Zion Cemetery, Provost Road, Whitehall, PA

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Zion Cemetery
3240 Provost Road,

Whitehall, PA 15227
(Allegheny County)


Some interments were moved from the Zion Lutheran Church/Cemetery located at 4301 Brownsville Road & Route 51, Brentwood to this cemetery  when Brownsville Road was widened, about 1954.

* = Bodies removed from Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Brownville Road & Route 51, Brentwood to Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Provost Road, Whitehall. Please see NOTE at bottom of this page.

Posted: January 21, 2009   Last Update: December 13, 2012

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
ABBOTT, Frederick, Sep 28 1826-Dec 1 1891, Father, (NL)
ABBOTT, George, Mar 4 1865-Nov 22 1899, (NL)
ABBOTT, Margaret, 1827-1909, Mother, (NL)
AUGENSTENE, Edwin L., 1894-1902, Son, (NL)
*AUGENSTEIN, Anna, buried in 1873, 9 yrs old
, (see NOTE below)
*AUGENSTEIN, Carolina, buried in 1865, 5 yrs old, (see NOTE below)
AUGENSTEIN, Charles W. (birth name Karl Wilhelm AUGENSTEIN), 17 Jun 1854 / 3 May 1926, (photo), (BM)
*AUGENSTEIN, Elizabeth, buried in 1863, 5 yrs old
, (see NOTE below)
*AUGENSTEIN, Maggie, d. 1880, age 23, (see NOTE below)
BARTIC, Gustave H., 4 Feb 1902-19 Jan 1909, (NL)
BARTIC, Karl J., 9 Marz 1898-13 Juli 1899, (NL)
BARTIC, Sarah A., 18 Oct 1900-4 March 1901, (NL)
Bier, Clarence J., 1899-1969, Husband, (photo), (MS)
Bier, Marguerite G., 1902-1992, Wife, (photo), (MS)
CELLA, Emilie, nee Greiner, 1874-1906, Mother, (NL)
CRATTY, Ida May Provost, 1864-1935, Wife, (NL)
CRATTY, M.D., Alfred R., 1864-1954, “Jim Job”, (NL)
DAVIS, Caroline G,, 1865-1913, (NL)
DAVIS, Mary G., 1829-1893, (NL)
DAVIS, Milisent J., 1852-1866, (NL)
DAVIS, Rees, 1814-1893, (NL)
DAVIS, Thomas C., 1856-1909, (NL)
DEWALD, Catherine, d. Sep 1 1896, Mother, Died in her 80 year, (NL)
DEWALD, Jacob, d. Jan 5 1892, Father, Age 75 yrs, 7 mo, 19 days, (NL)
*FELLER, Mrs. Chas. (no other information), (NL)
*FROEBE, Clarence P. (or T.), 1901-12/5/1904, age 3 yrs 6 mos 29 days, Son, (see NOTE below), (NL)
FROEBE, Henry W., 1903-1909, Son, (NL)
*FROEBE, Margaret M. (or W.), 1898-11/15/1898, age 4 mos 11 days, Daughter, (see NOTE below), (NL)
GALE, Banbary, Jan 25 1812-Aug 9 1883, (NL)
GALE, George, July 10 1839-May 11 1924, (NL)
GALE, Jacob, May 9 1847-Dec 15 1926, (NL)
GALE, Lena, see listing for Wilhelm, Lena, (NL)
*GEIGER, Fred, d. 11/29/1903, age 24 yrs 2 mos, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*GEIGER, Mary, d. 11/30/1903, age 22 yrs 2 mos, (see NOTE below), (NL)
Gerstenschlager, Christina, 1851-1919, same stone as George, (photo), (MS)
Gerstenschlager, Fred, July 12, 1894-Jan. 29, 1948, (photo), (MS)
Gerstenschlager, George, 1859-1906, same stone as Christina, (photo), (MS)
Gerstenschlager, Katherine L., 1884-1959, (photo), (MS)
GOODBOY, large stone, see listings for GUTTBUB, (NL)
GREINER, Emilie, see listing for Cella, Emilie, (NL)
GUTTBUB, Anna F., Nov 9 1866-May 31 1873, Children of G & S Guttbub, (NL)
GUTTBUB, Charlott S., May 12 1872-July 26 1873, Children of G & S Guttbub, (NL)
