Most Holy Name Cemetery, Troy Hill Rd., Pittsburgh, PA

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Cemetery Inscriptions from
(Reserve Township, Allegheny County)
Mt. Troy Road, PA

Selected tombstone inscriptions, unless otherwise noted, by Janice Cooper & grandson Edward Turk, [email protected]

Updated: February 25, 2012

Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ABMAYR, Frank X, 1860 + 1911, FATHER, (ABMAYR stone w/ Marg., Wm., Marg), (MAL)
ABMAYR, George J., 1898-1964, FATHER (ABMAYR stone w/ Teresa), (MAL)
ABMAYR, Helen, 1897-1987 (ABMAYR stone w/ Frank), (MAL)
ABMAYR, Margaret, 1869 + 1947, MOTHER, (ABMAYR stone w/ Frank, Wm Marg), (MAL)
ABMAYR, Margaret, 1910 + 1990, DAUGHTER(ABMAYR stone w/ Frank,Marg,Wm) ABMAYR, Frank, 1894-1965 (ABMAYR stone w/ Helen), (MAL)
ABMAYR, Teresa E., 1898-1981, MOTHER (ABMAYR stone w/George), (MAL)
ABMAYR, William, 1906 + 1934, SON (ABMAYR stone w/ Frank, Marg, Marg), (MAL)
ALLETSE, Joseph, 1887-1911, Son
ANDRES, Christina C., no dates, Mother
ANDRES, William F., no dates, Father
AREND, John J., 1886-1930
BACHMANN, Maria, GEB 1 MAI 1842, GEST 14 JAN 1885 (BACHMANN stone w/Matt, Maria and Maria Weidner Geb Bachmann Weidner, Maria Geb BACHMANN 29 Maerz 1871, Gest 1 Nov 1892, BACHMANN stone w/ Matt. And Maria), (MAL)
BACHMANN, Matt., Geb 11 Nov 1831, Gest 27 Feb 1904, BACHMANN stone w/ Maria and Maria Weidner, (MAL)
BALL, Anna, 1886-1946, Sister
BALL, Franciska, Sep 27, 1858-Nov 26, 1918, Mother, same stone as George
BALL, George, Jan 27, 1848-Apr 20, 1894, Father, same stone as Franciska
BALL, John D., 1888-1918, Brother, same stone as Marie
BALL, Marie, 1888-1918, His Wife, same stone as John D.
BALL, Marie F., Jul 7,1912-Nov 8,1991, Sister
BALL, Mary C, Dec 31,1890-Jun 8,1978, Aunt
BAUERLE, Joseph F., Jun 5, 1888-Dec 13,1928, Sergt. Base Hosp. No. 85, Enlisted Aug. 18,1917, Discharged Jul 26,1919 (Veteran)
BECKER, Mary(?), birthdate unreadable, died 1902, Daughter
BERCKMULLER, David, 1937-1940, (SCHLERETH stone w/ Peter J. and Anna M., (MAL)
BERTRAM, Edna, 1908-1927, (cement cross, with HOENER stones)
BEST, and Baby John (BEST stone w/ William and Elizabeth), (MAL)
BEST, Elizabeth, 1887-1954, MOTHER, (BEST stone w/ William C., and Baby John), (MAL)
BEST, William C., 1886-1968, FATHER, (BEST stone w/ Elizabeth and Baby John), (MAL)
BEST, William, Oct. 26, 1918, Feb. 19, 1967, Tec 5 Medical Benefits, Enlisted Oct. 3, 1942, Discharged May 27, 1943, (MAL)
BIEN (?), Anton Albert, 1895-1913
BILLINGER, Marie A., no dates, Sister [same plot as William F. & Christina C. ANDRES]
BITTNER, Elsie May, 1873-1916, Mother
BLUMER, Anna M., Apr 17, 1881-Dec 29, 1910, Mother
BOGLITZ, Joseph, 1883-1938, Father
BOGLITZ, Len, Nov 12, 1882-Feb 5, 1929
BONOSKY, Hannah J., 1885-1933, Mother
BONSTINGL, Eugenia, 1896-1928, Mother, same stone as Louis
BONSTINGL, Louis, 1887-1959, Father, same stone as Eugenia
BOUCEK, Frank, Oct 14, 1875-May 1963
BRAY, Hilda, 1897 + 1963, MOTHER (BRAY stone w/ Martin), (MAL)
BRAY, Martin, 1893 + 1964, FATHER (BRAY stone w/ Hilda), (MAL)
BRENNFLECK, Walter W., 1924, "Our Darling"
BRINGIA, Joseph E., 1903-1970, Father
BRINGIA, Margaret M., 1906-1977, Mother
BRUECKER, Cecelia M., 1869-1930, Mother, same stone as Philomena G.
