East Unity Cemetery, Butler County ,PA

Cemetery Inscriptions from the
East Unity Cemetery
Rt 60007, North of Cherry Valley, PA (Venango Twp., Butler County)

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From the Contributor . . .

While going through a ton of papers when I came across these transcriptions
I did some years ago. They suited just my interest in the surnames at the
time, so I'm sure there are many others buried at these cemeteries.  If I
find more, I'll let you know.

                            EAST UNITY CEMETERY
             Venango Twp, Rt 60007, North of Cherry Valley, PA
     Copyrighted/Contributed by Marilyn Blair, [email protected]
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Died, Other
BLAIR, David M., son of Wm and B
BLAIR, Elizabeth, d. 1/8/1901, age 92
BLAIR, Nancy A., d. 3/26/1832, wife of Robert, age 43
BLAIR, Robert, d. 8/18/1864, GAR, age 65
BLAIR, Sarah N., d. 4/15/1851, dau of R and J
BLAIR, William, d. 5/5/1870, age 60

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