GUTTBUB, Clara R., March 1 1859-July 30 1873, Children of G & S Guttbub, (NL)
GUTTBUB, Mary E., Dec 26 1864-June 2 1873, Children of G & S Guttbub, (NL)
GUTTBUB, Sophia, nee Kletz, July 1835-March 6, 1896, (NL)
GUTTBUB, Wm. H., Feb 27 1857-May 29 1878, Children of G & S Guttbub, (NL)
HALBOTH, Marie, Feb 19 1851 – July 15 1890, (NL)
HALBOTH, Rev. Marcus, June 13 1838-Dec 23 1891, (NL)
HAMPE, Andrew, 1836-1902, Father, (NL)
HAMPE, Christina 1838-1916, Mother, (NL)
HAMPE, John, 1878-1890, Son, (NL)
*HAUN, Greta (no other information), (NL)
HODGSON, Elizabeth, 1840-1899, Mother, (NL)
HODGSON, Thomas, 1832-1893, Father, (NL)
Hoffmann, William F.C. husband, 1916-1999, same stone Marie E., (photo), (MS)
Hoffmann, Marie E., wife, 1914-1973, same stone as William F.C., (photo), (MS)
HOLD, Herbert, Jan 11 1891-Oct 29 1894, (NL)
HOLD, Herman F., Mar 2 1865-July 22 1887, (NL)
HORNING, John Lawson, Jul 11 1899-Jul 24 1900, (NL)
*HUTH, Caroline, d. 10/23/1888, age 37 yrs 2 mos 28 days, (see NOTE below), (NL)
KETCHKA, Adam, 1848-1884, (NL)
KLETZ, Sophia, see listing for Guttbub, Sophia, (NL)
KING, Ellen, wife of W. H. King, Born May 26, 1852-Died Aug 8, 1892, Aged 40 years, (NL)
KIRCHNER, Johann Philip, Geb Jul 27 1822-Gest Feb 5 1890, Im Alter Von 67 Y 6 M 9 T, (NL)
KIRCHNER, N., Geb Glober, Gest Aliter, V 57 Y 9 M 3 Tage, (NL)
KLETZ, Sophia, see listing for GUTTBUB, Sophia, (NL)
KNOEDLER, Howard D., 1896-1900, Age 4 years 2 mon, (NL)
KNOWLSON, John B., 1837-1916, (NL)
KNOWLSON, Mary M., 1848-1898, (NL)
*KRAMER, Mary W. (or H.), wife of John Zimmerman, July 16 1884-Oct 6 1903, age 19 yrs 8 mos 10 days, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*KROEMER, Frederick F. W., (no other information), (NL)
*KROEMER, Sophia B. C. (no other information), (NL)
KUHLMAN, Wilhelm, 1850-1884, Uncle, (NL)
*KUHLMAN, William, d. 1/__/1881, age 38 yrs, (see NOTE below), (NL)
MCCLUGGAGE, John Thomas, 17 Dec 1865 / 28 Dec 1937 in Bruceton, Snowden, Allegheny, PA Burial: 09 Jan 1938, (I)
METZ, Anna Margaretha, 1838-1885, (NL)
METZ, Ida Karoline, 1883-1904, Daughter, (NL)
METZ, William Albert, 1905-1906, Our Darling, (NL)
MOLLENAUER, Ernest H., Jan 9 1828-May 17 1893, (NL)
MOLLENAUER, Wilhelmina, Aug 25 1828-June 23 1896, His Wife (of Ernest H. Mollenauer), (NL)
*MONTE, Anna Maria, 1808-1885, (see NOTE below), (NL)
Moodenbaugh, Elizabeth, 1866-1899, Sister, (photo), (CZ)
NIES, Balser, 1835-1930, (NL)
*NIES, Elizabeth, 1839-1901, (see NOTE below), (NL)
NIES, Katherine, 1865-1903, Mother, (NL)
NIES, William, 1862-1944, Father, (NL)
*NOLL, Henry, d. 1905, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*PAHLMANN, Amalia, May 27 1870-May 1 1912, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*PAHLMANN, Ludwig, Aug 17 1870-Aug 21 1904, (see NOTE below), (NL)
PHILLIP, Amelia May, May 13, 1870-Feb 15, 1899, (NL)
PHILLIP, Anna P., Feb 17 1841-July 31, 1907, (NL)
PHILLIP, George, 1873-1876, (NL)
PHILLIP, James, 1834-1882, (NL)
PROVOST, Ida May, see listing for Cratty, Ida May, (NL)
PROVOST, Thomas, Sept 30 1900-Oct 24 1900, (NL)
PROVOST, William, 1837-1895, Father, (NL)
