CHISLO, Mary, 1907-1982, (same stone as Julius)
COLIN, Katherine F., 1921-1998, (same stone as Regis C.)
COLIN, Regis C., 1913-1977, (same stone as Katherine F.)
COLLINS, Albert P., 1905-1968, (same stone as Anna G.)
COLLINS, Anna G., 1915-1981, (same stone as Albert P.)
COLLINS, Della M., 1902-1973
COLLINS, Emma, 1877-1949, Mother
COLLINS, Francis A., 1907-1985, (same stone as Jules J.)
COLLINS, Henry, 1874-18?? (worn)
COLLINS, John J., 1930-1998, SSgt USAF Korea, Police officer-Tarentum, PA
COLLINS, Jules J., 1901-1958, (same stone as Francis A.)
COLLINS, Margaret, 1925-1943
CONROY, Gertrud, 1890-1911, (same stone as STOFFELS)
CRAMER, Catherine, 1869-1957
CRAMER, John, Nov. 17, 1879-Feb. 6, 1921
CRAMER, William, 1855-1933
CRILLEY, Sean Brian, Nov. 15, 1979-Oct. 8, 1982
CRILLEY, Shannon Marie, Jun. 26, 1981-Oct. 8, 1982
CULLEITON, Carroll Patrick, 1904-1960
CULLEITON, Charles M., 1914-1997, (same stone as Margaret A.), bronze
CULLEITON, Margaret A., (no dates), (same stone as Charles M.)
CULLEITON, Margaret Edith, 1912-1985, (nee DOHMEN)
DAHM, Joseph D., 1895 - 1964, Father
DAHM, Kathryn A., 1895 - 1952, Mother
DARO, Anna, 1880-1961, (same stone as John)
DARO, John, 1871-1957, (same stone as Anna)
DAUER, Albert V., 1915-1985, (same stone as Julia M.), bronze
DAUER, Julia M., 1915-1983, (same stone as Albert V.), bronze
DAUM, Josephine A., 1901 - 1985
DAUM, William F., 1902 - 1957, (same stone as Josephine A.)
DeBAY, Agatha, Mar. 29, 1874-Sep 24, 1918 (nee BERTRAND), (same stone as Henri)
DeBAY, Henri Joseph, Nov. 12, 1869-Aug. 25, 1947, (same stone as Agatha)
DELCHEVALERIE, Clementine, Apr. 2, 1883-May 19, 1912, Wife of S.J.
DEMHARTER, Andrew, Apr. 6, 1892-Feb. 23, 1991, Father
DEMHARTER, Anna L., May 3, 1895-Mar. 15, 1947, Mother
DEMHARTER, Anton, 1858-1925, (same stone as Walburga)
DEMHARTER, Elmer W., "Willie", Aug. 2, 1923-Jun 2, 1999, PFC USA WWII, bronze, (same stone as Ruth J.)
DEMHARTER, Joseph, July 27, 1887-Feb. 4, 1928
DEMHARTER, Ruth J., (no dates), (same stone as Elmer W.)
DEMHARTER, Walburga, 1858-1939, (same stone as Anton)
DERIKART, Bernard, 1889-1969
DERIKART, Elizabeth, 1848-1928, Mother (same stone as John J.)
DERIKART, John J., 1846-1928, (same stone as Elizabeth)
DERIKART, Peter J., 1884-1963, (same stone as Rosalie T.)
DERIKART, Rosalie T., 1891-1978, (same stone as Peter J.)
DERINGER, Anna M., 1879-1964, Mother, (same stone as Richard Sr.)
DERINGER, Doris E., (no dates), Wife & Mother
DERINGER, Elizabeth, 1871-19??, Mother, (same stone as Frank)
DERINGER, Frank, 1866-1940, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth)
DERINGER, Henry H., 1868-1946, (same stone as Kathryn A.)
DERINGER, Henry H., 1922-1995, TEC4 USA WWII
DERINGER, Henry P., 1897-1972, (same stone as Jennie K.)
DERINGER, Jennie K., 1900-1984, (same stone as Henry P.)
DERINGER, John H., 1900-1958, (same stone as Mary A.)
DERINGER, Kathryn A., 1868 - 1923, (same stone as Mary)
DERINGER, Mary A., 1902-1989, (same stone as John H.)
DERINGER, Mary, 1893 - 1911, (same stone as Kathryn A.)
DERINGER, Richard Sr., 1874-1941, Father, (same stone as Anna M.)
DEWALT, Bernadine W., 1906-1991
DEWALT, James H., 1927-1999, S1 USN WWII, (same stone as William J.)
DEWALT, William C., 1899-1970
DEWALT, William J., (no dates), (same stone as James H.)
DEYBER, August, 1867-1943
DEYBER, Cecelia, 1906-1908
DEYBER, Louise, 1867-1908
DEYBER, Virginia, 1867-1917
DOHMEN, Arnold, 1847 - 1938
DOHMEN, Frank, 1856-1934, (same stone as Theresa)
DOHMEN, Margaret, 1847 - 1927
DOHMEN, Sadie E., 1890-1963, (same stone as Theodore)
DOHMEN, Theodore, 1886-1957, (same stone as Sadie E.)