BRUECKER, Frank J., 1867-1919, Father
BRUECKER, Joseph J., born Jan 8, 1893, died Mar 9, 1954, Pvt. Co. 133rd M.G. Bn. 36th Div., Enlisted Jun 26, 1918, Discharged Jun 12, 1919
BRUECKER, Philomena G., 1870-1909, Mother, same stone as Cecelia M.
B_____, Louis, Feb 17(?), 1908, a civil war veteran [very worn, surname illegible]
BUECHELE, Barbara, Apr 9, 1877-Oct 20,1898
BUECHELE, Hieronymus, 1847-1885
BUECHELE, Martina, 18461927, Mother, same stone as Hieronymus
CRENNER, Adam, 1880-1967, Father, same stone as Anna M.
CRENNER, Anna M., 1886-1964, Mother
DEDIG, John Edward, Sep 11, 1860-Dec 12, 1887 (in WINTER plot)
DeMUTH, George J., 1850-1913
Didia, John J., 1892-1971, s/s Louise, (photo), (DK)
Didia, Louise H, 1895-1976, s/s John, (photo), (DK)
DIETZ, Adam, Nov 8,1854-Mar 12,1911 (next to Anna & John)
DIETZ, Anna M., Feb 1,1852-Mar 23,1918
DIETZ, John, Jim 14,1875-Dec 14,1895
DOPPELT, Dorothea, 1835-1888, (in ENDERLIN plot)
DORSCH, Flora G., 1909-1973 DAUGHTER, (Dorsch stone), (LD)
DORSCH, Joseph P., 1912-1972 SON, (Dorsch stone), (LD)
DORSCH, Mary I., 1878-1967 MOTHER, (Dorsch stone),(LD)
DORSCH, Philip J., 1874-1927 FATHER, (Dorsch stone), (LD)
DOTTERWEICH(?) or DOTTERWEG(?), John, d. 1921(?), very worn & hard to decipher
DOTTERWEICH, Dorothy, unreadable cement cross
DOTTERWEICH, Micklaus, 1825-1910 [cement cross]
DOTTERWEG(?), John, d. 1921(?), very worn & hard to decipher
DUMRAUF, John, 1852-1925, same stone as Katharina
DUMRAUF, Katharina, 1857-1930
EBERL, Mathilda, 1852-1925, Mother
EICHLER, Apolonia [see KEIL]
EICHLER, Henry, 1858-1927, Father, same stone as Mary M.
EICHLER, John B., Nov 7, 1850-Feb 28, 1919
EICHLER, Josephine, Dec 5, 1855-Aug 9, 1937
EICHLER, Mary M., 1859-1948, Mother, same stone as Henry
EISEL, Edna M., no dates, Mother, same stone as Leroy F.
EISEL, Leroy F., 1917-1972, Father, same stone as Edna M.
EISENTRAUT, Florence M., 1915-1988
ENDERLIN, Aloysius L, 1893-1894, "Children"
ENDERLIN, J. Alphons, 1890-1892, "Children"
ENDERLIN, J. Charles, 1856-1920, Father
ENDERLIN, J. Karl, 1893-1894, "Children"
ENDERLIN, Josephine D., 1860-1933, Mother
ENDERLIN, M. Clara, 1884-1886, "Children", same stone as J. Alphons, J. Karl, & Aloysius L
ENGEL, Lawrence, 1886-1915
ERARD, Henry M., 1893-1948, Father, same stone as Rose
ERARD, Rose M., 1890-1940, Mother
EVELY, N. (monument)
EVELY, Nicolas, 1848-1923, Father
EVELY, Rosa FORSE, 1846-1915, Mother
FAESSEL, Ludwig, Mar 16,1839-Jun 6,1913, same stone as Theresia MILLER
FAESSEL, Theresia, nee MILLER, Sep 2,1854-(no date)
FELDMEIER, Rev. John S., 1893-1982, (MAL)
FISCHER, Edward 1870-1931, FATHER (FISCHER stone w/ Victoria), (MAL)
FISCHER, Victoria, 1876-1945, MOTHER (FISCHER stone w/ Edward), (MAL)
FLECKENSTEIN, Alphonse D., Feb. 11, 1897-Feb. 18, 1969, Pvt. Btry A 50th CAC AEF, Enlisted June 4, 1918, Discharged Feb. 22, 1919, (MAL)
FLECKENSTEIN, Margaret, 1901 + 1980, WIFE, (MAL)
FORSE, Anthony, 1866-1935, Father, same stone as Clara nee MIDDENDORF
FORSE, Baltasar, 1868-1915, Son
FORSE, Clara, nee MIDDENDORF, 1866-1928, Mother, same stone as Anthony FORSE
FORTUN, Anthony F., no dates
FORTUN, Helen T., no dates
FORTUN, Joseph, 1860-1926, Father
FORTUN, Joseph, 1905-1905
FORTUN, Katharina, 1874-1953, Mother, same stone as Marie & Joseph
FRANZ, Anna, Jul 26, 1857-Jan 3, 1927
GAERTNER, Herman, 1836-1911, same stone as his wife Regina
GAERTNER, Regina, 1836-1908, Wife of Herman, same stone as Herman
GAST, John, 1843-1943, same stone as Rose C.
