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St. Nicholas Russian Greek Catholic Eastern Rite Cemetery Homestead, PA
Sylvania Street, West Mifflin, PA
(Allegheny County)

Unless otherwise indicated, this listing and photographs were
contributed by Bill Bodkin, wb-wm@com-nospam-cast.net

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The Church that is related to this cemetery is St Nicholas, Duquesne, PA. and is a Russian Orthodox church.
-- Rich Nedinsky, 10/15/2009, ([email protected])

Posted:  October 15, 2009    Last Update:  August 24, 2010


BABBIE, Elizabeth, 1887-1962, Mother, s/s Stephen, (photo), (BB)
BABBIE, Stephen, 1881-1941, Father, s/s Stephen, (photo), (BB)
BALOG, John, 1872-1941, Father, s/s Maria, (photo), (BB)
BALOG, Maria, 1876-1940, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, Anna, 1921-2008, s/s William Galas, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, George, 1875-1952, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, George, 1906-1989, Son, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, John, 1904-1967, Son, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, Joseph, 1923-1971, Husband, s/s Margaret, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, Joseph, March 8, 1923 / Aug. 5, 1971, Pennsylvania SGT US Marine Corps WWII, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, Margaret, (no dates), s/s Joseph, (photo), (BB)
BANYAS, Mary, 1884-1965, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (BB)
BAYUZIK, Julia, 1884-1988, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
BAYUZIK, Michael, 1852-1964, s/s Julia, (photo), (BB)
BAYUZIK, Stephen, 1887-1954, s/s Susan, (photo), (BB)
BAYUZIK, Susan, 1891-1981, s/s Stephen, (photo), (BB)
BEGALA, Mary, Oct. 12, 1888 / Jan ??, 1949?, Wife, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
BEGALA, Michael, Oct. 12, 1886 / 1944, Husband, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
BERES, George, 1917-1992, (photo), (BB)
BERES, John 1881-1967, Father, s/s Mary F., (photo), (BB)
BERES, Mary F., 1889-19??, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
BORSCH, Anna, 1879-1959, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
BORSCH, Michael, 1872-1950, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
BRUGOS, Anna, 1907-1989?, Mother, s/s George; Michael Yacko, (photo), (BB)
BRUGOS, George, 1886-1956, Father, s/s Anna; Michael Yacko, (photo), (BB)
BUDAJ, Anna, Oct. 15, 1880 / Feb. 11, 1962, Wife, s/s Paul, (photo), (BB)
BUDAJ, Paul, Sept 10, 1874 / May 29, 1969, Husband, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
BUFF, Anna R., 1886-1969, BUFF-HIGGIS marker, (photo), (BB)
BUFF, Anna R., Oct. 15, 1886 / Jan. 28, 1969, (photo), (BB)
BUFF, Mildred E., Oct. 2, 1924 / Nov. 28, 1988, (photo), (BB)
CHIZMAR, John, May 1, 1887 / Mar. 12, 1968, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
CHIZMAR, Mary, Dec. 18, 1891 / Sept. 3, 1965, Mother, (photo), (BB)
CIKO, Anna, 1894?-1962?, Wife, s/s Nicholas, (photo), (BB)
CIKO, Nicholas, 1892-1963, Husband, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
DANCHAK, Andrew, 1926-1997, (photo), (BB)
DANKO, Ann, 1925-1983, Wife, (photo), (BB)
DANKO, Anna, 1891-1974, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
DANKO, John, 1881-1959?, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
DANKO, Mary L. + Infant Son & Daughter, 1921-1974, Mother, (photo), (BB)
DANKO, Michael, 1921-2005, Husband, (photo), (BB)
DOBOS, Andrew 1830-1953, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
DOBOS, Mary, 1889-1953, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
DOBOSH, George, April 25, 1918 / Dec. 5, 1984?, PFC 623rd? ?? CO. AUS, Enl. April 1, 1942, Died In Service, (photo), (BB)
DRANGA, Elizabeth, 1910-1974, Wife, s/s George J., (photo), (BB)
DRANGA, George J., 1907-1981, Husband, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BB)
DUBYAK, Julia, 1922-2001, s/s Peter, (photo), (BB)
DUBYAK, Peter, 1920-1999, USA WWII, s/s Julia, (photo), (BB)
