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Jefferson Memorial Park Cemetery
Pleasant Hills, PA


(Photo courtesy of Bill Bodkin)

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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
AUGENSTEIN, Frank J., 1916-1994, s/s Thelma, Garden of Last Supper
, (photo), (C&MB)
AUGUNSTEIN, Thelma H., 1915-1997, s/s Frank, Garden of Last Supper
, (photo), (C&MB)
BARGHAUSEN, Linda 1881-1958, Section 7, Lot 251D, Wife (maiden name is Newbury - previous marriages to Colebourn & Ferry), (MWL)
BARGHAUSEN, Louis H 1879-1959, Section 7, Lot 251D, (MWL)
BARRICKMAN, Elizabeth Lucinda, Mar. 28, 1881 / abt: July 23, 1945, (obit below), (BM)
BATTERTON, Grazella M., 1902-1967, (photo), (C&MB)
BATTERTON, Robert W., Dec. 15, 1929 / Sep. 23, 2001, PFC USMC Korea
, (photo), (C&MB)
BAUER, Elmer J., 1900-1978, s/s Josephine M., (photo), (BB2)
BAUER, Harold E., 1926-1992, TEC5 USA WWII, (photo), (BB2)
BAUER, Josephine M., 1901-1977, s/s Elmer, (photo), (BB2)
BELL, Catherine R., 1905-1977, s/s James G., (photo), (BB2)
BELL, David, 1900-1976, s/s Edith R., (photo), (BB2)
BELL, Earl W., 1894-1976, s/s Susan E., (photo), (BB2)
BELL, Edith R., 1904-1996, s/s David, (photo), (BB2)
BELL, James G., 1905-1977, s/s Catherine R., (photo), (BB2)
BELL, Susan E., 1896-1988, s/s Earl W., (photo), (BB2)
BRAZIELL, Miriam L., 1894-1958, s/s William, Garden of the Last Supper
, (photo), (C&MB)
BRAZIELL, William M., 1892-1959, s/s Miriam, Garden of the Last Supper
, (photo), (C&MB)
BRISACH, Gladys C., 1913-1990, s/s Robert P., (photo), (BB2)
BRISACH, Robert P., 1917-1985, s/s Gladys C., (photo), (BB2)
BROTHERS, Grace O., 1890-1941, s/s John, Garden of Meditation
, (photo), (C&MB)
BROTHERS, John A., 1890-1959, s/s Grace, Garden of Meditation
, (photo), (C&MB)
BROWN, Hilda L., 1894 - 1959, (bronze), (photo), (BB)
BROWN, John A., 1893 - 1969, (bronze), (photo), (BB)
BROWN, Malcolm V., Sep. 21, 1915 - July 7, 1994, S2, USN WWII, (bronze), (photo), (BB)
BUCKHOLT, Rose A., 1893-1969, Mother, (photo), (BB2)
CORACE, Arthur, b. 6-14-1916, d. 10-11-1969, (s/o Mary & Joseph Corace), (DG)
CORACE, Eleanor Hunter, b. 6-19-1915, d. 3-26-1978, (w/o Frank Milton Corace), (DG)
CORACE, Frank M., b. 1912, d. 8-14-1985, (s/o Mary & Joseph Corace), (DG)
CORACE, James E., b. 1-30-1920, d. 11-2-1996, (s/o Mary & Joseph Corace), (DG)
CORACE, Jean Bovers, b. 7-5-1921, d. 11-10-1984, (w/o James Emerson Corace), (DG)
CORACE, Joseph, b. 1878 (in Calabria, Italy), d. 10-22-1969, (DG)
CORACE, Joseph, b. 1910, d. 8-21-1944, (s/o Mary & Joseph Corace), (DG)
CORACE, Mary Armbruster b. 12-18-1885 (in Washington Co.), d. 1-19-1954, (DG)
COSTELLO, Ebba S., 1917-1996, s/s James, Garden of Meditation
, (photo), (C&MB)
COSTELLO, James A., 1915-1973, s/s Ebba, Garden of Meditation
, (photo), (C&MB)
