Pridgeon Cemetery, Pine Twp., PA

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Grandview Drive and Salem Heights Drive
Pine Township, PA
(Allegheny County)


Cemetery is located on the former Pittsburgh Bible Institute.  The mission of the institute was to train Christian missionaries. 
Administered by: Salem Heights Christian Life Center, 500 Salem Lane, Gibsonia, PA  15044-6164

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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
Ballard, Bertha B., 1883 - 1984, (RB)
Brooks, Rev. John H., 14 May 1907 - 27 Mar 1993, (RB)
Brooks, Mabel E., 21 Mar 1910 - 09 Dec 1990, (RB)
Burk, Ellen I., 1882 - 1964, Missionary, (RB)
Buxton, Cyrinthia, 1846 - 1929, (RB)
Carothers, Elizabeth Grace, 1888 - 1966, (RB)
Clay, James W., 1918 - 1932, (RB)
Clementson, Edgar Lewis, 1880 - 1959, (RB)
Clementson, Grace Dorchester, 1881 - 1967, (RB)
Dickson, Alice A., 1903 - 1980, (RB)
Dindler, Lulu C., 1888 - 1980, (RB)
Eberhard, Jacob, 1872 - 1971, (RB)
Eberhard, Violetta, 1878 - 1975, (RB)
Ehrensburger, Ulrich, (RB)
Gerstmayr, Dorothy V., 05 Mar 1915 - 27 Apr 2004, (RB)
Hilliard, Alfred, 1889 - 1968, (RB)
Hunt, Anna May, 12 Mar 1897 - 20 Jan 1980, (RB)
Hunt, Rev. William R., 03 Dec 1899 - 20 May 1993, (RB)
Kast, Loretta May, 1895 - 1966, (RB)
Kemper, Evelyn Harriet, 1900 - 1976, (RB)
Kemper, Ralph Thomas, 1893 - 1984, (RB)
Kentros, Zachary Sutlovich, 19 Apr 1991 - 22 Dec 1991, (RB)
Mateoschat, August, 1882 - 1951, (RB)
Mikula, Vincent, 1885 - 1950, (RB)
Newman, Rudolph, 1901 - 1987, (RB)
Nickerson, Ida, 1888 - 1940, (RB)
Parker, Edward O., 1889 - 1980, (RB)
Parker, Sophie M., 1891 - 1979, (RB)
Patterson, Sadie Thompson, 1898 - 1970, (RB)
Polinsky, Elizabeth G., 1896 - 1987, (RB)
Pridgeon, Charles Hamilton (Rev.), 1863 Baltimore - 1932, s/o Johnson & Rebecca (McCreight) Pridgeon, (RB)
[Rev. Charles Hamilton Pridgeon was born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 7, 1863.  
Charles was the son of Johnson Pridgeon and Rebecca McCreight Pridgeon. Who's
Who in America gives his life history and accomplishments. At one time, I don't
know the year, Charles was known as the fifth best educated man in the United
States of America. (recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow, contributed
by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)]
Pridgeon, Ella, 1867 Baltimore - 1945, d/o Johnson & Rebecca (McCreight) Pridgeon, (RB)
[Ella Pridgeon, daughter of Rebecca and Johnson Pridgeon.  Her proper name was Sarah Ellen Pridgeon. She 
was born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 30, 1867. Ella taught school in
Baltimore, Maryland. She was a devoted teacher and greatly loved and admired. Ella
was a very talented artist. She studied art in a Catholic school in Baltimore. Many
of her paintings still exist. (recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow,
contributed by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)]
Pridgeon, Johnson, 18 Sep 1831 - 01 Apr 1911, h/o Rebecca McCreight, f/o Charles, Lily adn Sara Ellen (Ella), (RB)
[Johnson Pridgeon was a jeweler and designed fabulous rings and pins. He also owned a silver 
mine in Leadville, Colorado. He had an Ingraham mantel clock in his cabin, which years
later (circa 1978) was donated to the Clock Museum in Bristol, Connecticut. Johnson
was the husband of Rebecca McCreight. (recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow,
contributed by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)]
Pridgeon, Lily G(ertrude). H(ilman). (Dr.), June 25, 1872 Baltimore - 1928, d/o Johnson & Rebecca (McCreight) Pridgeon, (RB)
[Dr. Lily G. H. Pridgeon, daughter of Rebecca and Johnson Pridgeon, was born in Baltimore, Maryland 
on June 25, 1872. Her full name was Lily Gertrude Hilman Pridgeon. She was a medical
doctor and practiced medicine in Baltimore, Maryland and Cannonsberg, Pennsylvania.
Lily was a dedicated and devoted doctor. She was an honor to her profession. After
her death, in 1928, her brother, Charles, had a bronze plaque placed in the orphanage
he built. This plaque dedicated the building to Lily. I remember this, as I was elected
to pull the cord on the curtain at the unveiling of the plaque, at the dedication service.
(recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow, contributed by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)]
Pridgeon, Louise Hamilton (infant), d. 29 Mar 1905, d/o Louise and Charles Pridgeon, (RB)
[This is the child of Louise and Charles Pridgeon, who died at time of birth on March 29, 1905.  
(recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow, contributed by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)]
Pridgeon, Louise Shepard, 1865 - 1928, (RB)
[Louise Shepard Pridgeon was a celebrated opera singer.  Louise became close friends with the Booths. They were 
founders of the Salvation Army. Louise was deeply religious; with that, Charles Pridgeon
felt she would be a perfect minister's wife. They were married and established many missions.
I have a medal given to Louise, at the height of her singing career, by King Leopold of Belgium.
(recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow, contributed by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)]
Pridgeon, Rebecca, 14 Oct 1844 Baltimore - 19 Jul 1936, w/o Johnson; m/o Charles, Lily & Sara Ellen (Ella); d/o Rebecca & David McCreight, (RB)
[Rebecca Pridgeon was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She was the daughter of Rebecca McCreight and David McCreight. 
Her mother's father was a Hamilton and was in a direct line to the throne of Scotland. Rebecca
married Johnson Pridgeon and they had three children — Charles, Lily and Sara Ellen, aka Ella.
They were very proud that all three children had chosen such fine vocations. Rebecca was my
grandmother's sister and was called Aunt Bessie. Aunt Bessie and her sister, Emma, kept the
Hamilton name in the family. Aunt Bessie named her son Charles Hamilton, and her sister, Emma,
named her daughter Grace Hamilton Wittaker. Grace married Joseph M. Thompson. Grace was my
mother (recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow, contributed by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)]
Read, Georgiana, 1876 - 1941, (RB)
Reinwald, Margaret, 1870 - 1946, (RB)
Rudge, Dorothy M., 1912 - 1989, (RB)
Shepard, Caroline E., 14 Sep 1833 - 01 May 1911, (RB)
Shepard, Frank, 07 Jul 1831 - 24 Jul 1911, (RB)
Steele, Elleta I., 1892 - 1989, (RB)
Summers, Betty, 1885 - 1982, (RB)
Summers, James Muir, 1881 - 1971, (RB)
Thomas, Alfred, 1889 - 1974, (RB)
Voychuck, Anna K., 25 Jul 1895 - 06 Oct 1993, (RB)
Welsh, Virginia K., 1916 - 1984, (RB)
Winter, Julia, 04 Aug 1905 - 29 Jul 2000, (RB)
Wood, Cassius H., 1878 - 1967, Father, (RB)
Wood, Lillian R., 1876 - 1962, Mother, (RB)