DUDAS, Anna, 1883-1970, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
DUDAS, John, 1884-1956, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, Anna, 1922-1977, Daughter, s/s George & Mary, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, Evelyn M., (no dates), Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, George Jr., Jan. 27, 1930 / Oct. 25, 2003, s/s Mary Lou, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, George, 1886-1960, Father, s/s Mary & Anna, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, John, 1932-1989, Father, s/s Evelyn M., (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, John, Feb. 21, 1932 / Feb. 9, 1989, CPL USA Korea, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, Mary Lou, (no dates), s/s George Jr., (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, Mary, 189101974, Mother, s/s George & Anna, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, Mary, 1912-1999, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
DZVONIK, Michael, 1910-1991, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
EHNOT, Florence, 1923-1975, (photo), (BB)
EHNOT, Mary, Sept. 23, 1892 / Aug. 8, 1977, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
EHNOT, Michael, Jan. 25, 1888 / Sept. 4, 1977, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
EHNOT, Stephen, 1871-1954, Brother, (photo), (BB)
ESTERLY, Betty, April 30, 1911 / Nov. 19, 1987, Mikula marker, (photo), (BB)
EVAN, Mary, 1884-1968, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
EVAN, Michael, 1885-1941, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
EVANS, John, 1908-1970, Father, (photo), (BB)
EVANS, Mary, 1915-19??, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
EVANS, Michael, 1912?-1962, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
FLAHERTY, Francis L., Nov. 22, 1933 / Mar. 6, 1997, RM2 USN Korea, (photo), (BB)
FLAHERTY, Marlene "Molly", 1928-2002, Beloved wife-Mother, (photo), (BB)
GALAS, William, 1915-1996, s/s Anna Banyas, (photo), (BB)
GRESKO, Alice R., 1906-1990?, Mother, s/s Joseph M., (photo), (BB)
GRESKO, Joseph M., 1905-1970, s/s Alice R., (photo), (BB)
HAJDUCKO, Michael, 1877-1937, s/s Theresa, (photo), (BB)
HAJDUCKO, Theresa, 1880-1945, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
HAVRILLA, Andrew, 1897-1960, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
HAVRILLA, Mary, 1899-1989, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
HIGGIS, Mary R., 1893-1964, BUFF-HIGGIS marker, (photo), (BB)
HIGGIS, Thomas, 1897-1968?, BUFF-HIGGIS marker, (photo), (BB)
HIXON, John Walter, Sep. 4, 1931 / Sep. 24, 1978, USA Korea, (photo), (BB)
HOLINGSAK, Anna, 1882-1948, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (BB)
HOLINGSAK, George, 1884-1957?, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
HOMA, Andrew, 1880-1973, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
HOMA, Anita, (no dates), s/s Michael A., (photo), (BB)
HOMA, Anna, 1890-1961, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
HOMA, Michael A., Apr. 16, 1911 / June 26, 2004, s/s Anita, (photo), (BB)
HOVAN, Anna, April 10, 1906 / ????, 1975?, s/s John, William J. & Stephen, (photo), (BB)
HOVAN, John, July 3, 1903 / Spril 26, 1970, s/s Anna, William J. & Stephen, (photo), (BB)
HOVAN, Michael, Nov. 19, 1925 / Feb. 21, 1990, CPL US Marine Corp WWII, (photo), (BB)
HOVAN, Pearl, Aug. 17, 1929 / Jan. 4, 1998, Eternal Memory, (photo), (BB)
HOVAN, Stephen, March 27, 1870? / December 24, 1958, s/s John, Anna & William J., (photo), (BB)
HOVAN, William J., June ??, 1958 / Sept. ??, 1958, s/s John, Anna & Stephen, (photo), (BB)
HREES, Mary, Mar. 30, 1896 / Aug. 5, 1975, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
HREES, Michael, Apr. 20, 1891 / Mar. 11, 1958, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
HREHA, Elizabeth, 1878-1941, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
HREHA, Joseph, 1881-1940, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
