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Mt. Nebo Cemetery
(Mt. Nebo U.P. Church)
Mt. Nebo Rd., PA

This cemetery is administered by: Mt. Nebo United Presbyterian Church
1828 Roosevelt Road, Sewickley, PA 15143
(412) 787-0256

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Last Update: October 21, 2009


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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)

AARON, Florence, 1879-1933, Wife
ANDERSON, Amelia S., 1844-1874, same stone as Mary A.
ANDERSON, Bartlett J., 1906-1908
ANDERSON, George W., 1863-1913
ANDERSON, Harry A., 1874-1966
ANDERSON, James, 1839-1914
ANDERSON, Mary A., 1869-1875, same stone as Amelia S.
ANDERSON, Ruth A., 1903-1992
ANDERSON, Wilhelmina, 1881-1977
ANSTICE, John, d. May 6, 1841, "Of Somerset England"
ARENT, Minnie [see POLLOCK]
BAIRD, Donald Moe, 1933-1980, Pfc. US Army, Korea
BOND, Charles A., 1849-1919, Father, same stone as Clarissa RICHEY
BOND, Clarissa RICHEY, 1857-1917, Mother, same stone as Charles A. BOND
BOND, Clyde P., 1884-1962, Husband, same stone as Della E. SMITH
BOND, Della E. SMITH, 1891-1951, Wife, same stone as Clyde P.
BOND, Jessie V. [see ESHENBAUGH]
BOND, Odes C., 1876-1894, Son
CALHOUN, William H., d. Jul 13, 1911, age 59
CHAKEY, George J. Jr., Feb 27, 1931-Dec 11, 1972, PA. Pfc. US Army, Korea
CRAIG, Gordon A., Oct 27, 1956-Jun 14, 1982, Son & Brother, same stone as William and Mary GRUBBS CRAIG
Craig, Mary Grubbs, 28 June 1913 - 02 Nov 1986, wife & mother, (RB)
CRAIG, William, Apr 4, 1911-Oct 11, 1996, Husband & Father, same stone as Gordon A. CRAIG and Mary GRUBBS CRAIG
CRAWFORD, Letecia, d. Jul 1840, next to John ANSTICE
Crees, Elizabeth, 1821 - 1906, (RB)
Dawson, James A., died 06 Dec 1862, aged 30 years, (RB)
DILEY, Helen nee DUNLOP, 1922-1999, Wife
DILEY, Raymond M., 1900-1971, Father, same stone as Ruth WALL
DILEY, Ruth, nee WALL, 1901-1986, Mother, same stone as Raymond M. DILEY
Duff, Hugh, died 28 July 1864, aged 72 years, 10 months & 22 days, (RB)
EICHER, H., no dates
EICHER, J., no dates
ESHENBAUGH, Jessie V. BOND, 1878-1966, Wife, same stone as Thos. H.
ESHENBAUGH, Rhoda Mae, 1921-1973, Mother, same stone as Thomas K.
ESHENBAUGH, Thomas K., 1910-1999, Father, same stone as Rhoda Mae
ESHENBAUGH, Thos. H., 1876-1957, Husband, same stone as Jessie V. BOND
GEORGE, Adda M., 1869-1935, same stone as David, Mina & Walter
GEORGE, David, 1843-1930, same stone as Adda, Mina & Walter
GEORGE, Mina E., 1902-1990, same stone as Adda, David & Walter
GEORGE, Walter D., 1895-1966, same stone as Adda, Mina & David
Gilleland, Andrew, died 15 Aug. 1876 in the 58 year of his age, (RB)
Gilleland, John, who departed this life 09 October 1841, aged 30 years, (RB)
GILLELAND, John C., 1872-1920, Same stone as Rosetta
GILLELAND, Rosetta, 1880-1949, Wife, same stone as John C.
GRAIG, Mary GRUBBS, Jun 28, 1813-Nov 2, 1986, Wife & Mother, same stone as Wm. & Gordon A. CRAIG
GROVE, I.C., d. 1934(?), worn
GRUBBS, Ella J. [see McCREA]
GRUBBS, Emma S., 1887-1920, Wife of Walter N.
GRUBBS, Florence WRIGHT, 1883-1962, Wife of James Gilbert GRUBBS, same stone as James G.
GRUBBS, James Gilbert, 1872-1953, same stone as Florence WRIGHT
GRUBBS, Margaret C., 1914-1995, Sister & Aunt
GRUBBS, Mary [see CRAIG]
GRUBBS, Ruth E., 1916-1926, same stone as Emma S. & Ruth E.
GRUBBS, Walter N., 1883-1920, same stone as Emma S. & Ruth E.
HOHMANN, Conrad, Jul 20, 1881-Apr 30, 1886
HOHMANN, J. Henry, 1853-1931, Father, same stone as M. Rosine HOHMANN
HOHMANN, J. Martin, May 30, 1877-Mar 1, 1886
HOHMANN, Lena, Sep 15, 1883-Feb 24, 1886