DOHMEN, Theresa, 1867-1928, (same stone as Frank)
DONAHUE, Gertrude, 1907-1968, (same stone as Norman)
DONAHUE, Norman, 1906-1975, (same stone as Gertrude)
DORN, Frances C., Jan. 3, 1900-Apr. 27, 1981
DORN, Phillip G., Apr. 28, 1896-Sep. 11, 1947, PFC Co. E 319th Inf., Enl. Feb. 11, 1918, Disc, Jun-12, 1919
DREXLER, Mollie, 1893-1927
DUCOUER, Matilda, 1854-1922, (same stone as CARION)
DUDEK, Adam, 1917-1977, (same stone as Lawrencina)
DUDEK, Lawrencina, (no dates), (same stone as Adam)
DUGAN, Elmer C., May 8, 1880-Jan. 14, 1919? (worn)
DURCI, Maria, Juna 27, 1908 - July 21, 1909
DURKAC, Stephen J., Dec. 24, 1915-Nov. 20, 1986, Grandpa, PFC USA WWII, (same stone as Vivian Wolfe)
DUSTER, Henry, 1857-1931, Father, (same stone as Julia)
DUSTER, Julia, 1862-1929, Mother, (same stone as Henry)
DZURCI, Ondre J., Jun. 12, 1904-Feb. 16, 1905
ECKENROD, Patricia, L., (no dates), bronze
ECKENROD, Robert A., (no dates), bronze
EMONDS, John W., Marz.6, 1880-Okt.22, 1905
ENGELS, Marie & Fred, (no dates)
ENGELS, Sophia, 1884-1920, (nee KENDALL)
ERDELY, Andrew, 1883-1923, (same stone as Mary)
ERDELY, Mary, 1885-1947, (same stone as Andrew)
ESSER, Anna, (no dates), (same stone as William)
ESSER, Elizabeth, 1873-1938, Mother, (same stone as Fritz)
ESSER, Fritz, 1864-1946, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth)
ESSER, William, 1908-1992, (same stone as Anna)
EVERETT, Carl D., 1911-1996
EVERETT, Sophia, 1914-1982
FAHRBUECHEL, Joseph P., 1852 - 1917, (same stone as Mary E.)
FAHRBUECHEL, Mary E., 1858 - 1934
FALCO, Grace, Feb. 4, 1900-Nov. 10, 1997, (same stone as Louis)
FALCO, Louis, Dec. 26, 1885-Oct. 13, 1972, (same stone as Grace)
FALISE, Pauline, 1890-1917, Wife of Lawrence
FARBISHEL, Caroline, 1898-1958, (same stone as Joseph)
FARBISHEL, Joseph, 1900-1981, (same stone as Caroline)
FARBISHEL, Mary M., 1892-1989, (same stone as Mathias J.), bronze
FARBISHEL, Mathias J., 1891-1979, (same stone as Mary M.), bronze
FAZEKAS, Alice M., Sep. 29, 1919-May 17, 1966, Wife & Mother
FAZEKAS, Joseph T., Jun. 26, 1922-Jan. 4, 1967, PA Sgt 1342 Base Unit AAF WWII
FERNEY, Frank Robert, 1918-1966
FERRARI, David R., 1931-1956
FIERST, Bernard T., 1906-1971
FIERST, Catherine L., 1907-1995
FLECK, Anthony A., 1895-1964, (same stone as Margaret)
FLECK, Joseph Sr., 1861-1939, (metal marker)
FLECK, Joseph, Aug, 1904-Nov. ???? (glass engraved insert broken)
FLECK, Louise G., 1920-1928, dau of John & Agnes
FLECK, Margaret, 1866-1932, (metal marker)
FLECK, Margaret, 1894-1945, (same stone as Anthony A.)
FORST, Joseph, 1848 - 1903, (same stone as Theresa)
FORST, Theresa, 1851 - 1913, (same stone as Joseph)
FOX, Anna, 1863-1935, Mother, (same stone as Anton)
FOX, Anthony, Jan. 19-1891-Feb. 4, 1912
FOX, Anton, 1860-1931, Father, (same stone as Anna)
FRANCART, Fernand, 1867-1962
FRANCART, Leonie, Feb. 1, 1877-May 24, 1906, Mother, Wife of Fernand)
FRESHWATER, Carl E., 1920-1985, Husband & Father, bronze
FRESHWATER, Laurie M., 1954-1989, photo
FRESHWATER, Regina M., 1920-1963, Wife & Mother, bronze
FREUDE, Anton R., 1892-1967, (same stone as Margaret)
FREUDE, Anton, 1854-1930
1862-1952, w/o Anton, d/o Anna (Forst) Brom, (Source: Clare, [email protected])
FREUDE, Margaret, 1893-1972, (same stone as Anton R.)
FRITCH, John, Apr. 17, 1915-Apr. 11, 1968
FRITCH, Mary C., July 21, 1919-Apr. 23, 1994
FURST, Antoinette, 1885-1962, (same stone as J. George)
FURST, J. George, 1879-1960, (same stone as Antoinette)
GEHENIO, John J., 1881-1958, Father, (same stone as Theresa M.)
GEHENIO, Joseph J., Oct. 13, 1914-May 30, 1994, (same stone as Kathryn P.)
GEHENIO, Kathryn P., Mar. 4, 1916-May 14, 1986, (same stone as Joseph J.)
GEHENIO, Ruth I., 1923-1992, (same stone as William J.), bronze
GEHENIO, Theresa M., 1883-1957, Mother, (same stone as John J.)
GEHENIO, William J., 1912-1989, Vet, (same stone as Ruth I.), bronze
GILBOUX, George H., Oct. 26, 1900-Dec. 13, 1982, (same stone as Ronald T.)
GILBOUX, Mildred E., Mar. 11, 1904-Nov. 11, 1994 (same stone as George H.)
GILBOUX, Ronald T., 1944-1988, (same stone as Mildred E.)
GILLARD, Robert F., 1924-1970, PA TEC5 420 Engr DT CO WWII, bronze
GLEINN, Gabriel, 1869-1956, (same stone as Gertrude)
GLEINN, Gertrude, 1872-1952, (same stone as Gabriel)
GLEINN, Matthew A., 1913-1968, (same stone as Sarah E.)
GLEINN, Sarah E., 1916-1994, (same stone as Matthew A.)