HREHA, Mary, 1887-1958, Mother, s/s Joseph, (photo), (BB)
HREHA, Michael, 1872-1932, Father, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BB)
JANOCKO, Mary, 1882-1947, Mother, s/s Stephen, (photo), (BB)
JANOCKO, Stephen, 1880-1961, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
JUBA, Mary EVANS, 1915-2002, Beloved Wife-Mother, (photo), (BB)
JUBA, Michael, 1904-1991, (photo), (BB)
KARPACH, Anna, April 11, 1891 / Nov. 19, 1974, Mother, s/s Joseph, (photo), (BB)
KARPACH, John, 1887-1923, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
KARPACH, Joseph, Feb. 9, 1891 / Dec. 20, 1967, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
KARPACH, Mary, 1885-1946, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
KASA, Paul, 1896-1967, s/s Anna Opsitos, (photo), (BB)
KERKENTZES, Andrea, (no dates), s/s Stan, (photo), (BB)
KERKENTZES, Stan, 1948-2001, s/s Andrea, (photo), (BB)
KOVALSKY, Helen, 1893-1971, Mother, s/s Nicholas; Peter, (photo), (BB)
KOVALSKY, Nicholas, 1892-1970, Father, s/s Helen; Peter, (photo), (BB)
KOVALSKY, Peter, 1893-1967, Brother, s/s Helen & Nicholas, (photo), (BB)
KOZAK, Anna, 1885-1940, Mother, (photo), (BB)
KRAVEC, Jan, 1921-1956, Cousin, (photo), (BB)
KURTZ, Andrew, 1915-1971, Father, s/s Irene M., (photo), (BB)
KURTZ, Andrew, Sept. 4, 1915 / July 11, 1971, Pennsylvania S1 US Navy WWII, (photo), (BB)
KURTZ, Irene M., 1915-1997, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
KURTZ, John Sr., 1870-1948, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
KURTZ, Mary, 1873-1944, Mother, s/s John Sr., (photo), (BB)
LABIK, Andrea, (no dates), s/s Michael; Mary, (photo), (BB)
LABIK, Mary, 1913-2001, s/s Michael; Andrea, (photo), (BB)
LABIK, Michael E., June 24, 1912 / Feb. 8, 1972, Pennsylvania PFC US Army WWII, (photo), (BB)
LABIK, Michael, 1912-1972, s/s Mary; Andrea, (photo), (BB)
LIPA, Anna, Nov. 27, 1889 / Jan. 7, 1963, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
LIPA, Michael, Jan. 19, 1890 / Oct. 26, 1960, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
LUKAS, John, 1896-1953, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
LUKAS, Mary, 1895-1973, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
MAGNES, Michael, Aug. 27, 1902 / May 8, 1949, (photo), (BB)
MIKULA, Mary, May 2, 1888 / April 24, 1966, Mother, Mikula marker, (photo), (BB)
MIKULA, Michael, Sept. 14, 1884 / April 20, 1961, Father, Mikula marker, (photo), (BB)
MIKULLA, Frank, (no dates), Mikula marker, (photo), (BB)
MIKULLA, Helen, Aug. 18, 1918 / Jan. 22, 1989, Mikula marker, (photo), (BB)
NAGY, Dolores M., (no dates), Mikula marker, (photo), (BB)
NOVAK, Albert T., Feb. 1, 1917 / Sep. 3, 2002, PFC US Army WWII, (photo), (BB)
NOVOTNI, Mary, 1895-19??, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
NOVOTNI, Michael, 1886-1938, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
OLEKSA, Elizabeth, 1862-1945, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
OLEKSA, John, 1884-1962, Son, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BB)
OPSITOS, Anna, 1886-1965, s/s Paul Kasa, (photo), (BB)
PEHA, Andrew, 1892-1958, (photo), (BB)
PEHA, Mary, 1894-1947, (photo), (BB)
PIDO, Anna, 1873-1956, Mother, (photo), (BB)
PIDO, Helen K., 1917-1997, s/s John P., (photo), (BB)
PIDO, John P., 1909-1988, s/s Helen K., (photo), (BB)
POLACOK, Anna, 1900-1991, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
POLACOK, John, 189?-1920, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
POLLOCK, ?????, 1884-1943, Father, Pollock marker, (photo), (BB)
POLLOCK, ?????, 1888-1955, Mother, Pollock marker, (photo), (BB)
PREPELKA, Elizabeth, July 7, 1921, s/s Frank, (photo), (BB)
PREPELKA, Frank, Aug. 25, 1919 / Sep. 20, 2007, TEC5 US Army WWII, (photo), (BB)
PREPELKA, Frank, Aug. 25, 1919, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (BB)
PUCHY, Anna, Aug. 26, 1909 / July 10, 1986, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
PUCHY, Michael, Dec. 7, 1906 / April 27, 1988, (photo), (BB)
