St. Michael's Slovakian RC Cemetery, West Mifflin, PA, 2009

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St. Michael's Slovakian RC Cemetery
Jane Street
West Mifflin, PA 15120


(Photo courtesy of William Fisher, [email protected])


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From the archway entrance gate, visitors can view "The Crucifixion" scene on the top mound of this cemetery. It's a steep climb for old legs. Once at the top the cemetery levels off for a short distance, then slopes downward on the other side. The cemetery can also be accessed from top of hill, off Center Avenue and Michael Street.  This will access side of cemetery.

Posted: October 1, 2009   Last Update: April 10, 2011

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
BALDWIN, John Chess, 1912-1940, Son, (photo), (SV)
BALINT, Andrew C., 1905-1941, Father, (photo)
BALINT, Anna, 1882-1974, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
BALINT, Anna, Oct. 26, 1890 / Feb. 22, 1925, (photo), (SV)
BALINT, Michael, 18??-????, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
BODNAR, Anna, ????-????, Mother, s/s Anton, (photo), (BB)
BODNAR, Anton, ????-????, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
BODNAR, Joseph, 1911-1978, PFC US ARMY WWII, (photo), (BB)
Bugel, Karol, 1899- 1933, Father, (photo), (SV)
Butko, Andrew F, 1901-1951, (DGD)
Butko, Anna Rose, 1902-1975, (DGD)
DANKOVIC, Andrew, 1887-1979, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
DANKOVIC, Mary, 1891-1983, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
Dolney, Francis S, May 14, 1961-Aug 1, 2010, (DGD)
Dolney, Marcella E, Jan 18, 1919-Nov 5, 1995
, (DGD)
Dolney, Mary M, Dec 31, 1892-May 1, 1955, (DGD)
Dolney, Matilda H, Mar 13,1914-Mar 31, 2006, (DGD)
Dolney, Ralph F, Oct 23, 1930-April 19, 1984, (DGD)
Dolney, Stephen A, Aug 16, 1891-April 5, 1935, (DGD)
Dolny, Julia 1865-1928, (DGD)
DROPCIK, Joseph F., 1914-1947, Father, (photo), (WF)
EVANOVICH, Dorothy, 1929-1931, (child), (photo)
GAMRAT, Stephen, 1881-1944, Father, (photo), (WF)
Getner, Joseph J., born 1893, died 1977, father, s/s Mary B., (photo), (JH)
Getner, Mary B., born 1897, died 1964, mother, s/s Joseph J., (photo), (JH)
Glover, John P, May 3, 1866-Mar 15, 1956, (DGD)
Glover, Mary K, Aug 12, 1871-Sept 18, 1959, (DGD)
HAKY, Barbara, 1891-1954, Mother
, s/s Joseph, (photo), (WF)
HAKY, Joseph, 1886-1960, Father
, s/s Barbara, (photo), (WF)
HLASNICEK, Paul, 1890-1936, Father, (photo), (SV)
HOMOL, Mary, ????-????, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (BB)
HOMOL, Michael, ????-????, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
HUDACK, Elaine Stuno, 1929-1984, (photo), (BB)
Kassai, George, born April 24, 1883, died July 5, 1907, father, (photo), (JH)
KOMKO, Elizabeth, 1904-1987, Mother, s/s Joseph, (photo), (SV)
KOMKO, Joseph, 1899-1955, Father, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (SV)
KONTUL, Barbara, 1880-195
2, Mother, s/s Paul; Mary C. & George Ruzanic, (photo), (SV)
KONTUL, Jewell, 1909-1951, s/s Paul & Paul Joseph, (photo), (SV)
KONTUL, Paul, 1877-1926, Father, s/s Barbara; Mary C. & George Ruzanic, (photo), (SV)
KONTUL, Paul, 1903-1970, s/s Jewell & Paul Joseph, (photo), (SV)
KONTUL, Paul Joseph, 1937-1937, s/s Jewell & Paul, (photo), (SV)
Kostelnik, Albert J., born 1915, died 1992, father, s/s Anna C., (photo), (JH)