GLENBERG, Harold A., 1907-1985, (same stone as Helen M.), bronze
GLENBERG, Helen M., 1911-1991, (same stone as Harold A.), bronze
GODEROID, Francois, 1846 - 1904
GODEROID, Virginie, 1849 - 1919
GODFREY, Arthur, 1884 - 1946
GOMBAR, Elizabeta, 1884 - 1908
GONGOLA, Frank L., Mar. 6, 1906-Jun. 21, 1957, photo, (same stone as Helen C.)
GONGOLA, Helen C., July 18, 1912-Apr. 29, 1986, photo, (same stone as Frank L.)
GOY, Ralph E., 1897-1970, (small metal marker)
GRASSLER, Anna, 1879-1935, Sister
GRASSLER, John B., 1877-????, Brother
GRASSLER, John, 1854-1928, Father
GRASSLER, Margaret, 1849-1904, Mother
GRAY, Adelaide, (no dates)
GRAY, Edmund, 1891-1902
GRAY, Marjorie I., 1924-1966
GRAY, William R. III, 1952-1990
GROSKY, Lila B., 1900-1969, (small metal marker)
GROSS, Anna R., 1888-1916
GROSS, Barbara, Mar. 13, 1874 - Apr. 12, 1951
GROSS, Dorothy J., (no dates), bronze
GROSS, Frank, Mar. 31, 1886
GROSS, George, 1843-1907, (same stone as Gertrude)
GROSS, Gertrude, 1842-1925, (same stone as George)
GROSS, Richard J., Oct. 18, 1916-Feb 28, 1988, SSGT US Air Corps WWII, bronze
GUIDO, Anthony, May 30, 1917-Apr. 18, 1991, SSgt USA WWII-Purple Heart
HAAS, Barbara, Dec. 6, 1879-July 24, 1924, (nee BACKES)
HAAS, Bernard, 1908-1927, (same stone as Henry)
HAAS, Henry J., 1905-1990, (same stone as Mary G.)
HAAS, Henry, 1873-1928, (same stone as Josephine)
HAAS, Joseph B., 1907-1992, (same stone as Louise M.), bronze
HAAS, Joseph, 1886-1944
HAAS, Josephine, 1880-1955, (same stone as Henry)
HAAS, Louise M., 1914-1996, (same stone as Joseph B.), bronze
HAAS, Maria, Dec. 3, 1857-Aug. 21, 1936
HAAS, Mary G., 1909-1986, (same stone as Henry J.)
HAAS, R. P., Nov. 14, 1852-Dec. 16, 1925
HARTNETT, Anne C., 1907-1996
HARTNETT, J. Francis, 1906-1964
HAUSE, George J., 1899-1978, (same stone as Leola S.), bronze
HAUSE, Leola S., 1895-1975, (same stone as George J.), bronze
HECK, Catharina, 1860-1921, (same stone as Wilhelm)
HECK, Wilhelm, 1848-1924, (same stone as Catharina)
HEUSER, Catherine, 1895-1978, Sister
HEUSER, Herman J., (no dates), (same stone as Ida H.)
HEUSER, Hubert H., 1897-1966, Brother
HEUSER, Hubert J., 1920-1959, Son
HEUSER, Ida H., 1920-1986, (same stone as Herman J.)
HEUSER, Joseph, 1890-1953
HEUSER, Mary Ann, 1855-1931, (same stone as Peter)
HEUSER, Pauline, 1889-1931, Mother
HEUSER, Peter, 1850-1923, (same stone as Mary Ann)
HEUSER, Severin, 1885-1961, Father
HOEBECK, Anna, 1904 - 1958, Mother
HOFFMAN, Martin, Sep. 29, 1874-Apr. 25, 1908
HOFFMAN, Roselia, 1846-1910
HORNING, Mary, 1895-1947, Mother
HORZEMPA, Anna C., 1920-1973, (same stone as Charles C.)
HORZEMPA, Charles C., (no dates), (same stone as Anna C.)
HUBERT, Emil J., 1900-1975, (same stone as Stella), bronze
HUBERT, Stella, 1902-1978, (same stone as Emil J.), bronze
HUPPERTZ, Henry, 1877-1928, (small metal marker)
HURST, Frances, 1869-1914
HURST, John L., 1868-1958, (same stone as Rosina)
HURST, Rosina, 1862-1949, (same stone as John L.)
JACOBS, Peter, Mar. 1, 1849 - Mar. 23, 1911, (same stone as Theresa)
JACOBS, Theresa A., May 5, 1852 - Sep. 1, 1937
JACOBS, Theresa M., 1860-1925, Wife of Simon Jacobs
JENNICHES, Gertrude, 1867-1941
JENNICHES, Joseph J., 1893-????, (same stone as Margaret)
JENNICHES, Joseph, 1860-1928
JENNICHES, Margaret & Son, 1897-1934, (same stone as Joseph J.)
JENTGENS, Charles E., 1895-1948
JENTGENS, Charles J., 1915-19969, (small metal marker)
JENTGENS, Elizabeth, 1896-1987 (small metal marker)
JENTGENS, Joseph, Mar. 12, 1844-Aug. 1, 1929, (same stone as Katherine)
JENTGENS, Katherine, Dec. 22, 1853-Jan. 12, 1928, (same stone as Joseph)
JOHNSTON, Earl H., 1903-1978, (same stone as Rozella E.), bronze
JOHNSTON, Rozella E., 1906-1977, (same stone as Earl H.), bronze
JUREWICZ, Magdalene, 19904-1977, (same stone as Stanley)
JUREWICZ, Stanley, 1895-1979, Vet, (same stone as Magdalene)
KALLIES, Clara, 1882-1929
KALLIES, Karl A., 1852-1929, (same stone as Maria C.)
KALLIES, Maria C., 1855-1937, (same stone as Karl A.)