GAST, Mary, 1846-1926
GAST, Rose C., 1844-1920
GEISLER, Anna B., nee DUMRAUF, 1889-1912
GRAHAM, Mary A., 1883-1949, Mother
GRAHAM, Patrick A., 1879-1969, Father, same stone as Mary A.
GRAPER, Mary A., 1865 + 1963, MOTHER, (MAL)
HARTMAN, Anna M, 1892 + 1988, (Sec 3 Plot 538), (MAL)
HARTMAN, Esther, 1902 + 1915 (Sec 3 Plot 538), (MAL)
HARTMAN, Frank J., 1868 + 1939, FATHER (Sec 3 Plot 538) , (MAL)
HARTMAN, Louisa M., 1870 + 1964, MOTHER (Sec 3 Plot 538), (MAL)
HARTMAN, Stella E., 1898 + 1976 (Sec 3 Plot 538), (MAL)
HARTMANN, Appolonia, Sept. 21, 1824-May 25, 1912, MOTHER (HARTMANN stone w/ Michael), (MAL)
HARTMANN, Michael, Aug. 17, 1822-Dec. 15, 1884, FATHER (HARTMANN stone w/ Appolonia), (MAL)
HARTMANN-Sec 3 Plot 538-Large Granite Monument-inscribed HARTMANN & Individual footstones marking individual graves below & beside monument, (MAL)
HEIDENREICH, Silvester, Dec 31, 1828-Aug 15, 1890, Father
HEIDENREICH, Veroniks, Nov 16, 1830-Nov 17, 1903, Mother
HEIDENREICH, William, Aug 29, 1863-Aug 15, 1902, Brother
HEITZMAN, Frances, 1843-1922, Mother
HELBLING, Barbara, 1843-1913, MOTHER, (MAL)
HELBLING, Joseph, Geboren Den 17, Marz 1843, Gestorden Den 17, Apr 1884 Unser Vater, (MAL)
HELBLING, Rosa, nee Loeffler, 1866-1903, MOTHER, (MAL)
HELBLING, Stella, SISTER (just a flat marker), (MAL)
HEPP, Andreas, Dec 06,1829-Mar 11,1914, Father, same stone as Maria Anna
HEPP, Ernestine M., no dates, Mother, same stone as Raymond J.
HEPP, Maria Anna, Aug 14,1837-Feb 17,1912, Mother, same stone as Andreas
HEPP, Raymond Joseph, 1906-1982, Father, same stone as Ernestine M.
HILDENBRAND, Mary, 1878-1973
HOCK, John, 1863-1913, Father [with Mary & Leona]
HOCK, Leona, 1905-1906 [with John & Mary]
HOCK, Mary, 1876-1944, Mother [with John & Leona]
HOENER, Bertha M., 1880-1917 (cement cross)
HOENER, Grace J., Mar 28,1876-Dec 24,1926, Mother
HOENER, Philbert, 1848-1902
HORN, Charles J., 1888-1964,FATHER, (HORN stone w/ Elizabeth A.), (MAL)
HORN, Elizabeth A., 1890-1968, MOTHER, (HORN stone w/ Charles J.), (MAL)
HUBER, Joseph, 1917-1928, Brother
HUCKESTEIN, J.J., 1855-1927, Father
HUCKESTEIN, Margaret, 1858-1944, Mother
HUCKESTEIN, Peter, 1826-1905
HUCKESTEIN, Rachael, 1836-1918
KADLAC, Joseph, 1868-1941, Father
KADLAC, Mary, 1874-1940, Mother, same stone as Joseph
KATIC, Anthony E., d. 1971, Father, same stone as Frances J.
