Mates-Linhart Family Cemetery

Tombstone Inscriptions from the
Harrison Road
Churchill, Pennsylvania

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Mates-Linhart Cemetery
Harrison Road
Churchill, Pennsylvania
Recorded, Copyrighted and Contributed
by Mary Ellen Smith, [email protected]


This cemetery has undergone a historical restoration project and a plaque
is present for the years 1776 to 1976. The apparent purpose for this
cemetery was for the Mates and Linhart families. The following article was
clipped from a local Pittsburgh area newspaper prior to Memorial Day 2000:

The tiny cemetery is on a hillside on Harrison Road, just down the hill
from the Churchill Cemetery, a sprawling memorial that sits on Churchill

For years, the site was neglected with overgrown weeds and hanging branches
shielding the graves like a large blanket. Poison ivy wrapped the chain-line
fence that borders the site, and the hillside had begun to erode.

In 1976, there were efforts to spruce up the site. For the bicentennial
celebration, the Century Club donated a plaque, which remains at the entrance.
Forty-three people are buried on the grounds, including veterans of the
Revolutionary War.

Some of the headstones are identifiable, the names and craftsmanship
remaining intact. Others are just smooth-covered concrete blocks bulging
from the earth as reminders of a forgotten past.

That past began largely with the Linhart family, German immigrants who
settled along the areas between Thompson and Chalfant runs. The cemetery
was opened in 1775 and predates the establishment of Wilkins as a township
in 1821.

Many of the headstones in this very small cemetery were unreadable. The
stones were no more than one inch thick and very weathered. One of the
headstones had the initials I.M. and 1775 on it. Another had no name but
the date 9-23-1838 was readable.

To reach the cemetery, travel on Churchill Rd. to its intersection with
Harrison Rd. at the large Churchill Cemetery. Proceed down the hill to
the second stop sign - Paterson St. You will have to park on Paterson and
continue to the cemetery on foot by traveling on down Harrison Rd. to a
narrow concrete walkway going uphill to the gate of the chain-link fence.
The gate was not locked when I visited and I suppose it is unlocked all of
the time. Please be sure the gate is securely closed when you leave if you
visit the site.

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Last Update: May 13, 2002
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
Harmon, William A. - 10-14-1854/5-2-1860
Hawk, Julia Ann - d. 7-20-1870 94 yo. w/o Michael Linhart, (Source: [email protected])
Hermann, Johann - Unreadable. Small adjacent headstone has initials J.H.
Linhart, Christian, d. 8/16/1839 - 21 yo (photo) (s/o Julia Ann Hawk & Michael Linhart), (Source: [email protected]) Linheart, Christopher (Christian, Sr.) 1722-4/15/1810, (Source: [email protected])
Linheart, Mary (Anna Maria Heindler) 1740-2/9/1827
(w/o Christian, Sr.), (Source: [email protected])
Linhart, Michael 1/10/1770-10/31/1818 (unmarked/footstone marked "M.L."), (Source: [email protected])
Linhart, Peter 3/17/1805-4/18/1878 (unreadable), s/o John Adam & Sally (Maria Sarah) Baughman Linhart; h/o Margaret Brown, (Source: [email protected])
Linhart, Samuel (unreadable), Abt 1784-1831, s/o Christian, Sr. and Mary, (Source: [email protected])
Mates, Elizabeth Linhart - 1847/1932 Mother
Mates, George W. - 1866/1939 Brother
Mates, James Clubine - 1838/1898 Father
Mates, James Henry - 1868/1914 Brother
Mates, John Martin - 1882/1884 Brother
Miller, John R. - 8-4-1872/4-21-1947 h/o Stella M.
(Pvt. Co. D, 10th PVI, Spanish War Veteran 5-12-1898/12-11-1898)
Mates, Lillian L. - 1889/1973 Sister
Mates, Mary (Linhart) 12/6/1774-6/28/1861, Aged 80, w/o John, Sr., m: 1802, (Source: [email protected])
Miller, Stella Mates - 3-28-1878/2-5-1948 w/o John R.
Moury, I(saac/Isaiah?) (I.M. 775)(photo), First burial in this cemetery, (Source: [email protected])
Richard, Elizabeth S. - 1894/1943
Richard, Frank A. - 1892/1948 Brother; Member of Turtle Creek Fire Dept.
Richard, James S. - 1896/1967 h/o Ruth B.
Richard, Mary Mates - 1870/1942 Mother
Richard, Ruth B. - 1903/1994 w/o James S.
Richard, Schuyler C. - 1869/1933 Father
Riley, Anna Mary - d. 6-?-1870 ? mo. old
Taylor, Anna Mates - 1874/1962 Mother
Taylor, Harold B. - 1877/1960 Father
Taylor, Lura Carr - 1903/1992 w/o Thomas M.
Taylor, Thomas Mates - 1903/1979 h/o Lura C.
Wilson, Barbery - dates unreadable

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