Harmony UP Cemetery, Butler County, PA

Cemetery Inscriptions from the
Harmony UP Cemetery
West of Harrisville, PA on T389
(Mercer Twp., Butler County, PA)

None of the following information, partial or in total, may be used by
any person or organization, electronically or otherwise, for the
purpose of profiteering.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the Contributor . . . While going through a ton of papers when I came across these transcriptions I did some years ago. They suited just my interest in the surnames at the time, so I'm sure there are many others buried at these cemeteries. If I find more, I'll let you know.. **************************************** HARMONY UP CEMETERY Mercer Twp, west of Harrisville, PA on T389 Copyrighted/Contributed by Marilyn Blair, [email protected] **************************************** Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Died, Other ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHITE, George W., b. 11/10/1837, d. 3/20/1894, Co H 78 PA Inf GAR WHITE, Harry A., b. 1880, d. 1898 WHITE, Lizzie J., died 9/2/1892 age 22 dau of GW and MJ WHITE, Margaret J., b. 6/7/1839, d. 6/10/ 1906, wife of GW White =========================== Section 2 (older) McKEE, Hiram, b. 4/10/1825, d. 4/13/1844 McKEE, Hugh, b. 4/10/1817, d. 8/23/1825 McKEE, James B., d. 6/15/1850, son of Robert and Caroline McKEE, James, d. 2/28/1831, age 88 McKEE, James, d. 7/24/1847, age 78 McKEE, Jane (?), b. 11/9/1782, d. 5/1/1862, wife of James McKEE, Jane, d. 7/15/1822, consort of James, age 80 McKEE, Jane, d. 7/15/1813, age 33 McKEE, John, b. 12/19/1809 (not sure of the 9), d. 7/22/1825 McKEE, John, d. 1/20/1845, age 77 McKEE, Nancy Jane, d. 3/14/1851, dau of David and Mary J McKEE, Thomas, b. 5/31/1801, d. 4/22/1825 WHITE, Alexander, b. 3/30/1785, d. 2/22/1863 WHITE, Charles M., d. 1/31/1864, son of W and RJ WHITE, Infant, d. 3/9/1856, son W and RJ WHITE, Martha, b. 10/14/1784, wife of Alexander WHITE, Nancy, d. 9/2/1867 WHITE, Nancy J., d. 10/23/1863, dau of W and RJ WHITE, Rebecca Jane, b. 7/25/1827, d. 7/9/1916, wife of William White WHITE, William, b. 10/14/1824, d. 9/27/1899 =========================================================================

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