Calvary Cemetery, Port Vue, PA

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Calvary Cemetery
a.k.a. - Holy Trinity Cemetery
a.k.a. - Port Vue Polish Cemetery
a.k.a. - Calvary Slovak Cemetery


510 Dersam Street (or McClure Road)
McKeesport (Port Vue), PA 15133-3514
(412) 664-0220
(Allegheny County)

Some History . . .

"Calvary Cemetery in Port Vue is located off of Dersam Avenue, with entrances
on Dersam Avenue and McClure Road. It is bordered by New York Avenue on the
North, Dersam Avenue on the East, McClure Avenue on the West, and woods to
the South. It is listed on some maps (particularly Mapquest) as Holy
Trinity Slovak Cemetery, but the sign at the Dersam Avenue gate says
"Calvary Cemetery." It appears to be a very well-maintained cemetery with a
very new-looking chapel just off the main entrance. It is also adjacent to
Sacred Heart Cemetery in Port Vue. Records for the cemetery are maintained
by St. Martin DePorres Church in McKeesport. The people in the office
seemed willing to provide location information on people interred in the
cemetery if you were sure that they were actually there, but they seemed
quite hesitant to do any research if you don't have a full name and
date of death."



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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links, etc.)
Bazzone, Mary E, [SSDI 18 Jul 1914 - 27 Sep 2001], (contributed by Bill Plack)
DOLIDA, Julia (unmarked), (Majzer & Sirocki Lot), (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
MAJZER, Helen (unmarked), (Majzer & Sirocki Lot), (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
MAJZER, Mary T., 1901-1978, (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
MAJZER, Susan, 1909-1984 Mother (Theodore & Susan on same stone), (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
MAJZER, Theodore, 1908-1993 Father, (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
MAJZER, Zigmont (unmarked), (Majzer & Sirocki Lot), (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
MAZER, Stanley, October 7, 1910 - December 10, 1999, (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
PHILLIPS, Mary A., April 9,1886-May 30, 1966, (Source: Donna Frederick, [email protected])
POLOKITIS, Magdalena (unmarked), (Majzer & Sirocki Lot), (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
Puskar, Alek, 1914 - 1918, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Puskar, Juro, 1886 - 1939, Father, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Puskar, Franca, 1888 - 1945, Mother, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
SIEROSKI, Joseph (unmarked), (Majzer & Sirocki Lot), (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
SIEROSKI, Ursula (unmarked), (Majzer & Sirocki Lot), (Source: Sean Reid, [email protected])
Tomko, John, 1863 - 1933, Father, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Tomko, Mary, 1876 - 1962, Mother, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Tomko, Mary A., d. 1980, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Toth, Michael, 1876 - 1946, Father, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Toth, Mary, 1877 - 1958, Mother, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Toth, Mary, 1910 - 1980, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Toth, Michael, 1904 - 1989, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Toth, Robert Michael, 1932 - 1978, MR3 US Navy, Korea, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Yarnovic, Jela, 1881 - 1939, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)
Yarnovic, Matt, 1881 - 1927, (contibuted by Rich Boyer)


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