Taken from Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania

by Sherman Day
Published by George W. Gorton, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, From The Northwest
This view was taken from the hill behind Sligo. In the foreground is seen
a glass-house and dwellings of manufacturers. On the right is the Monongahela
Bridge, the Steamboat landing, and the Monongahela House, near the end of the bridge.
To the left of that is the cupola of the University, and farther to the left,
on high ground, the new Court House, and Cathedral, with the spire of the
Presbyterian Church between them. On the left is the Allegheny river, with
several bridges leading to Allegheny town: the second bridge sustains the
aqueduct of the canal. Beyond these bridges are seen Bayard's town and Lawrenceville.


Ellis Michaels
Pennsylvania GenWeb

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