KALUZA, Anna, Dec. 17, 1908
KAROL, Raymond, Dec. 18, 1923-Apr. 2, 1974, US Army
KAROL, Regina M., Oct. 20, 1923-Apr. 30, 1994, Wife of Raymond, Mother of Mark
KASSEKERT, Anna, 1880-1945, Wife
KASSEKERT, John, Sep. 20, 1860-July 18, 1909
KASSEKERT, Joseph, 1883-1961, Husband
KELLER, John F., 1847-1917
KELLER, Louise, 1860-1931
KELLER, Mary C., 1879-1971
KELLERMAN, Albert, 1897-1912
KELLERMAN, Anna C., 1862-1932, (same stone as Ludwig)
KELLERMAN, Elsie L., 1888-1968, (same stone as William J.)
KELLERMAN, Ludwig, 1860-1914, (same stone as Anna C.)
KELLERMAN, William J., 1890-1965, (same stone as Elsie L.)
KELLY, Patrick, 1868-1952 (unmarked), (Source: Elaina G, [email protected])
KENDALL, Francis, 1907 - 1969
KENDALL, Mathea, 1854 - 1911, (same stone as Sofia F.)
KENDALL, Matthew, 1890 - 1968
KENDALL, Peter, Nov. 14, 1894 - Sep. 6, 1970, PA. PVT. 223 Aero Sq., WWI
KENDALL, Sofia F., 1859 - 1942, (same stone as Mathea)
KILLMEYER, Frank S., 1884-1945
KISH, Ada W., 1901-1986, (same stone as Paul J.)
KISH, Frank J., 1932-1953
KISH, Paul J., 1898-1973, (same stone as Ada W.)
KLEER, Elizabeth, 1881-1954, Mother, (same stone as George)
KLEER, George, 1908-1982, Son, (same stone as Elizabeth)
KLEMS, Frank, 1901-1950
KLEMS, Gerhard, 1859-1913, Father
KLEMS, John, Apr. 26, 1883-Sep. 14, 1919
KOHNEN, Clement, (dates worn)
KOHNEN, Edith B., d: Dec. 31, 1963, Mom, (same stone as John N.)
KOHNEN, John N., d: Jan. 9, 1964, Dad, (same stone as Edith B.)
KOHNEN, Richard, Jan. 30, 1924 -Feb. 16, 1941, Son of John & Edith Kohnen
KOKENDA, John M., Oct. 19, 1899-June 9, 1984
KOKENDA, Rose M., Mar. 18, 1905-Nov. 12, 1970
KORCHEK, Andrew J., 1897-1965, (same stone as Theresa)
KORCHEK, Theresa, 1910-1998, (same stone as Andrew J.)
KORMAN, Anna M., 1883-1970, (same stone as Hubert H.)
KORMAN, Hubert H., 1872-1934, (same stone as Anna M.)
KOSSLER, Henry J., Aug. 24, 1915-May 24, 1930
KOSSLER, Joseph M., 1885-1941
KOSSLER, Katherine, 1882-1915
KOSSLER, Magdaline, 1855-1940, (same stone as Peter J.)
KOSSLER, Peter J., 1853-1930, (same stone as Magdaline)
KRAHE, Christine, 1898-1968, Mother
KRAHE, Henry Paul, 1892-1928, Sgt Co L 320th Inf. Enl. Apr. 1, 1918, Disc. June 8, 1919
KRAHE, Joseph H., Dec. 12, 1920-July 19, 1958, S/Sgt Co M 22nd Inf Regt; Enl. June 28, 1944, Disc. Feb. 26, 1946
KRAHE, Peter P., July 28, 1949-Mar. 10, 1964
KRAMER, Florence, (no dates), (same stone as William T. Sr.)
KRAMER, William T. Sr., 1910-1985, (same stone as Florence)
KRATKOTUKI, Jozefina, 1902-1920 (wooden cross/fallen)
KREMER, Jacob, 1859-1943, Father, (same stone as Katharine)
KREMER, Katharine, 1859-1936, Mother, (same stone as Jacob)
KREMER, Peter J., 1888-1943, Vet
KRONEN, Balthasar, 1880-1951, (same stone as Helen)
KRONEN, Helen, 1877-1955, (same stone as Balthasar)
KRONEN, Irwin A., "Joe", 1909-1992, bronze
KUTCHENREITER, Elizabeth A., 1916-1946
KUTCHENREITER, Ferdinand, 1870-1925, Father
KUTCHENREITER, Julia, 1872-1947, Mother
KUTCHENREITER, Julia, 1894-1918, Daughter
KUTCHENREITER, Michael, 1898-1973, Daughter
KUTSCH, Albert J., 1880-1949, (same stone as Louise A.)
KUTSCH, Anna Gertrude, b: Busbagh, Deutchland Nov. 1851-Jan. 19, 1923, Mutter, Tarentum, PA,
KUTSCH, Anna M., 1892-1975, (same stone as Hubert J.)
KUTSCH, Bernice M., (no dates), (same stone as George J.)
KUTSCH, George J. Jr., 1946-1946
KUTSCH, George J., May 28, 1924-Jun. 18, 1995, PFC USA WWII-Purple Heart, (same stone as Bernice M.)
KUTSCH, Hubert J., 1886-1962, (same stone as Anna M.)
KUTSCH, Joha??, b: Deutchland, 1858-Dec. 3, ????(worn), Tarentum, PA
KUTSCH, Johan(na?), b: Deutchland, d: Aug. 24, 1912, Tarentum, PA (worn)
KUTSCH, John R., 1911-1974, (same stone as Margaret L.)
KUTSCH, Lorraine H., 1922-1990, Daughter & Sister
KUTSCH, Louise A., 1884-1966, (same stone as Albert J.)
KUTSCH, Margaret L., 1909-1987, (same stone as John R.)
KUTSCH, Mary A., 1896-1945, (same stone as Peter J.)
KUTSCH, Matthias J., Jun. 18, 1834-Mar. 14, 1944
KUTSCH, Peter J., 1889-1958, (same stone as Mary A.)