Kostelnik, Anna C., born 1910, died 1976, mother, s/s Albert J., (photo), (JH)
Kostelnik, Barbara, born 1877, died 1961, mother, s/s Jacob, (photo), (JH)
Kostelnik, Barbara A. Bickus, born 1910, died 1989, (photo), (JH)
Kostelnik, Elizabeth Vazur, born 1903, died 1921, (photo), (JH)
Kostelnik, Jacob, born 1865, died 1945, father, s/s Barbara, (photo), (JH)
KOSUDA, Maria, 1881-1938, Mother, (photo), (SV)
KOVALCIK, Edward, 1875-1956, Husband, s/s Sophia, (photo), (BB)
KOVALCIK, Sophia, 1875-1956, Wife, s/s Edward, (photo), (BB)
KRACUNOVSKY, Andrew W., 1897-19??, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
KRACUNOVSKY, Mary, 18??-19??, Mother, s/s Andrew W., (photo), (BB)
KUZMIK, Andrew F., 1905-1986, Father, s/s Helen V., (photo), (SV)
KUZMIK, Helen V., 1910-1970, Mother, s/s Andrew F., (photo), (SV)
KUZMIK, John, 1870-1967, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (SV)
KUZMIK, John A., 1903-1995, Father, s/s Mary B., Dorothy, Mary Ann, (photo), (SV)
KUZMIK, Mary, 1887-1967, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (SV)
KUZMIK, Mary B., 1904-1994, Mother, s/s John, Dorothy, Mary Ann, (photo), (SV)
LESKO, William M. Sr., 1928-2001, s/s Mary Ann, (photo), (SV)
LESNAK, Anna B., 1902-1991, Mother, s/s Michael A., (photo), (BB)
LESNAK, Michael A., 1905-1957, Father, s/s Anna B., (photo), (BB)
MACKO, Andreja S., 1866-1924, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (SV)
MACKO, Anna (
Jeho Manzelka Anna), 1865-1943, Mother, s/s Andreja S., (photo), (SV)
MACKO, Anna, 1913-1974, Mother, s/s Frank E., (photo), (SV)
MACKO, Frank E., 1898-1966, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (SV)
MACKO, Helen, 1910-1992, (photo), (SV)
MACKO, Joseph A., 1903-1949, Husband, (photo), (SV)
MARCINKO, Elizabeth, 1894-1962, Mother
, s/s Paul, (photo), (WF)
MARCINKO, Paul, 1892-1964, Father, s/s Elizabeth, (photo), (WF)
MARCINKO, Paul A., June 25, 1924 / July 1, 1944, PVT. CO. "K" 168th Infantry, Enl. Mar. 17, 1943, KIA, (photo), (WF)
MATTA, Andrew, 1885-1959, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (SV)
MATTA, Mary, 1886-1953, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (SV)
Olysav, Michael, Sept 22, 1896-Jan 27, 1938, (DGD)
PERHAC, Mary, June 16, 1889 / Mar. 26, 1955, Mother, s/s Michael Sr., (photo), (BB)
PERHAC, Michael Sr., Aug. 1, 1886 / Jan. 1, 1968, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
PETRICK, Mary E., 1909-1935, Mother, (photo), (SV)
PIETRYGA, Jacob, 1871-1943, Father, (photo)
PINGREE, Albert, Dec. 24, 1908 / Aug. 2, 1973, Father, s/s Pauline, (photo), (BB)
PINGREE, Pauline, Sept. 18, 1908 / Feb. 28, 1988, Mother, s/s Albert, (photo), (BB)
POTEMRA, Frank E., 1916-1973, Father, s/s Mary T., (photo), (SV)
POTEMRA, John, 1886-1961, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (SV)
POTEMRA, Mary, 1893-1952, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (SV)
POTEMRA, Mary T., 1917-2004, Mother, s/s Frank E., (photo), (SV)
POTEMRA, Michael, Born Sept. 8, 1869, Died Jan. 11, 1920, (photo), (SV)
RACSO, Anna, 1857-1921, Mother
, (photo), (WF)
RADACY, Elizabeth A., 1896-1943, Mother, (photo)
RUZANIC, George, 1908-1990, s/s Mary C.; Paul & Barbara Kontul, (photo), (SV)
RUZANIC, Mary C., 1911-1986, Daughter, s/s Geroge; Paul & Barbara Kontul, (photo), (SV)
