St Mary's Cemetery-Sharpshill, Section N

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Tombstone Inscriptions
St. Mary's (new) Cemetery
Sharpshill, PA
(O'Hara Township, Allegheny County)
Section N

Unless otherwise noted this listing was provided by
Henry & Nancy Sacco (HS/NS), August, 2014

Please Note: Attached photos have been edited to remove dates relative to the living.

Posted: August 27, 2014 Last Update: September 14, 2014

Surname First Name Born-Died Other
ADAMETZ, Linda J., No Dates, (photo)
ADAMETZ, Stephen J. Sr,, 7/16/1943, 7/25/2001, US Veteren, (photo)
BELANSKY, Albert M., 9/18/1930, 1/4/2009, Koream War, US Army, (photo)
BELANSKY, Grace E., 8/31/1929, 11/30/2004, nee Klinvex, (photo)
BELL, David, 1939, 2005, Father, (photo)
BELL, Patricia A., 1939, 2006, Mother, (photo)
BELSITO, Rocco Joseph, 8/3/1943, 12/11/2012, (photo)
BLAZER, Kenneth, 7/25/1963, 1/29/2013, (photo)
BOEH, Mary Jeanne Monroe, No Dates, (photo)
BOEH, Urban, 11/8/1923, 9/2/2008, (photo)
BRENENBORG, Janet, No Dates, Mother, (photo)
BRENENBORG, William, 1947, 2008, Father, (photo)
BUDZISZEWSKI, Robert J., 1941, 2007, Uncle Bob, Vietnam US Army, (photo)
CAPRINO, Frank A., 3/5/1914, 10/29/2002, Father, (photo)
CAPRINO, Lillian T., 4/2/1922, 6/10/2009, Mother, (photo)
CAYE, James Jr., 8/24/1946, 12/10/2013, Vietnam Vet, (photo)
CERESA, Frances A., 8/2/1958, 3/13/2014, (photo)
CERESA, James A., 8/10/1938, 5/4/2009, (photo)
CIGNA, C. John, 1935, 2011, Dad-Pops, (photo)
CIGNA, Patricia M., 1937, 2011, Mom. (photo)
COKUS, Donald J. Sr., 9/3/1945, 4/6/2006, SP4 US Army Veteran, (photo)
CONTESTABLE, Joseph, 1923, 1983, (photo)
CONTESTABLE, Mary, No Dates, (photo)
CONWAY, James L, 1/1/1939, 5/14/2006, US Army, (photo)
DOLHI, Barbara A., 12/21/1954, 3/27/2011, (photo)
ECK, Richard A "Dick", 10/10/1945, 3/31/2013, Husband, Father Pappap, (photo)
FALLON, Alexander L., 5/4/2005, 6/16/2007, Son, (photo)
FALLON, Elias L., No Dates, Father, (photo)
FALLON, Michele R., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
FAY, Dorothy L., 1922, 2010, (photo)
FAY, Edward J., 1923, 2009, (photo)
FERRARO, Mario, 1939, 2013, Loving Husband and Father, (photo)
FERRARO, Grace, No Dates, Loving Wife And Mother, (photo)
FITZGERALD, James D., 11/8/1954, 3/3/2008, (photo)
FORD, Agnes M., 9/9/1927, 11/22/2010, Mother, (photo)
FORD, John G., No Dates, Father, (photo)
FRAUENHOLZ, Joseph A., 3/23/1939, 10/7/2002, Father, (photo)
FRAUENHOLZ, Mary Ann, No Dates, Mother, (photo)
FUSARO, Jill M., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
FUSARO, Wayne R., 12/2/1948, 7/18/2000, Father, (photo)
GEMPE, Charles W., No Dates, (photo)
GEMPE, Paricia A., No Dates, (photo)
HARRIS, Ronald C., 1/5/1940, 3/24/2012, Husband, (photo)
