Puckety Up Cemetery, Lower Burrell, PA, Contributed Information

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    Puckety UP Cemetery
(Incorporated date not submitted)
Lower Burrell,  PA

(Westmoreland County)

Posted: Nov 15,2002 Last Update: January 16, 2009

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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
ANDERSON, James A d. Jan13, 1853 aged 2y 6m 11d son of J.H. & J. ANDERSON, (LM)
ANDERSON, James d. Apr 22, 1830 aged 60 y, (LM)
ANDERSON, Margaret d. Aug 24, 1867 aged 83y, (LM)
ANDERSON, Lovine d. Nov 1824 aged 2y, (LM)
ANDERSON, Matilda d. July 21, 1845 in 21st y, (LM)
ANDERSON, Fanny d. Aug 11, 1836 aged 23y, (LM)
ANDERSON, John C. d. Oct 11, 1836 aged 5y 6m 29d son of J. & A. ANDERSON, (LM)
ANDERSON, (infant) Dec. 4, 1853 - June 14, 1863 son of J & A. ANDERSON, (LM)
ANDERSON, Matthew m. d. Aug 26, 1862 aged 3y 3m 11d son of J. & A. Anderson, (LM)
ARTMAN, Andrew Nov. 11, 1803 - Dec 27, 1845 aged 42y 1m 16d, (LM)
ARTMAN, Elizabeth Dec 25, 1808 - June 11, 1836 aged 69y 15m, 17d widow of Andrew Artman, (LM)
ASHBAUGH, Adam d. May 10, 1842 aged 48y 10d, (LM)
BAXTER, Robert 1804 - 1886, (LM)
BAXTER, Elizabeth 1796 - 1885, (LM)
BEALE, Madison Oct 24, 1810 - July 14, 1894, (LM)
BEALE, Mary J. Jun 22, 1810 - Feb 15, 1890 wife of Madison BEALE, (LM)
BELL, Nannie E. d. Oct 29, 1881 in the 15th y dau of Dr. JW & Jennie BELL, (LM)
BENNETT, Moses d. Feb 4, 1852 in 64th y, (LM)
BENNETT, Mary May 9, 1795 - Feb 6, 1880 wife of Moses Bennett, (LM)
BENNETT, James Jan 11, 1816 - May 20, 1842, (LM)
BENNINGER, John, Jan 18, 1833 - July 29, 1905 aged 72y, (LM)
BENNINGER, Lucinda Sep 16, 1841 - Sep 4, 1895 aged 54y wife of John Benninger, (LM)
BRISBIN, Arthur d. Nov 18, 1846 aged 61y, (LM)
BYERLY, Lydia Ann Mar 11, 1823 - July 6, 1859 wife of Lewis Byerly, (LM)
CALHOUN, Harvey Johnston d. Jan 23, 1877 aged 4m 8d infant son of B.L. & M.N. CALHOUN, (LM)
CLEMENTS, Anneliza  w/o Robert Clements  d. June 15, 1869, (MB)
CLEMENTS, Annie M  b. Sept 28, 1861  d. Oct 6, 1887
, (MB)
CLEMENTS, Infant d. May 16, 1853 aged 2 mos,16 days;daughter of B & AE Clements, (MB)
CLEMENTS, Rachele  b. Nov 14, 1855  d. July 13, 1894, (MB)
CLEMENTS, Robert  d Sept 7, 1885 aged 61 yr 8 mos & 15 days; Member of Co H 6th Penn Heavy Artillery, (MB)
COCHRAN, John 1802 - 1860, (LM)
COCHRAN, Elizabeth 1811 - 1897 wife of John Cochran, (LM)
COOPER, Emma J. d. May1, 1861 aged 4y 9m 21d dau of Wm. & Esther Cooper, (LM)
COWAN, Eliza   w/o Charles W Cowan  d. July 22, 1869 in the 40th yr of her age
, (MB)
CROOKS, Robert Oct 20, 1811 - Apr 10, 1895, (LM)
CROOKS, Euphemias D. Apr 8, 1826 - May 29, 1869 wife of Robert Crooks, (LM)
CROOKS, William (no stone, served in Revolutionary War), (LM)

(LM) = Laura Mason (via USGenWeb)
(MB) = Marilyn Blair ([email protected])

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