KVIETKUS, Elisabeth M., Jan. 10, 1907-Aug. 28, 1986, bronze
KVIETKUS, Vincent G., Apr. 5, 1909-Oct. 15, 1984, SSgt USA WWII, bronze
LAMOTTE, Marie, b: 1843-Bertrix, Belgium; d: 1908-Tarentum, PA, (same stone as Prudent)
LAMOTTE, Prudent, b: 1839-Herbeumont, Belgium; d: 1907-Tarentum, PA, (same stone as Marie)
LANG, Adolph, 1885-1963, (same stone as Mamie)
LANG, Eleanor, 1910-1968
LANG, Mamie, 1890-1957, (same stone as Adolph)
LAUSBERG, Barbera, 1892-1926
LAUSBERG, Clara E., 1893-1977
LAUSBERG, Gertrude, 1860-1923? (worn)
LAUSBERG, Henry H., 1888-1933
LAUSBERG, Henry, 1859-1919, Father, (same stone as Margaret)
LAUSBERG, J. Hubert, 1852-1920? (worn)
LAUSBERG, Margaret, 1860-1930, Mother, (same stone as Henry)
LEEZER, Lena M., 1886-1945, Mother
LEHMANN, Edward F., 1891-1972, (same stone as Lenora B.)
LEHMANN, Lenora B., 1893-1963, (same stone as Edward F.)
LEIPERTZ, Anna K., 1861-1952, (same stone as Frank J.)
LEIPERTZ, Frank J., 1858-1930, (same stone as Anna K.)
LIEBLE, Frank, Nov. 26, 1846-Nov. 22, 1913, (same stone as Louisa)
LIEBLE, Louisa, Apr. 19, 1835-July 6, 1907, (same stone as Frank)
LUKAGIK, Jozefina, SA. 26, Feb. 1908 / Mar. 2, 1909
LUKAGIK, Rudolf, 26, Feb. 1908 - Apr. 14, 1908
MACK, John J., 1910-1982, (same stone as Mary), bronze
MACK, Mary, (no dates), (same stone as John J.), bronze
MARK, George E., 1913-1998, (same stone as Helen B.), bronze
MARK, Helen B., (no dates), (same stone as George E.), bronze
MARK, Henry J., 1880-1925, (same stone as Mary E.)
MARK, Henry J., 1908-1988, (same stone as Josephine), bronze
MARK, Josephine, 1910-1990, (same stone as Henry J.), bronze
MARK, Mary C., 1905-1934
MARK, Mary E., 1878-1964, (same stone as Henry J.)
MARSHALL, Anthony, 1904-1996
MAZAK, ??????, 1877 - 1907
McCARRENS, Anna Margaret, Feb. 11, 1906-Sep. 25, 1910
McCULLOUGH, Thomas S., July 9, 1919-Apr. 12, 1985, EM3 USN WWII
McGEE, Anna M., 1904-1972
McGOUGH, Catherine T., 1917-2000 (small metal marker)
McGOUGH, Joseph G., Jun. 28, 1917-Dec. 8, 1981, SSgt USA WWII, bronze
McGOUGH, Nicholas, d: Oct. 18, 1971, (same stone as PETRAK)
McKENNA, Mary E., 1901-1986, (same stone as Thomas P.), bronze
McKENNA, Thomas P., 1907-1977, (same stone as Mary E.), bronze
McNABB, Anna E., 1914-1975, (same stone as Robert W.), bronze
McNABB, Robert W., 1913-1978, (same stone as Anna E.), bronze
McNALLY, John Benedict, 1892-1915, Fathr, PA Fireman Assn., (same stone as John Joseph)
McNALLY, John Joseph, 1914-1941, Son,, (same stone as John Benedict)
McVAY, Julia, 1892-1942, (nee KELLER)
MEINZ, John, 1871 - 1908
MERCHANT, May E., (no dates), (same stone as William E.), bronze
MERCHANT, William E., 1914-1977, (same stone as May E.), bronze
METKLER, Gertrude, 1893-1940, Mother
MIALKI, Anna A., 1923-1986, (same stone as Casimir), bronze
MIALKI, Casimir, 1924-1995, (same stone as Anna A.), bronze
MILBERGER, F. Deets, Oct. 22, 1908-Mar. 17, 1960, Pfc Btry A 434th Armd FA; Enl. Feb. 3, 1943, Disc., Oct. 26, 1945
MILBERGER, Francis R., June 6, 1894-June 18, 1959, Sgt Co F 318th Inf.; Enl. Apr. 5, 1918, Disc. June 4, 1919
MILBERGER, Helen, 1902-1919, (same stone as Newton)
MILBERGER, Hyacinth, 1874-1947, (same stone as Helen)
MILBERGER, Newton, 1868-1943, (same stone as Helen)
MILDNER, Frank, 1865-1941
MILDNER, Mary Elizabeth, 1918-1977
MILDNER, Theresa, 1868-1952
MILLEN, J. Eugene, 1926-1987, WW2
MILLEN, Mary E., 1901-1971, (same stone as Stephen P.)
MILLEN, Stephen P., 1891-1976, (same stone as Mary E.)
MILLER, Anna M., 1851-1907, Mother, (same stone as Mary Yound Pirch)
MILLER, John A. Jr., July 28, 1914-July 5, 1966
MILLER, Maria, 1895-1978, Grandmother
MINA, Antoinette, Apr. 4, 1904-Jun. 3, 1976, Mother, (nee KLAES)
MOKRAN, Joseph A., 1927-1966, PA CPL 2518 Base Unit WWII
MOKRAN, Joseph F., 1893-1954, (same stone as Marie A.)
MOKRAN, Marie A., 1892-1973, (same stone as Joseph F.)
MURRAY, Bertha R., 1900-1982
MURRAY, Thomas Jr., (no dates)
MURRAY, Thomas, 1870 - 1907
MYERS, Elizabeth C., 1901-1996, (same stone as Russell P.)