HATFIELD, Harold L., 8/12/1931, 4/25/2009, (photo)
HATFIELD, Jo Anne C., No Dates, (photo)
HENSELL, Brian R., 4/4/1986, 3/31/2011, Beloved Son, Brother, Friend, (photo)
HERMES, Charles M., 1922, 2008, Husband, (photo)
HERMES, Laverne M. Fox, 1926, 2009, Wife, (photo)
INTRIERI, Gemma, No Dates, Mother, (photo)
INTRIERI, Luigi, 1921, 2009, Father, (photo)
IUSI, Dorothy F., 1936, 2008, Mom, (photo)
IUSI, Herman L., No Dates, Dad, (photo)
KEIBLER, Giovana Rami, No Dates, (photo)
KEIBLER, Timothy Eugene, 8/10/1948, 5/28/2011, Vietnam Vet.,"You did It right", (photo)
KLINE, Catherine A., 3/20/1925, 4/26/2005, (photo)
KLINE, Joseph R., 7/20/1923, 7/19/2002, (photo)
KOZERA, Dawn E., No Dates, (photo)
KOZERA, Joseph W., 12/21/1938, 6/7/2012, (photo)
KOZLOWSKI, Martin T., 1926, 2008, Father, (photo)
KOZLOWSKI, Mary J., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
KREBS, George, No Dates, Father, (photo)
KREBS, Loreen, 1946, 2005, Mother, (photo)
KREBS, Lori, No Dates, Daughter, (photo)
KUSNISS, Barbara J., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
KUSNISS, Curtis J., 1955, 2006, Father, (photo)
KUSNISS, Lawrence J., 8/20/1949, 8/21/2007, Father, (photo)
LACAVA, Kenneth P., 1942, 2002, Father, (photo)
LACAVA, Patricia A., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
LATUSZEWSKI, Rose J., 6/14/1926, 5/29/2008, (photo)
LATUSZEWSKI, William J. Sr., 5/12/1924, 8/20/2001, (photo)
LEONE, Ernie, No Dates, (photo)
LEONE, Tony, 1939, 2001, (photo)
LLEWELLYN, Aleta R, No Dates, (photo)
LLEWELLYN, Paula, 10/3/1946, 8/24/2007, (photo)
MAGISTER, Francis, 1930, 2008, Father, (photo)
MAGISTER, Joan J., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
MARKAMOS, W., No Dates, (photo)
MARSH, Thomas O., 6/20/1930, 6/1/2008, Korea US Army, (photo)
MCADAMS, Ronald E., No Dates, Beloved Husband, Father, & Grandfather, (photo)
MCADAMs, Mary Ann, 8/3/1947, 1/13/2014, Beloved Wife, Mother,& Grandmother, (photo)
MCCALLUM, Mary B., 9/18/1919, 5/30/2008, WWII SK1 US Navy, (photo)
MEINERT, Alberta D., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
MEINERT, Henry F., 1929, 2005, Father, (photo)
MOLNAR, Michael Joseph Jr,, 11/18/1982, 4/11/2012, Son, (photo)
MONACO, Erminia M, No Dates, Wife & Mother, (photo)
MONACO, Louis A., 12/31/1937, 1/4/2012, Husband & Father, (photo)
MONTEVERDE, Sarah Totten, No Dates, (photo)
MONTEVERDE, Thomas Richard, 9/4/1950, 8/8/2012, (photo)
NOSSECK, Frank A., 1/6/1947, 12/31/2011, (photo)
NOSSECK, Karen L., No Dates, (photo)
NOVAK, Gerald B., No Dates, (photo)
NOVAK, Rose Mary, 1957, 2009, (photo)
OEHLING, Michael J., 1952 / 2014, (photo)
OSTHOFF, Cynthia A., 3/6/1958, 2/20/2005, Beloved Mother, (photo)
OWEN, Sarah K., 2/20/1980, 11/24/2003, (photo)
PAVLICK, James J., No Dates, (photo)