COWHER, Clarence, b. 1-7-1918, d. 6-5-1987, (s/o Helen & Gerald Cowher), (DG)
DAELHOUSEN, John A., 1890-1948, s/s Mary
, East Lawn Garden, (photo), (C&MB)
DAELHOUSEN, Mary M., 1906-1993, s/s John
, East Lawn Garden, (photo), (C&MB)
DAWSON, Alberta Laverne, April 30, 1900 / January 1978, (PJ)
DAWSON, George Cleveland, June 17, 1918 / May 15, 1991, (PJ)
DAWSON, George Howard, March 6, 1893 / July 22, 1959, (PJ)
DESALVO, Dorothy Armbruster, b. 4-15-1896 (in Washington Co.), d. 1-21-1973 (mother-in-law of Raymond Tarker), (DG)
Ellington, Catherine Susan Double, June 13, 1916 / March 5, 1990, w/o Ralph Ellington, (MS)
Ellington, John Thomas, Nov 4, 1964 / Feb 19, 1964, h/o Maggie Desma Oiler, (MS)
Ellington, Maggie Desma Oiler, Sept 23, 1892 / Oct 30, 1963, w/o John Thomas Ellington, (MS)
Ellington, Ralph, Mar 8, 1915 / Nov 6, 1978, h/o Catherine Susan Double, (MS)
FANZO, Carmen, 1912-____, s/s Margaret A., (photo), (BB2)
FANZO, Margaret A., 1911-1975, s/s Carmen, (photo), (BB2)
FEDOR, Elizabeth ?., 1901-1991, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB2)
FEDOR, Michael?, 1881-1964, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BB2)
Fontanesi, Bruno, 4-1-1905 / 10-21-1980, (KR)
Fontanesi, Elizabeth, 10-26-1908 / 9-24-2007, (KR)
GALLIFORD, Helen Armbruster Cowher, b. 5-17-1899 (in Washington Co.), d. 12-15-1970, (DG)
GEHRING, Ada B., 1888-1934, s/s Harry J., (photo), (BB2)
GEHRING, Harry J., 1884-1963, s/s Ada B., (photo), (BB2)
GIESMAN, Anna M., 8/16/1916 -- 3/5/1995, w/o George A., Shady Lawn, Block 3, (cert.), (LG)
GIESMAN, George A., 9/26/1917 -- 9/3/1981, h/o Anna M., Shady Lawn, Block 3, (cert.), (LG)
GILLESPIE, Bob W. Jr., 1921-2006, s/s Gertrude
, (photo), (C&MB)
GILLESPIE, Bob, 1896-1978, s/s May
, (photo), (C&MB)
GILLESPIE, Eleanor Moone, Sep. 18, 1818 / Mar. 10, 1988
, (photo), (C&MB)
GILLESPIE, Gertrude H., 1920-1998, s/s Bob, (photo), (C&MB)
GILLESPIE, May E., 1898-1979, s/s Bob
, (photo), (C&MB)
GLASSER, Catherine DeSalvo b. 12-25-1921, d. 12-9-1962, (d/o Dorothy & Angelo DeSalvo), (DG)
GLASSER, Paul, b. 5-4-1915, d. 7-12-2001, (h/o Catherine DeSalvo), (DG)
HACKE, Ryan � b November 6, 1995 d January 13, 1997, (SC)
HANLON, Goldie Mae (ROSS) b. 30 Aug 1900, d. 1 Jun 1980, (SH)
HANLON, William C., b. 11/5/1883, d. 2/1/1970, (SH)
Hess, George Jr., 1910-1977, (Sec 42 Nativity Garden), (photo), (CZ)
Hess, Helen, 1914-1989, (Sec 42 Nativity Garden), (photo), (CZ)
JENNEVE, Anna L., 1923-2007, s/s George W., (photo), (BB2)
JENNEVE, Emma M., 1914-1978, s/s Theodore A., (photo), (BB2)
JENNEVE, George W., 1916-1999, s/s Anne L., (photo), (BB2)
JENNEVE, Theodore A., 1909-1978, s/s Emma M., (photo), (BB2)
JERIN, Elizabeth, 1906 / 1972, (PJ)
JERIN, Victor, 1900 / 1962, (PJ)
KASTEN, Raymond 1922 - 1978, (BK)
KASTEN, William C. 1890 - 1962 s/s Mary A. 1890 - 1975, (BK)
KASTEN, William D. 1915 - 1977 s/s Alice M. 1918-1995, (BK)