KATIC, Frances J., 1914-1980, Mother, same stone as Anthony E.
KEIL, Apolonia, nee EICHLER, May 23, 1878-Oct 26, 1903
KELSCH, John, 1875-1963
KLASER, Michael, 1820-1908, Father
Kleitz, Joseph William, 6 Apr 1877 / 31 May 1936, (photo), (DK)
KUSSAUER, August, 1873-1947
KUSSAUER, Helena, 1876-1948
LAURENT, Clara M., 1883-1914, Sister
LAURANT, Theresa, 1851-1904, Mother, Widow of Chas. GOETTMANN
LEY, Margaret Mary, 1931-1934
Lindenfelser, Genevieve, DOD 12-16-1964, (PM)
Lindenfelser, Joseph, DOD 6-28-1965, (PM)
LINK, Joseph, 1855-1894
LINK, Mathilda, 1872-1892
LINK, Theodora, 1829-1908, Mother
LINK, Theresa, 1866-1893, an unreadable white cross in the LINK plot
LINK, Valentino, 1825-1910, Father
LITTLE, Olivia O., 1910-1912
LOCH, Adam, 1843-1927
LOCH, Carl J., 1897-1913, Son
LOCH, Charles, 1867-1926, Father
LOCH, Mary A., 1867-1934, Mother
LOCH, Norman R., 1900-1908, Son
LOCH, Rose M., 1895-1947
LUNARDI, Alfred, Jan 6, 1876-Jul 3, 1941, Father
LUNARDI, Ida, Jan 11, 1889-Nov 20, 1955, Mother
LUTTY, John J., Co. A 17th US Inf., Sep 12,1925 (Veteran)
MARKLE, W.M., 1895-1915
MARTIN, Margaretha, Geb HELBLING, Gest D. 28. Okt. 1901, MUTTER (single, flat stone on same plot with STEINBRUNNER, Barbara, Xavier & Elizabeth), (MAL)
MAUTE, Emma, 1888-1918
MAUTE, John M., 1855-1927, same stone as Mary & Emma
MAUTE, Mary, 1861-1937
MELCHER, Margaret, 1864-1934, MOTHER, (MAL)
MELCHER, Adam P., Geb Marz 1858, Gest 21 Dez 1893, (MAL)
MELCHER, Mary A., 1860 + 1937, MOTHER (on ROOS, Matthaus plot), (MAL)
MELCHER, Peter A., 1888-1910, SON, (MAL)
MELCHER, Peter, 1864-1940, FATHER, (MAL)
MEYER, "Our Billy", 1918-1920
MEYER, Cleova E., 1912-1913
MEYER, Eva M., 1877-1948
MEYER, John, Apr 30, 1847-Mar 26, 1926, Father
MEYER, Leo J., 1902-1903
MEYER, Mary, Jan 12,1870-Oct 24,1930
MEYER, Regis F., 1915-1920
MEYER, Theresa, Apr 4, 1849-Jun 26,1911, Mother
MEYER, William H., 1874-1935
MILLER, Edward, Oct 13,1836-Feb 21,1903, same stone as Sophia & Mary
MILLER, John J., 1869-1926, Father
MILLER, Mary, Sep 2,1879-Aug 28, 1967
MILLER, Mathilda, 1874-1918, Mother
MILLER, Sophia, May 1,1842-Dec 18,1909
MISCHO, Theresia (nee MEYER), Oct 16, 1840, Wife
MOLLINGER, Rev. S.C., April 19, 1928, June 15, 1892, requiescat in pace Fr. Suitbert G. Mollinger, Pastor of Most Holy Name of Jesus, July 4, 1868 to June 15, 1892 (No. 531, Sec 3 footstones), (MAL)
MOUL, Lawrence W. Jr., April 16, 1916, Feb. 17, 1951(located about 5 stones away and to the left of MOUL, Mary, (MAL)
MOUL, Lawrence W., 1887-1975, FATHER (MOUL stone w/ Mary A.), (MAL)
MOUL, Mary A., 1887-1979, MOTHER, (MOUL stone w/ Lawrence), (MAL)
NEMETH, Anna, 1883-1902, "geb. Meh Mauer"
NICOTRA, Samuel, Oct 25, 1886-May 12, 1924
NIEDERST, Aloysius, 1854-1917, Father
NIEDERST, Aloysius, 1823-1914, Grandfather
NIEDERST, Anthony, May 25, 1906-Aug 18, 1918, Brother
NIEDERST, Marcella HOCK, Jun 26, 1894-Apr 16, 1990
NIEDERST, Sophia, 1858-1907, Mother
NIEDERST, Theresia, 1825-1897, Grandmother
OBERLE, Dorothy, 1906-1994, Mother
O'TOOLE, Timothy, Dec 2, 1889-Sep 19, 1916, Father
PAPPERT, Anthony, 1902-1971, Husband
Pelc, Frank W 1916-1976, (ces)
Pelc, Rita Snyder 1916-1991, (ces)
PETRY, Jean L., 1927-1937