PAVLICK, Mildred T., 7/5/2010, (photo)
PERRY, Jean, 5/24/1931, 12/18/2005, (photo)
PERRY, Joseph R., 2/27/1922, 4/7/2006, Husband, WWII, PFC US Army, (photo)
PERRY, Marie, No Dates, Wife, (photo)
PERRY, Michael, 5/4/1927, 3/2/2003, WWII, SFC USNavy, (photo)
PILARSKI, Catherine, No Dates, Mom, (photo)
PILARSKI, Thomas E., 7/7/1937, 12/14/2011, Dad, US Veteran, (photo)
REITER, Herbert P., 3/9/1926, 9/21/2007, WWII PFC US Marines, (photo)
ROBINSON, Barbara J., 1958, 2007, Daughter, (photo)
ROBINSON, Joseph E., 1929, 2010, Father, (photo)
ROBINSON, Marilyn H., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
ROZMAN, Donald N., No Dates, (photo)
ROZMAN, Karla D., No Dates, (photo)
ROZMAN, Kyle N., 9/13/2002, 1/3/2014, (photo)
ROZMAN, Margaret J, No Dates, (photo)
ROZMAN, Ronald N., No Dates, (photo)
SAMBER, Helen J., No Dates, Mother, (photo)
SAMBER, John F., 9/27/1927, 9/5/2003, Father, (photo)
SAMBER, No Name/No Dates
SANTARCANGELO, Gerard, 5/5/1925, 10/4/2003, (photo)
SANTARCANGELO, Patricia, No Dates, (photo)
SASINOWSKI, Benny F., 8/10/1920, 10/2/2005, WWII US Navy, (photo)
SASINOWSKI, Vera A., 5/12/1922, 10/4/2009, Mother, Our Beautiful Irish Rose, (photo)
SCHEIB, Gregory C., 4/25/1960, 8/8/2005, Father, (photo)
SHURMAN, Paul E., No Dates, (photo)
SICO, Carmen Robert, 4/11/1937, 11/30/2003, (photo)
SKWORTZ, John P., 11/27/1952, 3/27/2002, (photo)
SKWORTZ, Monica S, No Dates, (photo)
SLAGEL, Eugene R., 5/31/1943, 11/4/2007, Father, US Veteran
STRAIN, Frances R., 1935, 1983, (photo)
STRAIN, William C. Sr., 1934, 2005, (photo)
TANSKI, Bernard "Butch" E. Sr., 5/4/1931, 10/14/2010, Father, Korea SSGT. US Army, (photo)
THENS, Harry J., Sep. 1941, Dec. 2004, Father US Veteran, (photo)
THENS, Shirley A., No Dates, (photo)
THOMAS, Adele, 8/11/1927, 6/28/2012, (photo)
THOMAS, John, No Dates, US Army Veteran, (photo)
TOOMEY, Maurice J., 1940, 2014, Dad, (photo)
TOOMEY, Shirley A., No Dates, Mom, (photo)
ULBRICH, Bertha M., 11/1/1917, 11/27/2004, Devoted Mother, (photo)
VOSS, Arlene R., 3/16/1944, 12/12/2007, (photo)
VOSS, Henry M., No Dates, (photo)
WAGNER, Elizabeth J, 10/22/1940, 2/13/2012, Mom, "Gram", (photo)
WAGNER, William H, 12/8/1938, 10/26/2004, Dad, "Pap", (photo)
WALIGURA, John , 1921, 2005, (photo)
WALIGURA, Mary Louise, No Dates, Mother, (photo)
WALTERS-ECHNAT, Katie Marie, 12/11/1952, 3/9/2013, Beloved Daughter, (photo)
WELKER, James E., No Dates, Father, (photo)
WELKER, Janet R., 8/7/1939, 3/14/2013, Mother, (photo)
WIEST, Kathryn T., 10/8/1923, 1/20/2009, (photo)
WIEST, Sam E., 5/28/1924, 3/29/2011, (photo)
YAW, Maureen A., 9/15/1956, 9/30/2001, (photo)
YOHMAN, Catherine R., 3/19/1944, 8/14/2010, (photo)
YOHMAN, John P., No Dates, (photo)

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