Rosewood Cemetery, Ridgeville, PA (Butler Co.)

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Rosewood Cemetery Inscriptions
Branchton Road,
Ridgeville, PA
(Washington Twp., Butler County)

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========================================================================== I hope these are helpful to someone. This cemetery has about 150 tombstones. -- Marilyn Blair. ========================================================================== ROSEWOOD CEMETERY BRANCHTON RD, WASHINGTON TWP, BUTLER CO RIDGEVILLE PA (Contributed by Marilyn Blair, [email protected]) ========================================================================== ALBERT GLENN McCRACKEN 1927-1980, PVT US ARMY KOREA DAYNE McCRACKEN 1926-1978, US ARMY WWII VIOLA McCRACKEN 1935 JOHN E EARLY 1891-1974, PVT US ARMY WW1 ROBERT JAMES EARLY JR 1922-1997, US ARMY WWII GENEVIEVE L EARLY 1927- WANDA EARLY GIBSON 1949-1991 DANIEL T ANDERSON 1959-1979 CHARLES E ANDERSON 1915-1983 MARGARET S ANDERSON 1931-1995 DANA R EARLY , SR 1924- 2001 (THIS ONE HAS AN INTERESTING INSCRIPTION:) "DEATH BY THE HANDS OF UNLICENSED INDIAN DOCTORS" M PETE McCRACKEN 1923-1988, US NAVY WWII SHAWNA R McCRACKEN 1978-1978 MARION E McCRACKEN, JR 1957-1960 GEORGE M EARLY 1859-1937 WILBERT EARLY 1912- 1918 LIZZIE EARLY 1864-1918 (WOODEN) JOHN A McCRACKEN 1874-1937 ELNORA M McCRACKEN 1873- 1955 WILLIAM A McCRACKEN 1903- 1927 EDNA M McCRACKEN 1903- 1971 ==========================================================================

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