HOHMANN, M. Rosine, 1852-1925, Mother, same stone as J. Henry HOHMANN
Hood, Martha, who departed this life 09 Sept 1848, in the 67th year of her age, (RB)
Hood, Mary, died 01 May 1865, aged 54 years & ?, (RB)
JOHNSON, Floyd Wayne, 1898-1995, Pfc. US Army, WW I veteran
JOHNSTON, Bessie, Dec 4, 1905-Nov 8, 1966
KARL, John P., 1823-1909, Husband
KARL, Mary J., 1839-1923, Wife
KARL, Sarah, died 1870(?), Wife of John P. KARL, Aged 34 years, also 3 small stones next to her, James, Emma, and one completely unreadable
KENNEDY, William, Oct 22, 1926(?) or 1826(?), Co. E. 67th ___ Art., worn
LAKE, Anna M., 1880-1934
LANGHURST, Nancy D., 1933-1975, Mother
LAWRENCE, Gertrude, 1889-1967, same stone as Frank & Sadie TAYLOR
LAWRENCE, Lydia M., 1913-1925, Daughter
Logan, Polly, who died 12 January 1847, (RB)
McADAMS, Ida Ruth, 1913-1995
McADAMS, William F., 1909-1980, same stone as Ida Ruth
McClinton, Robert, died 30 June 1874, in the 77 year of his age, (RB)
McCREA, Birdie E., 1899-1980, same stone as Wm. F.
McCREA, Clara G., 1863-1939, same stone as Wm. M.
McCREA, Ella J. GRUBBS, 1865-1917, Wife of Wm. McCREA
McCrea, Ida Jane, 1862 - 1914, mother, (RB)
McCREA, Ida RICHEY, 1869-1935, Wife of John Thomas McCREA, same stone as John Thomas
McCREA, John Thomas, 1863-1948, same stone as Ida RICHEY
McCREA, William F., 1900-1954, same stone as Birdie E.
McCREA, William M., 1867-1934, same stone as Clara G.
McDonald, Elizabeth, wife of John McDonald, died ?, (RB)
McDonald, Emily R., 24 Nov 1842 - 10 Dec 1908, mother, (RB)
McDonald, James, 22 June 1837 - 24 Nov 1915, father, (RB)
McDonald, John, native of ?, Scotland, died 23 July ?, in the 83 year of his age, (RB)
McDonald, Thomas, son of John & Elizabeth McDonald, died 01 Nov 1857, aged 29 years, 7 months and 25 days, (RB)
McMaster, Mary, died 23 July 1853, aged 53 years, (RB)
McMaster, Thomas, died 15 July 1858, aged 62 years, (RB)
MILLER, Ella M., Jul 30, 1873-Nov 19, 1893, Wife of Charles A. MILLER, same stone as Elmer J. MILLER
MILLER, Elmer J., Oct 4, 1892-Dec 27, 1892, Son of C.A. & E.M. MILLER, same stone as Ella M. MILLER
Miller, Susan, wife of Alexander Miller, died 31 July 1879, aged 77 years, 11 months and 13 days, (RB)
Morrison, Mary, wife of Wm. Morrison, died 01 Jan 1872, in her 75 year, (RB)
Morrison, Samuel, born 18 July 1839, died 21 July 1881, (RB)
Morrison, William, born 03 May 1797, died 12 Jan 1882, (RB)
Morrow, Elizabeth, wife of John Morrow, died 15 Mar 1843, aged 67 years, (RB)
Morrow, John, died 12 Jan 1858, aged 77 years, (RB)
POLLOCK, Earnest, 1898-1954, Father, same stone as Lillian M.
POLLOCK, Lillian M., 1904-1942, Mother, same stone as Earnest
POLLOCK, Minnie ARENT, Nov 5, 1899-Jun 10, 1984, same stone as Robert
POLLOCK, Robert J., Jul 18, 1896-May 17, 1984, F 2 US Navy, same stone as Minnie ARENT
RICHEY, Andrew S., d. Apr 6, 1894, age 19 years, 6 mos. & 24 days
RICHEY, Anna Elizabeth, 1878-1950, Mother, same stone as Clarence F.
RICHEY, Catharine, d. 1876, age 63, Wife of John I., same stone as Jane I.
RICHEY, Clarence E., 1873-1944, Father, same stone as Anna Eliz.
RICHEY, Emma, Daughter of Patterson & Margaret RICHEY, unreadable
RICHEY, Ida [see McCREA]
RICHEY, Infant Daughter, unreadable, next to John & Jane RICHEY
RICHEY, Jane I., d. 1881, age 63, same stone as Catharine
RICHEY, Jane R., 1849-1921, Wife of John H., same stone as John H.
RICHEY, Jennie, 1846-1916, Daughter, same stone as Patterson & Mgt. G. RICHEY
RICHEY, John H., 1841-1930, same stone as Jane R.
RICHEY, Margaret G., 1821-1889, Mother, same stone as Patterson & Jennie
RICHEY, Margaret, 1853-1928, Wife, same stone as Thomas G.