PFEIL, Rev. Godfrey, 1877-1934, ORDAINED 1906, (MAL)
PLANZ, John W., 1858-1947, Husband, same stone as Mary Ross
PLANZ, Julia A., 1885-1934, Mother
PLANZ, Mary Ross, 1858-1934, Wife, same stone as John W.
PLANTZ, Agnes, 1865-1945, Mother
PLANTZ, Anna, 1889-19_, Wife
PLANTZ, Frank H., 1894-1918, Son
PLANTZ, Frank, 1865-1944, Father
PLANTZ, Joseph, 1889-1930, Husband, same stone as Anna
PRINCE, Catherine C, 1911-?, Mom
PRINCE, Robert Howard, 1904-1971, Dad
RAUCH, Charles L, 1908-1954
REBHOLZ , Mary Anna, (MAL)
REBHOLZ, Andrew, (MAL)
REBHOLZ, Cecilia, July 23, 1885, July 29, 1961, (MAL)
REBHOLZ, Leonard, 1875-1943, HUSBAND, (REBHOLZ stone w/ Philomena), (MAL)
REBHOLZ, Philomena, 1880-1935, WIFE, (REBHOLZ stone w/ Leonard), (MAL)
RECTENWALD, Dr. Lawrence E., 1880-1932, same stone as Savilla M.
RECTENWALD, Savilla M., 1895-1987
REITH, Catherine, 1872-1923, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
REITH, Frank C, 1878-1937, FATHER , (MAL)
REITH, Johanna, 1877-1941, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
REITH, John G., 1839-1918, FATHER (REITH stone w/ Veronica), (MAL)
REITH, Joseph A., Feb. 8 1893, Nov 10, 1941, C.M. 1C U.S.N., Enlisted Dec 13 1917, Discharged Mar 6 1919 (has a veteran marker), (MAL)
REITH, Mary R., 1883-1946, MOTHER, (MAL)
REITH, Olive M., 1897-1945, MOTHER, (MAL)
REITH, Rose, 1875-1965, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
REITH, Veronica, 1848-1889, MOTHER (REITH stone w/ John G.), (MAL)
ROOS monument-Large granite with cross and individual stones below:, (MAL)
ROOS, Joseph, 1861-1916, FATHER (below ROOS monument, 2nd fr left), (MAL)
ROOS, Alfred A. Jr., 1930 + 1948, (MAL)
ROOS, Alfred A., Sr.,1903 + 1931(below left of ROOS monument), (MAL)
ROOS, Anna C.,1889-1983,MOTHER (ROOS stone w/ Joseph B. and Jack E.), (MAL)
ROOS, Anna M., 1893-1963, MOTHER (ROOS stone, with Edward A.), (MAL)
ROOS, Anna Mary, July 26, 1858, Aug 1, 1925, MOTHER, (MAL)
ROOS, Arthur H., 1926-2002, FATHER (ROOS stone w/ Rose Marie), (MAL)
ROOS, Delphine M., 1894-1958, DAUGHTER (below ROOS monument 4th fr left), (MAL)
ROOS, Edward A. 1891-1965, FATHER (ROOS stone, with Anna M.), (MAL)
ROOS, Elisabetha, Geb 18 Dez 1824, Gest 26 Oct. 1892 (single stone mounted on same foundation as ROOS, Matthaus , (MAL)
ROOS, Herman, 1858-1937, FATHER, (MAL)
ROOS, Jack E., 1931-1987, SON (ROOS stone w/ Joseph B. and Anna C.), (MAL)
ROOS, Joseph B., 1889-1964, FATHER (ROOS stone w/ Anna C. and Jack E.), (MAL)
ROOS, Loretta P., 1903 + 1950, (MAL)
ROOS, Mary A., 1862-1947, MOTHER (below ROOS monument 3rd fr left), (MAL)
ROOS, Mary G., 1884-1930, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
ROOS, Matthaus, Geb 7 Jan. 1822, Gest 4 Juny 1875 (single stone mounted on same foundation as ROOS, Elisabetha, (MAL)
ROOS, Pheonella, Aug 22, 1856, May 13, 1910 (on same plot with ROOS, Phillip and illegible stone, (MAL)
ROOS, Phillip, June 18, 1853, Jan 27, 1883 (on same plot with ROOS, Pheonella and illegible stone, (MAL)
ROOS, Rose Marie, 1928-1998, MOTHER (ROOS stone w/ Arthur H.), (MAL)
ROOS, Ruth, 1924-1926, BABY (flat stone on ABMAYR plot), (MAL)
ROOS, Theonella, 1895-1896 (flat stone on Henry Snyder plot), (MAL)