REVAK, Andrew, 1892-1984, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
REVAK, Anna, 1865-1938, BUFF-HIGGIS marker, (photo), (BB)
REVAK, Mary, 1893-1982, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
ROBL, Mary Pollock, Sept. 9, 1911 / Feb. 9, 2000, Daughter, (photo), (BB)
ROMANCHUK, Charles M., 1920-1990, s/s Olga, (photo), (BB)
ROMANCHUK, John B., ????-????, (photo), (BB)
ROMANCHUK, Mary, ????-????, (photo), (BB)
ROMANCHUK, Olga, 1920-1993, s/s Charles M., (photo), (BB)
ROSKO, Andrew, 1889-1969, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
ROSKO, George Raymond, May 1, 1927 / Jul 19, 1976, 1ST SGT US Marine Corps KOREA / VIETNAM, (photo), (BB)
ROSKO, John, Jul 5, 1919 / Feb. 27, 1980, SSGT US Army WWII, (photo), (BB)
ROSKO, Mary, 1890-1967, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
ROTTMAN, Karl M. Jr., 1938-1939, Sonny, (photo), (BB)
ROTTMAN, Karl M., Mar. 1, 1911 / July 18, 1984, Father, (photo), (BB)
ROTTMAN, Marie M., Apr. 8, 1914 / Dec. 2, 1989, Mother, (photo), (BB)
RUSNAK, Andrew, Dec. 16, 1922 / Jan 4, 1969, SEAMAN 1/C U.S.N.R., Enl. June 18, 1943, Disc. April 26, 1946, (photo), (BB)
RUSNAK, Jacob, 1885-1986, Father, s/s Mary; Michael, (photo), (BB)
RUSNAK, John, ????-????, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
RUSNAK, Mary, 18??-????, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
RUSNAK, Mary, 1890-1974, Mother, s/s Jacob; Michael, (photo), (BB)
RUSNAK, Michael, ????-????, Son, s/s Jacob & Mary, (photo), (BB)
RUSTON, Elizabeth A., 1924-1994, Mother, (photo), (BB)
RUSTON, Thomas J. Jr., 1953-1985, Son, (photo), (BB)
RUSTON, Thomas J., Sep 30, 1923 / Jan 8, 2009, S SGT US Army Air Forces; SSGT US Air Force WWII Korea, (photo), (BB)
SABOL, Andrew, 18??-19??, Father, s/s Susan, (photo), (BB)
SABOL, Andrew, 1912-1978, Son, s/s Violet, 1ST LT. ??? ??? ??? WWII, (photo), (BB)
SABOL, Susan, 1893-1945, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
SABOL, Violet, 1920-????, Daughter, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
SHIROKE, Helen, 1918-1992, Wife, s/s Joseph, (photo), (BB)
SHIROKE, Joseph, 1911-????, Husband, s/s Helen, (photo), (BB)
SHUPINKA, Rose M. Buff, Oct. 10, 1923 / Feb. 24, 1992, (photo), (BB)
SMOLEY, Anna (Kurtz), Mar. 7, 1915 / Apr. 28, 1995, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
SMOLEY, Anna, 1892-1960, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (BB)
SMOLEY, George, 1888-1968, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
SMOLEY, John, Jun 25, 1914 / Jun 1, 1996, TEC5 US Army WWII, (photo), (BB)
SMOLEY, John, June 25, 1914 / June 1, 1996, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
SPERHAC, Margaret, 1920-1974, Wife, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
SPERHAC, Michael, 1914-1983, Husband, s/s Margaret, (photo), (BB)
SPERHAC, Michael, Oct. 26, 1914 / Feb. 18, 1983, US Army WWII, (photo), (BB)
THOMAS, Andrew, 1886-1953, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (TT)
THOMAS, Anna, 1893-1972, Mother, s/s Andrew
, (photo), (TT)
TOTH, Helen, Feb. 21, 1922 / Oct. 22, 2006, Y3 US Navy WWII, (photo), (BB)
TOTH, Joseph B., 1920-1981, US Navy, (photo), (BB)
VALOCIEK, George, 1903-1983, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
VALOCIEK, Mary, 1911-1998, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (BB)
YACKO, Michael, 1871-1945, s/s Anna & George Brugos, (photo), (BB)
YACKO, Michael, 1882-1951, Father, s/s Susanna, (photo), (BB)
YACKO, Susanna, 1890-1942, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
YANOCKO, Anna, 1873-1949, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
YANOCKO, John, 1867-1937, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
YANOCKO, Michael, 1890-1938, Father, s/s Zuzanna, (photo), (BB)
YANOCKO, Zuzanna, 1889-1960, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
YATSKO, Joseph, 4-11-21 / 3-5-65, Father, (photo), (BB)
YESKO, Mary, 1877-1952, Mother, (photo), (BB)

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