MYERS, Russell P., 1901-1966, Pvt Co. B 3rd US Engrs WWI, (same stone as Elizabeth C.)
NAJDEK, Caspar, 1853 - 1905
NEALER, Alphonse W., 1896-1973, (same stone as Margaret M.)
NEALER, Andrew M., 1928-1981
NEALER, Joseph W., d: Aug. 23, 1960, (infant son)
NEALER, Margaret M., 1896-1976, (same stone as Alphonse W.)
NEALER, Rosemary L., (no dates)
NICHOLAUS, (Christine) MARY (Fruede), (no dates), w/o JOSEPH, d/o Christina (Brom) and Anton Fruede, (Source: Clare, [email protected])
NICKOLAUS, Joseph, Nov. 24, 1878 - Dec. 28, 1911, Father, (same stone as Mary)
NICKOLAUS, Mary, Mar. 25, 1882 - Feb. 28, 1928, Mother
NOLD, Albert J., 1905-1975, (same stone as Eleanor M.), bronze
NOLD, Eleanor M., 1907-1984, (same stone as Albert J.), bronze
ORF, Anna Hubertina, 1890-1920
PAFFRATH, Sofia, 1836-1907, (same stone as William)
PAFFRATH, William, 1837-1912, (same stone as Sofia)
PAR?E?, Calvin P., Sep. 11, 1912-Apr. 11, 1938 (worn/homemade stone)
PASTOREK, Mary A., Oct. 4, 1905-Nov. 18, 1905
PASTRICK, John L., June 21, 1903-Dec. 22, 1980, (same stone as Regina T.)
PASTRICK, Regina T., Oct. 12, 1908-Nov. 12, 1968, (same stone as John L.)
PAUSTENBACH, Albert, 1886-1961
PAUSTENBACH, Anna, 1888-1967
PAUSTENBACH, Caroline, 1876-1924, (same stone as Mary A.)
PAUSTENBACH, Clara, 1886-1959, (same stone as George)
PAUSTENBACH, George, 1880-1961, (same stone as Clara)
PAUSTENBACH, Henry, Feb. 12, 1894-July 19, 1936, Sgt Co D 506th Eng Serv Batt; enl. Sep. 18, 1917, Disc. June 5, 1919
PAUSTENBACH, Mary A., 1851-1914, (same stone as Thomas)
PAUSTENBACH, Thomas, 1848-1926, (same stone as Mary A.)
PELICAN, Barbara, 1881-1947 (same stone as Carl)
PELICAN, Carl, 1877-1951, (same stone as Barbara)
PELICAN, Mollie, Aug. 31, 1910-Apr. 20, 1924
PELICAN, Theresa, 1848-1918
PETIT, Jean Baptiste, 1857-1913? (worn) (PERE)
PETRAK, Anna Katharine, Aug. 5-12, 1955, Daughter
PETRAK, Bernard A., 1885-1928, (same stone as Katherine)
PETRAK, Bernard J., (no dates), (same stone as Margaret L.)
PETRAK, Katherine, 1890-1988, (same stone as Bernard A.)
PETRAK, Loretta, Sep. 27-30, 1921
PETRAK, Margaret L., Oct. 24, 1917-Jan. 16, 1999, (nee KUTSCH), (same stone as Bernard J.)
PIRCH, Mary Young, 1880-1948, (same stone as Anna M. Miller)
POBICKI, John J., 1876-1943
POOLE, Marie E., 1907-1952
PREISSER, Catherine, 1874-1938
PREISSER, Otto, 1868-1949
PUPIK, Jan. Dec. 1903 - Aug. 1904
PUSPOCIVA / V. Kristupanu, Frano, or Frang?? (no dates, Wooden Cross)
RAUTENBERG, Anna, 1886-1972, (same stone as Julius)
RAUTENBERG, Julius, 1882-1965, (same stone as Anna)
RAUTENBERG, Julius, Sep. 25, 1911-Aug. 20, 1928
REARDON, Alberta E., Apr. 13, 1916-Feb. 18, 1993 (nee MILLER)
REMY, August, 1847 - 1913
RIEGER, Beverly M., 1926-1986
RIEGER, Joseh, 1903-1948
RIEGER, Mary H., 1905-1984
RINGER, George, 1852-1933
RINGER, Kathern M., 1901-1911
RINNER, Deloris, Mar. 7, 1929-Mar. 15, 1994, (nee MINA), Daughter
ROBERTSON, Catherine, 1889-1973 (Malloy)
ROBSON, Mathew H., Jan. 21, 1850 - Oct. 10, 1909
ROESCH, Amelia, 1893-1985, (same stone as Anthony)
ROESCH, Anthony, 1890-1957, Vet, (same stone as Amelia)
ROLL, Adolph, Jan. 15, 1863 - Oct. 24, 1921
ROLL, Bertha M., Dec. 15, 1871 - Oct. 31, 1922
ROLL, William H., Oct. 17, 1922-Aug. 25, 1996, PFC USA WWII, bronze
ROSSKAMP, Hubert P., 1899-1985, (same stone as Nellie M.), bronze
ROSSKAMP, Mary E., 1863-1935, (same stone as Paul H.)
ROSSKAMP, Nellie M., 1904-1991, (same stone as Hubert P.), bronze
ROSSKAMP, Paul H., 1866-1931, (same stone as Mary E.)
ROWE, Dorothy E., (no dates), (same stone as Howard R.)
ROWE, Howard R., 1910-1974, (same stone as Dorothy E.)