ROSENBLATT, Cecelia, 1884-1969, Mother, same stone as Martin
ROSENBLATT, Martin, 1885-1968, Father, same stone as Cecelia
ROTH, Peter, 1889-1896, Our Son
Schell, Edwin 1901-1975, (ces)
Schell, Edwin (baby) 1924, (ces)
Schell, Theresa Viehbeck 1906-1983, (ces)
SCHERRBACH (or SCHERRBAUH), B., no dates [an iron cross]
SCHLERETH, Anna M., 1882 + 1975, MOTHER (SCHLERETH stone w/ Peter and David Berckmuller) Illegible stone on SCHLERETH, Peter J. plot, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Barbara, June 10, 1859, Jan 13, 1913 (2 more bases, no stones next to Barbara to the left), (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Francis J., 1910-1950, FATHER, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Gertrude D., 1917-2000, WIFE(with John and DORSCH, Stella), (MAL)
SCHLERETH, John A., 1912-1989, HUSBAND(with Gertrude and DORSCH, Stella), (MAL)
SCHLERETH, John J., June 24, 1853, Feb 28, 1914, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, John M., July 21, 1879, Sept. 26, 1905, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Joseph L. Sr., 1892-1961, FATHER (SCHLERETH stone w/ Nettie), (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Kathleen A. 1944-1950 (gdau. of Philip J. & Mary I. DORSCH), (LD)
SCHLERETH, Louis G., 1917-1934, SON, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Louis, 1883-1949, FATHER, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Magdalen, 1886-1973, MOTHER, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Mary A., 1913-1999, MOTHER, (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Nettie, E., 1896-1966, MOTHER (SCHLERETH stone w/ Joseph), (MAL)
SCHLERETH, Peter J., 1881 + 1938, FATHER (SCHLERETH stone w/ Anna and David Berckmuller), (MAL)
SCHMITT (?), Christina, no dates, (cement cross near SCHMITT)
SCHMITT, Baby Charles, no dates, worn
SCHMITT, Louis, 1836(?)-1886(?) - 1891, same stone as Margaret [very worn]
SCHMITT, Margaret, 1838-1919, same stone as Louis, (with Louis & Baby Charles)
SCHMITT, Morand, 1854-1901
SCHMITT, unreadable
SCHNEIDER, August J., Geb D 27 April 1876, Gest D 17 Nov 1908 (Lot 529), (MAL)
SCHNEIDER, August, Geb D 4 Aug 1844, Gest D 30 Jul 1913, VATER (Lot 529), (MAL)
SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth, 1848-1928, MOTHER, (MAL)
SCHNEIDER, Englebert, 1846-1903, FATHER, (MAL)
SCHNEIDER, Eva Rath, 1811-1881, MUTTER (Lot 524 w/ Joseph and ZEH, Stella), (MAL)
SCHNEIDER, Joseph E., illegible, (MAL)
SCHNEIDER, Joseph, 1817-1899, VATER (Lot 524 w/ Eva and ZEH, Stella), (MAL)
SCHNEIDER, Magdalena, Geb D 28 Juli 1850, Gest D 14 Feb 1890 (Lot 529), (MAL)
SCHNITGEN, Frank P., 1909-1976, Husband
SCHRAMM, Adam, 1865-1919 (with MEYER family)
SCHRAMM, Eliz., 1880-1969 (with MEYER family)
Schuetz, Charles 1886-1927, (ces)
Schuetz, Mary Ann 1935-1946, (ces)
Schuetz, Mary Viehbeck 1888-1952, (ces)
SCHWEIGER, Anna, 1856-1929, Mother
SCHWEIGER, Baby Marie, no dates, same stone as Fidelis SCHWEIGER
SCHWEIGER, Clemens, 1889-1977
SCHWEIGER, Fidelis, 1862-1948, Father, same stone as "Baby Marie"
SHEEHAN, Lillian D., no dates [a child]
SILL, Harry E., 1889-1947, Father, same stone as Theresa M.