KELVINGTON, George Albert III, Sept. 22, 1929 / Nov. 19, 2004, (LK)
KICINSKI, Chester W., 1921-2005, (photo), (BB2)
KRAUS Joseph 1921 - 1994 s/s Marie A. 1924 - 2001 (d/o Wm. & Mary Reith Kasten), (BK)
KRAUS, William 1960 - 1999 (s/o Joseph & Marie Kraus), (BK)
Kreps, Clara S., Feb. 21, 1891 - Apr. 10, 1954, (Clara Sophia Kestner, w/o William E. Kreps), Lot 246, Sec. 3, (KDG)
Kreps, Robert A., b. Feb. 12, 1916, d. Oct. 9, 2000, Sec. 29, (KDG)
Kreps, William E., Jan 13, 1882 - June 21, 1977, (William Henry Edward Joseph Kreps, h/o Clara Kreps), Lot 246, Sec. 3, (KDG)
LABROSSE, Dorothea I., b. 1905, d. 12-18-1985, (d/o Mary & Joseph Corace), (DG)
LABROSSE, Edward, b. 1901, d. 4-16-1978, (h/o Dorothea Isabell Corace), (DG)
LATSHAW, Ross G., Feb. 3, 1882 / Aug. 23, 1964, PA 2D LT CO B 23 INF SP AM WAR, WWI-SS-PH
, (photo), (C&MB)
MAJORAS, Thomas A., 1947-1991, (photo), (C&MB)
Martinez, Emilio, Jan 9, 1915 / March 24, 1986, (cremated), (MS)
Martinez, Melba Letitia, Jan 13, 1918 / Dec 29, 1999, (MS)
Mayhew, Lois Marie Ellington, Dec 15, 1917 / Nov 17, 1997, (MS)
Messes, Steve Jr., 1918-1983, (photo), (CZ)
MEYER, Harry W., 1926-1995, s/s Virginia Jena, (photo), (BB2)
MEYER, Virginia Jena, 1930-2005, s/s Harry W., (photo), (BB2)
MEYERS, Carol L., 1941-2008, Daughter, (photo), (BB2)
MOONEY, Elizabeth 1898 - 1982 (sister of Mary Reith Kasten), (BK)
Murawski, Jeannie, 1945-1971, (Main Mausoleum), (photo), (CZ)
MYNERT, Jeremiah, 1891-1902, Son, (photo), (I)
NORRIS, Enoch, b: 03 Jun 1865 in Library, Allegheny, PA / d: 20 May 1938 / Burial: 22 May 1938, (I)
RIDGWAY, Harry B., Mar. 22, 1888 / Feb. 13, 1944, Chapel Circle
, (photo), (C&MB)
RIDGWAY, Harry R., 1914-1965, Chapel Circle, Lot 609, (photo), (C&MB)
RIDGWAY, Vierma (Betty), Oct. 11, 1894 / Mar. 18, 1993, Chapel Circle, Lot 609
, (photo), (C&MB)
RITCHEY, Ira W. Sr., 1886-1963, s/s Sara N., (photo), (BB2)
RITCHEY, Sara N., 1890-1984, s/s Ira W. Sr., (photo), (BB2)
ROSS, Anna K., 1927-2006, s/s Earl J., (photo), (BB2)
ROSS, Clarence Vernon, (no dates), (SH)
ROSS, Earl J., 1923-1994, s/s Anna K., (photo), (BB2)
ROSS, John Frederick, b. 1/12/1890, d. 10/4/1972, (SH)
ROSS, Lincoln Earl, b. 8/21/1888, d. 1/12/1951, (SH)
ROSS, Wesley E., 1950-1967, (photo), (BB2)
ROSSI, Frank, 1882-1955, (photo), (BB2)
SAUER, Anna M., 1887-1965, s/s George L., (photo), (BB2)
SAUER, George L., 1886-____, s/s Anna M., (photo), (BB2)
Snee, Charles E., b. Jan, 1, 1869, d. Feb., 19, 1943, Sec. 29, (KDG)
Snee, Duane H., b. Jan 23, 1903, d. Mar. 3, 1987, Sec. 29, (KDG)
Snee, Helen B., b. Feb. 14, 1909, d. Sept 20, 1980, Sec. 29, (KDG)
Snee, Margaret, b. Sept. 12, 1911, d. Mar. 31, 2000, Sec. 29 , (KDG)
Snee, Nellie Davis, b. Jan 7, 1878, d. Dec. 7, 1958, Sec. 29, (KDG)
Snee, Thomas H., May 18, 1907, d. Aug. 15, 1994, Sec. 29, (KDG)
SOMERVILLE, Gladys M., 1918-1981, s/s William R., (photo), (BB2)
