Herr Chapel Cemetery, Ross Township, PA, Contributed Information

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Sample Road, McCandless Township
(Allegheny County, PA)

(Unless otherwise indicated within, this information was contributed by Elizabeth (Betty) Miller, [email protected])

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Directions: McKnight Road North to Peebles Road, make a right and follow thru the intersection at Duncan Ave., turn
on Sample Road on the right, entrance is on the right just before the Wildwood Golf Course. 

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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other


Allison, Alford, Died Dec. 9, 1863, (Thomas, Alford, & Callie on one stone)
Allison, Callie, Died Nov. 8, 1872, Age 15, (Thomas, Alford, & Callie on one stone)
Allison, Thomas V.,
(stone between these two saying “Our Darlings”.
Allison, Fred
Allison, Thomas J., Died Jan. 1, 1846, age 22, (Thomas, Alford, & Callie on one stone)
Beisel, John (CEST DEN ?), Jan. 7, 1885
Cress, Callie, Age 51 years at rest.
Cress, Isabella D., wife of John Cress, Born March 27, 1846, Died April 10, 1891
Davis, Alice, Born Mar. 20, 1823, Died June 9, 1898
Davis, J. L., (dates on military star,1861-1865)
Grubbs, Joseph, Co. F 139 PA Vol. Inf, Jan 5, 1914, (JS)
Herr, Benjamin, Aug. 2, 1802 - July 23, 1867, age 64 years, 11 mos., 7 days
Herr, Elizabeth, his wife, Nov. 2, 1816 – Oct. 30, 1889 (Same stone as Benjamin Herr)
Jordan, Oarran L.. Sept. 18, 1895. Dec. 4, 1895, sons of A.A. & M.A. Jordan.
Jordan, Floyd L., Sept. 17, 1894, Feb. 9, 1895 (same stone as Oarran)
Marshall, James, Co. I PA DAV
Marshall, Margaret, 1820-1910
Murray (Mury), David, Died June 14, 1882 in his 79th year (inscription: Not lost Blest though but gone before where we shall meet to part no more.)
Murray (Mury), Jane, wife of David Murray, Died Dec. 19, 1887 in her 79th year
Pannel, George, Oct. 18, 1845 – Libby Prison - Sept. 19, 1864 Co., D 13th PA CAV.
Pannel, Isaac, Our Father, May 15, 1801 - April 1, 1887 (same stone as George Pannel)
Scott, Julia M., July 12, 1829 – March 12, 1912
Scott, Rob’t C., Feb. 17, 1821 – Jan. 9, 1897

Additional Contributors:
(JS) = Joanne Snyder, [email protected]

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