SILL, Theresa M., 1891-1966, Mother, same stone as Harry E.
SMITH, Elizabeth K., 1858-1938, with Valentine
SMITH, Valentine, 1856-1901, with Elizabeth K. SMITH
SNYDER, Amelia, 1885-1958, MOTHER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Carl, 1898-1914, SON (SNYDER stone, with Henry and Magdalena), (MAL)
SNYDER, Clare M., 1898-1929, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Emma C., 1892-1918, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Gertrude, 1918-1993, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Helen, 1901-1991, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Henry, 1860-1945, FATHER (SNYDER stone, with Magdalena and Carl), (MAL)
SNYDER, Jessie M, 1896-1948, WIFE, (MAL)
SNYDER, Joseph B., 1894-1968, HUSBAND, (MAL)
SNYDER, Joseph, 1867-1923, FATHER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Madeline C., 1914-1989, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Magdalena, 1864-1907, MOTHER (SNYDER stone, with Henry and Carl), (MAL)
SNYDER, Margaret L., 1904-1963, DAUGHTER, (MAL)
SNYDER, Margaret, 1864-1950, MOTHER, (MAL)
SNYDER, MARIE, 1906-1940, WIFE, (with SCHNEIDER, August J., Lot 529), (MAL)
SNYDER, Mary A., 1916-1999, DAUGHTER (near these SNYDER stones is: 1923 CHARLES 1926), (MAL)
SNYDER, Robert, 1885-1968, FATHER, (MAL)
SPAETH, John B., Oct 3, 1876-Dec 1, 1908, Husband
SPITZNAGEL, Charles, Apr 3, 1859 - July 17, 1935 (h/o Mary - no marker, same plot as Mary), (LD)
SPITZNAGEL, Mary (nee) LESCH Oct.28, 1853 - Jan. 17, 1911 Mother/w/o Charles, (LD)
STEINBRUNNER, Barbara, 1845-1920, MOTHER,(STEINBRUNNER stone w/ Xavier), (MAL)
STEINBRUNNER, Elizabeth A., 1879-1979, (MAL)
STEINBRUNNER, Joseph, 1873-1937, AT REST, (MAL)
STEINBRUNNER, Joseph, 1911-1911, OUR SON, (MAL)
STEINBRUNNER, Xavier, 1841-1888, FATHER,(STEINBRUNNER stone w/ Barbara), (MAL)
STEINMILLER, Bernhard, Jun 28, 1901, aged 45 years
SUMMERS, George J., 1923-1939, Son
TOLATZ, Maria, 1830-1898 (near ENDERLIN)
TUSCHINSKI, John, 1844-1925, Father
VICTORIA, Charles A., 1895-1939, Father
Viehbeck, Charles L 1911-1968, (ces)
Viehbeck, Helen Oginski 1906-1979, (ces)
VIEHBECK, Joseph, 1860-1919, Father, Sec. 2, Lot 244, (ces)
Viehbeck, Louis 1889-1973, (ces)
Viehbeck, Louise Shaffer 1892-1966, (ces)
VIEHBECK, Magdalena 1864-1927, Sec. 2, Lot 244 (ces)
Viehbeck, Mary Radermacher 1874-1956, (ces)
Viehbeck, Sebastin 1896-1944, (ces)
Viehbeck, Virginia 1921-1927, (ces)
WAGNER, George, 1876-1916, Son (with Joseph & Mary)
WAGNER, Joseph, 1853-1898, Father, same stone as Mary
WAGNER, Mary, 1853-1928, Mother, same stone as Joseph
WEIBLINGER, Anna Victor, 1868-1923, Mother, "Wife of Casper WEIBLINGER"
WEIDNER, Maria Geb Bachmann 1 Mai 1842 Gest 14 Jan 1885 (see BACHMANN stone w/ Matt. And Maria), (MAL)
WEIS, Maria A., Nov 25, 1824-Nov 1908
Weitz, Adam, 05/22/1840 - 07/26/1906, h/o Mary K., (photo1), (photo2), (GFW)
Weitz, Charles E., 04/01/1875 - 04/09/1955, h/o Mary A.