SABO, Andrew, Apr. 27, 1897 / Dec. 27, 1985, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
SABO, John Mata, 1915-1929, (photo), (SV)
SABO, Mary Benetin Mata, May 10 1896 / Feb 4, 1991, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (SV), (BB)
SLATINSKY, Reverend M. C., 1866-1946, (photo), (SV)
SOTAK, Anna, 1869-1948, Mother, s/s Michael, (photo), (SV)
SOTAK, John G., 1869-1946, Father, (photo), (SV)
SOTAK, Michael, 1868-1956, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (SV)
SOTAK, Stephen, 1908-1942, Father, (photo), (SV)
STUNO, Mary I., May 18, 190? / Apr. 14, 1980, Mother, s/s Michael J., (photo), (BB)
STUNO, Michael J., Dec. 27, 1898 / Oct. 15, 1974, Father, s/s Mary I., (photo), (BB)
SUHY, Olga C. Hudacek, 1922-1955, Mother, (photo), (SV)
SURINCIK, Emelia, 1892-1979, Mother, s/s Ignac, (photo), (BB)
SURINCIK, Ignac, 1882-1960, Father, s/s Emelia, (photo), (BB)
SZTUPAR, Stefan?, 1893-1930, (photo), (SV)
TOTH, Elizabeth M., 1895-1992, Mother, s/s Stephen J., (photo), (BB)
TOTH, Stephen J., 1895-1960, Father, s/s Elizabeth M., (photo), (BB)
VEREB, Agnes Paul Anna, R. 1924, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Andrew C., 1916-1984, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Anna, 1877-1951, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Barbara, 1891-1977, Mother, s/s John M., (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Barbara, Nov. 4, 1909 / Jan. 12, 1990, Mother, s/s Joseph, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Elizabeth F., (no dates), s/s George B., (photo), (BB)
VEREB, George B., 1921-1988, s/s Elizabeth F., (photo), (BB)
VEREB, George B., Oct. 1, 1921 / Jan. 28, 1988, PFC US MARINE CORPS WWII, (photo), (BB)
VEREB, John M., 1889-1926, Father, s/s Barbara, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Joseph, (Family marker), (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Joseph, July 1, 1906 / Nov. 3, 1968, Father, s/s Barbara, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Jozef, 1873-1927, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Maria, 1895-1940, Mother, s/s Paul, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Mary, 1903-1918, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Michael, Born - 1885 / Died - 1911, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Paul, 1894-1962, Father, s/s Maria, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Richard T., 1941-1951, Son, (photo), (SV)
VEREB, Veronica C., March 1, 1889 / Nov. 13, 1978, (photo), (SV)
VISCONTI, Veronica, 1905-1973, Mother, (photo), (BB)
VRABEL, Anton, 1884-1942, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (SV)
VRABEL, Mary, 1887-1943, Mother, s/s Anton, (photo), (SV)
Winters, Anna, 1894-1957, (DGD)
Winters, Michael E 1892-1971, (DGD)
YAMBOR, Margaret, Jan. 30, 1901 / Sept. 9, 1990, Sister, (photo), (SV)
ZAHURANEC, Ann Lucero, ????-????, Daughter, s/s Anna C.; Helen M., (photo), (BB)
ZAHURANEC, Anna C., ????-????, Mother, s/s Ann; Helen M., (photo), (BB)
ZAHURANEC, Helen M., ????-????, Daughter, s/s Ann; Anna C., (photo), (BB)

BB) = Bill Bodkin, [email protected]
(DGD) = Donna Graham Dolney, [email protected]
(JH) =  Joyce Hampshire, [email protected]
(SV) = Sue Vargo, [email protected]
(WF) = William Fisher, [email protected]

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