SOMERVILLE, William R., 1913-1990, s/s Gladys M., (photo), (BB2)
SWAN, Eileen 1910-1955, Section 7, Lot 251D, Daughter, (maiden name is Ferry - with BARGHAUSEN), (MWL)
TARKER, Bernard L., b. 10-13-1911, d. 8-1-1993, (s/o Mary & Bernard Tarker), (DG)
TARKER, Bernard, b. 8-5-1881 (in Posnan, Poland), d. 10-5-1960, (DG)
TARKER, Edward J., b. 1-6-1915, d. 8-30-1995, (s/o Mary & Bernard Tarker), (DG)
TARKER, Grace Thorhauer, b. 4-8-1918, d. 3-1-2003, (w/o Thomas Patrick Tarker), (DG)
TARKER, Mary Berry, b. 2-25-1890, d. 3-26-1971, (DG)
TARKER, Ruth, b. 7-19-1914, d. 10-1987, (w/o Edward James Tarker), (DG)
TARKER, Thomas P., b. 6-17-1908, d. 1-24-1994, (s/o Mary & Bernard Tarker), (DG)
THOMPSON, Delores E. b. 7/6/1922 (PA), d. 1/12/1972 (daughter of Hanlon, Goldie, (SH)
THRELFALL, Edward, 1912-1980, s/s Frances
, Garden of the Well, (photo), (C&MB)
THRELFALL, Frances L., (no dates), s/s Edward, Garden of the Well
, (photo), (C&MB)
THURNER, Winifred M., 1922-1997, (photo), (C&MB)
WATSON, Mary Jean, 1943-____, s/s Robert?, (photo), (BB2)
WATSON, Robert ?., 1941-2007, s/s Mary Jean, (photo), (BB2)
WESTERMAN, John H., 1914-1974, s/s Ruth B., (photo), (BB2)
WESTERMAN, Ruth B., 1923-____, s/s John H., (photo), (BB2)
White, Catharine M., 11-30-1885 / 10-20-1969, (KR)
White, Mary P., 8-9-1917 / 12-1-1992, (KR)
White, William, 2-17-1886 / 1-13-1962, (KR)
Zeiler, Anna, 1908-1986, s/s Elmer J. Sr., (photo), (CZ)
Zeiler, Arthur S., 1901-1953, (Same Marker as Josephine Zeiler) Sec Sermon On The Mount, (photo), (CZ)
Zeiler, Brian M., 1972-1986, (Sec Sermon On The Mount), (photo), (CZ)
Zeiler, Elmer J. Sr., 1898-1974, s/s Anna, (photo), (obit), (CZ)
Zeiler, Ethel M., 1930-2004, (Main Mausoleum), (photo), (CZ)
Zeiler, Josephine, 1914-1984, (Same Marker as Arthur S. Zeiler) Sec Sermon On The Mount, (photo), (CZ)
Zeiler, Ralph K. 1933-2011, (CZ)
Zeiler, Richard W. Jr., 1967-1989, Beloved Son and Brother (Sec Sermon On The Mount) , (photo), (CZ)
Zeiler, Rose Marie, 1939-2007, (CZ)


Mrs. Elizabeth Lucinda Barrickman, 64, died yesterday afternoon at her home, 514 Railroad St., Dravosburg, after an extended illness.
A resident of this district her entire life, she was born in Mifflin Township (now West Mifflin Borough), March 28, 1881. Her parents were the late Joseph and Mary Flading Boyer. Surviving are her husband, James S. Barrickman; a sister, Mrs. Joseph Kendall, of Dravosburg; and two brothers, Joseph Boyer, of Dravosburg and William Boyer, of Lincoln Place.  Funeral services are to be held Thursday at 2:30 p.m. at the Berkey Funeral Home in charge of her pastor, the Rev. J. E. Hyinger of St. John`s Lutheran Church Dravosburg. Interment is to be in Jefferson Memorial Park.
(McKeesport Daily News dated Tuesday, July 24, 1945) -- (BM)

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