RUEDIGER, Robert H., d: Sep. 4, 1930, (metal marker)
RUPERT, Mary L., 1891-1925
SADECKY, Pavlinka, 1902-1904
SCHAEFER, Frank, 1887-1962, Father, s/o Pauline & Conrad
SCHAEFER, Fred, 1889-1939, Father
, s/o Pauline & Conrad
SCHAEFER, Gertrude, 1892-1933, Mother, d/o Pauline & Conrad
SCHAEFER, Conrad, 1859-1938, Father, h/o Pauline, (same stone as Pauline)
SCHAEFER, PAULINE (Brom), 1866-1942, Mother, Child of Anna (Forst) Brom, w/o CONRAD, (same stone as Conrad), (Source: Clare, [email protected])
SCHAFHAUSER, Joseph, 1890-1946
SCHEIDT, Jacob, 1849 - 1914, Father, (same stone as Katharine)
SCHEIDT, Katharine, 1854 - 1924, Mother
SCHIFFGENS, Joseph M., 1899-1917
SCHMELZER, Adam, Jan. 23, 1853-Nov. 28, 1920
SCHMELZER, Anna Mary, Jan. 4, 1860-Apr. 4, 1939
SCHMELZER, Charles, Jan. 31, 1901-May 5, 1917
SCHMIDT, George A., 1896-1966, (same stone as Margaret A.)
SCHMIDT, George, 1854-1931
SCHMIDT, Magdalena, 1857-1932
SCHMIDT, Margaret A., 1895-1977, (same stone as George A.)
SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth, 1853 - 1928, Mother
SCHNEIDER, John, 1851 - 1910, Father, (same stone as Elizabeth)
SCHOLTZ, Elis., 1907-1913? (worn)
SCHOLTZ, Elizabeth M., 1904-1905
SCHOLTZ, Elizabeth, 1913-1995, bronze
SCHOLTZ, Herman, 1878-1936, (same stone as Johanna)
SCHOLTZ, Johanna, 1882-1950, (same stone as Herman)
SCHOLTZ, Mary, 1883-1918, (same stone as Paul)
SCHOLTZ, Paul H., 1912-1975
SCHOLTZ, Paul, 1876-1949, (same stone as Mary)
SCHOONE, Elmira, 1912-1938
SCHOONE, Gustave D., 1883-1961, (same stone as Margaret)
SCHOONE, June C., 1923-1985
SCHOONE, Margaret, 1893-1961, (same stone as Gustave D.)
SCHOTTENHEIMER, Connie, 1862-1947, (same stone as John B.)
SCHOTTENHEIMER, Edward, 1899-1920
SCHOTTENHEIMER, Ferdinand, 1857-1927, Husband of Marie
SCHOTTENSIMERR, John, d: 1913, 75yrs.
SCHOTTENHEIMER, John B., 1868-1917, (same stone as Connie)
SCHOTTENHEIMER, Marie, 1860-1927, Wife of Ferdinand
SCHOTTENHEIMER, Marie, 1900-1930
SCHOTTENSIMERR, Therisia, d: Nov. 3, 1904, 54yrs.
SCHWICKERT, Elizabeth, 1858 - 1945
SCHWICKERT, John, 1853 - 1915
SEGRIFF, Annabelle M., (no dates), (same stone as Thomas L.), bronze
SEGRIFF, Thomas L., 1914-1978, (same stone as Annabelle M.), bronze
SEVERIN, Anna, 1882-1950
SEVERIN, William, 1880-1931
SEYERIN, Christina, Nov. 5, 1844 - Dec. 12, 1911, Mutter
SEYERIN, Johann, Nov. 25, 1843 - Feb. 7, 1916, Vater
SHEARER, Martha R., 1891-1977, bronze
SHERMAN, Edward H., Sep. 1, 1925-????, USN WWII
SHERMAN, John L., Jan. 25, 1908-July 28, 1966, Son, (same stone as Rose R.)
SHERMAN, Rose R., Mar. 25, 1884-Mar. 17, 1976, Mother, (same stone as John L.)
SHUTAK, Bernice B., (no dates), (same stone as John J.)
SHUTAK, John J., (no dates), (same stone as Bernice B.)
SIMMERS, Genevieve, 1914-1989
SIMMERS, Walter E., (no dates)
SLATER, Eugene W., 1918-1982, (same stone as Margaret M.), bronze
SLATER, Margaret M., (no dates), (same stone as Eugene W.), bronze
SOENTGEN, Bernard, Mar. 21, 1867-Feb. 5, 1944
SOENTGEN, Bernard, May 7, 1915-Apr. 7, 1916
SOENTGEN, Gertrude L., Nov. 9, 1920-Feb. 28, 1971
SOENTGEN, Gertrude, Jun. 3, 1881-May 4, 1976
SOENTGEN, Lucille, Oct. 6, 1922-Mar. 3, 1926
STEURER, Rev. Chas., 1835-1918, C.S.Sp.
STOFFEL, Gertrude, 1898-1985, (same stone as John J.)
STOFFEL, John J., 1893-1960, (same stone as Gertrude)
STOFFELS, Bernard, 1858-1938, Father, (same stone as Regina)
STOFFELS, Regina, 1858-1929, Mother, (same stone as Bernard)
STROBEL, Anna, 1904-1956, Mother
SUPIK, Debra, Dec. 1, 1953-May 22, 1954
SUPIK, Rudolph A., 1931-1988, (same stone as S. Maxine)
SUPIK, S. Maxine, (no dates), (same stone as Rudolph A.)
SUSA, Emma L., (no dates), bronze
SUSA, Francis C., 1910-1995, bronze
TARABA, Maria, Mar. 22, 1903-Maja 5, 1907
TATON, B. Huberta, 1921-1961
TATON, Frederick J., 1889-1946, (same stone as Nellie)
TATON, Nellie, (no dates), (same stone as Frederick J.)
THEUERL, George F., 1873-1930
THIMONS, Anna M., 1906-1963, (same stone as Louis J.)
THIMONS, Anna Mae, (no dates), (same stone as Edward A.), bronze
THIMONS, Arnold J., 1893-1955, (same stone as Mary C.)