RICHEY, Mary Jane, Aug 5, 1846-Mar 30, 1898
RICHEY, Mary, unreadable, and one other unreadable
RICHEY, Melva G., 1903-1980, same stone as Wilbert K.
RICHEY, Patterson, 1820-1894, Father, same stone as Mgt. G. & Jennie
RICHEY, Sarah, d. Dec 6, 1857, age 81(?), Wife of Isaac, & 3 unreadable infant graves next to her
RICHEY, Thomas G., 1848-1923, same stone as Mgt.
RICHEY, Wilbert K., 1902-1982, same stone as Melva G.
RITCHIE, Isaac, Mar 4, 1816-Aug 2, 1896
RITCHIE, Mary, d. 1856, age 60(?), Wife of Isaac, and 2 unreadable, dd Aug 3, 1883(?) and born July 1883(?) (I believe they may be 2 infants)
SAMPLE, John, Dec 5, 1836-May 11, 1923
SAMPLE, Martha J., Jun 16, 1842-Oct 27, 1907
SAMPLE, William T., Aug 21, 1863-Jul 6, 1882
SCHNEIDER, J. Milton, 1909-1921
SCHNEIDER, Margaret J., 1879-1950
SHOUP, Earl I., 1908-1987, Uncle, same stone as Grace E.
SHOUP, Elizabell WILLOUGHBY, Oct 1886-Jul 19, 1939, Sister of Sarah, same stone as Henry SHOUP
SHOUP, George, Dec 22, 1862-May 24, 1922, same stone as Sarah
SHOUP, Grace E., 1911-1978, Grandmother, same stone as Earl I.
SHOUP, Harry, 6 years, died of Typhoid, Son of Eliza & Henry
SHOUP, Henry, Mar 30, 1921, Brother of George, same stone as Elizabell WILLOUGHBY
SHOUP, Minnie J. BARR, First Wife of Henry SHOUP, no dates
SHOUP, Sarah, Jun 21, 1884-Dec 4, 1960, same stone as George
SHOUP, unreadable first name, d. Apr 26, 1879, Son of Philip & Maria (next to SARVER plot)
Simpson, Elizabeth, wife of John Simpson, died 30 Dec 1887, in the 70 year of her age, (RB)
Simpson, Milton, son of John & Elizabeth Simpson, died 21 Nov 1855, aged 13 years, 8 months and 3 days, (RB)
SLAVIN, Sybil BECHTLE, 1894-1960, Mother
SMITH, Della E. [see BOND]
SMITH, Donald D., Aug 18, 1897-Dec 8, 1945, Cpl. 468th Engrs., Enlisted Aug 10, 1918, Discharged Mar 26, 1919
SOBON, Adolph P., Feb 1, 1920-Nov 9, 2001, Father, same stone as Ellen DILEY
SOBON, Alice M., 1921-1996, Daughter, same stone as Andrew G. & Anna H.
SOBON, Andrew G., 1889-1968, Father, same stone as Anna H. & Alice M.
SOBON, Anna H., 1896-1971, Mother, same stone as Andrew G. & Alice M.
SOBON, Ellen, nee DILEY, no dates, Mother, same stone as Adolph P. SOBON
SPROTT, Jack W., Sep 19, 1912-Jan 8, 1976, Pfc. US Army, WW II veteran
STAUFFER, Emma E., 1847-1915
STAUFFER, Isla, 1886-1916, Sister
STAUFFER, Laura C., d. Dec 6, 1898(?), aged 26 years, Daughter of W. & E.
STAUFFER, William H., Oct 18, 1845-Jul 24, 1917, Pvt. Co. G. 6 Penn. Arty.
STUART, Mildred E., 1905-1931, same stone as Milton H.
STUART, Milton H., 1903-1904, same stone as Mildred E.
SWEITZER, Margaret CALHOUN, no dates
TAYLOR, Frank, 1867-1939, same stone as Sadie TAYLOR & Gertrude LAWRENCE
TAYLOR, Sadie, 1867-1948, same stone as Frank TAYLOR & Gertrude LAWRENCE
THOMPSON, Bessie M., 1893-1988, Mother, same stone as Eugene E.
THOMPSON, Eugene E., 1892-1962, Father, same stone as Bessie M.
WRIGHT, Adella, 1877-1879, same stone as James, Sarah & Walton
Wright, Baxter B., born 09 Aug 1870, died 26 Oct 1897, (RB)
WRIGHT, Florence [see GRUBBS]
WRIGHT, Hallie Etta, dates unreadable, age 7 years, Daughter of James & Sarah
WRIGHT, James N., d. Oct 25, 1915(?), Co. I(?) 6th PA. VOL.
WRIGHT, James, 1845-1919, same stone as Walton, Sarah & Adella
WRIGHT, John Francis, 1857-1926
WRIGHT, Sarah, 1847-1924, same stone as James, Walton & Adella
WRIGHT, Walton, 1871-1895, same stone as James, Sarah & Adella
ZEDER, Margaret K., 1873-1969, Mother, same stone as Marie M.
ZEDER, Marie M., 1896-1979, Daughter, same stone as Margaret K.

Additional Contributors:
(RB) = Rich Boyer


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