(recollections of Katharine Elaine Thompson Dow, contributed by Beverly Dow Mazzarella)
My mother, Katharine Elaine Thompson (now Dow) was born in Baltimore, Maryland to Grace Hamilton (Wittaker) Thompson
and Joseph M. Thompson. Grace's mother was Emma McCreight Whittaker, sister of Rebecca (Aunt Bessie). As an infant, my
mother was being pushed in a baby carriage by her mother. As her mother walked under a coal chute, which was delivering
coal to a basement in Baltimore, Maryland, the coal chute broke and fell on her mother - killing her. The baby carriage,
carrying my mother, was pushed out of harms way. My mother was the youngest of 7 children. Her father (being 51 when she
was born) was unable to take care of an infant, so he sent her to live with her maternal grandmother's sister, Rebecca
Pridgeon (aka Aunt Bessie), in Gibsonia, PA.

Aunt Bessie's house was about a mile from the Bible Institute, where my mother attended school. Adjacent to the school
was the girl's orphanage. Aunt Bessie's house sat on the side of the hill. They had about 600 acres of land, some of which
was sold off in unfavorable deals. Rev. Charles Pridgeon built the orphanage (as well as the bible institute) and dedicated
the building to his sister, Dr. Lily, shortly after her death in 1928. He had a small summer cottage on the property, which
he called 'the prayer cottage', as well as his parsonage in Pittsburgh.

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