*RICHARDS, Beatrice May, d. 1906, age 4 yrs, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*RICHARDS, Katherine, no death date, age 10 mos, (see NOTE below), (NL)
RIEHL, Anna S. (or B.), Geb 27 Marz 1824-Gest 13 May 1896, Mutter, (NL)
RIEHL, Clara Edna, 1896-1903, Daughter, (NL)
RIEHL, Dora, 1867-1948, Mother, (NL)
RIEHL, J. Peter, Geb 22 Nov 1831-Gest 31 Aug 1899, Vater, (NL)
RIEHL, Peter, 1866-1947, Father, (NL)
SCHMIDT, Henry J., 1833-1900, Father, (NL)
SCHMIDT, Wilhelmina, 1831-1898, Mother, (NL)
*SCHNEIDER, Armin L., Geb 18 Juli 1887-Gest 16 Jan 1888, (see NOTE below), (NL)
SIMMMONS, Nicholas H., 1906-1906, (NL)
SIMMONS, Barbara, Jan 2 1837-Jan 16 1917, Mother, (NL)
SIMMONS, Henry J., Dec 23 1829-Jan 21 1902, Father, (NL)
SIMMONS, William F., Feb 17 1877-Mar 26 1903, (NL)
SIMON, Jacob W., Aug 22 1884-July 21 1904, (NL)
*STEIFVATER, Catherine, d. 4/18/1903, age 47 yrs 11 mos, (see NOTE below), (NL)
STOLTE, August, 1840-1905, Father, (NL)
*STOLTE, August, no death date, age 71 yrs, (see NOTE below), (NL)
STOLTE, Dora, 1840-1913, Mother, (NL)
*STOLTE, Dorothy, no death date, age 78 yrs, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*STOLTE, William, no death date, age 27 yrs, (see NOTE below), (NL)
STUDT, William H., Aug 7 1900-April 3 1901, (NL)
Twigger, Arthur, Jan, 14, 1879- Jan 9, 1973, Father, (photo), (CZ)
Twigger, Mary, Jan, Oct. 19, 1882- Dec. 23, 1965, Mother, (photo), (CZ)
*VOGT, Caroline, d. 5/22/1883, age 6 mos 22 days, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*WALTHER, Mathilda M., d. 9/16/1886, age 4 mos 15 days, (see NOTE below), (NL)
Weidinger, Lena, 1861-1947, Aunt, (photo), (CZ-NL)
Weidinger, Margaret, 1831-1905, Mother, (photo), (CZ)
WILHELM, Henry, Dec 10 1825-Nov 6 1911, GAR, (NL)
WILHELM, Lena Gale, July 15 1834-Apr 29 1907, (NL)
WILLIS, Amanda Mae, March 17, 1890-Sept 29, 1900, (NL)
YUND, Milton C., March 4 1889-June 24 1891, (NL)
Zeiler, Henry, 1854-1917, Father, (photo), (CZ)
Zeiler, Margaret, 1863-1953, Mother, (photo), (CZ)
*ZIMMERMAN, Conrad, Jr., Aug 23 1874-Sept 25 1902, age 28 yrs 0 mos 22 days, Our Brother, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*ZIMMERMAN, Conrad, Sr., Born Mar 31, 1829-Died Dec 29, 1904, age 74 yrs 8 mos 30 days, Our Father, (see NOTE below), (NL)
ZIMMERMAN, John, Sept 19 1880-Dec 16 1907, (NL)
*ZIMMERMAN, Margaretha nee Holzer, Born Jan 30, 1838-Died April 17, 1898, age 60 yrs 3 mos 17 days, Our Mother, (see NOTE below), (NL)
*ZIMMERMAN, Mary H., d. 4/__/1904, age 5 mos, (see NOTE below), (NL)
ZIMMERMAN, Mary W., see listing for Kramer, Mary W., (NL)
________, George, Dec 19 1890-Apr 26 1891, (NL)
________, Nellie, Jun 2 1887-Nov (or Mar) 12 1888, (NL)

*NOTE: This information is from funeral home records, not a reading of tombstones, and more details may be available by contacting Nancy Long at ([email protected])

Listings submitted by (NL) "without" asterisks is from a very old penciled reading of part of the cemetery, and it is not known who did the reading.

(BM) = Beverly Morris, [email protected]
(CZ) = Carol Zeiler [email protected]
(I) = Internet finding
(MS) = Mark Seibel, [email protected]
(NL) = Nancy Long,
[email protected]

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