, (photo1), (photo2), (GFW)
WEITZ, Clara, May 11, 1905-May 22, 1913
WEITZ, John A., 1896-1966, same stone as Margretta
WEITZ, John J., 1873-1951, same stone as Rose
WEITZ, Margretta, 1901-1967, same stone as John A.
Weitz, Mary A., 06/29/1883 - 05/11/1947, w/o Charles E.
, (photo1), (photo2), (GFW)
Weitz, Mary K., 11/18/1947 - 03/16/1899, w/o Adam,
(photo1), (photo2), (GFW)
WEITZ, Rose, 1875-1954, same stone as John J.
WELTE, (unreadable), born 1835, died 18_ ?
WELTE, Charles B.; Nov 1835-Aug 1898
WINTER, Anna M., Apr 19, 1866-Nov 8, 1895
WINTER, Elizabeth A., 1868-1915, Daughter
WINTER, George M., 1826-1884, Father
WINTER, John M., 1873-1919, Son
WINTER, Larenz J., May 5,1895-Jun 18,1895
WINTER, Mary A., 1836-1910, Mother
WINTER, Philomena M., 1878-1946, Sister
WINTER, Theresa J., 1871-1897, Daughter
WOLF, Catharine, Feb 18, 1834 - Mar. 14, 1901 *Shared stone with Stephen, (LD))
WOLF, Stephen, Feb. 26, 1827 - Dec. 17, 1900, *Shared stone with Catharine, (LD))
ZANG, Anna M., 1854-1942, Mother, same stone as Reinhart M.
ZANG, Anna, 1872-1895, Mother
ZANG, Arthur J., 1890-1964, Husband, same stone as Mgt. G. & Marion Klug
ZANG, Edward, 1882-1987, Son
ZANG, Josephina, Sep 1831-Jan 30, 1887(7), (very worn)
ZANG, Margaret G., 1887-1948, Wife
ZANG, Marion Klug, 1904-1913
ZANG, Mary (?), Sep 6, 1862(?) - Feb 23, 1886(7), (very worn)
ZANG, Phillip, 1858-1923, Father
ZANG, Reinhart M., 1852-1924, Father
ZANG, Sebastian, Mar 12, 1830-Dec 13, 1889(?), same stone as Josephina
ZEH, Stella nee SCHNEIDER, 1880-1918, SISTER (Lot 524 w/ SCHNEIDER, Joseph and Eva Rath), (MAL)
ZEIS, FRANK J., 1896--1971, Father; Same stone as Sylvia L., (Je)
ZEIS, SYLVIA L., 1897--1967, Mother; Same stone as Frank J., (Je)
ZOELLE, Anthony SR., 1893-1956 *Shared stone with Minnie R., (LD))
ZOELLE, John, June 11, 1873- Sept 19, 1913 * Shared stone with Karl, (LD))
ZOELLE, Karl, May 26, 1882-June 6, 1914 *Shared stone with John, (LD))
ZOELLE, Lena, July 5, 1875 - April 8, 1940, (LD))
ZOELLE, Marcellus, 1844-1931, Father, *Shared stone with Sabina, (LD))
ZOELLE, Mathilda, 1880-1903, (LD)
ZOELLE, Minnie R., 1893-1978 *Shared stone with Anthony Sr., (LD)
ZOELLE, Sabina, 1847-1924, Mother, *Shared stone with Marcellus, (LD)

Additional Contributors:
(ces) = Claire Schorr, [email protected]
(DK) = Doug Kleitz, [email protected]
(GFW) = Gerald F Weitz, [email protected]
(JC) = Janice Cooper
, [email protected]
(Je) = Jeannine, [email protected]
(LD) = Laura (Spitznagel) Dunning, [email protected]
(MAL) =
mary anne lawler, [email protected]
(PM) =
Patricia Mcclure, [email protected]

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