THIMONS, Arnold, 1866-1940, Father, (same stone as Christina)
THIMONS, Christina, 1865-1922, Mother, (same stone as Arnold)
THIMONS, Edna A., 1897-1965, Babies Jean & Valjean FERNEY, 1939, bronze
THIMONS, Edward A., (no dates), (same stone as Anna Mae), bronze
THIMONS, Frank, Jun. 15, 1913-Sep. 3, 1967, T/Sgt 3121 St Signal SV Co Aus. Enl. Dec. 6, 1943, Disc. Apr. 4, 1946
THIMONS, Gertrude, 1892-1918
THIMONS, John A., 1917-1927, Son, (same stone as Theodore A.), bronze
THIMONS, Kathleen, 1934-1935
THIMONS, Leonard, 1905 - 1972
THIMONS, Louis J., 1901-1972, (same stone as Anna M.)
THIMONS, Louis L., Jun. 15, 1924-Aug. 19, 1957, PA Cpl HQ BN5 Marine Div. WWII, bronze
THIMONS, Margaret J., 1898-1981
THIMONS, Marie E., 1912-1983, (metal marker)
THIMONS, Mary C., 1895-1979, (same stone as Arnold J.)
THIMONS, Mathias N., 1887-1944
THIMONS, Scott Edward, Jun. 1, 1970-Oct. 20, 1976, bronze
THIMONS, Theodore A., 1895-1945, Father, (same stone as John A.), bronze
TIMDURE, Anna, Nov.-Oct. 4, 1908 (worn)
TONK, Charles F., 1891-1947
TONK, Mary T., 1887-1982
TRUVER, Mary, 1879-1946, (nee HOFFMAN)
VACCARO, Ann C., (no dates), (same stone as Thomas F.), bronze
VACCARO, Thomas F., (no dates), (same stone as Ann C.), bronze
VALASEK, Fero, Aug. 12, 1907-July 2, 1908
VALASEK, Pavlina, Sep. 6, 1905-Mar. 11, 1906
VAN DE BEUKEN, Leonard, 1860-1928, Father
VAN DE BUEKEN, Catherine, Juni 18, 1856-Dez. 11, 1903, (nee KLEER)
VENTORINI, Frank A., May 12, 1913-Dec. 6, 1974, Pfc USA WWII, bronze
VINCOLO, Mary Louise, (no dates), (same stone as Matteo), bronze
VINCOLO, Matteo, 1930-1988, (same stone as Mary Louise), bronze
WAHL, Eheleute, 1915, Parents, Frank & Catharina
WALDECK, Frederick C., 1969-1987, photo
WALKER, Ann T., Jun. 26, 1916-Apr. 26, 1998
WALTENBAUGH, Barbera E., 1895-1981, (same stone as Samuel J.)
WALTENBAUGH, Richard J., 1921-1974, PFC USA, bronze
WALTENBAUGH, Samuel J., 1891-1970, (same stone as Barbera E.)
WEBER, Christine, 1893-1967
WEBER, Herbert, 1927-1946
WEBER, Hubert, 1886-1962
WEBER, Hubertina, 1851-1921
WEBER, Ignatz, 1844-1916
WEISENBACH, Henry, D.D.S., 1913-1965, Father, PA Capt 455 AAA Wing Bn CAC WWII
WEISENBACH, Rita B., 1907-1962, Mother, Wife of Henry, (nee GIBSON)
WEISS, Gertrude, 1859-1954, (same stone as Nicholas)
WEISS, Nicholas, 1848-1924, (same stone as Gertrude)
WELLS, Joan M., (no dates), (same stone as Robert M.), bronze
WELLS, Robert M., (no dates), (same stone as Joan M.), bronze
WIEDL, Joseph, 1876-1918, Father
WIESENBACH, Anna, 1879-1939, Sister
WIESENBACH, John, 1874-1944, (same stone as Rosalia)
WIESENBACH, Rosalia, 1876-1942, (same stone as John)
WIESENBACHER, ????? Nov. 25, 1850 - Sep. 10, 1904, Mutter
WIESENBACHER, George, Apr. 20, 1846 - APR. 30, 1904, Vater
WIESENBAUGH, John F., Feb. 8, 1905-Apr. 26, 1965
WILLIAMSON, David Perry, 1894-1937, WW Vet 1917-1919, (same stone as Nettie C.)
WILLIAMSON, Neggie C., 1894-1988, (same stone as David Perry)
WOLFE, Vivian, (no dates), (same stone as Stephen J. Durkac)
WOLFFINGTON, Frances, 1890-1942
YEASTED, Alfred J., 1903-1978, (same stone as Gladys M.), bronze
YEASTED, Gladys M., 1909-1994, (same stone as Alfred J.), bronze
YEASTED, L. T. Jr., Nov. 5, 1951-Nov. 12, 1951 (infant), (small metal marker)
YOUNG, Catherine H., 1911-1989, bronze
YUSSAN, William, Jan. 19, 1869-Dec. 31, 1926
ZACK, Ann Catherine, (no dates), (same stone as Steven)
ZACK, Steven, 1912-1971, Vet, (same stone as Ann Catherine)
ZIOMEK, Catherine A.
(Scholtz), 1903-1988
ZIOMEK, Joseph M., 1906-1995
Ziomek, Mary Catherine, 9/23/1936 - 9/23/1936, d/o Joseph M. & Catharine A. (Scholtz), unmarked, buried on the graves of Paul and Mary Scholtz, (JZ)
Ziomek, Robert Francis, 9/23//1936 - 12/19/1936, s/o Joseph M. & Catharine A. (Scholtz), unmarked, buried on the graves of Paul and Mary Scholtz, (JZ)
?????, Josephine, May, ????-Aug. 23 ???? (worn)
?YDRA?, Stefani, 1903-1905

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